tagIncest/TabooGrowing Up

Growing Up


Hart stood under the warm water of the shower squeezing and stroking his hard cock in his hand. He couldn't get the sight of his girlfriend, Linda, mother off his mind. He had gone to their kitchen to get a drink of water and found the older women bent over in the refrigerator. She had on a short housecoat that didn't cover her bottom, which gave Hart a perfect view of her thinly covered crotch. She had given him a teasing smile, even after knowing that he had been staring at her soft buns.

Hart released his hold on his cock as he gasped. He hadn't jerked off in years, and prevented himself from doing it then. He would be with Linda later and would be able to release his frustration with her.

He shut off the shower and dried. His aching cock stood out in front of him begging for relief, but he wasn't going to relieve himself by masturbating. His pride was much too strong for that.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and headed to the kitchen to get a bottle of water to relieve his thirst from all the drinking he had done. His mother, Wanda was there talking with one of her friends on the telephone.

Hart noticed his mother's smooth shapely legs and his cock jerked under the towel. The sight of Linda's mother filled his mind. He imagined himself holding on to Linda's mother's waist, while she bent over in the refrigerator and him thrusting his cock in her hot pussy.

Wanda noticed her son staring at her legs and turned away continuing her conversation. She wasn't in the mood to deal with another man's uncontrollable lust, especially after not being satisfied by her husband before he left for work.

Hart stood there watching his mother's ass move under her short silk robe. His eyes began to glaze over as his imagination took over.

Wanda glanced at her son a few times trying to ignore his burning eyes as she continued her phone conversation. She turned off the coffee pot and reached up to the cupboard for a cup that was just out of her reach. Her robe rose halfway up her ass revealing that she was not wearing underwear. Before she could lower herself from her toes, Hart was over her. Wanda felt the unmistakable shape of a man's hard cock between her legs and pressing between her naked butt-cheek.

"Honey, I got to call you back," Wanda said turning around and firmly grabbing hold of her son's shoulder. She looked down at her son's protruding cock and then up into his eyes. "Something just came up that I need to take care of."

Hart licked his lips as he looked at his mother's exposed breast under the thin robe. Wanda hung up the phone and narrowed her eyes as she looked at him.

She slapped the side of his face with her free hand. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she yelled at her son gripping his shoulder tight enough that her fingernail sunk into his skin. "It doesn't matter at all to you that I'm your fucking mother, does it? You're just going to stick your big fucking dick in me and I'm supposed to do what...bend over and let you do it?" She saw that his eyes were still on her exposed nipple. "Oh, I get it. You want to fuck me? Bring your ass here." She gripped his arm and pulled him to her bedroom.

Hart began to feel the sting from his mother's fingernails digging into his flesh and grimaced. It began to dawn on him what he had done. In is mind, things wasn't going that way. "Ma...," he started.

Wanda turned and slapped him again before he could get a word out of his mouth. "Don't you fucking call me mom," she shouted at him. "People don't go around trying to fuck their mothers. I must be some type of whore to you, because you didn't even ask me, you just shoved your cock at me. Since you want it that bad, you can have it, and you best enjoy it." She let loose his arm next to her bed, and then removed her robe discarding it. "What the fuck are you waiting for?" she asked snatching off his towel. She grabbed hold of his hard-on and pulled him on top of her as she slid back on her bed.

"Mom," Hart protested.

Wanda slapped him again, but this time hard enough to bring a tear to his eye. "I told you not to call me mom no fucking more," she said through her curled lips. "Call me bitch, whore, or whatever but don't you dare call me mom anymore. You wanted to fuck me, so fuck me goddamnit." She rubbed the head of his cock over her moistening cunt before guiding it in. She then gripped his tight buns and pulled him deeper inside of her. "The very worst thing you can do right now is not to fuck me the best you can, because you have already changed things between me and you."

Hart never felt so frighten in his life. He didn't fully understand the extent of what his mother was saying about things changing between them. Her demand for him to fuck her well seemed like a warning. Regardless, his cock was still rock hard and it was half way inside of her. He figured that he should heed her warning.

Hart began working his cock steadily deeper inside his mother's hot pussy. Wanda responded spreading her legs wider and pushing her hips up to match his thrusts.

"Mmmmm, that's it Hart. Fuck me like you want to," Wanda moaned as her son stuffed her cunt with his cock.

The image of his girlfriend's mother flashed to his mind. Her shapely legs spread wide, while he pounded her juicy cunt into the mattress. It felt like his cock was getting even harder as he drove it in her. He gripped the mattress and pulled himself more on top of his mother. He began to grunt with each thrust of his cock.

"Ah! Mmmmm!" Wanda moaned. She curled the covers in her fists as she strained and her body shook through her orgasms. She gasped thrusting her hips, and feeling another orgasm on the rise.

Hart drilled his cock down into his mother's pussy before building back up to his fast paced pounding. The veins in his arms and neck swelled as he drove his cock harder against his mother's cervix.

Wanda's moans went up and down as she was driven wild by the stimulation. She wrapped her legs around the back of his legs and rolled her hips getting the full effect of his length.

Hart held out as long as he could, but the feel of his mother's pussy overwhelmed him. He jerked and thrust as he shot stream after stream of his thick cum overflowing her cunt.

Wanda held him tight until they both were relaxed. She pushed him off her and picked up her robe putting it on. She retrieved her check book from her purse and wrote out a check to her son. "Here you go," she said handing him the check. "I want you to pack your bags and get out of this house." She folded her arms standing firm. "If you want to stay here, you're going to have to pay two hundred dollars for rent, two hundred dollars for me to do your laundry, cook, and clean for you and another two hundred dollars for me to let you fuck me like that. Your father puts four thousand dollars a month into this household and for that I do the things I've been doing for you, your entire life plus sleep in the bed with him. If you are going to be the other man in my life, you can give that check back to me and pay six hundred dollars a month or you can take that check and get out of my house right now. Out that door is a one way trip, but regardless of which you decide, don't ever call me mom again. Sons don't have sex with their mothers."

"Will you give me blowjobs?" Hart asked his mother.

Wanda leaned back considering sucking on the cock that had just fucked her so well. "Yes," she replied.

Hart stood up and handed her back the check. "Won't dad think it strange if he heard me calling you Wanda?" he asked.

"I will begin caring if he hears you call me slut or whore when he begins fucking me as well as you," Wanda said kneeling and taking her son's sex laced cock into her mouth.

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