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Growing Up


This is a very familiar theme for me: guy meets girl, guy and girl have mind blowing sex, girl leaves, years pass, guy can't stop thinking about girl, guy finds her again and tells her he's pretty sure she is the one and then guy and girl live happily ever after.

Mike loved his new job, his second one since completing college. He had made a number of new friends in the office. He and Dan worked in adjoining cubicles on similar projects and chatted often during the day. The two were the same age and had similar backgrounds. Dan's live in squeeze was another matter altogether.

Mike had found an absurdly cheap apartment in an old row house in the historical downtown area within twenty minutes of his new employer. He didn't have much furniture; the most prominent item was the king size bed. He didn't have a table large enough for more than two people and not much to speak of in the small living room. Since the bedroom had a small gas fireplace and was in all respects the most comfortable and inviting, social activities seemed to gravitate there. Certainly the big bed was the best place to play cards or board games.

Mike didn't really get the relationship between his new friend and Cindy. They really seemed to get off on each other and had a very relaxed, carefree attitude together. Cindy wasn't drop dead gorgeous but she was certainly cute, sexy, flirtatious---and just a tad slutty. The tall, lanky, dirty blond with the smallish tits and tight little rump was also very touchy-feely.

Dan and Cindy invited Mike to their small home for dinner on numerous occasions. The second time Mike had met her and the first time the couple had visited Mike's apartment, Cindy had given Mike a big hug and a sloppy, probing kiss; the hug included obvious and intentional groin to groin contact. Mike had been a little embarrassed. Dan had assured him that he had no reason to be, that that was the way Cindy was and he was very comfortable with it.

One evening after several months they got together at Mike's for dinner and drinks. Mike's date, a chubby little school teacher with too much makeup and hairspray had stiffed him with some lame excuse. It was just as well. The one night they had spent together had been awkward. In the morning light she was the epitome of coyote ugly with her hair plastered against her face and her makeup smeared. The sex had bordered on unpleasant.

Mike had gone to the kitchen to refresh their drinks and grab some snacks. Returning a few minutes later to the bedroom he was embarrassed to find Dan leaning up against the wall at the head of the bed with his pants off and Cindy's pretty little head bobbing up and down in Dan's lap. Cindy's tight little rump, straining against the thin fabric of her obscenely short shorts left nothing to the imagination and instantly got him hard. Mike was frozen in place, unsure as to what the appropriate course of action was.

"You're welcome to join us, Mike---just keep your hands off of me!" Dan said with a grin.

"Guys, maybe I should wait in the other room until..."

"Come on, Mike!" Cindy exclaimed. "The more the merrier." With that she began to wiggle her sweet little fanny invitingly.

"We're okay with it if you are, Mike. I've had a little too much to drink to adequately satisfy Cindy...help a buddy out in his time of need."

Putting the drinks and snacks down on the small dresser, Mike moved to the bed and knelt beside Cindy's undulating rear. Tentatively reaching out he began to stroke her with his hands, running his fingers along her cleft and between her legs. Wordlessly she spread her knees to accommodate him as she wantonly returned to the task of orally satisfying her lover.

She reached up and released the snap and the zipper on her tiny shorts. "Take them off, Mike...take my shorts off," she whispered hoarsely.

Mike slid the thin fabric down to her knees; Cindy lifted one, then the other leg and the garment was free accompanied by her tiny panties. Mike's hand again strayed between her thighs, finding her wet pussy with his fingers. She responded appreciatively, moaning softly and fucking his fingers as she continued to suck her man's cock. Mike began to caress her globes with his mouth and tongue, even allowing his tongue to explore the full length of her tight anal cleft...tasting her female essence...probing her tightest hole...working his tongue inside. Cindy squealed with delight.

The combination of Cindy's excellent oral technique and the erotic vision of another man servicing his young girl friend orally from behind had the desired effect: Dan came with more of a whimper than a roar, filling his young companion's mouth with his salty load. Cindy moaned in appreciation, ardently relieving Dan of every vestige of his male fluid. Dan and Cindy kissed. Dan appeared on the verge of dozing off.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do, guys...enjoy yourself." Dan said, seconds before he rolled on his side and passed out.

Cindy turned on her knees, contemplated Mike and then kissed him softly on the mouth.

"Get naked!" she whispered. Mike didn't argue the point as Cindy removed her few remaining items of clothing.

Cindy was without a doubt the most passionate woman Mike had ever encountered; her naked body was flawlessly smooth and sleek. Her breasts, while small, were perfectly formed and hard. Her pussy, also blond, was tightly cropped. The soft swell of her hips and pronounced shape of her butt excited him the most. He knew he was an ass man at heart and Cindy's was the definition of perfection. After a period of making out and exploration, things moved in the expected direction.

Cindy was a very perceptive woman; Mike's appreciation of her fine young rump had not gone unnoticed. Wordless assuming her favorite position with her milky tail high in the air and the front of her shoulders pressed against the mattress she spoke.

"Mike...do you have a rubber?"

"What? No...no, I don't."

"I stopped taking those damn pills a few months ago---made me nauseous...started to gain weight. I don't have my diaphragm. Absolutely cannot afford to get pregnant. I could blow you, if you want...unless..."


"Have you ever done anal?"


"I like it a lot more than Dan does...then again you've already had your tongue in my butt and I'm assuming that didn't gross you out. What do you use when you beat off?"

"Ah...cocoa butter."

"Oh, I love that stuff! Nice and slippery...lasts a long time. Where do you keep it?"

"It's in the bedside drawer."

"Well, Mike, stop dawdling and grease up! Take your fingers and slide a big glob up my ass hole."

Mike complied almost as if in a daze. His cock was very hard and as big as he could ever remember.

"You've got a really nice cock, Mike...long and fat...you need to go slow...let me get used to it. Once I'm ready you can bang the shit out of me...so to speak. When did you beat off last?"

"Right before you guys came over after my date cancelled."

"Excellent! It sounds like I'm in for a marathon ass fuck. Go ahead...slide the head in...uhhhh! Oh, that's nice...really nice...slow now...a little more...okay...all the way in. Oh, damn, I never get tired of this! Just stay like that for a couple of minutes...let me feel you filling me up...stretching me to the limit...love giving a good looking man with a big cock his first taste of butt sex...you'll be hooked...you'll want it again...most girls aren't into it...I sure am...that's right...pick up the pace...all the way in...butt fuck me, baby! Drill that fat cock keep inside Cindy's tight little ass. Try not to cum yet...slow down and think about something else...that's right...I'm really close...uh, huh,...uh, huh...oh, yeah...here it comes right there....yessssss! I'm cumming, baby! Cum with me! Dump that sweet load deep in my bowels...cream my ass, baby...oh, yes!!!!!!"

As soon as Mike withdrew from his best friend's girl's furnace hot orifice he felt an instant surge of almost overwhelming affection for Cindy. Rolling her over, he kissed her gently and caressed her lean body softly with his hands. It had been the most intense sexual experience of his young life...like nothing before. She had been correct: he knew he wanted it again in the future, more specifically he knew he wanted her again in the future...regularly.

Mike and Cindy got out of bed a few minutes later and went to the kitchen; assuming she'd have to drive home, she wanted a cup of coffee. Neither of them dressed. They sat together at the small table in the breakfast nook.

"I graduated from college, Mike---just like you and Dan. I was supposed to get married in June right after graduation. Two weeks before the wedding I found out that my fiancé, the love of my life---or so I thought---was cheating on me. Worse than cheating...he'd been fucking another woman for the entire three years we had been together. All those nights I thought he was studying at the library or working late at the lab---he was fucking her. I lost it. I got my degree but didn't show up for graduation. I got in with some bad people---got hooked on coke. Started fucking every man---and woman---in sight. Blowing strange business men at the Holiday Inn for drug money. Ended up on the streets...my friends abandoned me...I had nothing.

"That's where Dan found me. Instead of fucking me, he took me in...helped me kick the dope...took care of me. Dan's family is pretty well off...socially prominent. They took an instant disliking to me...disowned him...haven't spoken to him in a couple of years. I'll always love him but I'm pretty sure we're not in love. There's no pressure between us...never any tension...we never fight. Sometimes I sense that I'm like the little lost puppy who followed him home and now he's stuck with me."

"Cindy, I don't know anything, but Dan seems very fond of you. You two make a great couple and sure as hell seem to communicate better than most of the couples I've seen. Look, in pretty short order, Dan has become a really good friend."

"Don't worry, Mike, I wouldn't do anything to screw that up. Dan and I have talked; it's for the best. I need to let him get on with his life and I need to get out of this city so I can get on with mine. I'm leaving Monday---got a great job down in Florida working for a company in my field. Dan and I will probably stay in touch but I think we've both finally come to the realization that our history isn't the best foundation for something long term...permanent.

"I'm not telling you all of this for any other reason than the fact that, other than Dan, I haven't been able to talk about it to anyone. It's very likely that, after tonight, you and I will probably never see each other or talk to each other again. I enjoyed the fuck, Mike, and the sweetness after was very special. I guess I'd better drag Dan to the car and take him home."

"You guys are welcome to stay here. It's late."

"And if we do stay...you might get to fuck me up the ass again?" Cindy said with a devilish smile. "You know you thought about---hell, look at your cock! You're thinking about it right now!"

"You caught me."

"Come on," Cindy said, taking Mike by the hand and leading him outside to the small, walled grassy courtyard at the rear of the building.

"You're lucky to have the first floor apartment...this is really nice back here. Right time of year...not buggy...the grass looks inviting."

Within a matter of seconds Cindy and Mike were lying together in the cool, dry grass. Rolling away from him, she pulled her long toned legs up to her chest and began fingering her slot.

"Do me like this, Mike...fuck me...fuck my ass from the front...kiss me...hold me...fuck me. You won't need any more cocoa butter...I'm ready...just fuck me now, baby...fuck me in the ass."

If the first time had been incredibly intense, the second time---slower, languorous---was quite sublime. He made love to her body...kissed her softly...caressed her gently with his strong hands...never wanted it to end but all good things do. They laid together in each other's arms silently for some time.

"You could become as addictive as cocaine, Mike. That's was very nice...very sweet....just what I needed. You're going to make some little girl very lucky indeed."

Returning inside, they retrieved their clothes and had some more coffee. Dan stirred having sufficiently slept off his drunken stupor and indicated that he thought they should go home. No one spoke of what had occurred. Cindy kissed Mike one last time at the door...a friend's kiss.

Monday during a break at work, Dan made it official by informing Mike that Cindy had moved on.

"She told me about her job in Florida while you were sleeping it off...and told me her story. Are you going to be okay?"

"Sure. It's for the best---for both of us. Cindy needs to get on with her life---start over clean. Make no mistake, I'll miss her...she's a great kid but I think we both knew it wasn't going to end up being a long term thing. I'd never met or 'dated' anyone like Cindy...so wild and free. I come from a pretty straight laced background---my parents are nothing if not excruciatingly proper. They haven't spoken to me since I hooked up with Cindy. In spite of their faults I miss them and probably need to mend that fence in short order."

"You're a good guy, Dan...a damn good guy. I'm proud to know you...be your friend."

"Thanks...you too, partner...you too."

Dan and Mike hardly ever spoke of Cindy again. She evidently chose to cut off all communications with Dan. Within a few weeks, the subject seldom if ever came up. Dan caught the eye of a young financial intern in the accounting department and moved forward with his life. Mike dated several girls near his apartment and even a couple where he worked. He thought of Cindy, not daily but regularly and wondered how life had turned out for her.

Once or twice Mike asked Dan if he had ever heard from Cindy. The answer was always negative. Again, Dan felt that it was for the best. Mike vividly recalled their most extensive and last discussion on the subject.

"Hell, we should all be so lucky! Here we are stuck in this miserable, dying, hell hole of an unfriendly city watching our cars rust out every winter and Cindy is probably living it up in Dunedin doing the job she always wanted to do."

"Dunedin? Where's that?"

"Tampa Bay...near Clearwater. She's with a media research firm---you've heard of them---we all have but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Assuming she's even still there, of course. She's a very bright girl...I'm sure she's doing great down there."

"Here's hoping, Dan...she deserves a break."

A few weeks later while perusing the Wall Street Journal ™ Mike came across an article about one of the most famous marketing research firms in history. He almost laughed out loud when he got to the bottom of the article and read the location of their corporate headquarters. Of course...everyone knew who they were. He'd had no idea they were sequestered in a small, Florida Gulf Coast town sandwiched between Clearwater and Palm Harbor. Imagine that.

He had no idea what he was going to do with the information. He lived a long way from Florida and recalled that he didn't even know her last name. Dan did, of course but Dan had clearly indicated that Cindy was the past---Aimee was his new future. Mike certainly could ask his friend but for whatever reason wasn't comfortable doing to.

Both Dan and Mike got promoted and moved to bigger cubicles, then interior offices and then were promoted again and put in charge of other people who worked in little cubicles and then finally were given real offices on the perimeter of the large collection of minuscule work spaces. Four years after he had started, he was called to the corporate headquarters in a major Midwestern city to be evaluated and interviewed for his first general management position. Dan had been invited also. Both impressed the big wigs.

Both were informed that they would soon be moving to another part of the country to run their own small operations. In Mike's case, it happened barely three weeks later. There were two new offices opening, one in Portland and one in Tampa and he could pick whichever one he preferred. He picked Tampa. Dan got his call the following day and was told he would be taking over in Portland.

Their parting was tearful; they had become very special friends. At least they still worked for the same corporation and would run into each other at annual meetings.

"Dan, I thought I might look up Cindy when I get to Florida, just for old times sake but I realized I never even knew her last name."

"Consecus. Cindy Consecus. If you talk to her, say hi for me, old buddy," Dan said.

"I'll do that."

The new office in Tampa was in an industrial park on the very western edge of the city just off the northern causeway which connected Hillsboro and northern Pinellas counties. His office was barely thirty minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. Many other young executives lived in a new development not ten minutes from the office. As a bachelor, living at the beach had its allure but the traffic could be hell certain times of the day and year. Living in a development with married couples and families didn't excite him.

Human Resources had informed him that he had the option of signing a short term lease for six months or less, getting the lay of the land and putting off buying a home. He elected to do so. The corporate move included a new house spiff based on his salary level and not on the cost of the new home. It was a nice chunk of change which would easily pay twenty percent down on anything he might qualify for.

Dunedin wasn't that big a town but there was no assurance that she actually lived there. After perusing the local phonebooks he came to the conclusion that Cindy had an unlisted number, had changed her last name or had moved on. There were no listings for C or Cindy Consecus---and only a handful of said surnames in the entire area. For some reason as he was exploring the area during his first few days there, he drove over to Dunedin and pulled up in front of the building of the company that she had certainly once worked for. He considered walking in and asking at the front desk but demurred at the last minute.

Learning his new responsibilities became job one for the next few months. At the four month mark he was getting his head above water and realized that the clock was ticking and he needed to find a real home. As it turned out, his responsibilities didn't involve sitting in an office every day; they involved meeting with customers and vendors in the surrounding area several days a week. Most of those calls were to the west---toward the beach; as a result he had pretty much decided that he would live on the Pinellas side of the bay rather than in Tampa.

His last meeting of the day had been with a vendor in St. Petersburg. Rather than take the Interstate back to Tampa, he chose to take the unlimited access road that meandered through the numerous small beach communities from St. Pete Beach north to Clearwater.

Hungry after having skipped lunch and needing to take a leak, he stopped at a small fish joint which had been highly recommended and was located less than a mile before he would make the turn back to the mainland and ultimately back to his transit digs in Tampa via the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

He ordered a beer and a fried grouper sandwich at the bar and headed for the men's room. He saw her just as his exited the short hallway which housed the restrooms. She was sitting with a man at one of the high tables close to the front of the bar and restaurant. Both of them were in business attire. She looked different...the typical young professional woman. Good clothes suited her well. She looked quite stunning. In the dim light near the bar where he was sitting he doubted that she could have recognized him.

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