tagIncest/TabooGrowin up with the Martin Girls

Growin up with the Martin Girls


In our house, I grew up with my mom and three sisters. I was the youngest of us kids. My father passed away when I was 8 and my mother only remarried when I was 17, so I grew up in a home full of women.

My mom's sister, Aunt Ellen, had two daughters and one son, all of them older than me, so I was truly the ‘baby' of the clan. Aunt Ellen and Uncle Ted lived nearby, and their whole family would spend hot summer days at our house because we had a swimming pool.

In our family, I grew up thinking it was normal for the girls to wear swimming suits and for the boys to swim naked. By age 18, I had never even owned a swimming suit. Bobby, Aunt Ellen's son was 2 years older than me and my sisters paid a lot more attention to him than me. But my female cousins liked to frolic around the pool with me more than with their brother. The girls never mean, but they did enjoy teasing us boys about our nudity while they could wear swimming suits. On the other hand, they were kind enough to say encouraging things to make us boys feel good.

My Uncle Ted always swam with us naked, as had my father until his fatal car accident so many years ago. So, in the "Martin Clan" (my mom's and Ellen's maiden name), the grown men would swim and barbecue and spend the entire day naked around the pool and in the house. It was completely normal for all the males in the two families to be naked in front of the women folk, whether they were sisters, wives, sisters-in-law, daughters, or nieces. There was never any feeling of being embarrassed or ashamed on the part of the guys, nor did the gals make a big deal of it. Even my mom's brothers, Tom and Wes, would swim nude with us when their families came to visit every few years or so. Clearly, it was a Martin family tradition.

It wasn't until my after my mother's marriage to Tim, her second husband and my step-dad, that I ever learned it wasn't always normal for boys to be naked when near water while all the females remained clothed in swimming suits.

It was on the first summer swimming day since my mom's marriage that I was in my room getting undressed to go out to the pool. It was a Saturday when Aunt Ellen was coming over with husband, daughters, and son. My teenage sisters were already in their bikinis laying about the pool and working on their tans when I overheard the conversation between my mother, Carol, 38, and my stepdad, Tim, 32:

"Honey," said Tim, "do I really have too?"

"Yes, dear, all the boys in our family swim nude, it's a family tradition, you know that."

"But your daughters and Ellen and her girls are coming over, and that will be 6 women besides you that I'll be naked in front of."

"There's a first time for everything dear. Just relax and it will be fine. I'm proud to show you off."

"But honey, I'm feeling really uncomfortable about this. It's not just your sister Ellen, because she has helped you spank me a couple times, so I've already had my pants down in front of her. But your daughters and her daughters will see me…naked."

"You'll get used to it honey," my mom said, "The girls are all in college now. They won't make a big deal or embarrass you, and besides, they've been seeing naked men and boys their whole lives."

"But Carol," said my step dad in a whining, pleading voice, "it will be even more embarrassing for me since you just shaved me last night. I didn't think about this when it was happening. I have to go out in front of all these females with no pubic hair! I already feel as though I am ‘extra naked'. It's so humiliating."

My mother put her foot down. "Timothy Martin, I told you that my father and brothers all swam undressed, as did every male member of our extended family. I and Ellen think it is perfectly normal and traditional for boys to swim nude, and so do our daughters because we raised them as we were raised. Let me remind you that when we married, you took my maiden name as your own and you pledged to love, honor, and obey me, like every husband in the Martin family has done for generations. You will be naked during our family pool parties and that's just the way it is. Being shaved doesn't make you more naked, it just makes you prettier naked. You knew this day was coming when you married me, and this is the way it is. Now get out of those swimming trunks and give them to me. You will not embarrass me in front of my sister and daughters by wearing those ridiculous trunks, do you understand me?"

"Yes, dear," said my step dad.

A few moments later my mom said, in a much calmer voice, "That's better. You look just fine in your birthday suit. You should not feel humiliated in any way because you have a beautiful body. If I hear any more about this, you will really be humiliated when I take my paddle to your bottom out by the pool with everyone watching. Now get out there and start the barbeque."

"Yes, dear," he said. "May I ask a question, not to complain, but to learn information?"

My mother's voice softened, "Of course you may, dear."

"Will Ted be shaved? Or will I be the only one?"

"Whether Ellen shaves Ted's pubic hair is up to her. But I did hear her mention that she like you that way and was considering shaving Ted. You are my husband, I like to keep you shaved, and that's all you really need to know." She giggled, "Now, unless you want a bright pink bottom to match your pretty pink penis, you should obey your wife and start the barbecue, Mister."

I heard a little ‘smack' of my mother's hand swatting my step-dad's bottom. "Yes, dear," he said, and soon after I saw him walk by my doorway naked. It was the first time I'd seen him without anything on since he hadn't married my mom until last fall, and there were no swimming parties when the weather was cold.

I was already nude and ready to swim so I followed him out after putting my clothes in the hamper.

When I arrived to the back yard, I noticed that my three sisters were all ogling Tim, much to his obvious embarrassment. He was very muscular with brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin. He looked different that the other grown men I'd seen naked because he had no hair between his legs. He looked just like me except that his penis and testicles were really pretty big. My sisters seemed intent to keep their eyes on his genitals and whisper to each other.

Jaime, Patty, and Karen all were smiling and watching Tim as he started to fire up the barbecue and assemble the cooking equipment. His genitals were big and dangling, jiggling and swaying with his every movement and step. I think that's what the girls liked best.

I came up to stand next to my seated sisters. "Hi Jeffrey," said Jaime, glancing briefly at my naked genitals before returning her gaze to Tim. I smiled to myself, girls will be girls.

Just then Ellen and her two daughters, Kim and Terri came through the gate in their swimming suits, followed by Uncle Ted and Bobby, both naked and carrying food and drinks. I watched from the doorway as my sisters moved their attention to their uncle and cousin, while my Aunt and her two daughters immediately started ogling Tim. It was quite a show for the girls to have several naked men to look at whom they hadn't laid eyes on for many months, if ever.

I was surprised to see that Ted was also hairless below the waist like Tim. I wondered if my mom and Aunt Ellen had agreed to do this. Clearly their daughters thought it was an outstanding improvement! Bobby came over to me, showing off his large and swinging genitals as he walked past my sisters.

They all gave him the ‘thumbs up' and comments like "hey big guy, looking good!" He was grinning and strutting when he reached me.

"Let's go for a swim," he said, and we both dived into the pool. The water was great, almost air temperature since my mom had turned the heater on early that morning. Bobby and I swam and horsed around, splashing our cousins and receiving the reward of many squeals and threats of retribution. Aunt Ellen let this go on for a moment before she stepped in and said, "You boys had better stop that or you'll get what's coming to you both." To which the girls giggled and jeered their promise of revenge, which we didn't worry about in the slightest.

We boys got out of the pool and lay down in the nearby grass as was our habit, letting the sun dry us off. Soon we heard my mother calling us to come help her. We found her in the kitchen with Kim and Terri, and they had us carry out the meat to the barbeque. In a short time, the 7 clan females, Carol, Ellen, Jaime, Patty, Karen, Kim, and Terri, were all seated at the patio table, while we four clan males had to stand around and hold out plates as we ate, since there was nowhere for us to sit.

When males are standing around seated females, the male genitals are displayed more or less at the eye level of the seated females, and the females always seem to have a hard time not staring at the males. Since all the men were standing, the girls constantly called out requests for us to fetch this or that, clear up dishes, move trash, etc. This caused there to be a constant moving around of the males, causing different sets of genitals to be displayed near different women at different times. May of the tasks the girls called out would require us males to bend over, facing away from the ladies, thus exposing our bottoms and our dangling testicles between our spread thighs.

When done right, this action can stop the female conversation at the table, which is very fun for us boys.

This was pretty normal to everyone except Tim, who was having a difficult time staying calm. He was blushing bright red when the table grew silent again. I looked to see all the women-folk's heads turned in his direction. Tim was holding a plate of burgers with both hands, his face was flush, and his naked penis was fully erect.

There is an agreement among the Martin-clan males that when a male has an accidental erection, we all turn away and get busy with something else. The women-folk seem to have an agreement that when a male gets and erection, it's ok to stare blatantly.

Go figure.

Poor Tim was now fixed under the gaze of seven sets of female eyes as his penis throbbed and a drop of pre-come began to form at its tip, capturing the focused attention of the ladies.

Aunt Ellen, the oldest and wisest of the clan, said in a warm and caring voice, "Why, Timothy, how nice of you to salute the lady's table so elegantly. We thank you for such a fine compliment and look forward to your performance." To which comment all the females suppressed giggles.

My mom looked at her smug sister with venom in her eyes, but then she turned to her young husband and spoke. "Timothy, dear, please set the tray down on the bar counter, and then come here."

Tim sheepishly put down the tray and approached the table. He put his hands in front of his groin, trying to hide himself from their view. "Honey," my mom said, "That's not necessary. Please put your hands at your sides, dear."

Tim looked like a deer caught in the headlights, his face ashen now with embarrassment, but he put his hands down. "Good boy," said my mother.

Aunt Ellen said, "Timothy, I know you are the newest member of our family, and please believe that we all love you and accept you as one of our own." All the girls around the table smiled and nodded vigorously, with many responses of "yes", and "that's right", and "we love you, Tim", coming from the league of daughters.

Ellen smiled and said, "As you know, in the Martin family, our men take our family name, vow to obey their wives and submit to our discipline, and our men swim naked. We ladies know that when a man gets an erection, it is not his fault and he has done nothing wrong. On the other hand, we are women, and therefore are fascinated by male genitalia, especially when a man is aroused."

She paused for effect, and there were again nods of approval and murmurs of agreement around the table.

"So," Ellen continued, "when one of our males has an erection, it is distracting to everyone, as you can see, and we cannot continue with our festivities without first resolving the issue appropriately."

Tim's brow was sweating, his hard penis was throbbing, and every woman at the table had their eyes fixed on the growing drop of pre-come glistening in the sunlight. His legs were trembling.

Ellen seemed to want Carol, Tim's wife, to complete the conversation.

Carol took up where Ellen left off, but in a more loving and less ‘official' voice. "Tim, dear," she said, "what Ellen is saying is that we ladies expect a boy with an erection to masturbate and ejaculate so that his penis can be soft again." She reached her hand up and cupped his testicles, slowly massaging them in her hand. "So I want you to be a good boy for me and stroke your penis, dear."

Female heads all around the table were looking at his face now, and nodding in agreement.

Tim when white as a sheet, his eyes wide, "You can't really mean…" he whimpered.

"Yes, dear, that's exactly what I mean. All the other boys here have had to do it numerous times. It's just a normal part of having boys in the family, nothing to be ashamed of, dear."

The six other females scowled and their heads at the idea that a boy should be ashamed of masturbating as they watched.

Carol continued, "Just put your right hand on your penis, honey, and begin to rub it. Be a good boy for me, and show the girls that you're an obedient husband."

Tim's hand slowly took hold of his throbbing member and began to stroke it. "Good boy," said Carol, "That's it, just relax and rub your penis for us. That's what you have to do and it's ok. Close your eyes if you want, and just think about rubbing your penis, dear."

All the female heads were nodding again in agreement with Carol's words and as encouragement to Tim. He closed his eyes and began to stroke more quickly. Carol said encouragingly, "Yes, that's my good boy, stroke that manly penis and make yourself spurt for us."

In very short order, Tim was breathing heavily and rubbing his penis frantically, moving quickly toward ejaculation. Carol held up her finger as a caution to the other women to remain silent, while Kim picked up an empty salad bowl and held it about 6" in front of Timothy's red and swollen penis head.

Tim began to gasp and strain, his muscles flexing all over his body.

Carol said, "Yes, Timothy, you may open your eyes and ejaculate for us now."

His eyes, filled with lustful pleasure, flashed open and took a quick glance around the table. He saw all the pretty women in bikini tops, their eyes fixed on his hand as it stroked his penis, their mouths open in rapt attention, and the happy and expectant looks on their faces. It was as erotic for him as it was for every boy that had done this for a group of Martin women over the generations. He couldn't help himself but climax as hard as he ever had in his life.

He made a whimpering moan, and the first spurt of semen washed out into the bowl. It was a big spurt, eliciting gleeful sounds from female throats all around the table. His next spurt was bigger and a couple of the girls couldn't help but begin to clap and cheer him on. "Go, Tim!" "Spurt for us!" and "Awesome!" were some of their excited cries.

Three, four, and five strong spurts flew into the bowl, pleasing the ladies at the table tremendously, followed by several more pulses of semen that dribbled down his hand and onto the table below.

All the while, Carol kept up her coaching. "Yes, that's my boy, keep spurting, nice long strokes, give us every last drop, you're doing great, what a good boy, get every last drop of semen out of your beautiful penis for us, dear…"

When he could produce nothing more, Kim set down the bowl just before he sort of collapsed into her lap. She and Terri repositioned him so that he could lay with his bottom on Kim's thighs and his back resting against Terri's belly, his head cradled between her ample breasts. Kim took a paper napkin from the table and gently dabbed a few drops of semen from the pink head of his penis and his softening shaft. Terry put one arm over his shoulder and caressed his chest, while her other hand cradled and caressed his cheek. Your could faintly hear her cooing softly in his ear, "Good boy, that was a wonderful ejaculation Tim, just rest now and let us take care of you. You've been such a good boy."

Karen, seated next to Terri, took Tim's right hand in hers and gently began to kiss it, gently darting her tongue in his palm and between his fingers to lap up any semen she could find. When she was satisfied, she took a napkin and dried off her saliva. She looked at the other girls and demurely grinned as though she thought licking up her step dad's semen was a little risqué, even for the Martin women. The other girls just grinned back knowingly and gave her the thumbs up sign of approval.

The daughters nursed Timothy back to consciousness with their caresses and encouragement as the other women looked on. After several minutes, Tim regained himself enough to stand back up, his limp penis hanging once again in front of his now-relieved testes. A last drop of semen was evident at the tip, and Carol took his soft penis in her hand and gently touched her lips to his now-sensitive head, causing Tim to squirm as she took his last drop onto her tongue.

It was finished. Now the ritual was for all the women-folk to take turns telling the male how much they enjoyed his ejaculation, what a great job he did, how manly he was, and how much they looked forward to the next time he'd have to do it for them.

By the time Tim had endured the encouragement and compliments of all seven women, he felt very at ease and comfortable naked in front of them, and of course, that was the design of the praise session, invented generations ago.

The other three males were in the pool and Tim came and joined them. "How do you feel?" asked Ted.

"Actually, much better," said Tim, smiling. "I guess being naked in front of all of those women isn't so bad after all…"

The three other males smiled and nodded.

Tim was now truly a member of the Martin Clan, and we all slapped his shoulders and welcomed him.

I looked up and saw the two matriarchs of the family, and their five daughters, busily clearing up after the meal. This was nifty since all such tasks were usually relegated to the men-folk. The seven women were animatedly talking in hushed voices so we wouldn't hear, and my mom was getting lots of smiles and compliments from the other ladies, pleased as they were with my mom's new husband Tim.

Just then I heard the doorbell ring, and the ladies' heads all swiveled toward the sound. Patty and Jaime were smiling and said something to mom, making her smile too, and then she looked at us boys in the pool as Patty and Jaime ran to answer the doorbell.

I didn't know what to make of it, but in short order my two sisters reappeared, grinning like the cat that ate the canary, followed by Patty's boyfriend Andrew, and his two sisters Kate and Beth.

Uh, oh, I thought, feeling very weak in the knees. Andrew had been here last year in the summer and had fit in nicely with the dress code, but Kate and Beth had never been to our house before. I knew the twins from school and had been very good friends with both of them. I knew Kate and I were attracted to each other beyond just friendship, and we had gone out a couple times on double dates recently, but nothing too serious had yet developed.

Kate and Beth were identical twins. Both girls were very hot, sexy, brunettes with green eyes and curvy figures. They were both wearing terry cloth robes and sandals. I saw Kate's eyes scanning the yard to find me, and then she saw me and waved, and began to walk toward the pool. I had no idea what Kate knew about our family and the naked boys rule. I began to really worry when she walked right up to the pool's edge and said, "Hi, Jeffrey." Then her brow furrowed a bit and she asked, "Where's your swimming suit?"

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