Growin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 03


Her eyes were closed as she caught her breath and came back from wherever her orgasms had sent her. My penis was stiff with anticipation and arousal at her beauty and her amazing orgasms. I decided in that moment as I looked at her from between her legs, that there was nothing sexier than a woman writhing in orgasm, and that I would do my best to make that happen as often as possible for Kate.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "Hi there, Jeffrey," she said.

I removed my mouth from its position as gently as possible and got up to my knees on the bed. She closed her thighs and rolled them to the side purring softly.

I said, "Hi there, Kate."

"I must say, you did rather know, for your first time..." She grinned, betraying the fact that she knew I had done well even if it was my 100th time. "Did you like it?" she asked.

"I really like it, Kate, and I want to do that for you as often as you want...maybe more often!"

She grinned at me, "We'll see," she said. Her eyes found my erection, jutting from between my kneeling thighs, then her brow furrowed. "Come here and let me check your bottom, Jeffrey."

"Yes, dear," I said, getting up and standing with my bottom toward her face at the side of the bed.

"Hmmm, looks like somebody's had a very good spanking," she said as she traced her fingers around my cheeks. "I think you should go look at yourself in the mirror, honey." She giggled as I walked to her full length mirror and turned around, looking over my shoulder.

I could see that my entire bottom was a deep pink, but down in the lower inside quarters, my cheeks were angry red. I touched them and they were quite sore, still hot and stinging, now that I focused my attention on my bottom. "Ooh," I said, "I'm really red and sore..."

"Yes," she replied delightfully, "And you'll be feeling it for several days. I can't wait to see you sit down at dinner. I'll prepare a special place for you at the table. It'll be fun!"

"Ok," I said, still looking at myself in the mirror.

Just then I looked up and saw my sister Patty, and Kate's twin Beth, standing in the open doorway of Kate's bedroom. They were smiling at my sore bottom.

Kate said, "Hi guys, you're home early. Where is Andrew?"

Beth said, "The movie was boring, so we just played with Andrew in the parking lot. Patty made him come twice, but only after he begged for it and promised her anything." The girls all giggled. "Right now he's in his room, getting out of his clothes. We thought you'd like company for dinner anyway, and we can have the boys all to ourselves. Mom called my cell and said she and dad are going to stay over at the Johnson's, so we're all alone."

Patty said, "I talked to my mom and Jeffrey and I are ok to spend the night here, unless of course you want us to go home."

"No, please stay, Patty. It will give us plenty of time to have lots of fun with the boys!"

Patty said, looking at my bottom, "Looks like you've really taken Jeffrey to task, was he good for you?"

"He was wonderful," said Kate, "Both over my thighs and between them."

Patty and Beth both looked at my face and smiled, seeing Kate's wetness still glistening all over me.

Beth said, "You spanked him raw, he serviced you with his tongue, and he has an erection. Looks like definite boyfriend material to me, sis."

"Oh, I certainly agree!" said Kate. She got up and put on a tee shirt and some sexy shorts that fit her tightly, making her pouting but recently-satisfied pussy lips very apparent. I loved it.

She took hold of my penis and started walking out of the room with me, taking me back to the living room. Patty and Beth moved to let us past, but Patty gave me a swat on my bottom, which really stung.

"Hey!" I said, rubbing my sore cheeks.

Kate said, "Get used to it honey, a girl can hardly resist the temptation when a butt as cute as yours has been spanked pink and red."

"Yes, dear," I said...

Stay tuned for part 4...

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