tagGay MaleGrowing Josh Ch. 01

Growing Josh Ch. 01


There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren't in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

This story is a sequel to Maverick Cattle Company. While I have made every effort to try to make this a stand alone set, some of the action will make more sense if you've read the previous set of stories.


"Goddamn it! I'm not wear'n that mother fuck'r," yelled Trent, slamming the door behind him.

Darrin sighed, he had been enjoying the truce between Josh and Trent, but apparently it was over. The fact that Trent was living in a tiny house several feet away had helped with the fighting, but Darrin thought, all good things must come to an end, as they say. He carefully saved the paper he was writing, knowing he was going to be dragged into the fray at some point. Right on cue, Josh stormed through the door, stiff-arming it open and stomping past as it hit the wall with a shuddering crash. He spotted Darrin and made a beeline for him. "He won't do it! He has to wear it. It's just stupid not to!" yelled Josh, his face crimson with anger.

"What won't who do? What's stupid? And please stop yelling, I can hear you fine," said Darrin, trying to remain calm.

"Trent!" yelled Josh. Realizing he was still loud he tried again. "Trent. We're working with the horses but he won't wear a helmet."

"Not gonna either. Fuck'n things look stupid as hell! I ain't gonna look like a fuck'n dork!" said Trent forcefully from across the room.

Josh turned to him, "It doesn't matter what they look like. It'll save your life if you get thrown and hit your head. "

"Oh that's bullshit. Whitey wouldn't throw me," said Trent in a slightly calmer voice.

"You never know, especially when we're starting with them. It's just stupid to not wear a helmet!" said Josh with a little heat.

"So you think I'm stupid 'cause I'm not a college boy. Is that it?" said Trent, his arms crossed over his chest as he glared at Josh.

As Josh started to reply, Darrin signed them to stop. "Ok, Trent. You know he wasn't saying you're stupid. So don't go there. Josh did you explain why, or did you just tell Trent he had to wear a helmet?"

"Well I was gonna—" started Josh.

"No! He just told me I had to wear the damn ugly ass thing," said Trent.

Darrin focused on Trent, "I think it would be a good idea, at least while you're getting the horses use to riders. You don't know what might set them off. Once they're behaving then maybe you won't need the helmet. Besides, no one is going to see it but us. We just want you to be safe and not get hurt. It's not like you're doing the Rose Parade in a bike helmet."

"Fine! But I still think it's stupid!" spit out Trent. With a withering glare at Josh he left the house.

Darrin turned to Josh with a slight frown, "You know, if you would explain things to him, life would be easier."

Josh started to argue then deflated knowing he was in the wrong, "I know, he just pisses me off so bad sometime. He can be so damn stubborn."

Darrin smiled slightly at Josh, but let the comment go. After a few moments of silence, Josh turned and left. As the door shut, Darrin heard from the bedroom.

"Glad my office isn't in the living room," said Mitch.

"Asshole! Next family crisis is yours to deal with," said Darrin.

Mitch appeared at the door, walked over and kissed Darrin. "You betcha buckwheat. Next time is mine," he said with a chuckle.

Darrin swatted Mitch's ass as he walked past, then went back to the writing that had been interrupted.


The fall had been busy for everyone on the ranch, and the frantic season hadn't left Darrin with time to work on his research at the university. To remedy the lack of progress, Darrin had started staying a little later in the evening, but today Darrin had let time slip away as he worked on analyzing his data. He was trying several statistical models, and comparing results to see which were the more accurate. Each one was methodically and carefully studied as Darrin went through the details. Suddenly, a loud male voice coming from the hallway shattered his focus. When he glanced at the clock, he discovered it was much later than he'd intended to stay, and a glance out his window confirmed the time as he was confronted with inky blackness. Realizing the shouting had continued, he moved from behind his desk to see what was happening. As he stepped into the hallway, he was shocked to find Kevin Boorman facing the student, apparently trying to calm him down.

"You're sick, dude! I don't fuck'n like guys! What the fuck!" yelled the kid.

Darrin stepped up and cleared his throat to get the student's attention. When he glanced back, Darrin said, "Can I help?" Glancing at Boorman he added, "Do you want me to call the police?"

"No, no! No cops! He just needs to get away from me!" screamed the almost hysterical student.

"Alright, ok, let's just calm down. Did he touch you? Are you in one of his classes?"

"No! He didn't fuck'n touch me. I'm not in any of perv's classes either. Damn it! He's just gross!"

"So what happened?" asked Darrin, becoming a little confused.

"The goddamn perv asked me out! What the fuck!"

Darrin took in the student, and wasn't terribly surprised to find a stereotypical twink standing in front of him. His short spiked hair, thin body and smooth face made him look very young; apparently Boorman liked them young. Suddenly it dawned on Darrin that he was not sure how old this kid was, he didn't look 18, but that was no indication.

"Son, how old are you?" asked Darrin, watching as Boorman's face fell at the question.

"I'm 19! What the fuck does that have to do with anything! Get this queer away from me!"

"Ok, ok. Do you want to file a complaint?"

"No! I just want the fucker to leave me alone!" said the student, starting to calm down.

"I can promise you that Dr. Boorman will not be bothering you again," said Darrin.

The kid looked from one to the other of them, taking Darrin's words into consideration and calmed suddenly. "Ok, good. I gotta go. I got a thing."

"Sure, no problem," said Darrin as he stepped back so there was a clear exit for the student, who glanced at Darrin again, and walked past. Soon Darrin could hear the staccato rhythm as the student raced from the building while Darrin glared at Boorman. Once the sound of the door slamming shut marked the student's exit, he stepped closer to Boorman.

"We need to talk, Kevin."

Boorman gulped and nodded, turning and leading the way to his office. As they stepped in, Darrin pulled the door shut and scowled at Boorman.

"What the fuck were you thinking? You didn't even know how old he was, did you!" said Darrin in a low growl.

Boorman swallowed once, then again, as he tried to formulate a reply. Darrin tired of waiting quickly and slammed both hands down on the desk and yelled, "Answer me!"

"Yes, god, shit," Boorman inhaled deeply and began again, "No, I didn't know how old he was, I thought he was a student. I don't know what happened, he showed up, I answered a few questions he had, I thought I saw the clues," Kevin took another breath, "But obviously I was wrong."

"Damnit, Kevin! This is a dangerous game," said Darrin, his face hardening as he continued "But I promise you, if that kid was in your class, or underage, or if you were forcing yourself on him . . ."

"You wouldn't like the consequences, the best would be you going to jail or losing this job," finished Darrin.

Kevin shuddered slightly and nodded in understanding.

"Damnit! Your life would be so much easier if you'd just come out," said Darrin in exasperation.

"No! I'm not gay! I don't need to come out. I just haven't found the right woman," said Kevin in a burst.

"Really? You expect me to—" Darrin stopped and saw the look of total panic coming over the other man's face. With a sigh of helplessness, he simply turned and left the office.


Weeks had passed since the blowup with Josh, and he had been wearing the helmet, but it was because Darrin had wanted him to, not because of anything Josh had said. He was still learning to deal with the older boy and his tendency to boss Trent around. Today they had cornered off again, and now the horse didn't want to do things he was performing perfectly just a few days earlier.

Trent held onto the lead rope tightly as his horse reared again. Tugging on the rope, he tried to coax the horse down the alleyway.

"He can tell you're pissed, it's making him nervous."

Trent pivoted to see Mitch standing behind him with his ubiquitous cowboy hat cocked back. With a sigh, Mitch stepped forward, took the lead from Trent, then stood calmly until the horse stopped prancing in place. Once he'd settled, Mitch slowly walked him back to his stall. Coiling the lead, he turned to Trent and handed it to him.

"The feud you and Josh have going is affecting the animals. Even Max is unhappy," said Mitch. With a slight pause he continued, "Fix it. Fix it now."

Trent watched as Mitch left, his lips twisting in discomfort as the truth of Mitch's words penetrated. He couldn't remember the last time Max came to him to be petted, and he didn't remember seeing Josh get much attention either. He liked the animals, he loved his horse, and Max. Now that Mitch had pointed it out to him, it was obvious that the baggage between he and Josh was having effects that Trent was not willing to accept.

As he heard Josh walking into the barns, whistling some nameless tune, he decided he was going to learn to get along with the dark haired young man, even if it killed both of them.


Darrin walked into the bedroom and fell face first onto the bed. With a moan, he lay there like fresh road-kill, a few twitches but not much else. When Mitch realized the silence had gone on for too long he turned to check on his husband. Seeing that he hadn't moved, Mitch pushed away from his desk, walked over, and sat beside him on the bed. He reached over and began rubbing Darrin's tense back.

"Oh jeez, you have about a year or so to stop that," said Darrin with a sigh.

"What's up, good look'n? What has you so tense?" said Mitch, leaning down to plant a soft kiss on the back of Darrin's neck.

Darrin sighed at the feeling of his muscles relaxing under Mitch's careful massage, "Nothing really, normal crap at work and trying to plan Trent's birthday party without him finding out about it." Darrin paused and looked over his shoulder at Mitch with an arched eyebrow, "And remember, you promised no cock-shaped anything this time," referencing the penis shaped candle and ice cubes from Trent's previous birthdays.

Mitch chuckled softly, "I promise, the only dicks will be the ones between the guys legs."

Mitch rubbed and kneaded Darrin's back for several more minutes, then he walked over and turned up the heat in the room. Coming back to Darrin's limp form, Mitch pulled his shirt out of his slacks and pushed it up. His rubbing turned to gentle scratching as he worked to relax Darrin. Once he felt that he had covered the last bit Darrin's back, he gently rolled him so he could access his chest.

Leaning down, Mitch gently kissed the base of Darrin's neck as he opened the first button. Working slowly down his chest, Mitch enjoyed the texture of Darrin's chest hair as he moved lower and lower. As the last button popped open, he slowly spread Darrin's shirt and enjoyed the sight of his husband's muscular chest. Leaning down, he kissed each hard nipple as it protruded from the dense fur. Grinning, Mitch unbuckled Darrin's belt, opened his khakis and slowly slid the zipper down.

Instead of his usual jockstrap, Darrin had taken to wearing thigh length boxer briefs that were very fitted. Mitch had decided that he actually thought they were sexier than the jock, although he did like that he could screw Darrin without taking the jock off. But the dark grey pair of underwear he discovered when he peeled Darrin's pants down were hot so far as Mitch was concerned.

Soon he had Darrin stripped down to those tight briefs and was working on his ass and thigh muscles. Reaching up he smacked Darrin on the side of his hip, "Come on, let's go soak in the tub."

Darrin rolled on his side to watch as Mitch quickly stripped. Soon he was tossing his white briefs into the corner and tugging at Darrin's arm to get him into the bathroom. He pulled him to the tub, then released him and started adjusting the water. Soon there were several inches of muscle-relaxing hot water in the deep tub. Mitch turned to his man, interlaced his fingers behind Darrin's head and kissed him softly. With a smile Mitch let his hands slid down Darrin's torso and hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of his briefs, slid them off his butt and pushed them to the floor with his foot.

Reaching down he took Darrin's plump cock in his fingers and squeezed it gently. "Get in the tub, babe."

Mitch watched with a smile as Darrin's hairy ass scissored open as he climbed into the tub, giving Mitch a peek of his pink hole nestled in the dense hair. He watched as Darrin slowly settled into the hot water, a slight hiss coming from him as the heat permeated his tight muscles. Finally with a sigh, Darrin relaxed against the tub and looked up at Mitch.

"Come on in, the water's fine," said Darrin with a smile.

"Well move your fat ass up and I will," said Mitch with a grin.

Darrin chuckled and slid forward slightly, watching as his husband climbed in behind him, then relaxed into Mitch's arms. He watched as Mitch pulled a thick washcloth from the rack, and soaked it with hot water. Darrin sighed as Mitch ran the wet cloth over Darrin's shoulders and neck, then gently scrubbed his short trimmed hair. Squirting some soap on the cloth, Mitch washed Darrin carefully, chuckling at his reaction when Mitch ran the cloth into the water and over Darrin's genitals. He pushed Darrin forward until he was on his knees, and then gently washed his ass crack, letting the cloth tease Darrin's pulsing hole as he did.

Satisfied that he'd washed every spot on Darrin, Mitch pulled his man back against him and dropped the cloth into the tub. His hands traveled over Darrin's torso, drifting through the water until they found his hard cock. Mitch began biting and sucking on Darrin's neck as he leisurely jacked his cock. Darrin sighed and relaxed, allowing himself to drift as he was surrounded by the warmth of the water and the strong connection to Mitch.

But soon Darrin felt himself reach the point of no return. His body tensed as his orgasm began and erupted his load into the water. Mitch jacked him slowly, watching the white clouds of semen shoot into the bath. The jizz floated lazily around the tub as Darrin's body tensed with each round. As the orgasm released him, he slumped into the hot water, and smiled up at Mitch.

"Oh god, that felt so good. I feel so good," said Darrin with a smile.

The pair relaxed against each other for several long minutes, Darrin fully realizing that the pipe poking him in the back had nothing to do with the plumbing. With a smile, he turned and slid down his husband, took a breath and then pushing his face underwater and over Mitch's cock. Servicing it frantically, he quickly had to surface for air, but then dove again. After a third time, Darrin surfaced and chuckled to Mitch.

"Maybe I'll just stay above water."

Mitch laughed softly, "Might be a good idea."

Darrin twisted in the tub so the pair were facing each other and took Mitch's cock in his hand. As he jacked the hard cock under the cooling water, he could tell Mitch was getting close. Darrin slowed down, wanting to torment his man for as long as possible. But he couldn't resist the little rubs, the gentle teasing as his fingers fell into a well-worn routine. Rubbing hard on the base of Mitch's cockhead he leaned in and kissed him with passion.

"Fuck! Fuck!" yelled Mitch.

Mitch's cock exploded, Darrin watching with fascination as stream after stream of white fluid entered the clear water. The spectacle fascinated Darrin as he continued to play with Mitch's softening cock until he felt a rough hand close over his.

"It's sensitive, babe. But you were amazing, like always."

Rinsing each other quickly, they climbed out of the tepid water and gently dried each other. Their gentle touches and caresses continued under the covers as they spooned against each other. Darrin smiled contentedly, feeling very relaxed for the first time in days.


Darrin was awakened the next morning by a sharp squeal of pain. Looking sleepily over at his husband, he yawned and stretched, immediately yelping as something yanked hairs under his arm. Looking over at Mitch, he drew in his brows as he stretched his leg and another patch of hair was pulled.

"What the hell?" said Darrin.

"I don't know! It's like someone put fuck'n spots of glue on me," said Mitch sounding bewildered, and a little pissed.

Darrin felt another spot on his abdomen, reaching down he scratched at the crusty location and lifted his finger to his nose. Sniffing it lightly, he paused for a moment, and then started laughing.

"What? What is it?" said Mitch.

"It's semen, from the tub. We both unloaded in the water and apparently it stuck to us."

"Well fuck!" said Mitch with disgust, then started laughing. "I think we need a shower to wash off the fuck'n cum! I've got spots of it all over."

"Yeah, me too! Come on, we can wash each other," said Darrin as he pulled Mitch to his feet.

They wrapped their arms around each other, both were soon laughing and cussing as they moved and new deposits were discovered. Soon they were relaxing in the hot shower, cleaning each other while they discussed the upcoming day. Suddenly Darrin froze and Mitch stopped.

"What, babe?" said Mitch.

"Shit! It's today," said Darrin.

"What is?"

"Trent's party. I got confused. His birthday is today!"

Mitch slapped Darrin's bare ass and laughed. "Well, we better get our asses in gear then! We'll take care of it, together just like anything else."


Trent walked into the darkened house cautiously, not sure what was going on. It was early evening, and while he didn't really live there, he spent almost every evening hanging out with the guys. He was actually hurt, and more than a little pissed, that they would leave him here and not even invite him to whatever they were doing. Dismissing them as irrelevant, Trent turned to flip on the kitchen lights.

The room exploded with shouts of surprise and happy birthday. The shock was enough that Trent ran part of the way out of the room when his survival reflexes kicked in and he reacted. Finally getting his emotions under control, he stopped and turned back to see a small crowd of smiling faces as he tried to understand what was happening. Finally Mitch took control and motioned Trent over.

"Happy birthday!"

Trent raked the room with a scathing look, while inside he was elated. Last year the guys had thrown a party for him, but he'd only been at the ranch for a few weeks then. He wasn't sure that he would get another one this year. They had all been so nice to him, but he still didn't trust their motives. He was also surprised to see the sheriff. He was certainly an unexpected guest.

Trent watched with arms folded across his chest, trying to maintain his façade of distain, but the look slowly dissolved into the face of an 18-year-old who was rapidly becoming overwhelmed. He opened each gift, being more and more touched by the fact that they actually knew him; they'd taken the time to pay attention. Mitch and Darrin had given him mostly clothes, but they were the kind he liked even though Mitch was always giving him trouble about the style of clothes he wore. But they were exactly the size and colors that he wanted. He now had more clothes in his closet than he'd owned in his entire life.

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