tagMind ControlGroup Marriage by Hypnosis

Group Marriage by Hypnosis


This story is dedicated to C.

My fantasy has been to have women love me at the same time. Yes, women. Well, that raises all kinds of problems. Jealousy, cost, keeping everyone else happy and the law. Aside from those problems, a piece of cake. I was sharing my fantasy with my friend, Mike, and he said, "I can do that for you."

"Come on, you are kidding, right?"

"No, really, Bob, I can do that. With my hypnosis it truly can be done. We need all of the people and they need to be willing and I can make it incredibly enjoyable for all."

That sent my mind spinning. I was married to Carol for twelve years. We had six year old twins. I was interested in Debbie who worked in the same building I did. She had been dropping hints that she would like to get together. She was a very attractive thirty year old woman and I fantasized having sex with her.

"Mike there is this beautiful woman, Debbie, I want to do it with. You can make it so I can do her and stay married to Carol? How can you do that?"

"By hypnotizing Carol and the woman to both accept you as their lover. I will make them both want you so bad they will want to share you to keep you happy. A form of group marriage. Only Carol will be your legal spouse but all of you will be committed to each other."

"How do we get started?"

"Invite me over to your next meeting with Debbie."

"I'm seeing her tomorrow at the office. She is a weight reduction patient. She is twenty pounds over what she considers her perfect weight and she wants to lose."

I am Bob Andrews, I am a medical doctor specializing in internal medicine. I have a primary care practice for a local HMO. It's hard, but I have been muddling through. Debbie wanted diet advise and weight reduction medicine, if I agreed. I didn't. My experience had been the weight came right back after the medicine was discontinued.

"Suggest she might want to try hypnotherapy. Blue Cross covers it now. I could meet her in your office. Weight loss and sex mix very well."

"Come to my office three this evening. I'll have her there. It’ll be interesting to see your technique."

"I'll be there."

It was a busy day, but it still dragged. Debbie arrived early. She looked lovely. she was five feet seven and weighed about 145. She wanted to be 125. She had curves in all the right places and remarkably firm breasts. About a large B cup. She was in good health. She clearly had a crush on me and the feeling was mutual. When the nurse left the room we kissed. She tried to prolong it and I pulled away. We were both panting.

"Debbie, I have an associate who can help you with your weight. Have you ever tried hypnotherapy?"

"Dr. Bob I have thought about it. Do you think it will work?"

"Debbie, I am sure that it will make you feel good and it probably will work. Do you want to try it?"

"Sure, what do I have to lose?"

"Well, maybe a few pounds."

She laughed. "My associate will be here in a few minutes. His name is Mike Lawrence. He is a master hypnotist."

I really wanted to take her into my arms and ravish her. I was sure she would like that, I was also sure that we would both feel guilty as hell afterwards. We talked small talk for a few minutes until Mike arrived. My nurse buzzed me.

"Mike Lawrence is here to see you. He said you were waiting for him. Should I send him in?"

"Yes, Barbara, send him in, then you can leave." My heart speeded up. I wasn't at all sure that this was going to work. Debbie was sitting in the patient's chair and I was sitting behind my desk. Mike walked in with a distinct air of authority. He looked at Debbie.

"You must be Debbie. Bob has told me a lot about you. You want to be slimmer. Well, that should be easy. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"

Debbie paused. "Well, many years ago, I was at a hypnotism demonstration and I THINK I went under in the audience. I'm not sure."

She was talking softly and looking into his probing eyes.

"Debbie, let's just do it, okay?"

She nodded "What we are going to do is concentrated concentration. You will actually hypnotize yourself, while you listen to my voice take several deep breaths. As you breath deeply concentrate on my voice to the exclusion of everything else. Soon you will feel like you are falling asleep. Your eyes are closing and your body is relaxing, very relaxed. Very relaxed."

"You can picture yourself walking down a flight of stairs. With each stair your relaxation is getting deeper. Your trance is getting deeper. You are now on step four, now move down to step five. With each step you are going deeper. You love the feeling and you love listening to my voice. Now you are very deep. Your whole body is relaxed, limp. You are in a deep trance and your mind is completely blank except for my voice. My voice makes you feel so good."

Her body became limp and her eyes were closed. "Debbie do you truly want to lose weight?"

She answered in a monotone. "I want to be attractive to Bob."

"Debbie when we are finished you will be attractive to Bob and thinner. When ever you think of eating you will only feel like eating just enough to meet your health needs you will not want to eat more than you need. The food will no longer be attractive to you, it will be a necessity. Do you understand?"

She nodded. "How much do you exercise?"

"Not very much."

"From now on whenever you eat you will think that you need to exercise. You will start with walking and graduate to running as your condition improves. You will do jumping jacks and push-ups as you are able. Do you understand?"

She again nodded. "Now, Debbie, whenever Dr. Bob speaks to you, you will want to do what ever he says. Thinking of Dr. Bob will get you very aroused. Doing what he asks will make you feel very good. You agree with that, don't you?"

She nodded.

"When ever Dr. Bob says the word trance to you, you will go back into a deep wonderful trance. You agree?"

She again nodded.

"When Dr. Bob counts to five you will wake feeling wonderful and very aroused. You will be wide awake and under his complete control."

"Bob she is all yours. You can have her do anything you want. You will need to reinforce the suggestions as often as possible, at least once a week. Now I need to meet with Carol."

"Can you come to the house this evening around eight?"

"Sure. Have fun with Debbie."

He left. Debbie was sitting in the chair looking asleep. I counted to five. Debbie opened her eyes and looked around, wide eyed.

"Debbie, come over here and kiss me."

She got up and slowly walked to me. She put her arms out and took my face in her hands. She gave me a deep throat kiss. Very wet, very nice.

"Debbie, strip naked."

I held my breath. She reached behind her neck and undid the halter top and let her one piece dress fall to the floor. She stepped out of it as she was unfastening her bra and shrugging it off. She then pulled her white cotton panties off. She was a real blonde. She had a wonderful soft tummy and full breasts. She stood there as if she was waiting for further instructions.

I quickly took my clothes off. "Debbie, Put my cock in your mouth."

She reached out with her lovely hand and took my rapidly rising cock and put it in her warm mouth. It felt so good. She just held it in her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the head. She was just slowly licking it.

"Debbie, suck it."

She started to suck it, with great enthusiasm.

I stopped her before it was too late. "Debbie lay down and spread your legs."

She lay on the floor and spread her legs, wide. I felt her cunt. Sopping. I slowly pushed my rod into her. Up to the hilt. I felt her throbbing on my cock. The throbbing got stronger as I pumped. I knew I was close.

"Debbie, cum, now."

She did! She started to scream as I pumped my seed deep inside her. She screamed for several seconds as her body squeezed my cock dry. Then I collapsed onto her. We lay there a few minutes and I decided to give Debbie another go.

"Debbie, when I touch your clit you are going to feel it throughout your entire body. You will have a an orgasm that you will feel everywhere in your body."

I stroked her stomach and hips with my left hand and her breasts with my right hand. I slowly brought my hand to her pussy. Finally, I gently massaged her clit. She started to tremble and breath even harder. Her body became more flushed and then she screamed. "I'm coming."

She actually thrashed her legs before she calmed down. "Oh, Bob that was wonderful."

She kissed me. We held each other for several more minutes.

"Debbie, I want you to move in with my wife, Carol and I. Call me tonight at nine and I'll give you further instructions."

When I got home, Carol was already fixing dinner. Our kids were at a sleep over with a friend. I had told Carol to have them stay there until dinner tomorrow. My wife is a very attractive woman, five feet, six inches, one hundred twenty pounds. She is very old fashioned. Our sex life is adequate, just getting a little boring.

We are both in our forties. There is no way she would consider a threesome. Oh well, I would keep an open mind until Mike did his thing.

We had a nice barbeque steak dinner and were finishing the dishes when the door chime rang.

"That must be Mike, I asked him to stop by."

"Oh, I like Mike. Why did you want him to stop by?"

"We have a common patient and I wanted to compare notes. He said he was going to be in our neighborhood and would stop over. I'll get the door."

Mike was waiting for me at the door.

"How are you going to do this?" I whispered.

"We'll discuss Debbie's weight loss program and I'll use that as an entre' to hypnotize Carol."

We walked into the den where Carol had gone after the dishes. Carol looked up.

"Hi Mike, its always fun to have you come over. You always have such interesting stories. What are you guys cooking up now?"

I couldn't believe her lead in. It was perfect.

"Bob has a patient that wants to lose twenty pounds and I hypnotized her to get her started. She seemed to take to it very well."

"Mike how do you do that? It sounds almost like Voodoo?"

"Usually I have the patient watch my hand, like this."

He moved over to Carol and put his finger over her nose, slightly lifted. "While they watch my finger I bring it down towards their nose until the eyes close. I do it very slowly and the subject feels very relaxed and slowly closes her eyes. Like you are doing. You will find that your eyes want to close. You feel very relaxed and your eyes want to close, close your eyes."

She did. Mike has this deep resonant voice and I knew that Carol loved to listen to him speak. Frankly I was a little jealous of Mike. It was clear to me that Carol really liked to be around Mike. Of course she would never admit it to herself and would never openly flirt.

Mike continued to deepen her trance until she was completely limp. "Now Carol you are in a very deep trance. On a scale of one being light and ten being deepest give me the number for your trance."


"Excellent, as I speak you will slip down to ten. Nod your head when you get to ten." She nodded her head.

"Now I am going to wake you by counting to five. You will wake feeling sensational, very comfortable and you will not remember being hypnotized. If I snap my fingers you will go into a ten trance. Do you understand?"

She nodded. He counted to five and she opened her eyes.

"So, Mike, how do you hypnotize people?"

I was impressed. He snapped his fingers and Carol slumped down in the chair.

Carol. When I wake you, you will feel totally refreshed. You will not remember being hypnotized, but you will do everything Bob suggests. When ever Bob says trance to you, you will go back into a deep trance like now. You will never remember being hypnotized and each time it happens you will feel very, very refreshed and happy. Now, when Bob counts to five you will wake feeling like I described, wonderful and refreshed. Then he turned to me.

"Well, Bob, I have set you up. You now have two woman who will do anything you ask. They are your willing slaves. Now I want my payment."

"What are you talking about?"

"As my payment for giving you your sex dream, I want you to let me play with Carol."

I was nonplused. "She isn't mine to give to you."

"Oh yes she is, actually, she is mine to take. I would just feel better with your permission."

"Do you mean to tell me you could tell Carol have sex with you and she would do it?"

"Of course. Carol is an unconscious submissive. She would love to have me command her as long as she doesn't have to deal with it. Watch."

"Carol, stand up and strip naked."

I knew she wouldn't do that, she didn't like to be naked in front of anyone, man or woman. She barely would be naked with me. She always undressed in the bathroom and walked quickly to bed. She had agreed many years ago to sleep naked so we could feel each other. She would tell me that she was embarrassed to have people look at her naked body. You can imagine my surprise when she stood up and unbuttoned her blouse.

She then took off her jeans. She was now in cotton panties and a white bra. I was sure she would stop. No, she reached behind herself and released her bra and shrugged it off. Her shapely breasts hardly sagged. Her nipples were erect and I was smelling the musky scent of arousal! She then pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. I love looking at my wife’s naked body but I was truly stunned and more than a little jealous and protective.

She just stood there. "Are you convinced?"

"Oh, yes. I am convinced. I don't like it, though."

"Mike looked at me and said "trance, Bob."

The next thing I knew I was naked on the couch sitting next to an equally naked Debbie, who was slumped over. My penis was semi-erect and Debbie still had some cum on her chin. The musky scent permeated the room.

I felt good, but didn't remember what happened. "You didn't tell me that Debbie was going to call. I had her come over. You played with her while I enjoyed Carol."

Mike was standing over me, naked. He was six and a half feet tall and very strong. Carol was mounted on his cock and he was holding her under her arms and pumping her. She was flushed and panting. Her nipples were even more erect and she was dripping from her pussy as Mike pumped her.

All of a sudden she put her head back and screamed as she stretched her legs straight out. Mike was bucking into her. He held her for several minutes as she calmed down. She put her arms around him. He gently lifted her off his now shrinking pole and placed her on the couch.

"Sleep Carol. You will forget we had sex. You will remember the climax and attribute it to Bob. You are thrilled with the new arraignment with Debbie and you are proud to show off your magnificent body to her and me. In fact you are wondering what it would be like to have Debbie lick your pussy.

You are looking forward to watching Bob screw Debbie. You might be able to improve your own technique. You feel very comfortable around Debbie. She will be your best friend and you will not feel jealous. When I count to three, you will wake."

“Bob, I’m sorry I took advantage. I couldn’t resist. I’ll restore your memory. Memory Bob.”

All of a sudden I remembered slumping over when Mike said trance. I heard the phone ring and Mike answered it. “Hi Debbie, come over to Bob’s house at 368 Forth Avenue. Come right away.”

I remember her walking in the door. Bob was telling me that I would watch everything, but I would not remember. I would not be mad at him and I would always go back into a trance when he told me. Debbie knocked at the door and Mike let her in.

“Hello Debbie.”

She looked at him. “Trance Debbie.”

She slumped and he caught her. “Debbie, I am going to wake you and you will immediately strip naked. One, two, three, wake up.”

She immediately pulled her sweater off over her full breasts. She was not wearing a bra. I was surprised. She pulled her sweat pants off. No panties. She was now completely naked. She was so different from Carol. Larger and very sensuous. “Debbie let me see your body?”

She turned around and showed her body to Mike. I should add that Carol was slumped, naked on the couch during all of this. Mike felt Debbie’s breast. “Very nice, Debbie.”

He felt her pussy. “Oh, my, very wet.”

“Debbie, go take Bob’s clothes off for him. Bob you can help her.”

Debbie came over to me and took my shoes off and pulled my pants off. She grabbed my shorts and pulled them off my body, over my now erect cock. I am six feet, four inches tall and slender. My cock is average size. It was fully extended.

“Now Debbie take Dr. Bob’s cock in your mouth and give him a blow job. Suck strong.”

Debbie took me in her mouth and sucked me all the way down her throat. It felt powerful. Soon I felt myself cuming. “Bob, pull out and cum in her mouth, not her throat.”

I pulled out and finished ejaculating. Mike took his clothes off while I watched in a trance. He was very large and thick. At least three inches longer and thicker than me. He went over to Carol and lifted her by the underarms and mounted her on his large pole.

“Bob, when I count to three you will wake up. One, two, three.” I woke up and didn’t remember what happened until now.

“Carol, lick Bob's penis clean. You will love the taste."

He counted to three and Carol knelt in front of me and began licking my cock. I loved it and began to become erect. I was getting addicted to the oral sex. Soon I was erect again and Carol kept on sucking. This was incredible because Carol does not like oral sex. Or so I thought. Soon, I was shooting into her mouth and she was greedily swallowing.

"I conditioned her to want to do that."

Mike was standing watching the show. "Can I play with Debbie, now?"

"I'm not sure there is much I can do about it. How did you do that to me?"

"I hypnotized you years ago, when you were in med school and wanted to concentrate better. It worked. I've reinforced it over the years. I just haven't told you in many years. Now we are even. What about Debbie?"

I looked over at her. She was a very sexy lady. I even liked her somewhat extended soft tummy. I expected it would become smaller soon.

"What will you do if I say no?"

"This, trance Bob."

The next thing I remember I was on the couch, still naked and the women were in a sixty-nine position on the floor in front of me. They were both making slurping noise and bucking into each other's face. They were having a good time. First Debbie and then Carol started to scream and then they collapsed onto each other. I then noticed a note on my lap.

It read: "Sorry, Bob, I couldn't resist. They are all yours now. They will do whatever you tell them. I would trance them at least once a week to keep the suggestions sharp. When you finish reading this, you will tear it into little pieces and flush it down the toilet. You will forget that I ever hypnotized you or fucked either of your women. You will remember my instructions."

I finished reading the note and tore it into little pieces and flushed it down the toilet.

My women were now sitting up and looking at me. Debbie spoke first.

"Master Bob, we are tired and we want to go to bed. Is that okay with you. We will finish cleaning in the morning."

"Oh, Master, I agree with her. We just want to sleep so we can all feel each other."

We all went, naked, into the bedroom and crawled into bed. Me in the middle and the women on each side of me. I had a different set of breasts in each hand. I woke in the middle of the night with both women pressed against me and with a raging erection. I looked at the clock. Three AM. I thought of trying to get back to sleep and gave that thought up.

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