tagBDSMGrowin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 03

Growin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 03


The pool party had wound down, the boys were all cleaning things up and the women were chatting in the kitchen.

When Ellen and Carol had determined that all the work was done, Ellen gave her husband Ted, a pair of gym shorts to put on, and they got in their car and left. Her son, Andrew, left with Patty and Beth to go to the movies.

Kate told me to get dressed, and then take her home. I rushed to my bedroom, put on pants, a tee shirt, and sneakers, and rushed out to open the car door for Kate. She insisted on driving so I gave her the keys.

On the drive to her house, Kate said, "Today begins a good starting point for our relationship to grow, Jeffrey. I have always been interested in a particular sort of lifestyle, with the boy I choose to be with me. I have no interest in the usual relationships between men and women, where there is the dominant man and the submissive woman. My mother is the leader of our household, as I see clearly yours is too. That is a very good thing, since it means you're used to having women in charge, and you know your place."

She looked over at me and smiled. "Are you with me so far?"

I nodded.

"Good. I think you find me attractive, don't you Jeffrey?"

"Oh, yes, you're the most wonderful girl I have ever seen."

She grinned, "Thank you, that's very nice to hear. I think you're a very nice and attractive boy, but I require more than mere attraction. I need a boy who will be suitably submissive in our relationship. A boy who wants his woman to take the lead, make the decisions, take control. Are you that kind of boy, Jeffrey?"

I looked her in the eyes, "Yes, I am," I said, "I only know that it would be weird to be in charge of a relationship. It is normal for me to have my mom and my sisters in charge. I was raised that way."

"We'll see," she said grinning; "only time will tell. Today we'll see how you perform, and I'll put you to some tests, to see if you're really the right kind of boy for me to have as a boyfriend."

"Whatever you say, dear," I said.

We pulled up to her house and went inside. She dropped her bag on a chair, slipped off her terry robe to reveal her hot body in her hot pink swimming suit, and walked into the center of the living room. She bent over and opened a drawer in a bureau and fished around, looking for something. This gave me an amazing view of her smooth thighs, her half-covered heart-shaped ass, and at the juncture of all of the above, her big puffy pussy lips were clearly outlined in the tight panel of thin fabric.

She seemed to take extra time, looking in the drawer, and she casually wiggled her ass so sexily. I was already having a throb or two in my groin when she turned her head and looked at me with mischief in her eyes.

"Why, Jeffrey, are you staring at my bottom?"

"Uh, not exactly, sorry..." I stammered.

She smiled, "Well, what were you looking at, then?" She stood up, holding something behind her back and closed the drawer with a backward thrust of her hips.

"Um, well, your thighs and your bottom and your swimming suit."

"I know what you were looking at, Jeffrey, but I want to hear you say the truth." She looked at me sternly as she brought her hands in front of her body. She had a small wooden paddle in her hand and she casually slapped it against her palm and began to walk toward me. "You're already going to have your bottom swatted for being less-than-truthful, honey. I think you should tell the truth now or I'll have to give you even more swats."

"Yes, dear," I whispered, eyes fixed on the slowly slapping paddle now. "Well, uh, I was , uh, looking at, um..."

"Spit it out, I don't have all day."

"Your pussy," I whispered.

"Do you like how my pussy looks in this swimming suit, Jeffrey?"

"Oh, God, yes – you look marvelous!" I rasped in my now-dry throat.

"Good boy, that wasn't so hard. Wise girls know how important it is to keep our boys visually stimulated. It keeps their attention focused where it belongs."

She moved over and sat in the middle of the sofa. "Now, Jeffrey, I want you to take off your clothes, fold them neatly on the chair, then come and stand in front of me."

She watched me as I undressed, a pleased and confident look on her face and in her grey/blue eyes. I did my best to remain calm and collected as I folded my clothes and put them on the chair. This was a very different experience for me – spanking-wise. My mom and/or sisters had always spanked me for specific misbehavior; they were displeased with me and would tan my bottom to make their point. Kate was sitting calmly as though nothing was wrong. She didn't seem displeased with me at all, but she was going to spank me. It sent shivers down my spine. Would it hurt a lot? Would she be gentle?

I took a few steps and stood in front of her, somehow now embarrassed to be naked and have a partial erection. She reached out with the paddle and gently placed it under my testicles, lifting up until the head of my penis was touching the wood.

"Do I have your complete attention, Jeffrey?"

"Yes, dear," I said.

"Good. Before I spank you, I want to tell you that I am not spanking you in anger. I'm spanking you in affection. I know that a boy like you needs a spanking every now and then, even if he's been good, so I think today is a very good day to start that tradition between us. I understand that you were right to keep the 'boys swim naked' rule from me. Most women wouldn't understand, though I admit almost all women would be intrigued," she giggled, causing her ample breasts to jiggle wonderfully.

She continued, "I'm going to give you what my mother calls a 'maintenance spanking'. This spanking helps center a boy, helps him calm down and know his place, and helps him to behave in a proper, submissive fashion toward the woman that spanks him regularly. I'm sure sometimes I'll have to give you a punishment spanking, but not today because you've been a good boy."

She smiled as she looked at my erect penis and testicles. She jiggled the paddle and made them flop around a bit, and this seemed to be amusing to her.

"Alright, mister, over my lap you go. I want your bottom centered over my lap." She directed me as I crawled into position and she opened her thighs a little to let my genitals slip between them, and then closed tight to hold me in position. She was left-handed, so was positioned 'backward' compared to how my mom and sisters had spanked me.

She said, "Put your right arm under your head, and your left hand across the small of your back." I complied, feeling my erection pulse between her squeezing thighs. She gripped my left wrist tightly with her right hand. "Spread your legs a little for me." I wiggled in her lap, letting my thighs spread as much as possible, without one of my legs falling off the sofa. She said, "That's it, good boy, I need to be able to get as some of that tender area between your cheeks, honey. Now then, Jeffrey, I don't want to see your legs kicking too much. I want you to hold still and take your spanking like a good boy."

"I'll try," I said, feeling so excited to be over her lap.

I felt her body tense and move and I felt her first swat. It was on my left cheek, just where the thigh connects, which I knew was a really tender spot. It stung plenty, and there followed about 10 of these swats landing all over my bottom in different areas, after that she paused.

"Those were just warm-up swats, Jeffrey, to acquaint your bottom with the paddle. Now I'll begin your spanking. I want you to think of all the ways you can be more attentive and obedient to me while you take your spanking. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes, dear," I said.

"Ok, here we go," she said, and the real spanking began.

I could hear the SMACK of the paddle just before the sting would register in my mind. She really laid into me, keeping up an even tempo of a swat every second or two, and she kept swatting different places to spread the heat and the sting all over my quickly burning cheeks. I struggled to hold still, and I couldn't help but begin to gasp and moan. If at any time I wiggled too much for her liking, she squeezed her thighs together hard, letting me know that she had my testicles in her control and I should behave.

The searing and stinging pain started to build up as she revisited each area of my bottom over and over again. The relentless rhythm of her swats drove me further and further into panic. All thoughts of how sexy it was to be naked over her lap vanished, as did my erection – all that was left in my mind was the pain growing in my already sore bottom. I groaned and struggled to hold still as my bottom was plastered with swats. She was good at this – each swat landed with the CRACK you only get if the paddle hits squarely with a flick of the wrist – maximizing the effect with the least amount of effort.

When I knew I was going to start to really yell, she stopped. I hoped she was finished, but then she spoke.

"That looks nice, Jeffrey, your entire bottom has a nice pink glow." She set the paddle down on my back for a moment and caressed my cheeks with her hand. "Mmmm, and your bottom is nice and warm too!" she giggled. She picked up the paddle again and said, "Now I'm going to concentrate on a few key areas. This will help you to think of me for the next few days, dear, as you feel my swats whenever you move, and especially when you sit down."

I groaned loudly as she started in again, this time picking up the tempo and increasing the force behind each swat. She began with my left cheek, just at the juncture of the thigh, and toward the inside where my cheeks were slightly spread. She swatted her target spot again and again, not spreading the paddle around this time, but staying focused on just the one spot. I began to howl and beg her to stop.

"ARRRGHHHH...please stop Kate, I can't take any more....oooohhhhh it hurts so much!!!"

She didn't skip a beat, but kept right on swatting the same spot, perhaps harder. "You can beg all you want honey, and I know it hurts – it's supposed to hurt, sweetheart. Now be a good boy and take your spanking, and quit wiggling!"

After a few more wicked swats, she changed angle and started on the same area of my right cheek. For a moment it felt like relief but then the searing pain started on my right side, adding to the leftover burning and stinging still resounding from the left. It was worse - much worse.

I moaned and begged and pleaded and whimpered. Every muscle in my body was tense and writhing against the onslaught of her paddle. My eyes started to water and my nose filled up, I knew very soon I would begin to really cry – not just from the pain, but from the hopelessness that it would never end.

I began to moan and sniffle and whimper, and my body went limp in her lap. The pain was worse than ever but I couldn't stop it and some part of me just snapped. I let out a big breath and just started to cry, never having had the thought to forcibly get up off of her lap, which later seemed odd.

When I relaxed, she said, "Ah, there it is, that's my good boy. It's ok to cry for me, just let it all our, honey."

Her swats slowed, with more time between them. She let go of my left wrist and my arm fell off the sofa harmlessly. She used her free hand to spread my cheeks wider, so she could really get her paddle into the tender flesh between them. It hurt the worst of all, but somehow I just lay there exhausted and sobbing as she landed swat after swat on the lower insides of my bottom cheeks.

I was really crying. I had never cried like this before. I had never been spanked so relentlessly before, nor with so much emphasis on the most tender and sensitive parts of my bottom. I don't know how long it lasted, but at some point I noticed that she was no longer spanking me, but caressing my bottom with her hands.

"There, there," she was saying, "That's my good boy, just get all that bad energy out and let me comfort you. You did very well and I am very happy with you, Jeffrey."

Somehow, even through the tears, that made me feel better.

When my sobs had lessened to just a little whimper, she released my testicles from between her thighs and jostled me around until I was lying with my head cradled in her arms. She caressed my face and cooed comforting words to me. My bottom was still completely on fire, but she was making me feel loved and special despite the fact that she had just spanked me so thoroughly. I realized, perhaps it was because she had spanked me to tears that I felt she loved me.

She held my head in the crook of her right arm, and with her left hand she moved the fabric of her swimming suit top to set her big, soft right breast free against the side of my face. She gently turned my head toward her and guided my lips to her beautiful pink nipple. "There, there, let mommy make it all better," she said. I certainly thought it was wonderful, and I suckled at her breast gently but ardently, feeling her nipple become hard in my mouth.

"Mmm," she whispered, "Is it nice for my boy to have mommy's nipple?" I nodded, keeping my eyes closed and just enjoying the feel of her soft womanly breast in my mouth and against my face. She caressed my head and snuggled me for a long time, then she shifted me to her other breast, saying, "The girls like to have equal attention," and giggled.

It was such an intimate time. I was completely open and vulnerable, having been spanked to tears, I had no emotional strength and as she caressed me and allowed me to suckle, tears would form and run down from my eyes.

"Jeffrey," she whispered, "I think I love you."

I smiled and nodded more, looking up into her eyes, but not willing to let go of her wonderful nipple. I felt like her nipple was the most important thing in the world.

She reached out with her free hand and began to fondle my testicles, caressing and rolling them in her fingers. My penis was already half hard and quickly became erect. She whispered in my ear, "Boys are so predictable." She smiled down at me, "Would you like me to play with your penis, Jeffrey?"

I nodded.

"Well, alright, but just for a little while..." she said.

She slowly and expertly masturbated me, filling each stroke with love and pleasure, and she began to tell me things.

"Sweetheart, I've decided that I'm going to start teaching you about licking my pussy. Would you like to learn how to please me?" I nodded. "Good. I'm going to let you rest as I play with your penis for a little longer, but I'm not going to make you come right now. I want you to be excited and aroused when you lick me. I like a boy with energy to bring to the task."

She fondled me a while longer, and then pulled her breast from my suckling lips, much to my disappointment. "Sit up, sweetheart," she said. Reluctantly I complied, sad to have ended a few fleeting moments of heavenly bliss.

I watched her breasts as she put them back into her top, and then she sat up and held out her hand to me. I took her hand and she led me down the hall to her room and she sat down on her bed. She fluffed up her pillows and lay back against them, her upper body at a 45 degree angle. She looked at me standing there naked and smiled.

"Come closer, Jeffrey," she said, "and pull down my suit bottoms."

That sounded great! I gently slid them down as she lifted her ass, and suddenly I was looking at her big puffy vulva lips. They were so big and protruded from her body at least an inch. Each lip was an inch wide and full and round. I just couldn't take my eyes off of them.

"I know you like what you see, but tell me anyway," she whispered.

I cleared my throat and murmured, "Your pussy is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, except for your smile. I just think your lips are so big and luscious, I want to kiss them and lick them for hours."

"My, that was a good answer, Jeffrey. Now I want you to lie down on your belly between my thighs and give me a few nice kisses. Be very gentle, but firm when you kiss me, and no tongue until I tell you."

"Yes, dear," I said, as I watched her untie and drop her top onto the floor. She was now completely naked with flawless white skin around the pink of her nipples and hairless pussy.

The burning heat in my bottom objected to my every movement, but it was nearly forgotten as I basked in the beauty of her pussy. As I got into position, she raised her knees and spread them. Oh my God, she was so sexy. My penis was throbbing and so stiff I had to take care to adjust it properly before I lay down on the bed. Finally I was in position and gave her pussy the first, chaste kiss.

"More," she said.

I kissed up and down each side and the center many times, going very slowly so as to savor the moment. She spread her thighs a little wider and her vulva parted to reveal soft, wrinkled, pink labia within. I gently kissed the incredibly soft pink flesh and heard her make a soft moan of pleasure.

Emboldened by the sound, I kissed more and more, pushing my lips just slightly into the cleft between her vulvas. I desperately wanted to lick and suck, but I was patient.

"Good boy," she said, putting a hand in my hair and caressing softly. "Now use a soft, flat tongue very gently."

I did as she commanded; starting as low as I could reach and sliding slowly up between her lips with my tongue. Her breath caught, in her throat and I heard a contented sigh. I repeated the successful maneuver several times, each with a similarly pleasing result, and I awaited further instructions.

"Soft, flat tongue in the middle of my pussy, slowly shake your head 'no'," she whispered.

This caused her to wiggle her hips in addition to sighing happily. I was most pleased. I now noticed there was a lot more moisture in the area than my saliva alone. She was getting nice and wet, and her flavor was very faint, but nice.

"Pointy tongue into my vagina, Jeffrey, slowly...slowly..."

I followed her advice and found her entrance, much lower than I had expected. As my tongue slid into her it was engulfed in her sweet juices. I slowly pushed my tongue in and out, wishing it was my penis. After many strokes she said, "Now, lick me all over," in a husky, demanding tone.

I remembered to keep my tongue soft, and slathered her pussy lips all over – up, down, sideways, and in circles. Her hips were writhing and moving so much that it was hard to stay connected, but I managed. A boy has to be dedicated to succeed in life...

"Find my clitoris!" she almost yelled, "suck it and lick it!"

I searched for and easily found the firm nub of her clit; it was the only thing in the area that wasn't completely soft. I wrapped my lips around as much pussy as I could and sucked the soft moist flesh into my mouth. She gasped and moaned and writhed and gripped the bed covers in her hands as I flicked my tongue up and down over her swollen pleasure nub.

"Yessss........Yessss.......like that!......Lick me!.......Suck me!.......AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" I had to grab hold of her hips with my hands to keep my face buried in her writhing pussy, as she screamed out loud. I was glad the house was empty...or maybe I would have been proud if it wasn't.

"OOOOOHHHHHH........that's good.......yessssss......I....AM....COMING!!!!!! She yelled at the top of her lungs.

I continued to lick her as she screamed and moaned. I held on tight and kept at it, no matter how hard she tried to buck me off. Three times she started to push my head away, but then fell into another writhing paroxysm of pleasure – rolling her hips and screaming for me to lick her and screaming that she was coming.

Finally, she fell down in a heap of hard-breathing, shuddering, exhausted female flesh. Her body was totally limp. I just held her, my lips and tongue unmoving against her pussy as I watched her breathe. The room and my face were full of her sensual scent – I was now addicted to it – and her juices were all over her pussy, ass, thighs, and my face. I bathed in her essence in peaceful bliss.

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