tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrosseputain Parish Pt. 03

Grosseputain Parish Pt. 03


Roy Owens glanced up at Molly as she came into the bordello room, reflexively pulling the corner of a bedsheet over himself. His face was a mixture of embarrassment and lust well familiar to the young whore, but his prick tented the sheet upward in an almost comical bulge. Molly smiled, looking demurely at the floor, as May Belle swept out of the room and shut the door.

"How do you do, Miss Molly?" Roy said hesitantly, as the girl came towards the bed. He swallowed. Just as Molly began to speak, he suddenly blurted, "I'm awful sorry about what happened to -- what I did to Miss Darla -- I mean, I sure wouldn't want to hurt any... um..."

Molly brushed a wavy strand of titian hair behind her ear, and settled down gracefully on the bed beside Roy. Her linen skirt rustled as it slowly crumpled. "I expect she'll be all right. Though," she added impishly, "your performance certainly did give everyone a start." Roy did not move, so, with a gentle touch, Molly firmly took his hand in her slender fingers and lifted it away from the bulge in the sheet.

Roy, who was looking miserably at the floor, jumped, then blinked. "I just... I do hope she will, um, recover quickly," he stammered.

Molly's freckles seemed to darken as she gave a wry smile. "Darla's in good hands. Helen and Ellen are taking care of her." The young whore deftly tugged aside the sheet, exposing Roy's throbbing length. The thick shaft, seemingly unsatisfied with its first conquest, was pulsing insistently with each heartbeat. Molly pressed her finger teasingly against the very tip, rolling it around in a slow circle.

Roy started to say something, but Molly shushed him, putting a finger to his lips. Matter-of-factly, the girl leaned over and slurped his flaring cockhead into her mouth. Roy sat up straight, then gave a sigh of relaxation, slowly leaning back against his elbows on the bed. "That's real nice, Miss Molly," Roy breathed. Molly drew back partway with a loud slurp, then slowly pressed her face down into his lap. Her nostrils flared with tiny grunts as her clinging throat embraced his aching member. Roy made no sound, simply watching her in amazement, as she took his whole length, pressing her nose finally against his thigh. The redheaded whore closed her eyes, then swallowed repeatedly, her gullet milking him hungrily. After a moment, she finally drew back, revealing his cock like magic and letting it tumble free. She looked up at Roy and grinned at his stunned expression.

"Goddamn," muttered Roy, "I never seen a girl do that before."

Molly smirked, wrapping her fingers slowly around his now-slick shaft and pumping gently up and down. "Now you warn me before anything happens, Roy," she said with mock seriousness. "I don't mind a man's spend, but I sure don't want to end up with a big ol' belly too."

Roy looked so abashed that Molly gave his cock a firm squeeze and hastily changed the subject. "I heard your story to May Belle. Did you really go and see an old voodoo woman?"

"Well, she weren't that old, I guess. Maybe forty."

Pumping her fist slowly up and down Roy's throbbing cock, the whore contemplated it with a professional gaze. "Don't see why you would need a magic spell to make yourself any bigger, hon. You've got plenty enough as it is." She leaned forward and wriggled her tongue gently down his length.

Roy gave a noncommittal grunt and shifted slightly on the bed. After a moment, he said, "Well, I didn't actually tell May Belle what I went there for. Makin' my, uh, pecker bigger was just her guess, and I didn't correct her." He looked sheepish.

"Well, what then?" said Molly, running her thumb gently back and forth under the cockhead. The straining length jumped, and she smiled.

"I been -- that is, I was havin' a problem with, you know, bein' able to manage." In response to Molly's quizzical look, Roy added, "Sometimes I wouldn't, you know, last nearly long enough nor be as hard as I'd like." Color rose to his cheeks. "She was gonna make it so I could, you know, be with a woman as many times as I like. I didn't really see the point in telling May Belle all about that." He paused uncomfortably, and Molly gave his cock a sympathetic squeeze.

"I didn't quite tell the truth about another part, too -- the voodoo woman didn't stab me, exactly." Roy stammered. "It was part of the spell, her puttin' her finger, uh, inside me." He looked evasively at the ceiling. "It just made me, you know, real uncomfortable. And after that I wouldn't go through with the rest of the magic and that's why she got mad and threw me out."

"Looks like it worked, though," Molly said cheerfully, giving Roy's straining cock a gentle tug. She laughed at his discomfiture, sticking out her tongue and running it slowly up and down the tense, straining vein. "Ain't ten minutes since you turned poor Darla into a jizz balloon, and now he's lookin' hungry again." Molly parted her lips seductively, blew him a kiss, then suddenly sucked his full length deep into her throat in one smooth gulp.

Roy moaned slightly, closing his eyes and putting a hand on Molly's soft shoulder. After a moment, he said hesitantly, "Well, I guess maybe it did work, kind of, but I sure don't --"

From the next room there suddenly came a muffled cry. The wailing voice sank down to a long moan, and rose suddenly to another wild, feminine shriek.

Roy sat up so sharply that he stabbed Molly in the throat with his cock. The redhead's eyes bulged wide and she gave a choking snort. "That's Darla," cried Roy in anguish. "She's dying!"

Molly yanked her head back from Roy's lap, coughing violently. Fingering her throat gingerly between finger and thumb, she gave the young man a reproachful look. "She ain't dyin', Roy," said Molly tartly, rolling her eyes.

Before Roy could respond, the door clicked quietly open, and May Belle reappeared in the doorway. She was clad in a fluffy white cotton robe, which left only her neck and ankles bare, and her long, auburn hair, freed from its tight pins, fell halfway down her back. May Belle appraised Roy's twitching cock with a critical eye. "Been taking care of him, Molly?" she asked crisply.

Molly nodded, rising from the bed and smoothing down her skirt. "He's all yours, May Belle," she said archly, rubbing her throat again.

"Uh, it was a pleasure, Miss Molly," said Roy politely. The girl glanced back from the doorway, then, relenting, turned a graceful smile on him. "You're welcome, Roy. Stay away from any more magic though, y'hear?" Molly slipped into the hall, closing the door discreetly.

"Well," said May Belle, suddenly letting the robe drop to the floor. "Let's get this taken care of." Roy gaped at the voluptuous form suddenly revealed. Her days as a young and saucy whore were long behind her, but the years had ripened May Belle kindly, giving her ample curves and a full, sensuous face. A huge bust stood out proudly before her, the double handfuls pillowing gently under their weight against her soft, pale belly. The madam's great hips, broad and firm as if developed by a strict regimen of countless exercises in bed, swayed gently as May Belle stepped lightly past Roy. With an easy, confident motion, she crawled forward on the bed, then glanced back and wriggled her plump backside a little at Roy. "Go on, then, young man. Get to it."

"Ma'am?" asked Roy stupidly. His cock was achingly rigid.

"I ain't inviting you to afternoon tea, Roy." May Belle reached back with a manicured hand and slowly peeled aside one overstuffed cheek. Her pursed pink-brown star glistened unmistakeably in the electric light. "Get that thing up my backside and let's get you taken care of."

Roy looked stunned. "I ain't..." he stammered. "I mean, I never been with a woman in -- well, that way before, May Belle." He pulled himself up onto the bed in a kneeling pose. Although his face was flushed with embarrassment and bewilderment, his heavily swaying cock still strained and throbbed from Molly's interrupted attentions.

May Belle glanced back at Roy over her shoulder, somehow still a model of grace and poise despite her lewd pose on her hands and knees. "Fastest way to get you off, Roy Owens. Now get to it." The madam shook her ass again for emphasis, sending her plump cheeks jiggling. "This ain't a social occasion," she added. "I've got other business today." May Belle turned back around, looking at the wall with a firm, detached expression. She arched her back slightly.

Roy scooted awkwardly forward on his knees towards her. He hefted his cock in one hand, then grunted. "It feels so big," he murmured.

"Money well spent," said May Belle wryly.

"No, I mean..." muttered Roy distractedly. "It's like... it feels like it's giant, an' is so hard it hurts, an' I can't think about anything else but what it wants." He swallowed, his brow furrowing, and gave it a firm squeeze.

"I do believe I have encountered men suffering from that condition before," observed May Belle wryly, shifting her hands to a more comfortable position.

Roy did not seem to hear her. "I gotta come bad again," he said under his breath, grimacing. Leaning forward, he pressed his spongy cockhead against May Belle's ass. Her tight hole kissed him once, then yielded. May Belle made no sound, but Roy groaned as he sank his full length into her slippery passage. He began thrusting and humping at her right away. The room echoed with meaty slaps as his clumsy, desperate stabs crashed again and again into the madam's large, jiggling cheeks. If May Belle was uncomfortable, she did not show it, presenting her ass stoically to Roy's awkward rutting.

Roy took hold of May Belle's hips, frantically driving his hugely swollen cock up into her steaming depths. He was breathing heavily, almost hyperventilating. After a few minutes, beginning to grow frustrated, Roy slowed down, spearing May Belle with hard, forceful thrusts, then speeding up again to frantic jabs. His trembling grip grew strong enough drive his nails into May Belle's flesh, and she finally gave an annoyed hiss.

"Roy, I ain't gettin' paid for this, but I ain't letting you stab my shitter as a personal favor neither," snapped May Belle, shifting her knees on the bedsheets. "Now hurry the hell up."

"I just can't get there," grunted Roy, a pained, frustrated note in his voice. "I really gotta... real bad, May Belle! I just... I keep gettin' so close and..." He grunted, agonized, humping frantically at the madam's ass. "Fuck, it's startin' to hurt again!" Roy grimaced and bit his lip desperately. "I can't come!"

After attaining a certain age, but before her retirement from the profession, May Belle had sometimes been called upon to perform a very patient and gentle service for young men in the parish not yet confident in their dealings with the fairer sex. Roy's voice now held an anxious note familiar to her ears.

"Now just calm down, Roy," breathed the madam in a more sympathetic tone. "I do believe you are getting yourself all worked up and nervous." May Belle rolled her broad hips in a gentle, almost hypnotic fashion, then slowly leaned down on her elbows. She splayed her plump cheeks apart like an opening flower, spreading herself fully to Roy's gaze. "Just relax, sugar pie," May Belle soothed. "You're just too tense, is all. You go ahead and shoot your stuff when you're good and ready, all right?"

Roy loosened his grip on May Belle's waist, slowing down his frantically stabbing thrusts. "That's it, honeycomb," said May Belle gently. "I know you've got a big ol' load in there. Now you just relax and let Miss May Belle have it, you hear?" The madam inspected her fingernails, wriggling her curvaceous rear again. "I'll take good care of the awful, awful need in them heavy things."

Roy pumped his swollen, aching cock slowly in and out of May Belle's tightly squeezing asshole. "That's a lot better, May Belle," he groaned. "Ain't gonna be long now."

"Course not, sugar," said May Belle, looking over her shoulder at him with a sweet smile. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Her steaming depths began clenching and squeezing at Roy's cock, raising a surprised grunt. "A young man can't be all full of cream for too long. It's just got to come out." She expertly milked at his trembling cock, massaging it with her tightly clinging passage. "Now you go on and shoot that stuff up into Miss May Belle." She tensed for a moment, then performed a quick, neat, roll of her hips and thrust her ass back against him. Roy gave a strangled, incoherent grunt, his body trembling. "Let May Belle have it, honey," she breathed.

Suddenly Roy cried out as a spasm tore through his body. Thick seed began to pour into the madam's belly, a firm, spurting stream. "That's it, sugar pie," encouraged May Belle, pushing her ripe ass firmly onto his cock. "Pump that out. Get your relief in Miss May Belle."

Roy shuddered, then shuddered again. Instead of slowing down, the torrent of spunk pouring from his flaring cockhead grew faster and harder, from thick spurts into stabbing, splashing gushes. Roy's eyes were wide open and staring, and his lips drew tightly back against his teeth. He tried to say something, but it came out as a choked breath. May Belle arched her back sharply with curt gasp of surprise. Pulses and spurts forced themselves through Roy's cock like bloated beads of fire, bursting into her ass depths, filling her with his inhuman need.

As he clutched her waist, the room reeling, Roy convulsed uncontrollably, his whole body now a bellows pumping thick, boiling jism into May Belle's body. Her bowels gurgled and gulped, choking on a flood of seed that would not stop. She gasped again and shook as Roy forced each thick rope of cream inside her to join the steaming ocean of spunk that strained at her belly, threatening to bloat her out with its urgent pressure.

The young man shuddered in ecstasy, or agony, once more. His joints popped with the force of a final spasm that wracked his body, forcing a last, single spurt of jism deep inside May Belle's cum-packed belly. Then without a word he crumpled and lay still on the bed, panting raggedly.

Slowly, May Belle backed towards the end of the bed. She stood up, very gingerly, one hand pressed against her belly, her eyes squeezed almost shut with concentration. Only a faint bulge in her soft belly hinted at the enormous volume of cum Roy had pumped into her, but her midsection was tense with straining muscles.

"Well," murmured May Belle in a strained voice, biting her lower lip firmly, "Looks like you are taken care of, young man." She glanced down at the robe on the floor, then pressed her hand more firmly against her middle and shook her head.

"If you will excuse me," she breathed hoarsely. With a stiff grace, May Belle walked very slowly to the door, and, heedless of her nudity, opened it and stepped into the hall.

Roy, panting slowly, made no response.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- Gloria Marie came racing up the creaking wooden steps, and almost collided with May Belle as she emerged gracefully from the water closet, smoothing down her gown. True to form, the madam appeared perfectly poised and put together, and she showed no sign of her recent encounter with Roy.

May Belle bit back a sharp comment, as surprise and alarm was evident on Gloria's face. "Goodness, child, whatever is it?"

"May Belle," stammered Gloria Marie, then suddenly dropped her voice to a whisper, "May Belle, Sheriff Lagarde is downstairs! He's asking if anyone's seen Roy Owens! Says they found a body in town, a voodoo woman who was missing for a few days. Near cut to pieces, he says, and somebody saw Roy talking to her before the last anyone saw her, and --"

May Belle frowned, and gestured, cutting off the girl's breathless account. She thought for a moment. Then, "Why's he here?"

"Sheriff says somebody thought they seen him headed this way, and Shedrick's farm down the road said there's a customer out here now."

May Belle was silent for a moment. "Helen and Ellen are still occupied with Darla," noted May Belle finally, "and Bo Lagarde has seen you already. All right. Go tell June and Sally Anne to put on those gypsy girl costumes. Hurry up, now."

Gloria Marie looked confused. "But, May Belle, we don't wear those for Sheriff --"

"Do as I say!" hissed May Belle curtly. "Go on, girl!" Without another word, Gloria Marie scampered off.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

A black Studebaker sedan painted with "GROSSPUTAINE PARISH SHERIFF" was parked outside at the edge of the porch.

Sheriff Bo Lagarde was an imposing mountain of a man, tanned a deep ruddy red in the summer sun. He leaned patiently against the mantlepiece, scratching at his bristly black flat-top hair and looking coolly around the parlor. The Sheriff had dismissed Molly's delicate inquiry into any other, more pleasant, motive for his visit with a calm good humor, but one hand rested upon the butt of his pistol. The other hand held his hat, which he tapped slowly against his thigh. There were grim stories about his service in the Philippines war long ago when he was a young man, but everyone in the Parish knew that he was friendly enough if you kept on his good side. Or at least knew well enough to keep out of the way.

The mantle clock slowly ticked away the afternoon.

There came a sudden clatter of footsteps on wooden stairs behind the wall, and the Sheriff turned from studying the room to look. A moment later a small, concealed door swung out of the carved panelling. Two young ladies, dressed in gauzy gray and purple costumes, piled hastily out into the room, skirts swirling and tiny bells softly jingling. They skidded to a halt, wide-eyed, before the Sheriff.

"Good afternoon, ladies," said Lagarde, with grave courtesy. He looked them slowly up and down, tapping his hat solemnly against his leg. "It's Miss June and Miss Sally Anne, isn't it?"

"Yes, Sheriff," stammered June, glancing at Sally Anne.

Sheriff Lagarde regarded them for a moment more in silence. Then he said, "I do not like to pry, ladies, but might it be that there is a customer in the house this afternoon?" A thin smile creased the weathered skin of his face, and he removed his hand from the butt of his service revolver.

The girls exchanged nervous glances, then nodded. "Yes, sir."

"And would you happen to know his name?" The Sheriff's voice hinted at a faint, grim amusement.

"Well, sir," mumbled June, looking at the floor. "It's a gentleman who..." The young whore swallowed and trailed off, shifting uncomfortably, Her gaze drifted to the mantle clock, then to the fireplace. "We ain't supposed to say," she added lamely.

Sally Anne trembled almost imperceptibly, sending her bells gently swaying. "May Belle says we're supposed to be discreet," she squeaked.

Sheriff Lagarde laughed quietly, glancing at his wristwatch. "I won't detain you ladies." Noting the time, he grunted and put on his hat. "In my experience, and I expect in yours, Judge Rouquette can get impatient if he is kept waiting." The girls smiled nervously.

Lagarde's black uniform boots tread loudly on the wooden floor as the lawman turned and went to the door. "Good afternoon to you both. Give my regards to May Belle." The old screen door clunked shut, and the porch creaked under his weight. An automobile engine grumbled powerfully to life, and he was gone.

Sally Anne collapsed with a sigh onto the chaise lounge and fanned herself. June glanced at her, then turned to look at the staircase. "That all right, May Belle?" she asked flatly.

"You did just fine, June," said May Belle, descending two steps from her vantage just out of sight. "Now you girls get back into your regular clothes before any other visitors drop by." She added, under her breath, "Think I'll have myself a little word with Roy."

Gloria Marie was standing in the upstairs hallway, twisting the material of her floral cotton dress nervously between her fingers. "Is Sheriff Lagarde gone?" she asked anxiously.

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