tagLoving WivesGrounds For Divorce Ch. 02

Grounds For Divorce Ch. 02


Chapter Two: Changes

Please be advised: There are some homosexual references in this story.

Tracy Jenkins woke up Sunday morning as she usually did. A nice stretch and a hug for her husband before getting up and rousing the kids. As she stretched though, the previous night's activities came back to her in the form of a dull ache from her rectum. She tensed as the memories washed over her. She remembered the kids were at her mother's house. She could feel the heat of Tom's body lying next to her and she could tell from his breathing that he was awake. In the cold light of day she wasn't sure how he would feel about her previous infidelities and her decidedly slutty behaviour the night before. After their house guest, Evan, had revealed that she had picked him up in a bar the previous night, she and Tom had had a terrible fight and she'd left. Evan had called her back and she got the shock of her life after she got there. Evan had stripped her topless and pushed her to give her husband his first ever blowjob. Before the night was over she'd blown Tom and Evan, been fucked by them both, separately and together, and watched her husband take a load of Evan's cum in his mouth. She half expected to wake and either find Tom's bags packed, her own bags packed, or the rapture imminent.

Tracy slowly opened her eyes and turned her head to find Evan gazing at her. She jumped back, sitting up startled, her eyes sweeping the room. They landed on the clock and she knew she'd miss church today. Early services were starting in five minutes which is when they usually went. She turned back to Evan and found him grinning up at her, her still topless breasts swaying slightly as se moved. Despite her trepidation she felt her nipples crinkling and pulled the blankets to her neck. "Where's Tom?" she asked.

"He went to pick up the kids and take them to church." Evan reached up to run his fingers through her hair. "He said he was going to tell everyone you weren't feeling well. He was gonna tell your mom to call in about half an hour to check on you. He told me to find something to do, in here specifically," Evan waved his arm to encompass the bedroom, "until he got home. He's taking the kids back to your mom's, after."

Tracy looked down at him and sighed. She didn't want to jump to any conclusions on the off chance that Evan was just fucking around.

"Come on. Just lay down and we can talk." Evan lay back and let his arm fall across her pillow. Tracy cautiously let herself fall onto his arm and he pulled her close.

"How did Tom seem this morning?" Tracy asked timidly.

"He was pretty quiet. He actually woke me up. Said he'd been doing a lot of thinking and he still needed a little more time to think. He did tell me to come up here and keep you company so, here I am. I think he didn't want you freaking out that he was gone."

"How do you think he feels? Does he hate me?"

Evan could feel Tracy trembling and he rushed to placate her. "No! No, no, no. He doesn't hate you. I think he just needs to resolve his past behaviour with what he's feeling now. Honestly, I don't think he's that upset with you. You may need to work on trust since you did lie and cheat on him. But I think he's got more to think about with what he did, you know, with me. I think that's been a fantasy of his that he's kept subdued and I think he's probably bisexual. Are you okay with that?"

Tracy thought about it for a while, going over how she had felt last night watching Tom blow Evan and then receiving the snowball from Tom. "Yeah, I am. I got so hot last night, watching him. I'm getting wet now, just thinking about it." She tentatively took Evan's hand and held it to her pussy so he could feel the moisture already threatening to seep from her still sticky lips.. "I mean, nothing, then... Bang! I'm soaked." She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Evan's probing fingers. "Y'know, if Tom really is still willing," Tracy let her hand move down to Evan's cock and curled her fingers around it, finding it already hard. "We could have a lot of fun together." She rolled from laying against Evan's side to straddling him. She reached below him and positioned his cock, rubbing the head back and forth between her creamy labia, then slid down on him.

"Uunnngg, that feels good." moaned Tracy. She slowly posted up and down with her hands on Evan's chest. "It gets me sooo hot to think of Tom sucking a cock. I thought I was going to cum last night just looking at you two. Have you ever sucked a cock, Evan?"

Evan laughed. "Actually I have, several times." While he spoke her reached up and palmed Tracy's swinging breasts, teasing the nipples. "When Tom and I were roommates in college I had one friend that stayed over quite a bit. Several times after Tom went to bed my friend, Stan, and I would blow each other in the living room. I secretly hoped Tom would catch us and join in but I doubted he would. He probably would have freaked out." Evan kept playing with Tracy's breasts, squeezing their entirety then pinching her nipples as she rode him. "We weren't gay. I mean we chased skirts but when we got too horny we helped each other out."

"That's so hot, Evan. I have a confession to make too." She leaned forward over his chest and quickly pumped her hips up and down bringing herself to a small orgasm as she did. Her breath caught in her throat then she let out a small squeal as she tensed before she sat upright again. She gathered herself for a minute before she spoke.

Evan could see the blush her orgasm had wrought, spread down her cheeks and neck to her upper chest. He was still amazed that he had been able to bed her that first night but he realized it was more her sluttiness and his availability than any appeal he had had for her. But fucking her with the knowledge and approval of her husband made the experience more incredible.

"Okay." Tracy whispered and brushed an errant lock of hair behind her ear as she began riding his hardness again. "Senior year, high school. Rachel MacAdoo. She had just transferred in and we did not get along. We actually had a fight in the parking lot once. Nothing serious but the principle sentenced us both to two weeks of detentions where we had to work together in the theatre department, building sets. By the time we were done we were friendly and at the end of the semester we were friends. My other friends were pissed because they didn't like her and they ended up avoiding me a bit."

Tracy never interrupted her gyrations as she spoke and she was slowly increasing the tempo again. "I think," she continued. "that they didn't like her 'cause she was so smart. And she wasn't slim and athletic like we were. She was curvy. Not fat but boy her hips really moved when she wore a tight skirt. We began having sleepovers and talking about boys and stuff. One night we were doing each other's nails and she stroked my cheek and told me I was beautiful. I was, but nothing like her. She was radiant. Breathtaking. And to be told I was beautiful by someone as beautiful as she was. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I think that's when I developed my crush on her. A few months later I was talking with my other friends and one of them made a comment about Rachel. Something about how she never had any dates, with guys anyways. Now, I liked guys. I'd made out with lots and by that time I'd let a few finger me but I'd never fucked yet. But when Lissa said that I got mad. Told them all off and they just sat and looked at me and smirked. I realized later what they were saying and thinking but I had no clue at the time."

"Next time I was at Rachel's, we were in bed, giggling away about something, when I asked her what Lissa meant. Well! She got bright red and didn't wanna talk anymore. We eventually went to sleep but I woke up shortly and had to pee. I was fighting it so I didn't get up right away or move. I felt the bed moving and I peeked an eye open and I saw Rachel with the blankets up to her neck. Her knees were spread and up and she was looking at me where I'd kicked the blankets off. She could see my hip and my panties, maybe my tits in my t-shirt. I could tell she was masturbating, I'd done it enough myself although never when someone else was in the room. The problem was she was going slow, taking her time, and now that I was wide awake I really had to pee."

"God, this gets me so hot. I've never told anyone about this but I used to think about it a lot." Tracy closed her eyes and rapidly gyrated her hips back and forth for a minute before resuming her slower pace.

"So, I had to go. I quickly turned so she wouldn't have a chance to hide and I put my hand on her knee. I said, 'Don't stop. I'll be right back.' I jumped up and threw my t-shirt off then ran out to the bathroom. I was fully aware of the view she had of my naked back, my ass barely covered by a pair of skimpy panties. I did my thing and came back to the bedroom. Can you believe it? She was getting dressed. I stood there with my tits pointing at her and she didn't even look at me. I called her name and made her look at me and when she did I jumped her, literally. I pushed her back on the bed and knelt over her, my smaller naked tits rubbing against her covered ones. 'I told you not to stop.' I said and I leaned down and kissed her. I think she was in shock and I know I almost was. I'd never even thought about having sex with a girl before. She just looked up at me with a worried look on her face and I leaned over and kissed her again, softer. It took a minute before she opened her mouth to me but we had a nice long kiss. When we stopped for a second I asked her if this was what the other girls meant. She said yeah, but she didn't think she was so obvious."

"Well, long story short, I learned how to eat pussy really good over the next couple of months. I've never had a woman since, and we both went off to different colleges. Last time I saw her back home she was with someone, a girl, so we never hooked up. We talked but..." Tracy's voice trailed off, a distant look in her eyes. She slowed almost to a stop on top of Evan's dick.

Evan decided to take control. He pulled Tracy down and rolled them over, still positioned between her legs. He raised up on his arms and started thrusting, slow and strong. As he did he looked down into Tracy's eyes and talked low. "That sounded so exciting. I bet you'd like to see her again, wouldn't you? You'd like to taste her pussy again. You'd like to taste it on my dick."

"Oh, Gooddd, yes." Moaning, Tracy thrusting her hips back to meet Evan's but he pulled out. He quickly knee walked up the bed and presented his cream covered dick to Tracy's lips. As her lips spread he shoved his cock deep into her mouth and she cleaned him off

"Would you like to taste Tom's cum in her pussy?"

"Fuck yes!" Tracy whimpered. Evan quickly pulled out of Tracy and squatted over her chest again. He fed his dick into her mouth and she moaned.

"That's what she would taste like on my dick. Or Tom's. Or both of ours."

"Oh, God!" Tracy sucked voraciously, moaning nonsense and uttering expletives.

Evan moved back down and rammed his cock into her pussy drawing a shriek form her. Her eyes were wild as he fucked her. "So, slut!" he barked. "You can't get enough of cock or cunt, can you?"

Her voice came out in a wail, "NO! Fuck, no! I'll take whatever Tom lets me have." She pulled Evan's face down to hers. "Thank you, Evan." Their lips met frantically. "Thank you so much for telling Tom." Tracy's voice was becoming plaintive as her crisis neared. "I was bad and I tried not to be but I really couldn't help it without going crazy. You helped show Tom what it could be like." Tracy was panting as she was talking and her breaths were becoming even more labored. "I can't believe he let me fuck you. He fucked me in the ass." Her voice reached a fever pitch as she screamed, "Oh, Evan! He fucked me in the ass! I can't believe he sucked your dick!" Her face once again contorted in agony as waves of ecstasy washed over her and her body was wracked by tremors.

Again Tracy's orgasmic contractions triggered Evan's and he filled her with his spunk, moaning his own release. He collapsed on top of her and lay there holding her and planting tiny kisses on her face until he was able to move. When his dick had softened enough to slip out of her he slid off to lay beside her, facing her, and let his hand softly cup her breast. Their intention was to recover then get up to start the day but they both ended up falling asleep.

Tom was standing in the church basement. He hadn't felt very social today, considering his depravities of the night before, so he resisted pontificating on the evils of today's world even though he usually had a willing audience. A gifted orator, he easily found people who wanted to listen to his lamentations but not today. He waited for Deacon Hildebrand to finish speaking with the Jaspersons before he approached. There was an after Sunday school day care that he'd put his children in. He wanted to talk to Kees Hildebrand because he seemed like the most liberal Deacon in the church. This was one time he didn't want to listen to anyone's conservative agenda. He needed real world advice. Finally the Jaspersons left and Kees made his way over to where he'd seen Tom waiting.

"Hi Tom." Kees held his hand out in a warm greeting. "How are you doing today, brother."

"Not bad, Kees. I do have some things I need to talk about if you have a few minutes."

Kees was a little taken aback. He'd known Tom for a few years and he'd never known him to be so abrupt. A widower a decade older than Tom he'd tried dating but had never found himself comfortable with the process so he'd resigned himself to being single. He did still date occasionally but he wasn't actively looking for a partner.

"Ahh, okay Tom. Umm, we can go into one of the classrooms, we won't be disturbed." Kees was unsure where the conversation was going to go. He knew how Tom could get passionate about any wrong doing he found, real or imagined.

They sat cross-corner at the end of a table. Kees waited for Tom to begin but Tom was just looking down at the table top. After several minutes Kees began, softly.

"What can I do for you, Tom. You seem distraught."

Tom looked up and Kees was surprised to see Tom's eyes glistening. It took another moment of him apparently searching Kees' face before he began to speak. "I've done something terrible, Kees."

"We've all done terrible things, Tom. Have you asked for the Lord's forgiveness? Unless you've broken a law, it's up to you and the Lord."

"I've been praying since I woke up this morning and I need to talk to someone, Kees." Tom's voice was plaintive. He was talking to the table now, unable to meet Kees' eyes.

"Okay, Tom. Go ahead. Whatever you say, you know I'll keep in the strictest confidence."

"I'll start at the beginning. When Tracy and I got married I had a particular view of sex in a relationship. I'll say it now, I was a prude. I didn't attend to my wife's needs properly. That, however, is no excuse for what she did to me."

Kees' face went white. He thought he had an idea where this was going. Fortunately Tom wasn't looking at him as he spoke.

"Kees, my wife cheated on me. She had intimate relations with a man she met at a hotel the other night, when I thought she was at her mother's."

"No!" Kees responded. He really was surprised. Tracy was the epitome of spousal fealty in front of the rest of the congregation. He'd thought he was the only one she been weak with.

"Yes! I really can understand why she did. There isn't even a question of forgiveness. We've even talked about my behaviour before. I suppose she tried to warn me over the years that she needed more than I was willing to give."

"Did you confront her? How did you find out?"

"Well, sort of. The man she seduced was a friend of mine who she had never met. He came yesterday for a visit and after he realized what he'd done, he told me. Tracy and I had a fight. She got mad at me and said it was my fault, then left."

"I take it she isn't contrite? Were there others?"

"She said there were a few, over the years. Evan, my friend, pointed out to me that she wasn't exactly a slut since it works out to less than once a year."

"We both know that's not the point, Tom. She's married to you. Forsaking all others."

"I know, Kees. There's more though. Worse."

Kees made a come forward gesture.


Kees could see Tom's shoulders hitch as he struggled to share his story. He waited silently for Tom to continue.

"Umm, Evan called Tracy and convinced her to come back. She'd taken the kids to her mother's. Tracy came back and Evan must have sensed something in her. And in me, because he started seducing Tracy right in front of me. I mean, Tracy was standing there looking at me as Evan was feeling her up."

"Damn!" muttered Kees, then louder, "Cold woman."

"Actually no. Kees, I'm dense. I used to think I knew people. Apparently I don't. As a matter of fact Evan knew something about me that I didn't even know. I got excited. I mean, I got an erection. He had Tracy strip almost, then come over and give me a blow job." Tom grimaced and paused a minute to collect his thoughts.

"Why is it, Kees, I can barely say the words? Yet the minute she touched me I knew I was hooked. Right now, in my mind she's a whore. That's what my head says. A disgusting slut that I need to toss aside. Yet when I think about the way she looked at me as she was blowing me my heart sings like it never did before. It's like a new facet of my love has opened up. She had never, in all our years of marriage, looked into my eyes with the adoration I saw with my dick in her mouth"

"So how did the evening end?" Kees wouldn't admit it but he was getting aroused thinking of Tracy's mouth surrounding his knob. It had been several years since he'd had the pleasure.

"That's the disturbing part." Tom started to weep. "She gave Evan a blowjob, while I took her from behind. Then... I can't remember clearly, it's all a blur. But I was on my knees watching her suck Evan, really close. And somehow his penis was in my mouth." Tom broke down and sobbed for a few minutes while Kees just rested his arm on Tom's shoulder. After a few minutes Tom recovered enough to continue.

"So, I sucked him off. She fucked me and she fucked him, then we both fucked her at the same time."

Kees looked at him for a minute. "Sooo. Do you think there's any chance she'll stop? Or that you could forgive her for what she's done?"

Tom sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve, looking like a little boy. "Forgive her?" he screeched. "I don't think I could love her any more than I do right now! And I hate myself for it!"


Tom's voice was a whisper now as he interrupted Kees. "Kees, I left her at home with Evan. He's probably fucked her once already this morning. Maybe twice." He shook his head. "I'm insanely jealous that she's letting him do that. To me!" He thumped his hand into his chest. "To us! At the same time I'm proud of her. Of her beauty and sexiness, and passion. God help me, it's like I didn't know what I was missing."

"I think that's the point they make in scripture, Tom. If you allow yourself to fall to the temptation you will be led onto a slippery slope of what you or your marriage can handle. Don't think of it as rules handed down from on high. Think of it as guidelines for living a happy, productive life."

"But don't you see, Kees. I, personally, never had any sex with my wife as amazing as it was last night." He shook his head. "I never even imagined. When she put her mouth on me..."

"I know, Tom." Kees had a far away look in his eyes.

Tom looked up at Kees. "And when I watched her with Evan I could see... wait. What? What do you mean, you know." Something in the faraway look in Kees' eyes gave Tom pause.

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