tagGroup SexGroup Therapy Ch. 01

Group Therapy Ch. 01


Group Therapy!

It began as a usual Friday night out with the girls. Down the pub then afterwards to the local Curry House. It was just usually the 2 of us – Claire, Chris, Lindsay and Me. But tonight, Chris had brought along a friend, Lisa.

"Hope you don't mind girls, but Lisa was at loose end tonight" said Chris.

"No problem" we all said.

We really didn't mind because Lisa was quite a character. Some of the things she told us she had done in the past were keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

Well, it was gone midnight and I can honestly say that we were so pissed that we couldn't talk for laughing. The conversation had dramatically deteriorated, as usual, to raw sex. However, Lisa excelled herself this time. She was telling us how she had experimented with other women. 'Licking Pussy' as she phrased it was the best!!

She also told us of her liking for group sex. 'There's nothing like pleasuring a big breasted woman while you had a man's cock inside you'.

We didn't believe her of course – and said so!

By this time, there were only us and a couple of men at the table in the corner, left in the restaurant. I'm sure they were only stopping because they wanted to hear more.

"I bet you" Lisa said "that if I were to offer us as a group to those blokes over there, they wouldn't turn us down."

"No way" – we said "they just wouldn't."

However, Lisa was having none of it. She stood up, marched over to the guys and said "My friends and I would like to know if you were up to a night of sexual pleasures."

I'm not sure which one of the men blushed more. The older guy stood up and muffled something about being married then ran out of the door.

The younger one, Paul, looked quite brazen and said "I'm game."

I think he thought we were bluffing.

"In fact" he said "I can supply the room for us. My friend Elaine is Manager of a Hotel down the road. She's also very broadminded and has no problem with doing this for me."

At that, Chris & Lindsay stood up. "I think we're off now Anna. Are you coming Lisa?" Chris said.

I think they thought that this had gone too far! Well I was a bit disappointed at that. Having gone along with Lisa's ideas I was up for it and felt really horny! I wanted some excitement!!

Lisa shrugged her shoulders, having proven her point, and decided she's had enough now. They all left together.

There was just Claire, myself and Paul left. "So, are you game ladies?" he asked.

Claire and I looked at each other, nodded and said "Lead on."

We arrived at the hotel but Paul asked us to wait outside while he spoke to Elaine. After a few minutes, he came back out.

"Its ok girls, we've got a room. There may be a small problem though! Elaine's husband is working late tonight – a rush job for his joinery firm. He may have to work throughout the night and, in that case, there's no problem. However, if he finishes early then she has assigned that room for him. But don't worry; she said he'll probably work all night anyway, so we won't be disturbed."

We then all went upstairs – It was quite a big hotel with 12 floors. So we decided to take the lift to our room on the 10th floor. Well, Paul and I did. Claire said she needed to clear her head and would take the stairs.

The Lift door opened and Paul and I got in.

As soon as the doors closed I stood facing him and said "You like?" as I proceeded to take off my top and bra along with it. I could see his eyes drawn to my big tits and it didn't take 2 seconds before he was all over me. Touching, feeling, sucking, licking, squeezing them.

I wanted him so badly that I dropped to my knees pulling his jeans down, along with his boxers, to his ankles. His cock sprang free waiting to be sucked. I managed to push several buttons whilst I dropped to my knees so that the lift would keep stopping and we would have more time in there.

I took him in my mouth and felt him tremble…..However, before I could go any further the lift door pinged announcing our arrival at the 10th floor. The doors opened and Claire stood there – mouth wide open in amazement. Paul hastily pulled his trousers up and shuffled out of the lift.

However, there was no way I was going to cover up so I walked along the corridor with my tits swaying in the breeze of the air conditioning.

As Paul went ahead, keen to get to the room, Claire stayed behind with me – her eyes fixed on my breasts……

"Touch them Claire" I said.

She didn't need second telling. She was all over me…. Sucking and licking them…By the time we got to the room we were both nearly naked. We fell in the door to meet a very naked Paul – His cock stiff and erect.

"Well ladies – which one of you wants me to fuck them first…. "Both of us" we said in unison.

As we moved nearer into the room, we stopped! Lying on the bed was a naked, aroused and dusty man. He sat up

"Hello, Elaine said to expect you!" – Russ!! "She'll be here in a minute."

At that, the door opened and we heard the sound of the Do not Disturb sign being placed on the outside of the door and the inside lock clicking into place.

"A little overdressed I think" Elaine said, and started to remove her clothing.

"Stop" I heard myself say "Can I do that for you Elaine?"

"Please yourself" was the reply.

Mmmmm a bit off hand I thought but I could tell that she was as excited as I was. Claire could see where my attentions lay so took Paul's hand and left him into the bathroom.

That left Russ, me and Elaine! I stood in front of her, removed her jacket and skirt and undone her blouse until she stood facing me with just her bra and knickers on. I then walked around her, turned her around to face the full length mirror and unhooked her bra – watching her face as it fell on the floor.

I reached round from behind her to feel her soft warm flesh, gently stroking her breasts – aching to put them in my mouth and suck her nipples. I then used my foot to ease her legs apart. At the same time, hooking my fingers to the sides of her knickers and sliding them down her thighs – exposing her soft bush………

Once they were on the floor, I again reached around her – my left hand cupping her breast and my right one pressing into her hairy bush. I could reach quite easily now as she had opened her legs a little wider again. I could see the look of ecstasy on her face – her eyes widening as she watched me touch and stroke of her most private parts…..I wanted to taste her sweetness, her honey pot – take her pussy lips in my mouth…..

Russ, not to be left out, had been watching us and playing with his cock, now long and hard.

As if we both knew what he wanted, we turned to face him and dropped on our knees in front of him….taking it in turns to suck his cock. He used his hands to force our heads deep down so we could swallow him…We needed no force – he had a salty taste but at the same time, we could also smell the scent of wood! He had obviously come straight from the wood yard and his latest job.

My thoughts flew ahead to the time when we all truly exhausted from pleasuring each other, I could bathe this sexy man and his wife.

It was going to be a long night, Not only was I going to have this man's cock deep inside me, I could also take the delights of his wife at the same time. I wanted her to watch as I fuck him and him to watch as I fucked her!! Then I wanted them both to pleasure me at the same time mmmmmmmmm

Later perhaps, we could arrange for Claire and Paul to join in?

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