tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrosseputain Parish Pt. 02

Grosseputain Parish Pt. 02


"Darla!" gasped May Belle, staring at the swollen-bellied young whore. The barrel of the shotgun dipped. "What -- what happened to you, child?" Molly, Helen, and Ellen, standing in the doorway, were too stunned to say anything. Other girls began to crowd in behind them for a peek, and the hallway quickly filled with a hubbub of gasps.

"May Belle, he... I dunno... he spunked me real hard and... and it kept comin' and... and then all of a sudden..." Darla looked on the verge of swooning. Glassy-eyed, she began to slump slowly sideways, still clutching her hugely inflated belly.

The madam narrowed her eyes and leveled her gun. "Roy Owen, what in the hell did you do to my Darla? Talk, or so help me, I will blow --"

Roy turned pale. "I'm sorry, May Belle," he protested wretchedly, finding his voice. "I didn't know it would... I didn't mean to... my stuff just... it kept going is all, and then there was so much it swelled Darla all up..." He looked as though he wished the earth would swallow him up, and tugged ineffectually at the sheets, trying to cover himself.

May Belle stared coldly at the naked, miserable young man for a moment, then relented and shouldered the shotgun. "You hurt, Darla? Did he hurt you, child?"

The young whore shook her head, swallowing several times, still gripping her bloated globe tightly. "It don't hurt much, May Belle, I'm just... I can't believe... I feel all filled up and stretched out." She tried shifting her position on the bed, and a liquid ripple wobbled through her swollen midsection. "I don't think I can move, May Belle. I got too much of his cum in me and I'll fall down." Tears brimmed in her eyes. "What am I gonna do? I'm all fat now. Am I pregnant?"

"Hush up, Darla," said May Belle, pursing her lips and looking back and forth between Darla and Roy. The whispered conversations in the hallway grew louder. "If Roy here put all that stuff in you I reckon we can get it back out again." Darla sniffled and tried to reach for a corner of the quilt to dab at her eyes, but the movement caused her to groan suddenly and lean over her sloshing belly. "Helen, Ellen, you help out Darla."

The two amazonian blondes moved past May Belle into the room, and knelt down to begin gently lifting Darla to her feet. The madam spoke more softly. "Darla, honey, go with them now. I know you usually ain't that kind, but you're gonna need some help in getting yourself squeezed out. Helen, I know you know what to do to get a girl's insides all tremblin'. I expect that'll do it."

Helen gave a wicked little smile, but said nothing. She and her sister each supported Darla by her elbows, as the young whore staggered slowly forwards, cradling her gravid midsection in her arms. Every shuffling step sent her cream-swollen belly sloshing heavily up and down. The other bordello girls, wide-eyed, moved aside to make room for them.

"Now, then, as for you, young man," said May Belle, eyeing the blushing Roy, "I'd say you have a story to tell." She glanced over her shoulder suddenly, and the other bordello girls tried to look like they had just happened to have been passing by that moment in the hallway. "Molly," said the madam, "Close the door now and let us talk in peace." Molly obliged, shooing away the remaining gawkers and closing the door behind her with a firm click.

"That ain't natural," said May Belle, leaning the shotgun against the bureau and crossing her arms. "What you did to my Darla? Oh, don't bother covering up, young man," she added, amused, as Roy kept trying to cover himself with the tangled sheets. "Your daddy didn't give you nothin' I ain't seen before."

Roy folded his hands bashfully in his lap. "I'm sorry about your girl, May Belle," he mumbled. "I didn't mean to hurt her, honest. I feel terrible about it and all."

"I believe you, Roy," said May Belle tartly, "but I also believe I asked you for your story."

Roy looked down at his hands. "Well, um, May Belle, I went into town and saw this, uh, voodoo woman. I heard about her from one of the workmen, who said that she'd helped out his cousin some..."

May Belle raised a painted eyebrow. "Helped out? Let me guess. You heard she could make your man parts big as a stallion or something? Heavens, you men and your... Ain't nobody should mess with that voodoo, Roy Owens."

Roy nodded reluctantly. "Yes'm."

"Well?" said May Belle. "Go on, then."

Roy swallowed and cleared his throat a little. "Um, well, so I saw this old Creole witch woman, and paid her a double sawbuck. And she started doing her spell, and mixin' up things in a big clay pot, and chanting and doin' all kinds of other things. She had me stripped naked and standing in a circle, and I was feelin' a little embarrassed, you know, and nervous. So she had finished what she was doing, I guess, made this kind of oil and was getting it all over her fingers and sayin' her spell." He blushed.

"And?" said May Belle, narrowing her eyes.

"Well, then I did a foolish thing," said Roy, not meeting May Belle's gaze. "I got to complainin' and told her that I was getting cold standing there in her kitchen with my thing hangin' out and that I was startin' to think she was making the whole business up. I guess I was nervous and was tryin' to feel brave... anyhow she got mad as the blazes and swore a whole lot and came at me with her fingernails." He glanced at May Belle. "Well, I was scared, May Belle, that she was gonna, you know, tear it off or somethin'! So I flinched and turned around and before I could do anything else she, um," Roy blushed.

"Finish your story, Roy Owen," said the madam, with a stern expression.

"The voodoo woman managed to stab me with her finger in the backside. I don't mean like that she... what I mean is, you know, clear up my cornhole. Well, I let out a howl, and she laughed and laughed, and then she threw my clothes at me and cursed some more. It hurt like hell -- I did mention her fingernails, I believe, May Belle-- and I just wanted the hell out of there then so I ran out into the street half-naked and went into an alley and got dressed all the way and went home. That's all."

May Belle shook her head. "You shouldn't ever mess around with voodoo, Roy. Those Creole women have nasty tempers, and some of them are the real thing... I guess you managed to find yourself one, huh?"

"I don't understand it," said Roy, trying to pull the quilt up around him again. "Ever since then -- it's been three days ago now -- I've been having to... you know, May Belle. A lot. And there's just too much of it when I shoot off. Buckets, almost. It ain't natural! What am I gonna do?"

"It could only have been her voodoo spell," said May Belle, shaking her head again. "You Owens never did have any brains. You got a little lump up your backside, Roy, that makes your juice for you. Sounds like your lady friend put her hex on that instead of on your manhood. Suppose she thought that was a pretty good joke."

"She weren't my lady friend," objected Roy.

"Figure of speech," said May Belle, rising gracefully to her feet.

"What am I gonna do?" wailed Roy again. "I get so backed up now I can't hardly see straight. Can't spend all day pulling my pud. Hell, right now I'm already --" He broke off and flushed with embarrassment.

"I can't say I'm too happy about this, Roy," said May Belle after a pause. She reached up and pulled the pin out of her auburn hair, shaking it loose. "What you do with some voodoo woman in town is your own business, but you had no right to spring this on Darla unsuspecting."

"I'm sorry, May Belle," said Roy with a regretful sigh. "I shot off a whole lot before I came down here, and I just thought that maybe with a girl I could be set for a while and think straight and figure this out... I didn't mean for it to get like that, and..." He broke off. "May Belle?"

A look of determination on her face, the mature madam had begun unbuttoning her bodice. As each came free the restraint on her massive breasts loosened, until the plump, pale milkflesh began to emerge to view. "I said I ain't happy about this, but I owe your daddy a favor," said May Belle, removing her blouse. Underneath, her voluptuous curves were restrained by a tight white bodice; out of this her magnificent bosom rose like soft dough. "Let's get your lil' bell rung so you'll be taken care of for a while. You're right that a man can't think worth a lick when he's full of cum; but with your balls empty, we can get to the bottom of this business."

Roy Owens swallowed, staring at the raunchy matron matter-of-factly disrobing before him. "Well, I, uh... sure..." He swallowed again. "But, May Belle, you saw what happened to Darla..."

May Belle laughed, unzipping her skirt. "Roy Owens, I've been drainin' pricks since before you were born. Hell, I once pulled a train of half the Louisiana Senate. Don't you worry about me none. This old ass of mine knows how to handle anything."

Roy stared mesmerized at the massive globes of the madam's backside which now bulged enticingly from her slip like two huge pale peaches. He just nodded, his cock swelling rapidly to a painful hardness. Unconsciously, he winced and cradled a hand gently under his throbbing sack.

"Molly Cheeks!" called May Belle, slowly unlacing her corset with neat, professional flicks. Her huge, pillowy breasts seemed to grow even larger when freed from their confinement, swelling upwards even further. "Molly, I know you're listening at the keyhole. Come on in here and take care of Mr. Owens for a moment while I get ready."

Guiltily, the redhead opened the door and slipped into the room. "Use your special talent for a little bit," said May Belle softly. "I'll just be a moment."

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