tagLoving WivesGrowing Pains & Pleasures

Growing Pains & Pleasures


Chapter 11: Annie E.

There were now two distinct parts of my life. Annie, the guilt-ridden wife and mother who had acted like a slut for her husband's pleasure and, Annie the college student who was free to enjoy the life of a free and single woman. I understand now that because of my upbringing, my husband and children, I felt that I should have a certain lifestyle, with proper behavior and controlled emotions. When things turned out different from that, I reacted with shame and guilt and my self-image fell even farther downward.

Because my husband, Tom, didn't seem to value me, I responded by not valuing myself either. I did what Tom asked me to do because I felt I had no right to say no or to refuse to degrade myself. I was tied to him and totally dependent in our relationship.

My life at school was a separate, secret life. I had removed all responsibility as a wife or mother. I felt no compulsion to "behave" in a certain way, so there was no guilt about what I did. I did what I chose to do, for myself! I quickly learned to step from one life to the other, keeping my thoughts and emotions separated accordingly.

Things at school were going great. I was doing well in class and had a great social life after class. At home, things were OK too. Tom had not pushed me about sleeping around for him. I suspected he might have a girlfriend, but he later told me he had no one else.

We lived in a new subdivision and ours was the only house on our street for about six months. We had been there just short of a year. As neighbors built and moved in, we would stop by and offer a bottle of wine and neighborly greetings. Typical all-American family stuff.

I played the role of housewife and shared coffee from time to time with the other women in the neighborhood. They knew I was back in school and I frequently had them baby sit when I was at school. Most were a little older than I was, but our kids were the same ages. Everything was fine.

A younger couple moved in right across the street. No kids. Mark was 22 and Donna was 20. Tom and I hit it off with them right away. Mark owned a retail store and Donna was a secretary at a bank. Mark was average build with dark hair and eyes. Donna was a slender redhead probably 5-7 or 5-8 like me. She had a small waist, but large breasts for her slender frame. Tom noticed that!

After a few times of chatting briefly, they invited us to come over for dinner one evening. This was great as we could leave the kids at home and be just across the street. I went back a couple times to check on them and they did fine. The oldest was 9 so I couldn't leave them all alone yet.

I was 28, 5-8, about 120, brown hair green eyes, 36d-25-37. I looked quite young and dressed that way too. I could easily pass for early 20's. As a former cheerleader and homecoming queen, I was still "pretty".

After the second or third trip across the street, I returned to Mark and Donna's and found the conversation had turned to sex. Mark had actually brought out some nude pictures of Donna, and Tom was looking at them. I didn't know what to do! Donna laughed a little and said Mark had this thing about her body. He loved to show her off. I listened as she described how she would let her breasts be seen in public by leaning over with no bra on. She would go out with no panties and a short skirt and flash men in restaurants. Mark found it exciting and she did too! I knew Tom loved hearing this.

I recalled the feelings I had when I made love with Herb in the park and knew people could see us. I remembered how turned on Tom had been when I had exposed myself to strangers in the hotel lounge just a few months ago. It had gotten me really hot too! So hot I let them all fuck me before the night was over!

Tom asked Donna if she had ever gone any farther than flashing. She looked at Mark who gave her an approving nod. She then told us about flashing her boss at work and then giving him a blow job in the copy room. She said that she now jacked him off or gave him a blow job almost weekly. Mark chimed in saying that this was a turn on for him and that when she told him about what she did, their love making was so much better.

Tom was giving me that "I told you so" look.

Mark said, "I don't know if I should tell you this, but a couple weeks ago, I watched Donna suck him off."

Tom sat up as Mark continued. He had come to the office earlier and Donna had hidden him in the paper closet in the copy room. When her boss came in, Mark had watched the whole thing from the closet. Donna seemed a little nervous and said, "I hope this doesn't offend you guys. It's just harmless fun. We got married really young and never fooled around much, so this is our way of making up for that."

I don't know why, but I looked at Tom and saw the wheels turning. I decided to tell them about us! I told Donna to relax. We had also gotten married young and decided that our marriage could handle some experimentation.

I told them about my affair with Herb, the neighbor from our last house. I didn't tell about the weekend at the hotel, only about Herb and I visiting each other. I let Tom tell the part about watching Herb and I through the window from the garage roof. We all laughed about that one and things were suddenly less tense for us all. Tom told them about one of his flings with another teacher and we all felt like we were on equal ground.

I went back to put the kids in bed and was gone for about a half hour. When I got back, Mark answered the door. I didn't see Tom or Donna and asked where they were.

Mark took my hands and said, "Don't get upset, Tom and Donna are upstairs in the bedroom."

My stomach flip flopped and I know I looked shocked.

"It'll be all right. I've always wanted her to fuck somebody else. Tom said he'd love to be her first one! We can stop them if you want."

"No", I said. "I just wasn't expecting this tonight."

I really wasn't upset by it. After all I had my college thing going on and was far from being able to criticize Tom. Mark led me upstairs saying, "Let's watch them!" I had never seen Tom with another woman and the thought made me very curious.

Mark eased the door open and there they were on the bed. Tom was on his back and Donna was lying across his legs facing him and sucking his cock. Her long red hair bounced as she moved her mouth up and down on him. We couldn't see Tom's face but we could hear him and he was enjoying this lot! His hands were on her tits but he would occasionally reach around and hold her head.

After a few minutes, Tom rolled her over on her back and spread her legs, going down between them to lick her cunt. She pulled his head down onto her and made a lot of noise.

Mark whispered to me, "She's a screamer!"

Donna was a striking woman, long red hair, large full breasts and creamy white skin. Her finger nails and toenails were painted bright red and as she reached orgasm, she thrust her long legs high in the air and screamed, "Oh yes!! OH YES!!!"

I hadn't noticed when it happened, but Mark was now behind me, his hands massaging my breasts through my tee shirt. I could feel his hard on against my ass.

As Tom slid up onto Donna and shoved his cock into her, I reached back and rubbed Mark's cock. I knew there was an orgy beginning here.

Tom slowly pumped Donna's cunt and again her legs went high and wide. She constantly moaned and urged, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I dropped to my knees, thinking that Mark would want to see Donna getting fucked. I unbuckled his belt. With his help, his pants were around his ankles and his cock was in my mouth in seconds. He ran his hands through my hair and said, "Oh yeah, Annie, this is so hot! Just look at them fucking!"

I turned slightly and found I could watch them, sucking Mark while he also watched. It was really a turn on this way.

After a few minutes, I focused on myself. I realized that Mark was really long, two or three inches longer than Tom, but not as big around. I tried taking him all the way down, but I choked a little and just concentrated on the first six inches after that.

Donna came again, loudly, as we both watched, her legs writhing up and down.

Mark pulled me up and began undressing me. I worked my jeans off as he pulled my tee shirt over my head and undid my bra. His hand went right to my cunt as I stepped out of my jeans, and I was already wet! He turned me around so I could see Tom and Donna.

Then he bent me over forward. With my hands on my knees, legs slightly spread, he pushed his cock against my cunt. I pushed my ass back and he slid into me. He reached around, holding my tits with his hands as he began to drive his cock in and out. We were watching Tom and Donna as she recovered from her orgasm. Tom rolled over so she was on top of him and I think that's the first time he saw Mark and me.

He told Donna to turn around and look. We both looked into the other couple's eyes and it was like a mutual pat on the back. Everybody was OK with everything. Donna said, "Come on up here, there's plenty of room."

It was a king size bed and she was right. Mark and I pulled apart and went to the bed. Tom and Donna slid over a little and Mark laid me down and got on top of me. I spread my legs and took him all the way in. Tom and I were looking right at each other, just inches apart, as Mark pushed into me. I thought I should feel weird or something, but everything seemed perfect. No guilt, no shame, no fear or insecurity, just totally comfortable.

We fucked hard and fast, Mark pounding me and Donna riding Tom wildly. Tom came first, and Mark quickly followed.

After a minute of catching our breath, Mark rolled off me and Donna rolled onto him, both of them between Tom and me. As I started to crawl over Donna to get with Tom, she reached up and touched my breasts as I passed over her. I got a shiver all through me. I had never even thought about sex with another woman, but her touch was like an electric shock.

I lay on top on Tom and she lay on top of Mark and we began to kiss our husbands. Soon Donna was between Mark's legs licking and sucking him hard. I followed suit and as I took Tom into my mouth, I knew I was tasting Donna's cunt too! It was strangely exciting. Tom played with my cunt and fingered me, getting Mark's cum all over his hand. When he put them to my mouth, I slurped his fingers, feeling like a total slut.

Soon Mark was hard again and Donna straddled his hips, her ass toward his face and started to ride him.

She looked at me and said, "Let me suck Tom's cock while Mark fucks me!"

Tom was getting hard too, and this got him all the way there. Tom stood up on the bed and faced Donna so she could reach up and take him in her mouth. I knelt beside the three of them and watched hungrily.

This was an incredible sight! The three of them moving together, all moaning and touching. I found my hands touching them. First feeling Tom's ass as he pumped his cock into Donna's mouth, then squeezing his balls as I held the back of Donna's head, feeling her rhythm as her head bobbed back and forth.

I rubbed my hands over Mark's chest as he held Donna's hips down onto his cock. He took one of my hands and slid it under Donna's ass so I could feel where he was sliding into her cunt.

I suddenly realized that my other hand was holding Donna's breast and massaging it as she sucked Tom. It was a confusing and dizzying moment, but I didn't stop or pull away. Donna started to shout again as she came once more, Tom's cock muffled her words and he came as she finished her third orgasm.

Tom knelt beside me, kissing me and touching me while Mark rolled Donna over onto her hands and knees. He pulled her ass tight against himself as he pounded her from behind, cumming with a deep groan. Then he fell on top of her, his face buried in her long red hair.

Tom looked at me and said, "Annie, you didn't cum yet!"

Mark looked over and I realized I hadn't! I was incredibly hot, and felt satisfied, but I hadn't cum at all. Tom laid me on my back, opening my legs and began to play with my cunt. Mark rolled toward me and began to kiss me and caress my tits. This felt great four hands all touching me gently.

No six hands! I could feel Donna's bright red nails as her hands ran up and down the inside of my thighs while Tom slipped a finger into me. I know I was moaning and even crying a little, feeling so sensitive, so wonderfully stimulated.

Mark straddled my face, on his knees, with his cock right in front of my lips. He was soft, but still quite long. I sucked him as Donna and Tom's hands continued their touching. I could taste Donna's cunt as I sucked Mark. He got a little harder and my hands were holding his ass as he knelt over me.

My own orgasm was building as I felt my cunt being licked, touched and sucked. I felt Tom's hand squeezing my breasts and his whiskers against my thighs as I thrust my hips upward. My body tensed as it got closer.

Suddenly I felt Donna's nails on my thighs as my legs were spread wider. Her soft hair was between my legs and her tongue pressed against my cunt, licking and sucking as I pumped my hips involuntarily against her chin.

I too screamed and moaned, Mark's cock coming out of my mouth as I begged them not to stop! I shuddered from the force of my orgasm again and again. Mark had moved and Tom held my head as I moaned, my mouth open for his tongue

.When I calmed down a bit I looked up and saw Donna and Mark taking turns licking my cunt, and then kissing each other. I was confused, exhausted and totally satisfied!

We all settled back, assured each other we were all OK and nobody felt bad. I said I had to get back and check on the kids. Tom and I got dressed and said goodbye.

I kissed Mark and felt his tongue in my mouth, then I kissed Donna on the mouth and she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked it hard, pushing my own back into hers! I couldn't believe myself!

Tom kissed Donna and said, "See you guys again soon, I hope!"

They both said, "Yes, you will!" We left them naked on the bed and went home.

Tom and I agreed that it had been an exciting experience, more so than the hotel. Tom asked me about how I felt about Donna. I said I was confused. It had felt very stimulating to feel her touch me, but it didn't really feel right.

I was so hot anybody's touch would have gotten me off. I think the forbidden or "dirty" aspect of the whole thing was what had made it feel good. I agreed to see them again, but I said that doing anything with Donna would have to wait and see how I felt the next time around.

As I slept, I thought of my college life and how this could mesh with it. I kept seeing Debbie and I knew I was curious about what she would think of this if she ever knew.

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