tagInterracial LoveGrowing Pains Ch. 02

Growing Pains Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone for reading and the feedback given on my first submission —

I expect this one to be better ...

"Go and never see her again or I'll kill you... Ethan" said a voice on the other line of the phone.

"Who are you?" says Ethan as he rises to his feet.

"I'll be your worst nightmare if you don't leave Vanessa alone." And then the line disconnects.

Ethan sits down on Vanessa's leather couch thinking back to his conversation with the mystery caller. "Go and never see her again or I'll kill you... Ethan, I'll be your worst nightmare if you don't leave Vanessa alone."

"There was no way in hell I'm leaving her, I have to protect her from this psycho," Ethan thought.

Vanessa is sitting on her bathroom floor rocking herself and crying. 'I don't want to leave Ethan but he said he'd kill him if I don't leave him. I thought I left this all behind me when I left New York I should just tell'.

A knock at the door shakes Vanessa from her thoughts.

"Vanessa, open the door," says Ethan.

"Ethan... I can't talk to you right now."

"Baby, you can always talk to me, I want to help you and I'm not leaving I'll be right here when you need me." Ethan steps away from the door and sit down against the wall. He checked his watch and an hour had past and he was still sitting outside Vanessa's bathroom door and then suddenly the door opened.

She thought because it was quiet outside the door that he had given up and gone away. But was stunned to see him waiting for her he slowly began to get to his feet. She was staring into his soothing grey eyes and decided to tell Ethan what was wrong.

She coughed to clear her throat and then took a deep breath. "Ethan, we need to talk."

"Okay, let's go back to the living room."

She shakily smiled and nodded. They sat down on the couch facing each other.

She started "I don't...I was...yeah see...dang I don't know how to say this?"

Ethan smiled and she looked at his face full of love and acceptance and that seemed to calm her nerves.

She dropped her gaze to her lap and began "I can't move in with you because...Ethan, I love you but..."

"But someone is after you." He said. Vanessa's eyes grew wide and jerked her head up to meet his eyes. "How did you know?"

"When you were in the bathroom a man called."

She began to shake and asked "What did he says?" he didn't immediately answer. "ETHAN... What did he say?"

He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "Baby, it doesn't matter what he said. I love you too and I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes, it does matter what he said Ethan, just tell me please."

Against his better judgment he began "He said go and never see her again or I'll kill you... Ethan, I'll be your worst nightmare if you don't leave Vanessa alone."

"Now you know why we can't move in together, you have to go and we can never see each other again." He moved from Ethan's hold and began to walk to her bedroom.

"WHAT?" Ethan roared. He quickly followed her down the hall but she was already in her bedroom packing things that belonged to Ethan in a duffel bag. She had his favorite blue shirt in her hand and he looked at her his eyes dark with rage.

He grabbed her arms and said "We are not breaking up because some sick psycho says so." He took hold of her chin and kissed her possessively on the lips.

She breathily ended the kiss and said "We have to Ethan; I don't want anything bad to happen to you because of me."

"The only bad thing that could happen to me, Vanessa is if you left me."

Ethan lifts Vanessa up and sets her down in the middle of the bed and moves onto the bed to sit next to her. Vanessa snuggles next to him and started to tell Ethan about her not so happy childhood.

"I was raised in New York my mother was a housewife and my father was a banker. I was about six when I noticed my family wasn't like other families. My father would yell all the time at my mother and hit her she would wear sunglass everywhere we went.

When I grew up I realized that was my family but knew I didn't want to live that life. When I was thirteen I noticed that my dad would look at me in a strange way". She started crying.

"It's okay you don't have to tell me," said Ethan.

"No! I do have to tell you, you have to know the real me... Th..Th..Then he started saying things that no father should say to his daughter and then when I was fifteen he said the day I turned eighteen he was going to take my virginity. [Chocking back a sob] That was the day I left home and lived on the streets for awhile and stayed in shelters and earned my diploma and went to college on a full scholarship. He found me once in Texas and that was when I changed my name."

She was quiet for a moment and then she spoke "Now he found me and is going to hurt you too".

"Honey, trust me your father is not going to hurt me or you. Let's take you mind off it for awhile."

He moves in between her legs. She sat up and he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and as the shirt was being taken from her body he lightly feathered kisses from her the lower part of her stomach to her navel and up to the valley between her breasts. He stopped to fully take the shirt of her body and then went back to worshiping her breasts by licking and sucking on her nipples.

He was took her left breast in his hand and moved his tongue around the nipple and then began to suck on nipple and then when he had her moaning "oh...oh Eth...an" and thrashing moved to the other breast to give it equal treatment. He quickly did away with his clothes and she removed her pants and underwear.

Vanessa pushed Ethan back on the bed and started kissing and sucking on his plump kissable lips. When she was breathless she began to kiss her way to his neck and began sucking on the sensitive skin. 'I think that's going to leave a mark' she thought. She began to rub up against his throbbing erection. He let out a moan.

Ethan places his head in between Vanessa's legs he then puts one of his fingers inside her pussy and she moves her hips to meet his finger and he take her by surprise by placing two more fingers insider her wet pussy.

No his wet pussy and he said so "My pussy." "Yes, Ethan your pussy" Vanessa says. "I should give my pussy some more attention" and start sucking her clit and she moans and screams "Yes, Ethan... eat me... eat my pussy." Ethan, continues to lick her and his tongue is soaking up her wetness.

"Oh ... let me take you in my mouth."

"Whatever you say my love," Ethan said.

Ethan lay on his back with his erection pointed towards the sky. She moves her fingers around his hard cock and butt her mouth hovered over his cock and swirls her tongue around the tip. Oh, I love the taste of him. Then she pulled back and kissed the tip. She licked him up and down his shafted.

She proceeded to take him in her mouth. When she took him down her throat she moaned and told her how he loved being in her mouth. Vanessa then massages his balls and licks them and took each one of them in her mouth. Vanessa rubs her body up against Ethan and has her hand on his shaft and he replaces her hand with his and moves to line his cock up with her pussy.

"I want your pussy, now" said Ethan.

He then wraps her legs around him and enters her pussy with force and she cries out. Ethan continued to work her pussy till she screamed "Fuck, fuck oh, Ethan.

Yes, right there, yes right there" and he ran has hands over hear back and pull he close to his body which gave him deeper penetration. "Oh baby you are go good." The he hit her spot and she screamed his name. "I want more of this pussy."

He moved his pelvis harder against her body and "Come with me, Vanessa, Come with me."

"Yes, Ethan, yes" and they yelled their releases.

When Ethan lay down and she snuggled to his side; a few minutes later he spoke "I'll protect you, Vanessa." When she didn't react he looked out her face and she was sleeping.

Ethan takes her into his arms and then the phone rings.

****To Be Continued ****

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