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Grow A Pair


"Greg, we need to talk."

Why is it that those words always cause me to worry. Whenever I've heard them no good news follows. So I sighed, sat down in my recliner and looked at my wife of four years.

"Is there a problem Jenny?"

"Yes Greg, there is a problem. I've been meeting with Mike."

Mike? My boss Mike? Mike is our VP of Operations at Milton Contruction Inc. Mike manages several divisions of construction crews in the southwest. His goal is to be president of western operations.

"Why have you met with Mike Jenny?"

"I asked Mike why you've been with the company longer than Jim and Harry, yet they are division managers and you aren't."

I wonder why my wife thinks it is her job to take care of my career, without talking to me.

"What did Mike say?"

"He called Jim and Harry to our meeting. All three of them say the same thing. You're a great guy, one of the hardest working supervisors in the corporation, but you're just too nice and easy going. Division managers have to command the respect of rough and tumble work crews. Mike said division managers have to have brass balls and everyone has to know it. Jim and Harry both said they like you a lot and you'd be a great division manager if you'd just grow a pair."

"Did any of them tell you how I'm supposed to do that Jenny?"

"Yes, they did Greg. They think you probably had an easy childhood and youth so you never had to learn how to be angry and forceful. All three of them agreed that a major event that would make you really angry would make you see how to act with the crews."

"Did they give you examples of such an event?"

Jenny smirked a little, caught herself, and hid it with her serious look. Thats when I knew something bad was coming.

"I talked with them a few times since our first meeting last month. They have a sort of test each supervisor has to pass to be a division manager. I got four disks for you to watch. I want you to promise me you will watch them with me tonight. I want you to promise you will not say or do anything until we've seen all four disks. Do you promise?"

"Jenny, why do you want me to promise I won't do anything about a subject I know nothing about?"

"It's important Greg. You have to promise me you will sit there and watch all the disks with me and do nothing until they are all done."

All I could do was sigh. Jenny has a one track mind and when she decides something has to be a certain way there is no changing her mind.

"All right Jenny. Why don't you get us a beer and we'll watch your disks."

Jenny hugged me and ran into the kitchen for a couple of beers. When she came back she plopped herself down in my lap, gave me a big hug, and picked up the remote.

The first disk was a video and Greg watched as Mike, his VP, stood up from behind an old desk that looked like the supervisor desk he used, and addressed whoever was filming.

"Hi, I'm Mike Jacobs. I'm the supervisor for team four and I'm up for review and promotion to division manager. My men all know I'm not a bad person but they also know you don't fuck with me. One of my foremen, Ben Anderson, screwed up on the job and cost my team almost ten grand in penalties. Ben knows the rules and is here today to pay for his failure. Come on over Ben."

I knew Ben. He is a team supervisor now. Ben stood next to Mike. He did not look happy.

"Tell everyone what is going to happen Ben."

"You're going to fuck my wife Mike, and I have to help you do it."

Jenny felt me stiffen up at that and she rubbed my chest and whispered "It's ok Greg. No one can do anything without permission. It's company policy."

Bullshit. I've never read this company policy.

"Does your wife know I'm going to fuck her Ben?"

"Yes, she does. Linda has agreed to fuck you for two hours to pay for my mistake."

"Bring Linda in Ben."

Linda looked young, early 20s, slender. I didn't care what her body looked like. I watched her eyes. They were sad and apprehensive.

I watched Mike fuck Ben's wife in the cunt, ass, and mouth. Ben had to suck Mikes cock hard each time, suck his wife clean each time and clean Mikes cock each time. Then Mike had Ben lay down, his wife mount him, and Mike filled Lindas ass. They double fucked her until she passed out.

Mike thanked Ben for his cooperation and teamwork and told him his penalty was paid in full.

The next two videos were about the same. Jim and Harry fucked a co-workers wife while the husband helped and did cleanup. It was like they were following a script.

Jenny got up to load the last video and got us two more beers before she started it. I noticed she was nervous. I also noticed the three videos had excited her. She had been rubbing my cock through my jeans and put one of my hands on her tits. When I did nothing she just sighed and rubbed them herself.

The fourth video started differently. Mike, Jim and Harry were sitting on a couch is one of their homes. Mike spoke first.

"Hi Greg. If you are watching this then Jenny has shown you the first three disks. You should note that at no time did any husband or wife complain or try to back out of their punishment. They knew they were free to do so at any time. The only thing that would have happened is the husband would have been released from the company. We would have even given them a good reference to a new employer. Our goal is not to hurt anyone. It is to create company loyalty at a level that insures our growth and success."

Jim spoke next.

"Greg. You are an exception in the company. You started at the lowest level of employment and worked your way up to supervisor in less than ten years without any penalty. We want you to advance to division manager. We need men like you leading our people. Everyone we speak to says you are intelligent, thoughtful, and care about your people. But they also say you are always looking for a fair middle ground with our customers and sometimes negotiate when we feel a more forceful approach would be best. We want you to learn to be more forceful."

Harry spoke last.

"Greg. I really like you. I especially like the fact that Jenny cares enough about our company and your career that she took the initiative to come to us and ask for our advice. What we are about to do is with your wifes full agreement. She is doing it for you. She wants a husband who will 'man up' and force success with his people and our customers. You have to be able to administer the punishment you've seen on the three disks. Be a man Greg. We need you."

Mike then asked Jenny to join them. All she was wearing was a pair of skimpy shorts and a halter top that barely covered her breasts. Jenny turned to the camera, smiled, and said

"Greg, I love you so much. I want you to be a real man and leader like Mike, Jim and Harry. I know you have the ability. I'm here to prove to you that I support our company just like you should and I want you to join us."

"Jenny, what are you doing to do for us today?"

"Mike, I'm going to suck all your cocks, swallow your cum. Then I'm going to fuck each one of you, and last I want a triple fuck from you until each of you has cum in all my holes."

That is what I sat and watched my wife do. Jenny sucked and fucked those three men for almost an hour. When she was done she was covered in cum. Her ass and pussy were swollen and stretched.

The last thing I heard was Mike.

"Greg, your wife is a full member of our team. We want you to join us. All you have to do is discipline your people like we do. It is expected."

I sat there for a while after the video. When I said and did nothing Jenny got off my lap and went to the bathroom. When she came back she started to climb back in my lap.

"Go sit in your chair Jenny."

"Cmon Greg. You just have to see how important....

"Shut up Jenny." That shocked her. I've never spoken to her that way. She sat down.

"Until now I thought of you as an intelligent person Jenny. I am surprised to discover you are just a stupid cunt."

"GREG. How can you say that."

"Ignorance occurs when someone is not trained Jenny. Stupidity is when you are trained and still do something wrong. A wife who would willingly fuck her husbands co-workers without talking to her husband first is a stupid cunt. Any husband or wife who would submit to that kind of humiliation is stupid. Do you really expect me to have one of my subordinates bring his wife to me, help me fuck her and have him suck my cock?"

"But Greg. You saw the videos. It's company policy."

"Wow. For four years I've showed you the kind of husband I am. I've been kind, thoughtful, attentive, a caring lover and all you wanted was some macho asshole who would power fuck you and any other pussy around. You are an educated, highly literate, talented woman and yet all you want to be is a stupid cunt?"

"Please honey, you have to understand...."

"Take your clothes off cunt."

"WHAT. You can't talk to me like that."

"You have sixty seconds to take your clothes off you stupid cunt or I will strip you and beat your ass bloody. MOVE BITCH."

For the first time in four years Jenny suddenly realized she didn't know her husband as well as she thought. She didn't know he could act like this. A tear rolled down her cheek as she stripped.

"Get over here, in front of me, on your knees."

After she knelt in front of him Jenny looked into her husbands eyes and for the first time was truly frightened. She didn't recognize this man at all. His eyes were dark and scary.

"You will keep your arms at your sides. If you raise them I will hurt you. If you don't do exactly as I say I will hurt you. Do you understand me cunt?"

Jenny couldn't speak. She could only nod.

"You gave these tits to other men. I will never feel or suck them again."

Greg took a tit in each hand and slowly crushed them until Jenny sobbed from the pain and begged for mercy.

"Stand up cunt. Spread your legs wide. Wider. Don't you move an inch."

He took his hand and pushed one, then two, three, four fingers into her cunt. He twisted and pushed until her fluids started. Jenny grunted with the pain but didn't move. Greg curled his thumb into his palm and slowly pushed his hand in until his whole hand was in her cunt, the lips stretched around his wrist. Jenny was sobbing. Greg fucked her cunt with his fist until Jenny started responding to his hand fuck, then without warning suddenly pulled his hand free. Jenny stood there moaning, rocking her hips, looking for something to make her cum.

"No part of my body will ever be in that cunt again. Don't bother with clothes. Go make dinner."

Jenny did as she was told. After dinner Greg told her to sleep in the guest room. He took her cell phone. The next morning Greg told Jenny she was to call Mike and tell him Greg wanted a meeting with him, Jim and Harry at the new gym they were building and to be there at ten.

After all three men were in the gym then Greg and Jenny entered the main room. The men watched as Greg chained the door shut. They looked around and realized all the doors were chained shut.

"What's going on Greg?"

"Well Mike, we're going to have a business meeting. Now that I know about company policy I've decided to follow it's rules. Each one of you is going to fuck the stupid cunt (their eyes got wary after that one) and the next man in line is going eat the mans cum out of her cunt. Then you'll do the same thing for her ass and mouth. Any one of you who fails to do his job will be severely punished. Questions?"

"You think you can handle all three of us Greg?"

"Harry, you should have done a better job when you hired me. Because I started at the very bottom of your company you never did a background check. I grew up in Chicago, the south side. At eighteen a judge told me jail or military. I took all my anger to the Marines for ten years. I became very proficient at killing. They were sorry to see me leave. I went to college for four years and got a degree in mechanical engineering. I also grew up. I swore I would never again let anger be my guiding force. I swore I would be the example of a kind, loving husband, and cooperative worker. You useless fuckers have changed that. I won't kill you. That's too easy. I will make sure you are crippled for life. If you think you can take me do it now."

Harry knew this man. He was really a wimp. Harry pulled a short piece of pipe from a refuse pile. He told Mike and Jim to stay put. Harry was no fool and he was an experienced brawler. He advanced on Greg slowly, minimizing his body as a target. Greg just stood there. Harry moved fast, jabbing with the pipe. He didn't even see Mikes response. All he knew was that he was on the ground and his left leg wouldn'tmove and he couldn't stop screaming because of the pain.

Mike and Jim didn't hesitate. They rushed him. Jim went down, trying to comfort his aching balls with his only working hand. Mike was sitting on the concrete floor, blood pouring from his broken nose.

"Greg, please stop. Please forgive me. I had no way to know how much this would hurt you. You have to stop. You're acting crazy."

"Too bad cunt. You had a good life and you fucked it away. You know what the fools say - ignorance is no excuse. Because your fuck buddies are a little down right now you'll have to do all the work. Get busy. Get one hard, ride him until you're full of cum and then go sit on another ones face. You have fifteen minutes each. If you fail I will fuck your ass with Harrys pipe until you bleed."

Jenny saw she had no choice. When she was done Greg looked at the four sad figures.

"I'm leaving. Everything you just did is on video. The four videos you were dumb enough to give the cunt have been copied and sent to all the local news stations. By the time the courts are done with you I'll be amazed if your company exists. If it survives I'll be back to take care of you myself so you should probably consider another line of work. I'm sure you'll enjoy asking 'do you want fries with that?'"

"But Greg, what about me? Take me with you and let me show you how much I love you."

"Still can't believe what a stupid cunt you are Jenny. Who do you think will be making those fries?"

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Quad burn

Great BTB. Maybe a little.over the top with the violence against the cheaters. But no more outlandish than if the story ended with him being a grateful, willing cuck. Just walk away, my ass. Leave themmore...

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I read this genre

With hopes of finding someone who understands human feeling and balance - greed, arrogance, entitlement, hurt, upset, stupidity, innocence, anger, and true balancing of the scales. This story, while unrealisticmore...

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