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Growing With Old Friends


Growing up in an upper middle class neighborhood was ok I guess. I mean, well, I didn't know anything any better. My friends were the same people I grew up with and we all knew each other well, too well.

When you wanted to date someone else the whole school knew about it almost as fast as you voiced it. Breaking up had to be a publicly voiced rejection of the other person. That way it got back to them quickly and in a few hours it was all over, free to move on.

Of course as the guy you didn't stand a chance of dating anyone close to the girl's clique for weeks. As my adolescence kicked in I figured out that going to the other towns and making friends with the locals there gave me a better chance of finding a larger pool to select from.

It worked pretty well for the years I was in high school. Never having to be worried about a date or their friend's reaction to a break-up, gave me a lot of freedom to choose girls from different backgrounds and races.

My eighteenth year, the summer before going to college, I had three girlfriends.

Amanda was a gymnast with skin the color of dark chocolate and the most flexible body I have ever encountered. She could get into positions for sex few people ever thought about, fantastic lover. It never ceased to amaze me how a leotard could hide a full figured young lady, by that I mean big tits. Her ass was a cute heart shape that was made for a pair of hands to hold onto when she sat on my lap during one of our marathon love matches, man I miss her.

Megan was the mechanics daughter. I know it sounds like the start of a joke, but this young lady was far from a joking matter. Her father was a happy go lucky drunk that was passed out right after supper. If I had eaten with them he would yell at us from the couch just as he dropped out, 'Use a rubber!' Then we only heard his snores, she always had an ample supply of condoms for her many 'guests' her father didn't know about. She was the first one I had a three-way with and if her sister hadn't come home drunk it may never have happened. On a dare from Megan she told me I wouldn't fuck her sister while she watched. I did and she not only watched but got so excited she joined in.

Sasha was the last girl I was with before college life took me away. She was a missionary's daughter. Having spent years abroad she had a very rounded and understanding attitude about guys and girls and what they should do with each other when alone or sometimes with others around. To her it didn't matter where she was, if she wanted to suck my cock and we were at her parents sitting on the porch swing, she would take my jacket throw it over her shoulders and suck me off drinking down my entire load. Then she would come up with a grin showing me the little nuggets of sperm in her teeth and laugh and giggle. She would always want to share my ejaculate with me or her sister, when she was home. They would whisper and giggle like little girls sitting on either side of me in the swing. Damn I miss her too.

Now I'm in one of the Ivey League colleges on the east coast trying to be a lawyer and screwing every young nubile woman I can get into the pants of. I've had many successes and even more failures, but it's all good.

I don't want to join one of the fraternities and even in my third year here they still try to get me to join. They are nothing if not persistent. This latest attempt to recruit a new member, namely me, is bound for failure again. This time they try a different tact, violence!

Coming back to my apartment off campus the light is off in the hall. This isn't very unusual, but it's just the one by my door and not the rest. I never had any trouble before so didn't think anything about it.

Just as I put my key in a hand came across my mouth and clamped down. Dropping like I passed out the guy behind me, I could tell it was a man because of aftershave, let me go. When I hit the concrete I snap kicked his knee dropping him like a stone. Crying like a little girl he tried to grab me but I opened my door and slipped in side to get something.

When I came back he was moaning and holding his leg, "You asshole! Call the paramedics, you broke my leg! I didn't hurt you why'd you do that?"

"Oh shut up you big sissy. I'll give you something for the pain in a minute. Who sent you to get me?"

"Kiss my ass dip-shit!"

"That's not very sociable!" I held up my taser and squeezed the button making it sizzle, "No where was I, oh yeah. Who sent you?"

"No, no don't I'll tell you. It was the Delta president, he sent me to get you for initiation."

"There that wasn't hard, was it? So Preston Douglas wants to see me again, huh? I told him not to bother I don't want to join his little club, bet he didn't tell you that though. What's your name?"

"David Lester."

"David, nice to meet you but tonight is not your lucky night!" I zapped him enough to make his bladder lose control then again until he shit in his pants, "That ought to do it."

Grabbing his feet I dragged him down the stairs slowly bouncing his head on each step and out to my truck. The trouble was getting him in the back without getting his bodily fluids on me.

Driving over to the Delta house I parked in the street with the rear of the truck facing the front yard. Stepping out I checked on David and yelled, "Preston Douglas! I have a present for you!"

When he came out he stood there, "Who the fuck are you and what do you want?"

"Oh we need to work on your people skills! Here let me deliver this first."

Jumping in the truck I backed over the shrubs and left furrows in the manicured lawn, slammed on the brakes and dumped poor David on the ground. Speeding out after spraying him with gravel I stopped in the street.

"Preston if you want to apologize to me come to my apartment to do it. If you want to escalate this obsession you have for me then have the balls to do it with out any of your lackeys. If on the other hand you want to let this incident go? Then do it, but if you don't be prepared to suffer the consequences. Have a good evening, gentlemen."

I drove away and called my girlfriend Sally on the campus police squad and told her exactly what happened.

"Bob you didn't! What if he presses charges?"

"No, Preston would rather handle it himself and save face. I hope he's not going to do that, but I'll be ready if he does. Want to go out for dinner Friday night?"

"Wait a minute here. I'll go over there and smooth it out for you, or at least find out what he says, ok?"

"Sure, but what about dinner?"

"You only want one thing, but then again so do I. Pick me up around eight and we'll discuss what you did in bed after we eat, bye sweetie. You be careful, ok"

"Ok lover, I'll see you Friday at eight, bye."

Sally went over and Preston, after trying to get her back to his room, said he and his friends would take care of the little problem. Meaning little old me, oh well here we go again.

Now, I believe in taking charge of a problem to head off any misunderstandings or potential misuses of time. Heading over to the favorite hang out of the boys from Delta, a local bar that allows them to have as much fun the local law allows, or some times what they won't allow. Several times the fellas had a little too much fun and large payoffs were given to the cops and the young girls that were raped or whatever.

I have been training in Karate since I was ten years old. When I received my first black belt at eighteen I cross trained in Tae Kwon Do and maintain my black belt in both religiously. I found it helps me with flexibility and concentration.

I don't go looking for any fights, but I won't back down from one either. Mr. Douglas just didn't understand that when I say no it means no. Without killing him I felt he needed a lesson in humility.

As soon as I entered the place the group of six sitting at a rear table stopped talking and looked in my direction. I waved at Preston and grinned then went to the bar and ordered a drink.

I felt a tap on my shoulder so I turned around. The guy they sent was a foot taller than me and wide as a door. Stepping close enough that his chest touched mine he smiled down at me.

"Hey, asshole, Preston wants to talk to you, now!" he pointed over his shoulder towards the table.

I smiled at him and shook my head turned around and leaned into the bar sipping my drink. I could see him in the mirror and he looked very confused, apparently he wasn't used to people refusing his wishes. Shrugging his shoulders as he looked to Preston for guidance he must have gotten some.

I felt his hand come down on my shoulder so I reached up took his fingers in my hand and soon he was kneeling on the floor screaming for me to stop. I held his hand as I propelled him over to the table.

"Hey Preston, how the hell are you? Long time no see, this fine young gentleman here seems to be lacking in manners and if I don't hear an apology he may never have full use of this hand again, ok?"

Fuming Preston tried to stand, but I waved him down, "No, don't get up. Just tell him what he needs to do, now!"

"Dwayne, tell him you're sorry!"

"I'm not telling him........ Ahhhhhhhhh!"

"I'm sorry Dwayne, I didn't hear you!" his head was getting closer to the floor and his hand was very close to being broke.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

I released his hand, "There that wasn't so hard was it?" Preston stood up and started around the table. Smiling at him I held my hand up, "Now, now Preston if we're going to make up you need to let it go boy! If you want to pursue this, than let's you and I go out side and settle it now, ok?"

He smirked at me, cracked his knuckles and spit on the floor at my feet, "Outside, now!"

"Sure, Preston I'll be glad to, but only you and I, no one else. Agreed?"

"Agreed, I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass!"

I just smiled at him and shook my head. Well, we went out and without getting into any details, he went to the hospital and I drove home. He got a few pretty good shots in and I'm glad he did, after all I didn't want it to be completely one-sided.

Stopping to get some ice at the local convenience store I grabbed some other stuff and when I came out Sally was standing next to my car, "Hey, what's up?" I kissed her cheek.

"I told you I would smooth it out, but no you have to go beat him up. What is wrong with you, are you dense or something?"

"I'm fine, how are you?"

She sighed and shook her head at me, "Oh shut-up dumb-ass, get in your car and I'll follow you home. You've been drinking and I should arrest you, hurry up!"

She got in her squad car and got in behind me to follow me home. I pulled in the marked space and she stopped behind me getting out following me inside, "What's the matter, look I'm sorry if I got you in trouble. I just wanted to talk with him and tell him no again, but he wanted it to get physical and ........"

"Oh shut-up, you are such a liar! It just so happens I was in the store parking lot across the street and saw the whole fight. Now what do you have to say?" she stood there with her hands on her hips looking at me, not smiling.

I opened my door and we went inside, "I, uh, well ok maybe I wanted to kick his ass a little bit, but he could have just quit making trouble for me, you know?"

"Oh keep talking, it's all bullshit, but keep talking!"

I didn't want to lose her as a girlfriend, "Well, shit! Ok, I wanted to beat the crap out of him and any of his friends, ok? I didn't care if he didn't want too; I just wanted a piece of him. I know it was wrong, but damn, it felt good to knock him out! Look I don't want to lose you over this so if you want me too I'll go apologize to him first thing in the morning, ok?"

She raised her eyebrows and smiled then wrapped her arms around me and kissed my cheek, "You would do that for me?"

I nodded and kissed her back.

"Wow, I never had anyone do anything like that for me before. Man, you must really want to get me in bed badly, huh?"

I smiled at her, "No, not really, I was thinking the kitchen counter maybe or the table. The bedroom is where I sleep after all; the back of the couch is a wonderful place too."

She bit my bottom lip, "Ok smart ass, no nookey for you tonight. Save it for this weekend and I'll let you prove it about the counter, table and couch then, only after you feed me though. I'm not that easy, at least not tonight."

She kissed me again cupped my balls and squeezed my hard cock then blew me a kiss from the door, "Remember, don't waste any until I see you this weekend, I want you to save it all for me. Lock your door too."

I watched her walk to her car and went back in locking the door behind me.

Friday I was coming back from my last class and my cell phone rang, "Hello?"

"Bob old buddy!"

It was Preston and he sounded drunk, "Hey Preston, what do you want?"

"Actually it's about what you want Bob. I have a friend of yours here and she wants to say hello," sounds of a small struggle and a woman yelling at him, "Bob, whatever he wants, forget it I......." a loud smack and a scream then silence for a second, "Sorry about that she wanted to bite me so I had to slap her around a little. Her lip should heal up enough to suck my dick by tonight, in fact it should be good enough for all of us to use by tonight, right fellas?"

I heard several guys in the background laughing and hooting, my anger was building as I gripped the phone tighter, "Just what do you want Preston?"

"Want? I want you stupid, what did you think I'd want. Come over to the house at eight and if we haven't fucked her to death you can negotiate to get her back," the line went dead.

I slowly closed the phone and put it in my pocket. Taking a few deep breaths I ran back to my apartment and got some of my weapons then started to run back to their house. I didn't want them to hear me coming. I stopped in the backyard near the alley and waited and watched peeking through the fence. The sun went down and it was all I could do not to break in and kill them all, but that wasn't a very good idea, Sally might get hurt.

I finally saw some movement in the kitchen, it was the cook. Slipping in the yard I snuck up and tapped on the kitchen door. She didn't even look to see who it was, just opened the door and stepped back in the kitchen to fix dinner.

I was an hour early and didn't feel bad about it at all. Stepping around into the hall I could hear someone laughing at the TV so I slipped along the wall and peeked in the front room. There were two guys sitting there drinking beer and watching some sit-com.

Just as I was about to slip past one turns to the other, "Hey, want to go check on that girl in the basement? We could have some fun with her and she'll never know who we were? I want to see those tits under her shirt, I bet she has a nice rack, five bucks says they're at least thirty six's."

"You're on, let's go before the other guys get back!"

Laughing they scooted around the corner and I could hear them going down some stairs. It had to be the basement; I followed and pulled out my num-chucks. Staying behind them was easy as much noise as they were making. They opened a door in the far corner of the basement and turned on the light. I could see Sally tied to a chair, her head was hanging down and her clothes were torn exposing her bra and panties. They had her hands behind her back and her feet tied to the chair legs. She looked unconscious, but when one of them came over bent down and said something her head snapped up and gave him a bloody nose. He yelped and staggered back cursing. I could see she had a blind fold and tape across her mouth.

The partner came over and hit her with his closed fist knocking her silly, "How do you like that bitch! You ok Dale?"

Spitting he came over and tore off her bra grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples hard making her scream under the tape.

They were concentrating on hurting her and didn't hear me come up behind them. The last thing either one heard was the swish of air just before the chucks hit them in the head dropping them to the floor.

I whispered to Sally who I was and untied her wrapping her in my shirt. She wrapped her arms around me and started to cry, after several minutes she got her self under control and helped me tie up our friends.

"Look these guys are going to come too pretty soon, any idea what we can gag them with?"

She looked around and smiled at me, "Yeah I have an idea, got a pocket knife with you?"

I nodded and handed her my razor sharp lock blade, "No body parts sweetie."

"Much as I want to, no, just these will have to do," She unsnapped their belts and pulled down their pants then cut off their underwear stuffing them in between their lips and taping it all in place. She was just finishing up when they came too looking scared, "Oh, hi boys, comfy? What you feel in your mouth is your underwear. You have his and he has yours, isn't that cozy for you two homo's. By the way, I got more than enough DNA to convict you both for attempted rape and assault with intent to do bodily harm, so if you want revenge I suggest you forget it, but just to remind you what it will be like in prison, here help me get these two comfortable will you, please."

I stepped in their view and smirked down at them, "Sure I'll be glad too."

We positioned them with each ones dick in the others face then tied them there after taking several pictures, "Wow, sure hope I don't have to post these on the internet, or even worse the campus newspaper. Another thing guys, your dicks are kinda tiny so maybe being gay is better for you anyway. Have a nice day!"

We laughed at them and snuck upstairs. Just as I led her outside the front door opened and Preston came in with his friends. I was about to go back and beat the shit out of them, but Sally grabbed me and shook her head.

I took her back to my apartment and cleaned her up by sharing a shower. She clung to me until I carried her to the bed and tucked her in promising not to kill the guys before she woke up.

Sitting by her bed I kept watch and went through many scenarios about how to get even, but I fell asleep in the chair with my hand on the bed next to her.

The sun came up and washed my room waking me up. I sat up and saw Sally was gone but had left a note telling me she went home to get cleaned up and get a change of clothes. I was to sit tight and she would be right back.

Taking another shower to wake up I got dressed and ate some breakfast. By the time I was finishing up the dishes and on my second cup of coffee she knocked on the door, "Hey, come on in. Are you ok?"

Smiling at me she kissed me hard and hugged me even harder, "I am now, thanks for coming to my rescue."

"I think you're worth the effort of a little rescue. You have any ideas about getting even with them? Can the campus police help us at all?"

She sat down and poured some coffee, "I called my supervisor and he said with the way my evidence was gathered and without them being notified none of it would stand up in court."

My mouth dropped open.

Grinning she sipped her coffee, "He did say that in case anything was to happen, say with Preston and his guys at their house, he could delay any response from them! He also said they're under suspicion of running drugs from the local cops and if we found a way to bust them it would be the end of him and his band of bullies."

We planned an invasion of the house knowing they would be at another fraternity for a party tonight. If they got hook-ups they would bring the girls back for an orgy. We waited until after ten and snuck back in the same way we left. There was only one person there and he didn't put up much of a struggle. Putting him in the basement room unharmed and tied up we did a room by room search turning up a lot of drugs and paraphernalia for drug use.

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