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Growing Pains


This is my first time writing an erotic story and I'd welcome any feedback.

*One Year Ago *

Vanessa quickly off her computer and gathers her belonging and started walking out of the door of her favorite coffee shop when her phone rang and she looked down to get it from her bag when she hit something hard spilling her lukewarm coffee.

'Oh damn' she thought.

"Oh so sorry" she said.

"No worries I didn't like this shirt anyways" a gentle masculine voice said.

Vanessa looked up and was held captive by calming grey eyes. When her brain started again she spoke "No, it was entirely fault I pay for the dry cleaning or a new shirt."

Ethan looked down and thought 'she has to be the most beautiful ebony princess he had ever seen'. He gazed into her dark brown eyes and then roamed over her hourglass figure and thought about all the naughty things he could do to those curves.

"Well how about we forget about my shirt and I take you to dinner."

Her eyes widened 'This guy is out of his mind' she told herself. "Um...thank you but I can't let you take me to dinner." 'Yes, I dodged that bullet'

"Okay, why don't you take me to dinner" he says.

"You don't give up do you?"

Ethan felt his dick stir and said "No, I don't. Not until you say yes."

"We just met and I don't even know your name we can't go out to dinner."

"That can be solved easily my names Ethan Russell, I'm 29 and I own my own sports marketing company. I'm not married and I have no children and you are?" she raises her eyebrows and then chuckles.

"I'm Vanessa, 27 and I recently graduated from USC with a master's in fine arts."

Ethan smiles "Now we know each other how about that dinner."

*Present Day *

Vanessa phone rings and bring her out of her daze and before she answered she know who it is she is picking her up for dinner. "Hello, Ethan"

"Hey baby, have you missed my voice?" Vanessa smiles

"Baby I just talked to you yesterday, honey."

"Baby Girl, I'm at the door open up." She walks to the door and he wraps her up in a big hug and spins her around.

"I just have to get my purse and then we can go." Ethan puts Vanessa down and she goes to get her purse and Ethan closes and locks the door. Vanessa walks back into the room.

Ethan wraps his arms around her waist and starts kissing her neck. "Why... don't .... We just stay here."

Vanessa starts taking off Ethan's cloths and he zips down her dress when they are naked he picks her up and carries her to bed room. Ethan spreads her legs and dives into her sweet core "Oh...Oh... Ethan don't stop."

He runs her fingers through his brown hair as he continues his ministrations "Oh... I'm... Oh... Ethan ... I'm cumming".

They are both panting "Cum for me baby come for me Vanessa" and he comes with a loud scream.

"Ethan, please let me taste you." Ethan climbs up her body and lays down on the bed next to her.

She positions herself between his legs and kisses the head of his cock. This she moves down his shaft with her right hand wrapping around his cock she is amazed at how her fingers don't touch. She moves her hand up and down his cock and then moves her head and starts licking him like a lollipop. "Oh...honey" Ethan moves his hand to her head and moves more of himself in her hot, warm mouth. "Yes, Vanessa ... keep sucking" he body tenses and he lets out a loud primal yell and squirts ropes of cum down her mouth and she swallows.

The next morning Ethan sets breakfast on the breakfast and Vanessa comes out of the room wearing his shirt. "Good morning, sexy" she said.

"Good morning, vixen".

They sit down at the dinner table and start eating. "Honey, you cooking is wonderful."

Ethan smile "I'm glad you enjoy my cooking baby and I have something to ask you."

"Yes, baby."

"Vanessa, you know how I care about you... Will you move in with me?" She looks at him with a shocked expression

"I want to I really do but I...I think we should stop seeing each other... Um I have to go to the bathroom."

Vanessa leaves a stunned Ethan on the table and goes into her bathroom. Her phone rings and Ethan picks answers it "Hello" and a voice comes through the phone "Go and never see her again or I'll kill you... Ethan."

****To Be Continued ****

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