tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrowing Together Ch. 10

Growing Together Ch. 10


Everything was a blur. Vague shapes came and went, colours smeared into one another and voices echoed nonsensically. Only one thing was clear to her dulled consciousness; pleasure. A pure, unending bliss that ebbed and flowed like tidal waves, pulling her under, refusing to let her surface beyond the sea of euphoria. Even as the darkness enveloped her, she continued to exist in that pleasure. She would be glad to drown in it.

Alisa inhaled sharply and jerked upright. Her short hair whipped with her movement, sending a streak of thick, creamy white gunk splattering into a nearby wall. It stuck fast and oozed thickly as if unperturbed by gravity's natural law. She rubbed at her bleary eyes, then grimaced at the feeling of something both slimy and crusty on her face, and the rest of her body for that matter. If she didn't know better she would've thought it was layers of old and fresh cum.

Her eyes blared open and looked down at herself.

"Oh god, fuck," Alisa groaned and fell back. Her head splashed into a huge pool of her seed, its consistency so thick that the concrete below couldn't be seen, let alone felt. Now awake, she was aware of her body and the sense of absolute satisfaction that permeated every inch of it. Even the morning after Bianca's return couldn't compare. It didn't hurt that she had so much more mass to feel with now.

A low whimper squeaked in her throat as she hesitantly moved her hands along her stomach. Most of it was covered in her ejaculate, which followed her fingers like clingy children. Her ribs stuck out clearly from her abdomen, while her already small bust had diminished over the past week. She hadn't eaten much, often too distracted by her desires to fuck the nuns that tended her. Though it seemed that her efforts were in vain.

"I should be dead," Alisa muttered when she felt her resized cock. Her hands were nowhere near the middle, or even a quarter of its length from what she could tell. The girth told her all that she needed to know. She spread out her fingers across the top, hoping that they at least matched the width, but they fell short of the sides. Her balls merely compounded her inhuman growth.

There was no way that her heart could produce enough blood for such a monster. It was the same width as her waist, if not thicker, and her balls forced her legs into a close approximation to the splits. The position pressed her feet into the huge expanse of her sack, its fleshy folds squishing between her toes. Her joints and muscles didn't ache, nor did her cock, despite the insane amount of sex she must've had to reach this size. All of which she couldn't remember a single second of.

In fact, she couldn't remember much after telling Sister Judith to lock her away. Only brief moments of lucidity that became increasingly rare, to the point that she almost believed the previous times were her imagination. Like when she thought Bianca had stepped through the door.

Oh, Bianca, Alisa thought and let out a soft moan. Just recalling her girlfriend was enough to send a rush of desire flooding into her cock, swelling the already tumultuous mass. It rose from its slumber across her grossly oversized balls, breaking through layers of her dried jizz as it engorged with her arousal. Moisture blossomed against her scrotum as her pussy shared in the growing delight, though she had no chance of even touching in such a position. Alisa glanced down to watch and went bug-eyed at the monument.

"You're fucking joking," Alisa gasped. It grew and grew, blotting out the scenery as it demanded her attention like a shrieking child, only this one bellowed huge gouts of pre-cum that fell with a heavy splat. She ran her eyes across her new length, trying to absorb the monstrous size that swallowed her vision. Trying to look away was futile, for her curiosity always jerked her right back.

She had once barely measured six inches in length - five was her average. Now she wondered if those inches had been replaced by feet. It could've been her shock, or simply the angle, but her cock looked bigger than her. Several veins traced a labyrinthian pattern across her shaft, all throbbing in a wave as her blood was pumped rigorously through them. Yet her heartbeat was only as excited as it normally was.

Only once her tower had finished its ascension did it release her gaze. Alisa immediately averted her eyes, hoping to distract herself with her surroundings. She was in a courtyard. An archway that led inside was to her right, the doors wide open and let her peer into what looked to be a cafeteria. She made out several figures, all slumped over what looked like exercise balls. Alisa immediately changed target to the once grey walls, now painted an off-white tone in her cum. She turned her attention to the sky, but her cock was conspicuously in her view.

Eventually, her eyes settled on the nearby fountain. It was covered in ivy and moss and splattered in her cum, though it wasn't doused like everything else appeared. She studied the faint markings engraved in the destitute stone, then she saw a familiar face peer around the basin.

"Sister Judith?" Alisa rasped and propped herself up, forcing her cock to rest against her cheek and shoulder. The heat was intense, as was the potent aroma of sweat, cum, pussy and her member's naturally virile musk. It never affected her before, yet she was certain her heartrate hastened as she breathed it in. A faint rippled shuddered within her feminine half.

"Thank goodness," Sister Judith sighed in relief when she revealed herself. Her habit was skewed atop her head and her dress was covered in drops of white, though nothing had landed on her skin, "You've come to your senses... mostly."

"I-I'm sorry," Alisa flushed as she glanced at her monumental erection, "I think I'm in control right now."

"I should hope so," Judith huffed, "After everything you did to the girls, it's a miracle you're all still alive."

"I'm sorry," Alisa repeated, leaning forward against her cock like a support column. Warmth bubbled within her testes as she put some weight on them. Her legs unconsciously squeezed the vast orbs, each greater than an average yoga ball in size, "I don't know what happened."

"Well, you're all right now," the nun took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Alisa noticed a faint shade of crimson bloom on Judith's cheeks as she righted her habit, "I've, uh, got something you might want."

"What is it?" Alisa frowned and grunted as she stood, then gasped when her cock tumbled forward. It looked smaller from that position, though she doubted it was anything less than four feet from how long it seemed compared to her own height. Her balls stretched out to either side of it and even extended past her legs. There'd be no hiding herself now.

"Bianca told me about the gypsy. I've got..."

"Bianca was here?!" Alisa shouted. Her cock jerked and sent a burst of pre-cum crashing into a nearby wall, while her balls loudly gurgled and distended further. Blood plumped up her nipples and clit, the former rubbed against her churning testicles. She bit down a moan.

"Yes," Sister Judith gawked at where the translucent pre had struck. A series of cracks extended from the impact point, "I should hope that she left before this."

"I hope so," Alisa agreed, unwilling to reveal how that prospect disappointed her, "What were you saying before?"

"Hmm? Ah, yes. I believe this is the address for the gypsy that cursed you both," Judith held up a piece of paper, mercifully kept dry under her dress.

"Are you serious?" Alisa beamed and stepped forward, then moaned as her legs bounced her heavy scrotum. She was keenly aware of the cum that churned within the confines, each ball no doubt containing enough to overflow a bathtub. Though she couldn't be certain, not when the curse had already wreaked so much havoc on her body. For all she knew, her cum production had spontaneously catapulted itself to fill an entire room.

"Y-yes, you should be able to return to normal with this." The nun contemplated the paper, then raised her eyes to linger on Alisa's cock. Alisa saw her gaze move along the oversized length, trailing every vein, before stalling at the angry-purple head capped by a thick helping of pre-cum, which dribbled lazily onto the ground below. There was no disguising the lust on Sister Judith's face. Nor the desire that it evoked in Alisa.

"You should go," Alisa breathed, though her voice was weak, even in her mind.

"You're right," Sister Judith whispered, her tone equally airy, "Before I... do... something..." she didn't seem to notice how she stepped forward with each syllable, carrying herself closer to the source of one of the greatest sins she could commit. Or rather, she seemed not to care. The nun let the paper fall into a fortunately dry patch of grass as her hands moved across her body. They pressed against her crotch, shoving against her dress to rub at her undoubtedly damp sex.

Alisa remained frozen where she stood. Her mind worked in place of her body, sprinting down different paths, hoping to find a way out of the situation. One conclusion always waited at the end of each path. If she tried to leave, her movements would excite her and she'd end up fucking Sister Judith anyway. If she tried to keep her away, then either of them might get too heated and end up fucking. If she disabled the sister, then she'd likely take advantage of it.

It was going to happen no matter how she played the events. Alisa gulped as the nun began to shed her holy clothing, revealing, piece by piece, a sinfully lustful body. The years had been kind to Judith. Her stomach remained trim with only the softest layer of fat, while her breasts remained smooth and plentiful in her plain bra, and her plump thighs gave way into long, powerful legs. The nun's pure white panties were soaked through to the point that her juices leaked.

There was no avoiding it. Not without outside help and, given the state of the women in the cafeteria, that was highly unlikely. Then why fight it, Alisa thought as Judith unclasped her bra to let a pair of sizable, well-shaped breasts fall free. She should at least enjoy the inevitable, especially when that entailed her fucking one of the nation's greatest fantasies. Though most pictured a porn star in the role.

She wasn't going to complain. Sister Judith hastily tugged her soaked panties down her legs, creating and snapping several strands of juicy desire, to reveal her forlorn snatch to the world. Not a hair marred her crotch to Alisa's surprise. Smooth skin led into her engorged vulva that framed her shiny lips, which flared out like a beautiful flower waiting to be admired. A tremor rocked through Alisa's cock as she stared.

"This goes against everything I believe," Sister Judith thought aloud, eyes downcast to remain locked onto the near-human sized phallus, "But every time I saw you, my faith shook. And now... now you've shattered it."

"Uh, sorry?" Alisa was only half-listening to the nun, mind focused on those hand-filling breasts and the slight, yet so tantalising hips.

"But I can't be mad," Sister Judith admitted when she fell to her knees in a puddle of cum, as if praying before Alisa's devilish prick, "You're too much." She raised the deep, purple head in her hands to level it with her eyes. Alisa cooed softly at the touch, unconsciously squeezing a heavy dollop of pre-cum from her tip.

"No going back," Alisa breathed, staring down at the nun.

"I know," Sister Judith sighed, warm breath caressing Alisa's sensitive crown as she leaned in closer. Her lips met the slime spewing urethra, slurping up a load of the futa's delicious pre. It sprayed around her mouth, coating her cheeks and nose in Alisa's lewd sludge. The pungent odour of cum filtered through the air, as if awakened by the two libidos. Every breath Alisa took was suffused in her musk.

It seethed through her sinuses into her brain to cloud it in her desire. She could practically see the fumes as they worked to saturate the air, removing the vague fruity tones that had once wreathed the church, even dampening the aroma of Sister Judith's pussy. Her mouth fell open in a lustful pant, tasting the delirious stench.

A husky moan brought her attention back to Sister Judith. The sinful nun had her body pressed under Alisa's cock, while her tongue lathered the huge, spongy head in spit and her lips peppered it in affection. Her hands stroked every inch that they could reach, massaging several ounces worth of slick pre into Alisa's prick. She curved her back to slide her tits against it, slathering them in cock slime. Thick trails poured across her belly and between her spread thighs.

Judith groaned against the massive shape. No matter how much she licked, how much viscous pre-cum she swallowed like a common whore, or how her fast her hands worked there always seemed to be more waiting. Her biceps pressed into her breasts as she bounced them against Alisa's cock. The inhuman sized prick throbbed powerfully against her, overshadowing the beating of Judith's heat. Alisa could almost hear the pulsations.

The futa's own hands stroked along the base of her prick. They stretched as far as they could, yet she still fell short of the middle. Her fingers were smaller than the pumping veins and hopelessly outsized by the leg-sized mast as a whole. Every primal beat of her heart sent tremors along her shaft, so strong that it almost seemed like a bucking bull, which her balls echoed excitedly. They pushed wave after wave of ever-thickening, murky pre up her shaft, distending her insides with each gush. She felt it through every inch.

"This is hopeless," Sister Judith moaned, even as she French kissed Alisa's huge slit. Her hair was matted in pre-cum, one eye was glued shut, while her face and chest dripped with it. If the fluid was any whiter, she would've looked to have stepped off the set for a world-record bukkake. Despite her lascivious appearance, she only seemed to grow needier.

"Try sucking my cock," Alisa rasped.

"It's too big," Sister Judith moaned once more, clearly aroused as she affirmed just how massive the futa was.

"Just do it," Alisa growled. As her pleasure swelled, her patience thinned. The nun glanced at her in uncertainty, then opened her mouth wide and mashed it against Alisa's peak. She gagged and recoiled as pre-cum was shot down her waiting gullet, but she returned just as quickly to try once more. Fresh bursts continued to spew into her maw. Thick, gooey streaks escaped her lips as she somehow crammed Alisa's mammoth-sized cock inside.

The futa reared her head back and announced her pleasure to the skies above. Her hips jerked forward, cramming herself deeper into Judith's woefully undersized mouth, yet the nun took it with only a gag as her throat was invaded. Alisa's gravid testes swung with her sudden thrust, carrying her further onward. A long, whorish moan accompanied her cock as it snaked down the sister's tiny gullet. She forced her head down to fix her lust-consumed gaze on Judith.

Never had she witnessed such an erotic sight. This nun, sworn to the church and Jesus Christ, sat on her knees with her lips lovingly wrapped around Alisa's girth. Without the curse, such a thing would've remained a hidden fantasy in the back of her mind. Now she could witness a woman of the church suck her truly giant cock.

And she certainly knew how to suck. Even with her airways thoroughly blocked and her jaw seemingly dislocated, Judith's tongue and lips worked furtively against Alisa's dick. Saliva clung to her entire mast, as did the nun's cheeks as they hollowed out in an intense vacuum. How she managed that without air, Alisa would never understand, but she didn't need to. None of this was science. It all stemmed from magic, something her major had no concept of.

Oh, how she adored it. Alisa's breaths came in short, airy bursts as she basked in the sensations spread across her mythical penis. Teeth dug into her flesh, yet they were akin to nails lovingly teasing her back in the morning, while Judith's lips massaged her taut foreskin and drew it in. Her tongue was a small piece of heaven, though. It writhed fitfully beneath Alisa's cock, even managing to find its way free to lick along the sides. Sister Judith hands abandoned the shaft and moved between her own thighs.

Alisa gawked at the nun in disbelief and depraved desire. Judith's wrinkles had flattened out as her face stretched to impossible proportions, eyes wide and watering as they ran across the length still before her. Over three feet to go, yet her throat was already overflowing with cock. The skin was tight around Alisa's god-like thickness, enough that her veins stood out in stark relief. Alisa could easily discern where the head was.

Only a few more inches and she'd be past Judith's sternum. Alisa licked her lips at the image in her mind; herself with her crotch pressed flush against Sister Judith's shocked face, the nun's arms wrapped tight around her balls as they worked to stroke her cock through Judith's obscenely overtaxed flesh. The petite futa grunted as her legs strained against her elephantine scrotum.

Each step brought her goal closer. Her balls rumbled ominously, filling heavier and tighter with her seed, as they expanded to scrape along the ground. The leftover cum made it even easier for her push them onward, sliding through her thick, sperm-riddled gunk. Before long, she felt her tip reach Sister Judith's stomach. The organ was crowded with her pre-cum, so full that she wondered how Judith hadn't exploded with the load. Her dick pressed against the bottom wall and forced it to distend.

Yet she still had well over a foot left in the dry air. Alisa leaned forward as best she could and managed to grip Judith's greying hair, tugging the mature nun with all the power her little arms could muster. In that single pull, Alisa found her brief fantasy fulfilled. Her hands held the sister tight, keeping her nose shoved tight against her musky crotch. Judith's hands flailed in fright, before her body began to undulate and her fingers found Alisa's balls.

The futa gasped at a familiar touch. Her cock had stretched the nun's stomach straight down between her thighs, where Judith's sopping cunt laid in wait. Now it ground against the woman's skin, now no thicker than a condom. Panic should've reined freely at that moment, yet Sister Judith only continued as she had been. Her hands massaged Alisa's excessive scrotum, while she bobbed her body to and fro.

"So good," Alisa rasped, thrusting her hips in tandem with the nun. She reared back as far as she could feasibly go, extracting over a foot of her huge, slimy cock from Judith's salivating maw, then slammed them back in. The sister grunted with every cycle as Alisa's balls pummelled into her, yet she made no move to back away. Even as her gut was flooded with pre-cum and her nostrils firmly inundated in Alisa's sweat and leftover jizz.

It wasn't enough though. Or rather, Alisa wanted something far better, something vastly more prohibited than a nun's humble throat. Her lust consumed everything. The very thought of simply relieving herself and regaining a semblance of control was out of the question. No matter how her logic tried to manifest, it was brutally beaten back into a corner. She was a creature of wanton need at that moment.

Alisa dragged her cock from the impossibly fucked nun's throat. Sister Judith's throat clung to her shaft, while her cheeks hollowed out around it as if refusing to let go. She came free with a deliciously wet pop. Great ropes of thick saliva bridged the gap between her cock and Judith's panting lips. Cool wisps of air sailed over her messy length, lurid sensations accompanied the soft yet heavy breaths, carrying the little sparks of delight to Alisa's lust-ridden brain. She cooed gently and backed away.

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