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Growing Up


Growing up on a farm in West Texas in the 70's was a time in my life that I will never forget. Especially this particular summer. It was the bi-centennial summer of 1976. It was also the summer that I would come to realize my true self as far as what I wanted in a partner. Girls were always the talk among friends. At my age it was just that all talk. But for me things were different.

At an early age I had always been intrigued by a man's body. But you are quickly taught that men don't look at men. So I learned to hide my intrigue and would steal glances at my friend's bodies or sometimes complete strangers in certain situations. But those are moments that I would rather forget.

Instead I want to remember a special person that I had met in January of 76. The owner of the farm that my grandfather and I lived on always hired migrant workers at the first of the year. Usually older men that would come work the year on the farm and send their money back to their families then leave around December. This particular year he would hire three.

After dinner from time to time my grandfather and I would walk down to the workers living quarters. There the men would get into card games, domino games or just sit and talk about life. Two of the men were older, in their late 30's but, Martin was younger at the time only 22 but could pass for my age easy.

When the older men would sit around after work and talk he would wander off by himself and that's how we would start to get to know each other. I had just turned 18 and being a senior in high school Martin had more in common with me than the others.

We would talk about school and the day to day events in my life. Martin, being a high school dropout, was always interested in my day to day school life. This was always the main topic of our conversations. After a while he became someone I could talk to for advice. Being eighteen, very naive and not very popular in school Martin's advice was gold. He helped me maneuver the pitfalls of being an unpopular, mostly unnoticed senior in high school.

After a couple of months the other two men became unhappy with their jobs and wound up quitting and moving back to their families. Martin on the other hand stayed and kept working. He had no family to support so he was basically working for himself and the experience.

Summer finally arrived and school ended Martin and I were closer than ever and I started noticing things that were getting harder and harder to hide. I would notice his shoulders how they were always back and very broad and the muscle tone when he would take his work shirt off. His biceps and forearms were defined. It took every ounce of energy I had to keep from gasping the first time I saw him pull off his shirt completely.

Then one day the unthinkable happened. As he was standing against his front doorway and I was sitting just outside on the grass. I have no clue what the conversation was about but I can remember like it was yesterday staring at the crotch of his faded jeans.

I could see the outline of his cock. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Then the conversation just stopped. I don't know when it stopped or how long it had stopped. I just remember looking up and those big brown eyes just staring at me.

I could feel my cheeks start to flush and I knew I was blushing, bad. I quickly looked away and my heart was racing. How I could be so stupid, I kept thinking to myself. I was just so sure that I had offended Martin and I had no clue what to say. Panic stricken I jumped to my feet.

I stuttered something out loud and managed to excuse myself and quickly went home. Was Martin going to change? Was he going to start thinking that I was some fag? It's all I could think of that night as I tossed and turned. Did I ruin it? Was Martin going to change? So many things came to mind but most of all I thought of the outline of his cock.

It was days since I had gone to visit with Martin. I had started working with a friend on his farm helping his family out. I would be up early in the morning and so tired that by the time I got home all I wanted to do was eat, shower and go to bed. But lying in bed late at night I would always think of Martin and what was going on with him.

Work on my friend's farm was finally all caught up so I wasn't working as late plus in a couple of days I would have to start looking for another job. I only had until September before I had to check into my college life. Everything was all set up for the next phase of my life. All I had to do was get through the summer.

Late one night I was walking towards where the farm equipment was kept just kicking at the ground and mumbling to myself when I voice out of nowhere called out and scared the hell out of me. "So did you get lost?" I almost jumped out of my skin. It was Martin sitting on one of the pieces of equipment calling out to me. My head was flooded with so many thoughts and emotions that it seemed like forever before I was able to answer him.

"Not lost just putting in a lot of hours at work." Smiling as I answered. "I know how that goes." Martin responded and just like that the conversation started up again and it was as if nothing had happened. I suddenly felt at ease and comfortable again. Not a word was mentioned about the awkward situation from days before and to my wonderful surprise he hadn't changed. We were just a couple of buds hanging out and talking about our day.

The weekend was here and on Saturday's I would go into the city with my grandfather. My grandfather was always quite the lady's man and at the time he had a nice lady friend that he would stay with over the weekend. I would go because my grandfather's girlfriend had couple of really nice daughters and they were always really cool with me.

I would hang out with them and go to movies, parties or other social events with them. It was never sexual just friends. This time I decided to stay home and just hang out on the farm.

After my grandfather left around noon I headed down to see what Martin was doing. I knocked and I heard a voice call out telling me to come in. As I walked in Martin was just getting out of the shower. He was standing there still slightly wet with a towel wrapped around his waist and another towel over his head. The towel around his waist came down to his knees but as he walked I could catch a glimpse of those muscular thighs as the towel parted ever so slightly with each step he took.

I could tell that he was surprised to see me. "You're home?" He would ask. "Yeah I decided to take a break from hanging out with the old man." I responded. Then he cracked that wonderful smile of his as he ducked back under the towel and continued to dry himself off.

I didn't wait for him to invite me in and we immediately started talking. Without thinking I had followed him into his room and plopped myself down on the edge of his bed. I was hypnotized watching him as he dropped the towel he was using to dry his hair down on a chair next to him and without skipping a beat he removed the towel around his waist.

He was standing there, his back to me and if you ask me today what he was saying I wouldn't know if my life depended on it but I remember that body. Being a farmer means hard physical work. Lots of lifting, walking and handling heavy machinery and his body was perfect. His back just as chiseled as his chest. His upper back wide then making a perfect v down to his waist. His bottom firm and round then down to those huge thighs.

As he turned I lost all thought because for the first time since we had met I would see his cock. Remember it was the 70's so in that time there was no shaving or trimming. There he stood with this very fat, hanging cock. The shaft hanging down and resting against these two very huge balls. All of this nestled in a very nice dark bush. I was breathless.

This wasn't the first time I had seen a man's cock but it was most definitely the most defined cock I had ever seen. The head of his cock was huge and the shaft was very thick. The length was most definitely the longest I had ever seen and he wasn't even fully erect. Once again I looked up and once again Martin had caught me staring. But this time before I could he react he put his hand up and he said, "Calm down."

My face was turning very red because I could feel the heat in my face getting more intense. I know I was blushing hard. "You don't have to run away." he said. Then he proceeded to calm me down and tell me how he had thought about that day when I took off after getting caught staring at his crotch.

As he was beginning to get dressed his voice was reassuring me, telling me that I didn't have any reason to run away. Martin explained to me that I didn't have to worry about him being mad, liking or not liking that I was staring at his cock.

In fact, he would explain, he didn't know how he felt about it. He just knew that he liked me and that he would never want to hurt my feelings or to embarrass me. Then he asked me if I wanted him to cover up. I looked into his eyes and said, "No."

Martin walked over to me and then sat down next to me reaching back and grabbing the pillows behind him. He would position the pillows so he could lay down on them, naked, next to me. Then he started talking. He would tell me that he's always liked girls and had never, ever thought about being with a guy. But he said that with me it was different. He would go on to tell me that he enjoyed our conversations and that he thought I was pretty.

Pretty? He thought I was pretty? At first it I was offended but then as I thought about it sitting there in silence thinking on it I wasn't offended. I was confused. So I had to ask him, "What do you mean, I'm pretty?" He let out a soft laugh and explained that I had really pretty eyes and he thought I was cute when I would blush. But what he really thought made me pretty was my smile.

Thinking back now I can understand what he was talking about even if at that moment I was completely confused. I was about 5'6" and weighed around 140lbs. I have light brown eyes and at that time I had shoulder length straight hair, a brown reddish color. I wasn't a hard body but I was in no way fat. In fact if I described my body with today's terms I would say that I had curves.

I had a thin waist but most definitely had a bubble bottom. I also had boy boobs. Don't laugh. What I mean is my chest was not tight and hard like Martins but instead I still had a bit of baby fat and my nipples were definitely what you would call puffies in today's terms. But all these things I didn't know at that moment and it didn't matter because all I cared about was that he thought I was pretty.

Martin reached up and started stroking the back of my head, running his fingers through my hair. Then asked me to lay back with him. I did as he asked. He would place my head on his chest turning me on my side facing him then he would put his arm around my shoulders pulling me in close. My free hand would find itself laying on top of Martins stomach.

I was so scared and nervous but most of all I was so excited. Martin would lean down and kiss the top of my head. I could've died right there. Without thinking my hand slowly made its way down his stomach and to the head of his cock. He let out a small gasp. I slid my hand over the shaft of his cock and to this day I can remember how soft and smooth the skin on his cock felt.

But I could not completely close my grip on the shaft of his cock. I had been able to palm a basketball since the start of eight grade so when I tell you that I have large hands, I have large hands. But I could not close my grip around his cock. I laid there with my head on Martins chest and his thick cock in my hand.

I slowly stroked it feeling it getting harder and thicker. As I slightly raised my head I could see that his cock was not only getting thicker but it was getting longer. I started masturbating at a young age so I knew what I was doing and the effect it was having on Martin. I understood how good it felt to stroke my own cock so I could tell by the way Martin would squirm and his breathing, becoming deeper, he was enjoying what I was doing.

Staring at Martins beautiful cock in my hand I found myself lowering my head down to it until the head of his cock was right in front of my face. Then I heard Martin call out between his heavy breathing, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." I replied. Then without warning I slipped that fat, purple, swollen cockhead into my mouth.

I had to strain to open my mouth to let it slip in but once his cockhead was in my mouth I instantly knew what to do with it. I started suckling that wonderful cockhead in and out of my mouth. Never allowing it to completely escape my lips then sliding it back into my mouth. Having to open my mouth that wide and using my tongue caused my saliva glands to kick into overdrive.

Soon the slobber in my mouth was too much to contain and I could see and feel the slobber drooling down his cock shaft over my fingers wrapped as best as they could be around his shaft. "Swallow." I heard him say in a soft voice. Swallow? I thought to myself. I did as he said and gulped down much of the drool that had built up in my mouth as I was sucking his cock. "Swallow." He whispered and again I would do as I was told. I swallowed.

Soon I was getting a rhythm and now did not have to be reminded to swallow as I found the perfect balance of saliva on his cock and the need to swallow the extra. Martin had begun grinding his hips upward to match my heads downward movements. I didn't realize it then but he was fucking my mouth ever so gently and softly. I was so lost in my act that I didn't notice that he was picking up both the pace in his breathing and the thrusts in his hips.

Then he took in a deep breath and grunted out in a loud voice, "Swallow!" Without hesitation I did as I was told accept this time just as I was about to swallow Martin dumped a big, thick strand of cum in my mouth. Because I did as I was told the thick strand of cum slid down my throat but before I could recover I heard him again. "Swallow!" Again I did as I was told and again another huge strand of cum was dumped into my mouth.

"Swallow." His voice would call out, oh my god not again, was all I could think as I swallowed.

I had just swallowed the first load when the second load was in my mouth. I had just taken a deep breath to swallow the second load when the third was already being dumped into my mouth. I felt panic because it was just too much but I swallowed. Only being able to take down half the load before needing to breathe again. By this time I had lost count of the loads dumped in my mouth.

I was gulping down what I could, the rest was escaping out of the corners of my mouth, drooling down his shaft. Air bubbles were forming from the cum that was escaping my mouth as I tried to breath in-between loads. Then finally the loads stopped cumming.

I kept swallowing and Martin lay there twitching ever so slightly as I continued sucking his cock. Swallowing all his cum down my throat. Then without having to be told I started licking the shaft of that beautiful cock making sure I cleaned every bit of his cum off of it and into my mouth.

His cock was clean and I was finishing squeezing out the last drop of his cum from his cock. Suddenly without warning Martin grabbed me and threw me onto the rest of the bed then as quick as he threw me he was lying next to me. With one flip I was on my side and he was behind me. Holding me, spooning me.

He was completely naked and I was still in my t-shirt and jeans. As we lay there I could feel his hard body pressed against mine and that fat, thick, semi-erect cock pressing against my ass.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I grabbed onto those big strong forearms. I was happy. For the first time in my short life I was happy. "There are a few rules babe if we're going to do this." He whispered in my ear. My heart started racing.

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My cock is so hard...I need part 2.

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by Markbike07/16/18

More please; it would be great to hear what happens next

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Go Martin!

They have to go for round two. And give sexy Martin a bit of hair for that muscular chest! Maybe Martin can return the favor and suck him?

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by denron07/13/18

Hot, Erotic Story!

I love the way you wrote this. Very sexy. Slow build to a very hot, erotic ending. But you have to tell more. I want to read about them making love, about Martin taking him, about their growingmore...

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grrrrrr thanks

Please go it is a great beginning I am in the UK and love reading about you in the Us and in the country Do you visit the UK?

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