tagIncest/TabooGrowin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 04

Growin up with the Martin Girls Ch. 04


PLEASE READ: This story is full of romantic female-dominant / male-submissive content. If you don't like that sort of thing, please move on to one of the other wonderful stories found on this site. Also, if you're reading this story shortly after it was uploaded, it is part of an incomplete series, and the plotlines will not have resolved at the finish of this installment. All Characters are 18 years old.

Thank you for reading, if you do, with these warnings in mind. All the best! - Jeffrey

This story picks right up from part 3, so perhaps you should read the previous chapters first...

Thanks to all who have commented or emailed with encouragement!!! Every character in this story is 18 years old or older.

Kate led me by my erect penis back out to the living room. As soon as she had me move the coffee table out of the way, making a large open space, Patty appeared, followed by Beth who was leading her brother Andrew into the room by his penis as well.

The three girls smiled at each other and Kate said, "So, ladies, we have the house to ourselves, and we have two pretty boys with nice cocks to play with..." She playfully stroked her chin in contemplation, "What shall we do with them I wonder..."

Beth released Andrew's now-hard penis, making it flop up and down a bit, and said, "I know – let's practice our teasing techniques, I think we all love to hear a boy beg. Let's see how much desperate begging we can make these boys do!"

Patty smiled at me, which was ominous. I remember just months ago, the day after my 18th birthday and playing "doctor" in her bedroom...

She had tied me naked to the bed and was pretending to do a scientific study. She was trying to determine just "how much" teasing a boy could take before his penis would no longer hold its erection. She spent all afternoon and into the evening playing with my penis and making me almost spurt, but then she pinched my erection at the base and made it stop, only to repeat the process again and again.

Our mom walked by and looked into the room, asking what was going on. Patty just said, "We're playing doctor, mom." That seemed to satisfy her and she responded, "Ok, just don't be late to dinner."

The worst part was that after making me beg and moan and writhe for hours, she never let me cum and made me put on shorts and go to dinner with her. After we ate, I asked my mom if it was fair for Patty to do that to me.

She said, "Girls are curious about penises, Jeffrey, and you're the only boy in our family, so you have to be nice to your sisters and let them satisfy their curiosity. That's the reason we have the boys always swim naked, so that all the girls can look and touch if they want to. If one of your sisters is curious about your penis, then you need to be a good boy and cooperate with her."

When I told her that Patty had played with me to the edge of ejaculation and stopped it many times, and didn't let me cum, mom just said, "I'm sure if you ask one of your sisters, she'll be nice enough to let you masturbate for her." And she looked at me sternly and said, "You know the rules, Jeffrey – no masturbating without supervision."

"Yes mother," I said dejectedly.

I had gone straight to Jaime and Karen's room, and finding Jaime, I told her what Patty did, and asked her if she could watch me masturbate.

"Sure," she said, going back to her homework. When I got close to spurting, she held out her hand and made me spurt right into her palm, then she shooed me from her room so she could get back to work.

I knew the 'doctor' incident was in Patty's mind as she looked at me and said, "This could be fun."

Kate, my last hope, said, "Jeffrey, it would make me happy if you were a good boy and let us girls play with your penis for a while. Will you be a good boy for me?"

"Yes, Kate," I said, resigned to my fate.

The girls made Andrew and I put our hands behind out backs and they wrapped our wrists with some soft curtain cords, firmly but still comfortable. "That's so you boys don't try to get away," said Beth. The girls had us boys lay down on the floor a couple feet apart so we had room to spread our legs, and our sisters knelt down between our thighs. Patty started on me, and Beth started on Andrew, "To show sisterly appreciation," they said. Kate just sat in a nearby chair, watching and half reading a magazine until one of the other girls would ask her to relieve them.

Beth and Patty had both Andrew and I panting and squirming in a short time, and we couldn't help but begin to beg and plead to be allowed to cum as they stroked out young and excited penises.

Just then, Laura, the twin's and Andrew's mom, came in the front door with a plastic bag full of her dry-cleaning on hangers. She walked right by us, as if not noticing, and then she came back into the room.

She smiled and said, "Hi girls, Andrew, Patty, and Jeffrey, what are you kids up to?"

Laura was apparently very much more like my mom than I had previously thought. Seeing her daughters and my sister in a room with two naked boys didn't faze her, even though one of the boys was her son. And her daughter was playing with her little brother's penis, so from this I figured it wasn't any more unusual a situation in this house than it was in mine.

Beth said, "Hi mom, we're just playing some games with the boys," and she never slowed down stroking her brother's erect penis, "we're going to make them beg for it, and even then, we may not let them spurt!"

Kate said, "Guess what? I took your advice and gave Jeffrey a good spanking today!"

Patty had paused a moment, smiling first at Kate and then at me, but then immediately continued to stroke me with increased vigor.

"Well," said Laura, "I guess you girls have your hands full!" They all had a nice little giggle together, and then Laura said, "Do you mind if I watch? It looks like you're all having fun."

"Sure," said the girls in unison, and Laura took a seat on the sofa to observe the goings-on.

After a few minutes of smiling and watching, Laura started asking Kate about my spanking, and they had a nice conversation discussing the finer points of bottom-warming. In the meantime, Patty was using her skills to take me close to the edge and then slowing down her stroking again and again, making me crazy! Beth watched her and matched her technique on her brother's penis. We were both writhing and moaning, and Andrew started to beg.

"Please, Beth," he whined, "You're driving me out of my mind, please let me come!"

She slowed her pace, still rubbing her brothers erect and purple penis. "Is my little brother's penis getting too much playtime? Should I stop and put you to bed with your hands tied behind you like last week? Is that what you want, Andrew?"

"Oh, no!" he gasped, "Please don't do that!"

Beth said, "Well, there are only two choices, little brother; either you be nice and cooperative and let us play with your penis....or we'll your hands tied behind your back and put you to bed right now."

Andrew's eyes were wide in horror, "No...uh... ok.....I'll be ....good.... ahhhhh... oooohhhh..... please....." he moaned, squirming and wiggling uncontrollably as Beth worked him with her magic hands.

"Please put you to bed?" Beth teased mercilessly.

"NO!" Andrew gasped.

"Then, 'please' what, little brother?"

"Please don't stop.... oooooohhhhh..."

"Don't worry, honey, we're not going to stop playing with your penis for a long time," giggled Beth.

Andrew just moaned in defeat.

Patty picked right up on Beth's lead and said to me, "So, Jeffrey, what is your choice? Would you rather have me continue to play with your penis...." She licked her hand and cupped my head, rolling her palm over my swollen glans and giving me the most excruciating over-stimulation possible. "Or, should we put you to bed, tied up just as you are so you can't touch your penis?"

I writhed and moaned under her, trying to think, which was almost impossible with her palm on my glans like that. I managed to gasp, "No... urhhhhh ....ahhhh...."

She smiled and said, "Did you mean, 'no, don't stop playing with my penis?"

"Yessss..... oohhhhhh...."

"Ok, we'll just keep playing with you. But you know I'm not going to let you spurt don't you?"

"Nooooo.... Patty, please let.... ahhhhh.... me spurt!!"

"Oh, Jeffrey, I don't think so," she said, "You boy's aren't really begging yet, and though my arm is starting to need a break, you and I both know you can take a lot more, don't we?" She grinned deviously, reminding me of the time she used me for one of her 'experiments'. I cringed and panted and hoped they'd let me spurt soon.

Laura, the twins and Andrew's mom, chimed in, "Patty, if you're getting tired, I could help, and Kate could relieve you Beth, when you're ready."

"Ok, mom," said Beth, "I have been at it a while. It's actually hard to fight the urge to make my sweet little brother spurt again...but I'm being careful, just like you taught us." She was palming Andrew's head and the boy was whimpering and squirming and gasping, just like me, but she would only stroke him very, very slowly when she took her palm away.

I suddenly found myself on the verge or ejaculation – it had snuck up on me – and I was trying not to let Patty know I was 'there'. But then I heard Laura say, "Patricia, you'd better pinch him now or you're going to have a mess on your hands."

Patty took her hands away and pinched the base of my penis hard and stopped my pending ejaculation. "Ha!" she said, "You were trying to trick me by not letting on, little brother. For that, you'll have to be punished."

I was moaning in torment, wishing she had finished me, but now the brewing ejaculation was slowly subsiding and my penis felt sort of numb. Patty got up and said, "Thanks Laura," and Kate's mom settled herself, sitting Indian style, between my spread thighs.

She took a moment to re-position me so that my bottom was pulled up onto her lap with my legs splayed wide around her body. She laid her forearms on top of my thighs and started massaging my testicles.

"Girls," she said, "When you want to really work on a penis and turn the boy into a whimpering, begging, sack of Jell-O, this is the most comfortable position. Notice how his penis and testicles are so perfectly presented, and I can comfortably toy with them to my heart's content." The girls all smiled and nodded as my Kate took Beth's place, and pulled her little brother's pelvis up onto her lap, just like her mom.

"When your boy gets overheated and you have to stop stroking him, that doesn't mean you must stop stimulating him. Just let his penis recover while you massage his testes. This keeps all, and I mean ALL, of his attention focused on what you're doing. When you have a boy's most tender and vulnerable parts in your hands, you are in complete control of him and have his full attention. Testicles are so delightfully delicate and cute. Many girls make the mistake of focusing solely on a boy's erect little penis, and miss out on all the fun to be had with a boy's testes in her hands. Just a little squeeze and he'll obey any command, or promise you anything."

The girls listened carefully, and Kate mirrored her mother's hands with hers as she fondled her little brother's testicles. She had a look of concentration on her face, as if for the first time really studying a boy's testes, as she rolled them in her fingers, feeling them carefully and thoroughly.

Laura continued, "You see, the fact that a boy's testes are outside of his body proves that males are the weaker sex. They are more vulnerable than women. And of course, they think with their penises as well, so a wise woman has no problem directing and controlling her boys, by simple control of their genitals. As you can see from their wiggling and whining, both boys are desperate to ejaculate. Keeping them in this desperate state for a long period is very good for your relationship. It teaches them that you, the woman, are in supreme command of their ejaculation – choosing whether or not to grant they boy what he so desperately needs."

Laura paused a moment to palm my head again, wetting her hand with her saliva, and making me scream in agony and ecstasy. She said, "This gives us girls great power over our boys. As a woman, you must take control of your boy's genitals. You decide how to stimulate them, whether he will feel pleasure, pain, or a combination of the two, and whether or not he will be allowed to ejaculate. You must eliminate unsupervised masturbation from his life, and replace it with regular teasing sessions and allow him occasional ejaculations. If you take the time to do this, he will be truly yours in every way."

Kate gave Andrew's testes just the slightest squeeze too much, and giggled as he froze motionless, his eyes shot wide open, and he gasped 'oooohhhhhh!!!' Kate smiled and said, "I see..." and giggled again.

Laura continued. "Now that I've let Jeffrey calm down, I'm going to bring him to the edge of orgasm again, but not let him come. Each time I see him getting close, I'll slow my strokes, and it's like turning back the clock and he'll start to approach ejaculation again, only slower this time. When he's close again, I'll slow down again, and so on."

She smiled, and said, "I'm also keeping his testes in my hand so that if they start to pull up tight against his body, which is a sign that he is preparing to spurt, I can pull them back down and squeeze the base of his penis. When I do that, it will stop him from spurting. And then I'll let go of his penis and just massage his testicles for a while to let him calm down, and then start over. If you are careful and attentive to your boys' responses, there is almost no limit to how long you can continue to tease him."

The girls all nodded their understanding. Laura said, "And, when I'm feeling extra wicked – which will happen several times in a teasing session – I'll just hold his shaft in my hand and rub my palm over the head of his penis. That makes a boy go absolutely crazy, and that is the fun of it."

She had demonstrated each of these techniques on me as she explained them, and I was beside myself – writhing, moaning, and crying out for mercy that never came. Her hands were very experienced and somehow when she did these things to me, her way was more intimate and intense than Patty's had been. Part of the intimacy was how she had positioned my pelvis up into her lap, so that I felt more exposed and helpless and completely at her mercy than ever before.

She said, "When you have a boy like this, it is a very intimate time with him. You are connecting with him on a very deep level. You're focused completely on him, watching and listening to his every reaction to what you're doing to him. You have complete control of his most sensitive, tender, and vulnerable parts of his body and you can manipulate his body, mind, and heart with simple movements of your hands. In addition to the obvious entertainment value, which you should enjoy to the fullest, a woman must not forget that she has her boy's complete focus and attention. He is dependent on you, trusting you, hoping that you love him enough to do only what is best for him. He is in a completely vulnerable and submissive state, and we ladies are capable of treating our boys with tenderness and love. Even when we decide that it will be best for our boy not to spurt at this time, we can make that decision with a caring and nurturing heart. Always remember, girls – your boys are a precious gift not to be abused, but they can certainly stand a little training..." She smiled as she licked her hand and palmed my glans again, making me scream and buck in her lap.

During all this time, Kate had continued to mirror her mother's deft hands and Andrew's tormented responses mirrored mine almost exactly. We wiggled and gasped and whimpered and begged as one. Finally, Laura let go of me after pinching off another ruined attempt at ejaculation, and pushed me off of her lap.

Getting up she said, "Well girls, it's getting late, and I think it's time to let our boys rest a while before bedtime."

Kate held her pinch at the base of Andrew's penis a little longer, until she was sure his crises was well and truly past, and then she released her little brother, looking down at him with genuine affection.

We boys lay on the floor at the feet of the four smug females, who were all very satisfied with themselves. Andrew and I had raging unrelieved erections and boiling testicles. We couldn't help but let little whimpers escape our lips as we wiggled helplessly.

"Where are the boys' underpants?" asked Laura. Patty and Kate looked at each other and disappeared down the hallway, each returning momentarily with our matching white briefs. "Ah, that's nice," said Laura, "They match!"

The girls giggled, waiting for Laura's next instruction. "Girls," she said, "Let's get the boys up and into their briefs, but since they both still have erections..." she smiled, "I think we'll need to open the fly for them and let their penises and testicles be free of constraint." She thought a moment, "And go ahead and leave their wrists tied for now, I think we can't really trust the boys not to masturbate..."

Beth and Patty took charge of Andrew, while Laura helped Kate with me. They stood us up, helped us step into the underwear, and they spread the flies open, slipping our engorged penises through the hole and pulled out testicles through as well. Soon we were standing next to each other looking at the ladies with longing in our eyes while our engorged and needy genitals were on full display. Our penises were both very red and I thought we would both be sore in the morning, though our arousal was too high to notice at that time.

"Don't they look wonderful?" asked Laura, and the girls had to agree. "Why don't you girls go into the TV room, and you can watch one of my movies with the boys. I'm sure they'll love to watch with you!"

"Great," said Beth, who took hold of Andrew's turgid penis and lead him from the room, with Patty grinning and following behind.

Kate saw that and smiled. She said to me, "Why Jeffrey, you have a nice leash too!" and she grabbed my erection and led me to follow the others.

Laura said, "I'll be in to join you in a moment, after I make a phone call."

"Ok, mom," Kate called over her shoulder as she tugged me along.

Soon we were all settled with a twin on each end of the enormous sectional. I was next to Kate and Andrew was next to Beth, with Patty in the middle. Beth, the most domineering of our group, had the remote in her hand and punched some buttons, turning the TV on and starting the movie.

Patty smiled, pleased with herself, as she took Andrew's testicles in her right hand and mine in her left and began to massage us. This only helped keep us erect as we sat on our bound hands and squirmed a little in our seats.

Kate cuddled close to me with her arm around her shoulders, letting her substantial breasts mold against me in her little bikini top. Her hand gently stroked my thigh as she whispered intimately in my ear. "Did you enjoy your teasing session, honey?"

"Ughhh," I moaned as Patty squeezed my testes a bit too hard.

"I'll take that as a 'yes', dear," cooed Kate, "I'm sure you'll like this movie, it's one of mom's favorites and she's let me and Beth watch it now and then since we were fourteen. It just never gets old," she giggled.

The movie started and there was a disclaimer that all the 'actors' were 18 years old and where the records to prove this were kept.

The scene opened with a boy who looked quite young for an 18-year-old, and a girl who looked to be more like 20, both dancing at a high school senior prom exclusively for 18-year-olds with other 18-year-old kids in fine dresses and tuxedos all around them. It was the last dance, and all the kids began to leave, ushered out by the chaperones, some groups into limos and some couples into cars.

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