tagIncest/TabooGroundhog Daze

Groundhog Daze

byMr Wild willy©

I would like to thank a couple on this site who have inspired me. First of all, DanielleKitten who can write such vivid descriptions and eloquent stories as to make me see them. She really should be published. Second, Drksideofthemoon a really good author who found his niche' in his Montana Summer series which has us all clamoring for more. I only wish I had half their talent. Please try to be kind to my feeble offerings.


7 AM, Saturday, February 2nd

My head was pounding,, my stomach felt like the sixth fleet was running maneuvers inside it, and my vision was blurry at best. I was awakened by a light tapping on my door, disturbing my much needed 'beauty' sleep after the previous nights 'celebration'. I had just lost my fifth job in as many weeks, my temper getting me fired again. I had also totaled my car while driving drunk and lost my license. I had a bad six months since graduating high school recently. The tapping persisted.

"What the fuck do you want?" I casually asked. Yeah, that was about as casual as a speeding semi rear ending you. My twin sister popped her head in and considered my suave appearance and the obvious divine fragrance of my room.

"Mom said breakfast is ready if you want it. Are you ok Bill? You look and smell awful." Jenny inquired. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet disposition. She is everything I am not. With her long blond hair, blindingly bright blue eyes and trim petite 5'2" figure she is the All-American babe. It is hard to believe we are even related, much less twins. We used to be so close before our dad John passed away two years ago of brain cancer. I have treated her like a pest at best ever since. Come to think of it I treat everybody that way. I am the ultimate equal opportunity asshole. Jenny was regarding me with a look on her face which I cannot describe as disgust, maybe just disappointment. I was most certainly a disappointment to a lot of folks lately, my mother being on top of the list. My twin was close runner up. While my valedictorian sister was attending the local University on a free ride scholarship her twin was having a hard time holding a menial job. College was out of the question for me at this stage of life. I quit caring about school, or life for that matter after dad passed. That left my GPA somewhere just above the dope heads in the school. Sort of like the Detroit Lions, I was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the last minute in the game of my life. Yeah, we are both losers.

"Godammit Jenny, I just want to sleep." I screamed as loud as the bass drum pounding in my head allowed me to. Jen looked at me a second, broke into tears and fled down the hall to her room, leaving my door open. Just great, now I have to get up and close the damn door too. Fucking marvelous! I decided I might as well get up as I would not likely be able to sleep anyhow. I rose and regarded my desk calendar to see if I had any emergency meetings with my board of directors or anything else pressing on my busy schedule. Fucking Groundhog Day! What a waste of a good day celebrating some dumb superstition. Who the fuck cares! I wandered out in the hall toward the shower. My sister came out of her room just as I was going past, her eyes red and swollen from the crying. I was trying to ignore her, but she gasped loudly looking at me. I raised my aching head to see what I had done to offend the princess now. She was staring intently at my groin where my seven inch fat willy was hard as a rock leading my way, poking straight out of my boxers. I just wandered on into the bathroom, feeling much too hung over to even acknowledge my indiscretion. I got in the shower after losing my boxers and pissing. I proceeded to attempt to drown myself in self pity and hot water. God, why do I do that to Jenny all the time? She has never been nasty to me in her life. She was probably the best part of my worthless life. I was finally beginning to see that. Now I really felt like a worthless shit.

After rinsing myself off and climbing out of the shower, I realized my mother had done laundry and taken all of the towels out of the bathroom. Oh shit, I guess I will just have to hoof it across the hall and hope no one is there, not that I really cared if anyone saw me right now. Like I said before, who the fuck cares? Of course Jenny came bounding up the stairs just as I stepped out of the shower. Boy, I was on a roll today. I figured I would ignore my state of undress hoping it would not offend or frighten the princess.

"I'm sorry about everything this morning Jen." I muttered almost under my breath. The bass drums in my head were not real happy with me talking at all, much less louder than a whisper. I really felt like a shit and though I have yelled at her and abused her loving nature, I always apologize, not that that makes it right. I was still an asshole, just a polite one! She stepped to me, and wrapping her arms around my neck, kissed me on the lips. Her scantily clothed body was pressed tightly to me, her abundant breasts pressed to my naked chest. Willy liked the sensation and rose to greet her tummy properly before the hug ended. I was red faced with embarrassment despite my condition.

"Well, I see some part of you is alive," she giggled, regarding my hard on once again. I lowered my head in shame.

"I'm sorry Jen. That thing has a mind of its' own," I offered in apology again.

"From what I can see, you have nothing to apologize for," she giggled and darted into her room before I could react. God, what a tease! After all the crap I have put her through lately, she still can find it in her heart to flirt with me. I would have to do something really uncharacteristically nice for her to make it up. I was determined to start treating her better. She did nothing to deserve me and my attitude.

I got dressed and went downstairs to see my mother in the kitchen with her gardening gloves on. She took a long hard look at me and waved me to the table to sit. I did as instructed. I knew she was mad at me again. I was as ready as I could ever be for the lecture to start. It never happened, at least not that way. She made me some toast and poured me a cup of coffee and brought me two aspirin without saying anything.

"Thanks Mom"

"Bill, I am getting pretty tired of your attitude lately and I think I and Jen have a plan to help you. Your sister loves you and you treat her badly too. We both want you to be happy. I have scheduled an appointment with a counselor next week for you to get some help with your temper. This is not optional. You will go. You will also be working for me now at home. I will have a list of chores for you to do every day around the house. I will give you an allowance to spend and credit the rent you will be paying me to live here now. You will not be allowed to go out until your chores are done each day. Sunday you will have off. I will expect you to go shopping with me when I request without any back talk. I also expect you to accompany your sister wherever she needs you to go to help her. In return, she will drive you to wherever you need to go within reason. I will expect you to also give her gas money for this service. Lastly, you will treat Jen and I with respect. If you feel you cannot do this you can pack up and get out now. Do you have any questions?" I was flabbergasted! She was serious. She had not raised her voice once, just that quiet determination that brooks no arguments. Somehow, this was much more frightening than her yelling. Even in my semi-comatose state this frightened me. I knew this was my last chance with her and Jen. I decided I was sure going to try.

"No mam."

"Ok, when you get done with your breakfast I want you outside with me to help with the garden," as she rose and headed out the back door.

"And I expect you to apologize to your sister for this morning," she added as an afterthought as she walked out, not listening for my comment. At least I had that part done. I cleaned up my dishes and went out back. My mother had me dig up all around the house for some new flowers and shrubs we were going to put in. I worked like an animal all day, stopping only for water when Jen brought me one late in the afternoon. I thanked her and she kissed my cheek. Mom saw this and smiled, probably glad I was being nice finally.

By dinner time I was dog tired, hungry and sore, but somehow I felt better than I had in months. I had gotten a lot done and was proud of myself, something I had not been in who knows how long. I went in after Mom told me I could stop for today. I washed up and flopped in the lazy boy chair. Next thing I know I feel lips on my cheek, waking me gently. I opened my eyes to Jenny close up, staring at me, smiling. God, she is beautiful, I thought.

"Dinner is ready Bill." Jenny regarded me for a second longer, then went into the dining room. I joined them for a wonderful meal. Jen had cooked a roast while Mom and I were working outside. She had salad, baked yams with brown sugar and garlic mashed potatoes. It was fabulous. She is a good cook and will make some lucky guy a wonderful wife. Why did I feel a pang of jealousy when I thought of my sister married to someone else? I thought about my feelings for her as I finished my meal.

"Jen, that was wonderful and you are truly a great cook. I enjoyed it a lot." Jen pulled herself from the table and came over to me. She pushed me back from the table and climbed into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck. I held her loosely, wondering what was going on.

"You're welcome big brother." She had always referred to me as that even though she was technically fifteen minutes older. I guess the fact that I stood 6' 2" and 210 pounds to her 5' 2" 100 pounds probably had something to do with it. She leaned down and kissed my lips tenderly like a lover, not a sister. I was now fully aroused and willy was poking her in the ass as she finished the kiss. I was dumbstruck and just sat there pondering what was going on. Jen had to feel it. Mom was smiling the whole time, watching. I stared back into those beautiful blue orbs looking for a clue. Anyone could and would lose themselves in those eyes! I was certainly no exception. God, she is beautiful I thought to myself as willy was getting painfully cramped.

"You see how nice your sister is when you treat her nice," Mom noted. My head was spinning and my mind would not grasp what was happening to me. I could not breathe. I was trembling and Jen felt it. I felt as though I had lost use of my faculties and my body was going into meltdown. I was excited, frightened, and apprehensive to name a few of the various emotions I have not let loose for a long time.

"It's OK to feel something Bill. I am trying to show you how to have love in your life again, to think about something or someone besides yourself. You might even like it. I know I have a wonderful twin brother lurking in there trying to get out, and I want him back. I miss him very much. I think you forgot how to love after Dad passed. I am going to help you in my own way. I hope you don't mind my methods sweety?" She just called me sweety? I haven't been that to anyone ever before. I have never had a real girlfriend. When I was discovering girls my Dad was very sick and I was needed to help at home with him, so Jen and I had no real social life during high school. Jen cried for two days after the funeral but then got better. I never cried. I withdrew from life. I became an asshole, mad at the world that could take my father away so unfairly. I returned her kiss. It was soft, sweet, and oh so nice. I could really get to like this! Is this what it is like to have a girlfriend? I was excited at the possibilities. But, damn it, she's my sister. I can't have her as a girlfriend no matter how nice she is. CRAP, life is so unfair.

I rose, lifting Jen back on her feet, and sprinted up the stairs to my room. I needed to get away before I was tempted to do something I shouldn't. She is my sister. I am supposed to protect her from assholes like me, not be one. I was shaking still and distraught and needed time to think. Jen called out to me as I ran, puzzled at my actions, but I ignored her, seeking the solace of my room. Locking the door, I threw myself on my bed and wept. Everything was going through my mind at once. My life before Dad passed ran through my mind but now everything seemed so confusing. I tried to remember how well Jen and I got along before. Dad had always told me it was my job to protect my 'little sister', that it was my 'brotherly duty. He was always reminding me of this fact. He had told me numerous times how he had saved his little sister from certain social doom or worse in high school. It seemed like eons ago, but I fondly remembered how Jenny and I used to be each others' best friend and confidant. We even used to sneak into each others beds at night and cuddle together when we were scared or lonely. These times were completely innocent, but our folks would have probably killed us if they had caught us. I missed those days and the closeness I used to have with my twin. I drifted off to a restless sleep with that thought on my mind.

I awoke around 2am and found a blanket over me. I was still dressed. I arose and went to the bathroom. I heard soft moaning coming from Jen's room. I stood by her closed door and listened closely. That is when my life as I knew it ended, or so I thought at the time. I heard a man's voice in her room and from the noises, they were having sex. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! I slowly opened the door to see Brad Johnson lying on top of Jen with her legs in the air and he was thrusting into her hard and fast. She was moaning in pain but was not telling him to stop. I stayed long enough to hear him grunt and cum in her. I had heard and seen enough. Damn, she is not a virgin anymore. I now realized that I had secretly hoped I would be her first, but now that was shot to hell. I could not breathe. My heart was going a thousand miles per hour and I could not focus my eyes for the tears. I stumbled somehow back to my room, hauling out my secret stash. Me and Mr. Jack Daniels were going to have a long talk!


I was awakened by a light tapping on my door. I was so tired and hung over again. Who the hell was bothering me at this hour?

"What!" I screamed at the interruption of my 'beauty' sleep. My sister Jenny stuck her head in and considered me. I was tenting the covers with a piss hard on and she noted it and smiled.

"Mom said breakfast is ready if you want some. Are you OK Bill?" she asked me sweetly.

"What do you care, you slut!" She gasped at me, disbelief apparent on her face as she turned, slammed my door and ran down the hallway, crying. I heard her slam her door shut but could hear her sobbing still. She was really crying hard. In my mind she deserved it. How dare she let some jack ass jock into her room in the middle of the night and screw his brains out while I slept down the hall? How dare she give her virginity to an asshole jock like Brad? I was sick to my stomach and this was not making anything better. I rolled back over to go back to sleep. My head hurt, my stomach was in knots and I felt as if I was going to vomit, and it was not the hangover doing it. I felt utterly betrayed and alone. How could I ever look at her again after what I had seen last night?

Since I had already been awakened, and with the thoughts about Jenny running through my bourbon infused brain, sleep was not going to happen any time soon. I checked my computer and as it booted up the E-mail program I noticed the date. That just cannot be right! Yesterday was Saturday. I cancelled the E-mail and launched my Clock sync program. This program reads the time and date from the atomic clock at the National Bureau of Standards. It is THE standard for time in this country. It returned from its' sync and confirmed my worst nightmare. It was still Groundhog Day. How the fuck did that happen? SHIT! Now what do I do? This is like a bad nightmare. Surely this doesn't really happen in real life does it? My name is not Bill Murray. I don't like Groundhogs, in fact I think it is a stupid day spent celebrating a stupid rodents' ability to see his shadow. Of all the stupid, 'who the fuck cares' Hallmark or other special days, this one rates right up there at the top of the list. So, what the hell am I doing stuck in this 'time loop' for lack of a better word. Oh, my head really hurts now. I decide to lay on my bed and let the throbbing ease up a bit as I consider my options here. Right now, everything hurts too much to think that much.

I must have fallen asleep, because I was awakened by a soft knock at my door again. I got up to answer it this time. Jenny was there in her pajamas still. Her eyes were red, her face wet and blotchy from all the crying, her hair was a bedraggled, wet mess. She looked awful.

"Why did you say that to me Bill? That was really mean. Do you really think I am a slut?" she blubbered, attempting to keep from crying again. This was obviously important to her, and through the magic of this time loop I seem to be in, I have really seriously offended my beautiful sister who has no idea what she has done wrong since she has not done it yet. Oh, god, my head hurts! How am I going to explain this. She doesn't just think I am an asshole now, she KNOWS it!

She looked at me so forlornly. It shot straight into my heart. Oh my God, I had really blown it again!!! She would never talk to me after this and when she let Mom know, I would be out on my ass in the street. This is the time for some really fast thinking and major sucking up, at least as far as Jenny is concerned. God, she doesn't deserve what I just did to her. Right at this moment I would have to rise considerably in the evolutionary food chain to reach whale dung.

"Jen, I am so sorry. You didn't deserve that. You don't deserve me and my shit. I had a bad dream and when you startled me, I reacted to the dream. It was not meant for you. I am so very sorry." I related, sweating, hoping she bought my BS story. Now she could get a good whiff of my Jack Daniels cologne and winced, realizing I was probably still drunk or hung over.

"Get a shower and I'll talk to you later. I don't normally talk to drunks," she sniffed as she pulled herself free from me and again locked herself in her room. Boy, what an asshole I was there. That was close. I hoped that Mom did not hear that fight. I would be out the door without any further ado. Since it is still Saturday and Groundhog Day (again) she has not had Brad in her room yet, and her virtue is still intact, but not for long unless I can change things today. But how do I do that? I did not have a plan or a clue but I was determined to do so. AS much as Jenny does not deserve me, she definitely does not deserve the likes of Brad Johnson! ARGH!

I did as she said and got in the shower. Again I was trying to drown my sorrows in self pity. I finished my shower just as Jen walked in with a towel. She stared at my nudity only briefly before winking at me and sauntered back out, wiggling her sexy ass for show. She turned and winked at me over her shoulder at the door as she was turning to her room. She left the towel on the sink.

"Thanks Jen," I yelled after her. I don't know if she was just trying to be nice to me or wanted another look at me naked, but I preferred to consider it was the former. It was obvious my indiscretions had been forgiven just like that.

Now, here she was really flirting with me hard, and speaking of hard... I also realized I did not deserve her. She was a saint to me and I am always giving her a hard time. That's it, St. Jenny! God, I felt like such a shit now.

I dressed and went downstairs to 'the talk' same as yesterday (today repeated??). I worked my ass off again and when Jenny brought me a drink I grabbed her in a bear hug, lifted her off her feet, spun her around and kissed her cheek, giving her a loud razzberry. I have not done that to her since we were twelve. She giggled and kissed me on the lips as I held her. Mom stopped and watched her offspring cavorting like little kids again, then smiled as Jen had laid her latest lip lock on me. She headed into the house.

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