Growing Accustomed to One-Another Ch. 03


"Oh, trust me, sister I do."

Somehow, they silently agreed to come towards me and started to undress me. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who could read minds, but never underestimate horny women, I guess.

As soon as they came onto me I asked, "Girl's do we want to do this in a bedroom instead of the bar?"

"He is hot, has superpowers, and is clever? Wow you hit the jackpot with this one," Meg said to Laura while bringing us to what certainly must have been the largest bedroom in the mansion. A large King size bed was the main attraction, on which the girls threw me and continued undressing me.

As soon as my shirt came off Meg remarked, "I forgot how buff you were. I love your muscles. I love how huge you are, even now that I am much taller."

"Why don't you have the honour to take his pants off, since you love how huge he is," said Laura. To which Meg instantly agreed.

"Fuck," was Meg's remark when she saw my hard cock. "I need this now." She started giving be a blowjob, which was understandably quite difficult for her, but she persisted. After some time, she asked Laura, "Can I have the first ride? Please. Pretty please." Funny how I wasn't even asked. But hey who cares, right?

"Go for it," replied Laura.

Meg climbed on top of me and started moaning after having taken only the head. "Oh my God. It's only been a couple of days but fuck is this good." After some adjusting she managed to take it all and her pussy touched my pelvis. Damn all those muscles inside of her felt great.

She was basically doing squats on my dick moaning with pleasure, "Man, this is the best workout ever. Give me all your proteins."

Laura than interrupted her, laughing, "You've been riding him for five minutes. It's gonna take a while until you will have the proteins these muscles need." She then started feeling Meg's defined arms, before sitting on top of my face after having undressed, "Sorry, hon for interrupting the view but I'm wet as all hell. Give me that skilled tongue of yours and have this ass you love."

Man, that ass. While licking her I was groping both cheeks with all my strength, which she clearly enjoyed. Meanwhile Meg's "exercise" continued, reaching her first climax of the evening, "Oh fuck, Richard. That was good, I really needed that pole inside me. And you haven't even cum."

"I don't think he i-is eve-en cl-clo-seee," uttered Laura, enjoying the attention she was receiving from my tongue. She then decided it was her turn riding me and instantly jumped on my dick. "Oh, yes. That's it. This is great. I love this cock."

She quickly began incrementing the pace of her up and downs, which caused Meg to be mesmerised by her tits, "Man, Laura. Those tits are glorious."

"You tell me!" I replied groping them and squeezing hard.

"Do. You. W-want. To. Suck. On. Them?" offered Laura uttering every word on different bounces on my dick. Meg had a small doubt but proceeded to put her lips on one of her nipples and started sucking like a hungry child. "Yeee-ees. Give it t-to mmm-ee you two. AHHHHH," was the scream of pleasure coming from my girl's throat.

After a few seconds of recomposing herself, Laura said, "Meg, I think Rick will agree with me when I say that tonight is about us three having fun with each other, and since it's the first time for you that you experience Rick's abilities why don't you choose what we do next. That'd be fine Rick, right?"

"I fully agree. Meg, do your worst."

"Ok. As you both know I'm into big guys. Now I'm not gay or whatever, but Laura, you're fucking hot and I like fondling your jiggly bits."

"I love how candid you are," replied Laura.

"One of my many quirks. Now, you said you have been together for a couple of months, right?"

"Right," Laura and I said in unison.

"And I'm sure you did some freaky stuff in that time. So what I want to see is for you, Richard, to make all of Laura's parts grow as big as they have ever been in the time you have been together."

"Do you want to see me as tall as I have ever been as well?"

"Wow, I didn't think you would be interested in this. Why would you grow?"

"Long story. I will tell it one day," she said. We shared a smirk.

"So, as I said I love your jiggly bits and I would love to see and feel them when they become stupidly immense. Are you ok with this, Laura?

"Well, Rick. You heard the lady. Make me as big as I have ever been, all-over."

Now, for those who might have forgotten her ass and height were at their largest with Maddie, while her tits the first time we had sex. I figured it would be interesting to make her first grow in height and then the rest.

Slowly I let Laura gain inches. From being exactly as tall as Meg at 5'9" she turned into a 6'6" amazon. "Wow," was Meg's remark noticing the huge difference between them.

Laura came to me and commented, "I have never been taller than you Rick. It's kind of funny. Although I still think this monster would feel huge inside of me." She bowed down more than was necessary to accentuate the height different and gave me a quick tug at my dick and a kiss on the lips.

"You two are ridiculously cute in a stupidly sexy way," remarked Meg, "but if I remember correctly she gets to have bigger tits and ass, right?"

"You are right. Hon, are you ready? Give me monster curves," she said with a funny evil tone.

Laura's ass started expanding at the same time as her bust. For every second that passed Meg's gaze turned more incredulous. "Fuck, Richard how huge is she going to get?"

"We are almost there," I lied looking at a pleased Laura. Her curves were turning more and more ridiculous to the pleasure of both Laura and Meg.

When her crazy growth was finished, Meg wanted to know, "H-how big is she?"

"I think fucking huge is the technical term," joked Laura making her boobs bounce with every breath she was taking.

"You are right, hon. You are what we in the scientific community call 'fucking huge'. But Meg. I think you are interested in her measurements, right?" Meg could only manage to nod in awe. "Her badonkadonk is 62 inches wide and those globes are an incredible 40P even if don't think there would be bras of that size."

Laura was starting to have a mischievous look, similar to the one when we had Maddie as a guest. She told her friend, "Meg, I think there is something I can do that you will greatly enjoy. Lie down on the bed, dear." Whatever she was going to do was not in order to dominate over Meg but to make her enjoy the experience even more.

"You like big bodies, right Meg?"

"Yes. Yes, I do!"

"Well, I don't have a dick to fuck you with, but I'm sure you will like feeling these monstrosities," she cupped her huge tits and mad them bounce slowly, "all over your body".

"I would love that, Laura," answered Meg lied down on the bed with her pussy pouring due to the sheer excitement at the idea of having her bombshell friend rubbing her globes all over her.

Laura approached the bed and got on all fours. Already her tits were dragging on the bedsheets and as she reached Meg at the centre of the huge bed she didn't try to avoid rubbing her legs, pelvis and torso. Finally, their heads were at the same height and their eyes locked. The scenery from my point of was spectacular. This tall, incredibly muscular gorgeous girl was utterly dwarfed by an amazon owning the biggest ass ever and with tits so huge they almost covered up the entirety of Meg's frame. Moreover, she was generally so much larger that her presence was kind of imposed on Meg.

Laura started to slowly rock her body back and forth allowing her tits to rub on Meg's ones Her movements got a bit larger and her watermelons reached Meg's face and covered it completely. Meg took the initiative and started ferociously sucking and groping the massive globes that were filling her field of view. To this Laura let escape loud moans. She then looked at me and urged, "Come and fuck us, Rick. I don't care whom you start with, just give it to us!"

I approached the two and decided to first enter Meg. After a first slight disappointment Laura reacted with pleasure as Meg's sucking and groping grew more aggressive due to my pounding her.

"Oh yes, she is sucking my tits so good. Keep wrecking her muscular pussy, Rick! She is making me cum from my tiiiiii-iits," were the last words before dropping on the relatively tiny girl in orgasmic pleasure, which she enjoyed quite a lot. I was keeping on pounding Meg when Laura decided to alleviate the pressure from her friend. "I want to see her face when she cums, again, thanks to this monster of yours," she said stroking the bulge that was moving from inside of her abdomen.

"Fuck, those muscles inside of her are the shit."

"Do you think you are finally cumming, stud?"

"Yes. I'll be cumming soon."

Laura turned to Meg and asked, "Are you ready for the biggest load of your life being unleashed inside of you?" Meg could only nod, and after a few last pumps I started cumming inside of her.

Meg was screaming in pleasure due to the pressure my jet was causing, "Fuck, there is so fucking much."

I let out the last few spurts and a small hill formed on her belly. Laura commented, "You have seen nothing yet. This is how much he comes when he is 'normal' sized. But never mind that for now. Shorty," she was calling me, "I think it's due time that you put that schlong inside the curviest woman on earth." The funny thing is, it was probably true.

She was on all fours next to an almost comatose Meg and was jiggling her ass inviting me to fuck her. I started by rubbing my cock between those massive cheeks, barely managing to control them with only two hands. Her ass was so big that I managed to cover my cock with her cheeks. Although this was quite fun I soon decided to get serious and inserted my pole.

"Fuck. Even though I'm much taller than usual you're still wrecking me."

"Were you expecting anything else?" I said slapping that mountain of ass.

"Don't get cocky, shorty."

"I thought you liked how cock-y I am," I replied thrusting even deeper.

"Fuuuuck. You are right. Who am I trying to mess with here? Fucking plough me with that meat stick and make me cum, again." She then began pushing against my pelvis in order to create more friction and pleasure. Though, this didn't last very long. She quickly surrendered and lay her head against the bed, allowing me to do her as I pleased.

After some minutes of thorough pumping she came loudly covering my shaft in her juices. I turned her around, wanting to play with those massive globes now. I grabbed them and squeezed with much force and teased her, "I am glad you still liked being fucked by me, even though I am so tiny compared to you."

"Di-ick-hea-ead!" was her reply. While I was dicking her in missionary her tits often were slapping her chin, which caused me to fuck harder since I wanted to hear her globes clap more and louder. A slightly recovered Meg started to realise what she was missing and jumped up to suck her friend's massive globes. This brought the amazon Laura over the edge of climax and once again she came loudly.


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