tagSci-Fi & FantasyGrowing Together Ch. 13

Growing Together Ch. 13


Author's Note: This is the final chapter of this story. I recommend checking the tags before reading.


"I'm listening," the nameless gypsy said, head inclined toward Alisa, who stood, motionless in her tearing dress. It strained against her mammoth cock. Veins pushed between the slits, offering a glimpse at her pale foreskin and, lower down, her angry, purple head. The gypsy hadn't moved from her chair. She faced the futa, withered face and hooded eyes fixed upon her. A hint of a smile teased the corners of her wrinkled mouth.

Alisa glanced to her left. She didn't dare take a step in any direction, even to help Bianca. The gorgeous portrait of sex panted on her hands and knees, clothes tighter than the nuns who gave them to her. Huge had become a subpar description for what she now possessed. Her hands were pressed flat into the ground, raising her torso high as possible, and still her breasts mashed into the ground below. Further back, Bianca's ass rose high, a shelf all on its own.

The futa breathed deep, nostrils flared as a mixture of her and Bianca's musk warred with the stale air. Part of her, cowed by the threat before her, craved to devolve and indulge in her desires. She turned her gaze back to the gypsy.

"So, uh... yeah, a bet," Alisa said. She swallowed her doubts, hoping to keep them locked in the pits of her stomach, away from the gypsy's prying eye, but they refused. Her fears and more bubbled back to the surface. Her hands turned clammy no matter how often she wiped them on her garment.

"What sort of bet, Alisa?" The gypsy chuckled.

"Um, yeah... what sort of bet? Well," Alisa glanced between her lover, and enemy, wishing one might kick her well-honed mind back into gear. Her vision fell upon her groin, from which a cock no creature, with the exception of whales, possessed to her knowledge. The gypsy would refuse any wager that failed to peak her interest. In that case, she had one option.

"I'll m-masturbate and if I don't cum... If I don't cum within ten minutes then you'll release us, curse and all," Alisa panted. The tightness in her chest hadn't dissipated, if anything it got worse. Each exhale shuddered in her lungs, frantic for escape.

The gypsy laughed. Her bemusement scratched at Alisa's ears, burrowing into her mind, detailing how poor a decision she'd made, "Sounds delightful. And what do you wager?"

"Me," Alisa said, "If I fail, then do whatever you want to me. Bianca goes free, but I'm yours. Or Karen's."

"Liz," Bianca rasped and coughed.

"Excellent," the gypsy beamed, showing the rotted remains of her teeth, and yawned. She stood from her chair and shuffled past Alisa, "I'm afraid this is when I usually have a little nap. Old age is so unforgiving. Karen will preside over our arrangement." She paused in the doorway and turned to face the pair.

"Oh, one more thing. If either of you tries something, like holding my granddaughter hostage, then the curse will activate to its full effect."

"Full effect?" Alisa blanched at the idea.

"Oh yes. What you've sampled thus far is barely a fraction of what could be. I'm afraid I've made a habit of holding back for my amusement," the gypsy shrugged and stepped from sight. Despite her departure, Alisa's mind echoed with the ghost of her laughter and warning.

"How could you say that?" Bianca hissed. She managed to push herself to her feet and waddled to the futa.

"It's fine. If I win, then we're off the hook right away. If I lose, then I just have to wait until the old bitch dies," Alisa said.

"Harsh." Karen strode into the room and claimed her relative's chair, smirking at Alisa as she glanced over at Bianca, "You took my advice. Smart."

"There's a first time for everything," Alisa said.

Karen flipped her blue hair and leaned back, "Grandma really knows good furniture. You could fall asleep here and never wanna wake up," she murmured. Neither Alisa or Bianca responded.

"Geez, you guys could be a little lighter hearted. Alisa's set up a perfect win-win," Karen leaned forward, resting her breasts on her legs as she peered at Alisa's semi-erection, and her chin in her palm, "Even if she loses, both your lives improve. She gets to be my wife. Or would it be husband, considering her dick? Eh, semantics. And you, Bianca, will walk out of here with the fetish figure of a pervert's dream. Sounds great, right? I've even been..."

"Enough talk, Karen," Alisa sighed.

"Rude. But I guess you're right," the statuesque gypsy relaxed once more, "Just so you know, gypsy's take their bets very seriously. Cheat in any way and I have full authority to turn you into a cock. And I don't mean a bird."

"I don't cheat, unlike some people," Alisa said.

"Ouch," Karen winced, though her mocking grin remained, "But I suppose you're right. You'll just have to be extra watchful, won't you? Now, onto the rules. You can masturbate how ever you want, so long as you are being stimulated. Also, I'm the judge of whether you're feeling it."

"You've gotta be kidding?" Alisa groaned.

"Now, now. I get that you don't trust me to be fair, so how about this?" Karen spoke in a language foreign to Alisa. Some words resembled Latin, some Greek and others could've been gibberish, she couldn't say, "Now I'm also cursed. For the next ten or so minutes, that is. If you're feeling sexual pleasure, I'll be, shall we say, sharing it."

"How do you I know you're telling the truth?" Alisa squinted at her ex. She'd lied before. Her falseness came with ease, natural as a college professor stating facts.

"Oh, you can't miss it," Karen chuckled. A liar's mask, Alisa thought. But did it have to be so tantalising? Karen's smile reflected the opposite of Bianca's, radiating a discreet intent no one could discern until she informed them. Dishonesty personified. After years together, Alisa still couldn't read her.

All she could do was stare at the stunning page inscribed with nonsensical, familiar patterns. Mischievous lips framed by a set of strong cheekbones, overseen by a cute nose governed by the heterochromatic eyes above, circled in thick eyelashes. Each had captivated - blinded - her.

Alisa's memories of their time rested toward the back of her mind. A shimmering, clear pond full of inconsistency in how she'd felt. At the surface, burying any negativity, danced her pleasure. Drops of pleasure seeped into the cracks of her thoughts, winding their way to her consciousness. How Karen's body had felt against hers, the way the gypsy's hair went wild in the mornings, the feeling of her dripping hot insides wrapped tight around Alisa's length.

She jerked back to reality at a sharp snap. Looking down, Alisa discovered the obvious culprit. It drooped from her crotch, not yet hard but well on its way. Dark, purple veins undulated across the surface, escorting blood and pleasure and desire throughout the vast expanse. She estimated four feet of unique futa-cock, and growing, swelled from her groin in a perverse extension of her body.

Karen gave a low, wolf-whistle. Alisa looked to her and away again. Her cock jerked and extended several inches at once, with several others piling atop it. Temptation pumped through its veins. Karen set a few feet away, the gap rapidly closing as her cock swelled to its true, glorious size. The girl appeared unchanged but for one thing; her true nature. A real gypsy, one with powers to curse others and even herself, which made her dangerous. Which made her intriguing. Which made her tempting.

So, so tempting.

"Looks like you're ready to begin," Karen said.

"What?" Alisa blinked and peered down. Her erection had remained dormant since yesterday, offering mere glimpses at the utter monstrosity she now possessed. An apt description, Alisa thought.

From her crotch, extended an, at first, unassuming girth no greater than her original size. As her vision moved, however, it exploded in majesty. The veins formed a labyrinth, each wall larger than any of her fingers, before fading into one another. Her skin stretched around her cock, so thin she could make out other, smaller circuits meandering beneath the surface. Every purple line led to a single goal, the true zenith of a cock. She followed them, compelled by a mix of desire and dreaded curiosity, to her wine-coloured, lustful and angry head.

A burst of pre-cum rocketed through her length. She bit her lip against the pleasure, holding the moan in her chest. Her pre-cum distended the path of her urethra, pressing out against all her nerves, hitting the perfect buttons to spark her lust into full gear. It splattered against the floor. One drop struck her bare foot.

"Hmm," Karen moaned.

"What the hell?" Alisa whispered, at a loss for how else she could respond as she raised gaze.

"Told you 'you can't miss it'," Karen snickered as she checked her tits, each now half-again their former mass, placing them on par with the gypsy girl's head. Neither lost its shape, though, retaining the full, vaguely fake form Alisa had once lusted after. They couldn't contend with Bianca's. Nothing could. Alisa looked back to her fiancée, who leaned against a wall, rubbing under her breast where a rib had likely cracked. Bianca gave her an encouraging grin.

"Thank you," Alisa mouthed. Yes, Karen is tempting, more than she'd ever want to admit even in the privacy of her mind, but Alisa had someone beyond mere enticement. Someone her life would be irrevocably joined with.

"After this is over, Anca," Alisa said, ignoring the blue-haired gypsy, "I... do you... could we try? You know, for a baby? I mean, properly. Without this." She gestured to their insane aspects.

"We're a little young," Bianca laughed, sending delightful shudders through her curves, "And I'm probably pregnant already, babe. But yes, Liz. After you win, put as many babies in me as you want."

"As many as I..." Alisa's cock leapt at the prospect. Great, she thought and turned away, now I've got an impregnation fetish. She could imagine it so clearly. Bianca, trapped not by her breasts and ass, but by a belly filled to bursting with life they'd created. She'd be helpless to stop Alisa from sampling all the milk she'd make, or from having her pussy pounded again and again.

"Are you done?" Karen asked, tone harder than before. Her face set itself into an expressionless mask, an obvious sign of her anger.

"Y-yeah," Alisa said. To last ten minutes and save Bianca, she'd have to forget her. Any thought of the voluptuous siren would lead to a loss. No matter how tempting the thought of learning gypsy magic and curses was, or how enticing it was to sleep with Karen again, she couldn't afford to lose. Not here.

"Then get masturbating. Last ten minutes, and you're both free. Fail and you're mine," Karen said, eyes fixated upon Alisa, tracking her movements as a predator would.

"Anything's fine so long as I feel pleasure, right?" Alisa asked.

"Don't get creative," Karen warned. Her hard exterior cracked into a grin, "You can't just coast by on a little fondling here. If I'm not growing an inch every few seconds, then you fail. Or don't you want to see me explode out of my clothes here? In front of your girlfriend? It does seem..."

"Fiancée," Alisa said.

"What?" Karen's lips sank.

"She's not my girlfriend. She's my fiancée. We just don't have rings right now," Alisa explained.

Karen's expression solidified further, appearing to be sculpted from granite, "Just get on with it." She leaned away and folded her arms over her enhanced chest, squishing the mounds, as she crossed her legs. Her asymmetrical eyes observed Alisa, unblinking as if she might miss the inevitable failure.

Deep breaths, Alisa reminded herself. So long as she remained calm and in control, she would succeed. She had cum more than she cared to know in the past twenty-four hours, as evidenced by her seven, possibly eight, foot member. Her hands didn't compare to its sheer girth, present but insignificant by comparison, like a child's hand against an ancient oak. Her cock jerked and her veins throbbed, threatening to dislodge her grip. She held tight, stifling a moan as she pulled her monument to masculinity flush against her body.

The taut skin had the barest hint of give to it. She pushed and pulled on it, cooing at how the motions echoed in her glans, from which a wave of pre-cum flowed. A blissful shudder rocked through her as the slimy emissions poured across her balls. They roiled in need, splashing her congealing seed against its prison. She dug her fingers into her cock, finding an unexplored sweet spot, and stumbled as her testes clenched and relaxed at the pleasure, rocking into her legs.

Alisa wrapped her arms around her member. If Karen deemed her efforts unworthy, then she would fail. The reminder filtered in amidst the rising tide of pleasure. She thrust her hips upwards, yelped as her balls swung and knocked her legs out from under her. The petite futa fell atop her cock. Where pain should've distracted her, she gasped, moaned and rolled her hips in lust. Her cock ground into the floor, coating it in her slick fluids.

She curved her legs to press her feet into the tremendous swell of her balls. Her toes dug into the folds, massaging the spheres, churning cum and heightening her sensations. Pricks of lust tingled across her cock where her fingers squeezed. Dozens of veins pushed against her body, pulsating with her racing heart, each palpitation presented another wave of pleasure. Alisa raised her head to stare at the angry, purple crown. It rested several feet away, off to the side of Karen's chair.

She glanced to Karen and stared. Her hips pumped in the absence of her mind, acting on the sight of her ex, a curvaceous girl by any definition, swelling out from her chest and sides. The chair creaked against her curves, snug around her form. Pre-cum exploded from Alisa's tip and splattered against the opposite wall.

"See something you like?" Karen asked, leaning forward. Her breasts, once huge, now dominated her entire torso, each greater than prized watermelons and pressed outward to highlight their new mass. Though obscured, her hips blossomed from her sleek waist into erotic handholds a giant would struggle with. Alisa shook her head free and looked away. A line of drool hung from her chin.

"Come on, baby," Karen teased, "Don't stop now. You'll lose and I won't get to grow anymore. Oh! I think the shirt's on its last legs."

"Shut up," Alisa moaned. She steeled her jaw against any such sounds. Ignore her, she thought, and focus on not cumming. But Karen clouded her head, rather, the thought of her growth latched onto her pleasure, pushing it higher. The more she felt, the more Karen would grow. Alisa laid her cheek against her cock, away from the blue-haired temptress, and shuddered at the heat.

Her body hadn't paused for a second. Would anything distract her now? She wondered, even as her arms pumped her cock, which slid between them and the floor as her hips undulated. Fresh floods of pre-cum poured from the depths of her heavy balls, forced out by the ever-thickening load held within. Her feet continued to work at the orbs, now equivocal to beach balls.

Alisa whimpered in her chest. Every movement jolted her with pleasure, whether small or grand. Her twitching fingers fed into the long stroke of her cock, vibrating her throat with an untameable moan, as she fucked the poor equivalent to a pussy. She wanted a pussy. So much of her cock remained unloved, too long and hard, unreachable for the petite futa. Her eyes turned traitor and compelled her to look at Karen once more.

As promised, with mere moments passed, the gypsy had swelled further. She leaned back in her chair, breasts still heavy in her lap, and had her knees clasped together. Not by choice. Her hips and, by extension, her thighs made it impossible to open her legs while in the resilient chair, though her shirt fared far worse. The neckline had torn halfway down the centre, unleashing an abundance of pale cleavage. Alisa licked her lips, certain the mounds were soft as marshmallows.

"Hmm, you like this, right?" Karen grunted as she wrenched herself free from the chair. Standing, her breasts came to rest at her hips and crept ever-lower. Threads snapped under the constant strain, its tear falling lower until it snapped apart. An avalanche of tit-flesh fell free. Her plump nipples, dusty pink and pierced with a barbell, flopped about in their newfound freedom. All they lacked was a constant stream of milk.

Alisa shook her head at the thought and turned away once more. Her cock lurched in her embrace, basting the furthest wall in her pre. A rush of pleasure made her body clench. Her feet pressed hard against her monumental scrotum, her arms attempted to crush her cock as she rocked her lower body. She forced herself to slow down, to try and savour the sensations.

"I think the pants are starting to star," Karen said, now mere inches from Alisa's ear. Her naked tits squished against Alisa's side and brushed her cock, offering a taste of what she could offer. They're so soft, Alisa thought. She shuddered, the vibration moved through her crotch, fluttering within her untapped pussy.

"You hear it, don't you?" Karen continued. Indeed, Alisa heard the beginnings of fabric tearing apart, "Soon, I'll be completely naked. You know," Karen lowered her voice, "I still shave. I'm smooth as a baby's bottom down there. And, not to toot my own horn, but it's still tight as fuck. I can barely fit three fingers inside."

"Oh fuck," Alisa moaned. She was going to lose. How long had it been? Had it even been a minute? Seconds could've passed for all she knew. Moisture brimmed in her eyes, teetered on the edge and blurred her vision, but not her pleasure. Nothing short of the world ending would stifle the sensations.

Her balls grumbled and churned as her cock throbbed and spat buckets worth of pre-cum. Though faint, her pussy gushed with desire and her nipples scraped against her tree-sized dick. Drool caked her chin in filth and smeared her member. The musk alone could inspire her to masturbate, now it pushed her to work harder and faster toward her orgasm.

Would she stop at one? Somewhere in the corners of her mind, buried under the concrete haze of her ensuing bliss, something told her this would be her last moment of lucidity. Unless Karen reversed the effects. She could save her. Alisa looked to the gypsy, whose curves bloomed greater - sexier - by the second.

"That's right. Give in and let yourself cum. I can give you this kind of pleasure again and again. And so much more. No strings attached," Karen said. Her hand found one of Alisa's and moved it quicker, urging her arms to follow suite.

"I'd call this cheating," Bianca said.

"This doesn't concern you," Karen answered coldly. She distanced herself from Alisa, as if to avoid discouraging her with the ice of her voice.

"Oh, yes it fucking does." Bianca snarled.

Alisa heard the familiar, lust-inducing noise of Bianca's approach. Milk sloshed in her breasts, enough to feed each other, and any babies they had, for a lifetime, while her thighs slid against one another, coated in the slimy, lewd mucus from her pussy. The futa saw her on the opposite side to Karen. Her own personal angel and devil, each too big to perch on her shoulder. Her balls might work, she thought with a silent giggle.

"Anca," Alisa moaned. She wanted to touch the pinnacle of voluptuousness and beauty, to pull her close and have her ride her cock for all eternity. Her hands refused to be swayed from their position, "It feels so good." The futa ran her eyes across her lover's figure. Karen's growth was impressive, amazing even, but she had minutes to go before she so much as approached Bianca.

"I know, sweetheart," Bianca said, "And it's gonna feel a whole lot better."

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