tagIncest/TabooGrowing Up Pt. 01

Growing Up Pt. 01


Author's note: This series of stories follows on from the "Single Life - My Own Place" series, parts 1 to 10. While I've written each of the series of stories to be independent of each other, there are some links, as well as story development. I do recommend that you read "Single Life - My Own Place" before reading this series, however, it's not crucial.


Growing up had been an interesting journey.

I had grown up as an only child. I would have liked a brother or sister, but our family life was great. Mum and dad were happy with just the three of us. Until I was 11. Mum and dad started having issues when dad's work started bringing in a lot of money, and he was away a most of the time. Their marriage ended in divorce only months later. I had opted to stay with dad because it meant I stayed at the same school with my friends.

When I was 15, dad remarried to a woman named Hayley. She was a bit younger than dad, almost 6 years his junior. Hayley is quite beautiful, kind, and had a daughter 2 years older than me, Lauren. We had become a very close family because Hayley had also gone through a divorce of her own. A year later when my dad was suddenly killed in a car accident while away on an overseas business trip.

I was expecting to be shipped off to my mum who lived in the next state over, however Hayley and Lauren insisted that I could stay with them if I wanted to. I had grown close to them, and so I chose to stay rather than live with mum who had also remarried, and now was expecting their second child together.

Hayley, Lauren and I had grown closer together, and life had found a new normal.

When I was 18, Hayley was still quite young at age 36. She had Lauren when she was only 16, and had kept her slim physique. She was a brunette, but kept her hair a sandy blonde, which suited her light tan skin. She was very busty 10E, and in my late teens, I found it hard to maintain eye contact when she wondered the house in her robe or one of her loose fitted shirts, or just about anything.

Lauren on the other hand had kept her natural brunette hair, and had much smaller 10D breasts. She did however have Hayley's physique, and took great pride in her appearance. Like her mom, Lauren liked to walk around the house in comfortable clothes that accentuated her beautiful body.

Most of the time I walked around the hard with a perpetual hard-on living with two gorgeous women. The only relief was the time I had alone in my room, masturbating to my thoughts of Hayley and Lauren which watching a porno on the TV.


I had been taken out by a group of friends on my 18th birthday. It wasn't til a day later that Hayley and Lauren took me to a nice restaurant; just the three of us. Dad had left us very well off, so Hayley wanted to spend a bit on the special evening and we all got dressed up.

I wore a full black suit; black pants, black shirt, and black jacket. My black tie had a slight silver inlay, which I thought made the suit look very classy.

I was waiting down stairs when I first saw what Lauren as she came down the steps. She was wearing a long black tight fitted dress that accentuated the nice curves in her hips and breasts. Her black heels made her not only much taller, but made her legs more shapely and her arse perky. Her long brunette hair was tied up into a bun. I had never seen her look this good since her 18th birthday two years ago. She was stunning, and I was lost for words.

Lauren spun around in front of me, and waited for my response.

"Well? What do you think?" Lauren said as she placed her hands on her hips.

I gulped, "You look amazing." was all I could say as I looked her up and down.

Lauren giggled and punched me in the arm, "Thanks, you're not bad yourself."

I shifted in my suit, trying to hide my erection from looking at Lauren. She had always looked amazing as we were growing up together. Being older than me, she always teased me about girls and how I still had my 'V Plates'.

Hayley appeared at the top of the stairs a few minutes later. Lauren and I turned to look at her.

"Wow mum. You look incredible!" Lauren said.

Hayley waved her hand, "Oh this old thing." She said sarcastically.

Hayley did look incredible. She was wearing a silver dress with a long slit up the side, showing her smooth legs. Her ample tits stood out and strained against the material. Her blonde hair was straightened and came down just below her shoulders. As she came down the stairs, I could see her white garter belt and stockings.

My hard-on grew, so I turned to open the front door, hoped it wasn't noticeable. As Hayley and Lauren walked out the door, I admired their slender bodies. I knew I was going to have trouble hiding my erection the whole night.

When we arrived at the restaurant, Hayley and Lauren definitely had every man's attention; and even some of the ladies. Not that I was bad looking at 6 feet with a fit muscular build, but this night, Hayley and Lauren were getting the attention.

We sat down, which allowed me to finally hide my erection as I looked at Hayley and Lauren across the table for the evening.

As we ate, we chatted about our day, and general things that were happening. Hayley worked as an office manager for a large law firm, Lauren was in university studying nursing, and I was about to enter university to study to be a pilot.

Every now and then, I felt a foot sliding up and down my leg under the table. I didn't know who it was, both ladies weren't giving any tell tale signs. Whoever it was, she had taken off her heels, and her foot was smooth.

We were all close. We touched and joked about when we're at home, however neither of them had ever made a move on me, even though I wanted them to. We were after all, only related through marriage. I never made a move on them either, but they were the occasional fantasy.

As we ate our meals, the foot would etch closer and closer to my crotch. This was definitely a new sensation that I had never experienced.

As we got up to leave, I looked at both of their feet as walked in front of me. Both had their heels on, and they had the same size feet. I was perplexed on who it might have been.

We entered our home and headed to the kitchen as it was our thing to talk around the kitchen counter. Hayley suggested we have a night cap, and pulled out a port wine she had been saving for a special occasion. Lauren and I both agreed. One drink wasn't enough, we all stayed up late and almost finished the bottle.

Lauren offered to clean up, as Hayley and I headed up stairs to our bedrooms. I followed Hayley up the stairs, her long legs and firm arse looked amazing from behind. I normally fantasize about her, and she was making it difficult not to.

As we reached my bedroom door, Hayley turned around and hugged me. Her large breasts pressing against me. I moved my hips back so she couldn't tell how hard I was.

"Happy birthday Andy. I hope you had a great night." Hayley said into my ear as she held me close.

"I did. Thanks for taking us out." I replied as my arms held Hayley around her slender waist.

Hayley let go, and kissed me on the cheek, "Goodnight".

"Goodnight." I said as I watched her walk to her bedroom.

I entered my bedroom and undressed, allowing my hard 9 inch cock free. I couldn't take it any longer. I sat on the edge of my bed and put on some soft porn via the computer connected to my large screen TV on the wall. I quickly searched around my favorite porn site and found one of a woman slowly undressing in white lingerie.

I heard a knock at the door. I quickly pulled the bedsheet over my cock, and looked for the remote to turn off the TV. The door opened as I kept looking through the bedsheets for the remote.

I looked to see who it was, and it was Hayley, standing in my doorway, with a white robe on.

She walked into my bedroom, and looked at the TV.

"She's hot. But who do you like more, me or her?" Hayley said as she walked in front of me. She paused and then dropped her robe on the floor, revealing her white satin bra, matching g-string, garter belt, and stockings.

It took me a second to register what was happening. "Ahh, umm, you do, of course."

Hayley started feeling up and down her body with her hands, "How about you move those sheets. I know you like to masturbate. It's quite normal."

I was nervous, but my cock was rock hard, and it's what she wanted. I move the sheets back to reveal my cock to Hayley.

"Wow, that's a big cock." Hayley said as she cupped her tits, pushing them up, and bending towards me.

I started stroking my cock in front of her, and it really got Hayley going as she continued to feel her large breasts.

Hayley's right hand slid down her body and started feeling her pussy through her g-string, but it wasn't long til she removed her garter belt and pulled her g-string off. Her pussy was pink and completely shaven, except for neatly trimmed piece of hair above her clit.

"I know that you like to masturbate, and now that your 18, you don't need to do it alone anymore. I can help you, and you can help me." Hayley said seductively as she continued to work one hand on her clit, and the other on her large breast.

Hayley sat next to me on the bed, spread her legs, and played with her pussy as she watched my hand slide up and down my shaft.

I could see right down her cleavage, and her hand moving quickly over her clit.

Hayley started moaning and talking dirty, "I love watching you play with yourself. Do you like watching me?"

"Yes. I love watching you. I fantasize about you all the time." I said as my hand slid up and down my shaft at a quick pace.

"I know you do." Hayley said as she let out a long moan.

Hayley's body quivered and tensed up, I could tell she was about to orgasm.

I placed my free hand on the inside of her thigh. I could feel how hot her pussy was and her body shaking from her hand.

Hayley squeezed her breast with her free hand and let out a long deep moan as she orgasmed.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I had fantasized about her, and here she was masturbating with me. I couldn't hold it any longer. I stood up in front of her and let out a stream of cum all over Hayley, which made her orgasm even more.

After a few more strokes, I looked over Hayley. I had cum all over her tits, bra, neck and stomach. Hayley feel backwards into my bed, "That was incredible." She said as she caught her breath.

I walked over to my nightstand and pulled out a few tissues and was about to start wiping the cum off her body, when Hayley reached out with her hand and stopped me.

"Allow me." She said with a wide grin.

Hayley took her index finger and wiped up some of the cum from across the top of her breasts, and then proceeded to lick her finger.

"Mmm, you taste good." Hayley said as she closed her eyes and swallowed the cum in her mouth.

I sat down on the bed next to her.

She then opened her eyes and look straight at me. Hayley sat upright on the edge of the bed and then she got down on the floor in front of me. Her hand found my hard cock, and she bent over and placed the tip into her mouth and sucked very hard.

She looked back at me, opened her mouth to show me the cum on her tongue, and then swallowed it.

I thought that was the end of the best birthday present ever, however Hayley hadn't finished yet.

She placed my cock into her eager mouth and began sucking and licking the entire length. I put my hands on the back of her head and begged her not to stop.

I had been given blow jobs from girl friends in the past, but this was different. Hayley knew what to do and wasn't afraid of taking in the full length into her mouth.

At one point, Hayley stopped bobbing her head up and down on my cock to allow me to just hold her head and thrust my cock in and out of her mouth.

"I'm going to cum." I moaned.

Hayley squeezed my cock with her fingers and continued to deeply suck on my cock.

I wanted to cum, but her fingers were holding it back.

"Let me cum!" I begged.

Hayley released her grip, and I came deep into her mouth.

She continued to suck and swallow until my cock was completely empty. Her tongue ran up and down the sides of my shaft, licking up the spunk that lined my hard cock.

She then looked up at me.

"Happy birthday." She said with a smile. "I've been waiting for you to turn 18 so I could do that for you."

I was in shock by what just happened, and didn't say anything.

Hayley stood up in front of me, and lent forward to kiss me on the lips. I could taste my cum, but I didn't mind. Hayley had just made a fantasy come true.

Hayley picked up her white garter belt and g-string on the floor, and threw the g-string to me.

"Keep it as a present from me to you." She said with a smile.

As I watched her walk towards the door, I noticed a black g-string at the doorway; and so did Hayley.

She picked it up and looked at it.

"I guess this is Lauren's present to you." Hayley said with a wink.

She threw it at me. I was now holding two wet g-strings in my hands.

I looked back at the doorway, but Hayley was gone.

My head was spinning from what had just happened, and had Lauren been watching us?

I looked down at the g-strings in my hands. Both were warm and wet. I climbed into bed and wrapped them around my semi hard cock.

Turning 18 was the best.

To be continued.

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by Anonymous10/06/18


That was incredibly exciting and erotic. Yes there are grammar issues but I’m not looking for an English Primer on Literotica. For those who didn’t or couldn’t figure out that you are not an USmore...

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by Alwaystaboo09/24/18

Masterfully crafted

Such an erotic story.

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by SingleAndy09/23/18

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for your feedback ‘Anonymous’.
If you’re so uptight about grammar, how about you sign up an account and become a volunteer editor?

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by Anonymous09/22/18

What An Incredibly Painful Read!


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by bigmg200009/17/18

Great So far

Hope there is more to come.

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