Helen brought herself back from that other place she had been. She had told herself to do this now, at this time, and she did it. It was a technique that Mistress had taught her, a way to remove herself mentally from what was being done to her. At the same time it seemed to allow time to pass much faster.

Helen was in a place that was totally black and silent. She was restrained in an arduous position which exposed her accessible holes and also posed her in a classic, erotic position of bondage.

She was completely clad in soft, shiny leather. Nothing showed anywhere except for the access holes to her body. Her vagina, her anus, her nipples, and her mouth, they were accessible and usable to anyone who cared to use them. Nothing else of her was visible except the leather. This pose was especially difficult. She looked similar to the letter “Z” from the side. She had been suited then draped and bound to four bars. The mechanism was called a rack and was sort of like a Nautilus machine for bondage posing. One bar was behind her knees which were spread apart to their limit. Another was at her feet, spreading them wide apart also and pulling them hard behind her, forming the bottom of the “Z”. Her body was positioned on another bar that crossed her right at the spot where her shoulders joined her upper body and this formed the middle of the “Z”. Her arms were widely separated, pulled hard forward and bound to another pipe which could be moved in or out as Mistress desired. Her arms formed the top of the “Z”.

A strap running from the top of the hood to the center of the back of her waist had her face pointing straight ahead and located her mouth in a convenient spot for users. She was suspended in the air so that her pussy and anus were located near the height of four feet, again, for user convenience. With the forward strain on her body, anyone using her pussy would find her exposed nipples conveniently located for use with their mouth. She had been posed entirely for a user’s convenient access to her pussy, anus, nipples, and mouth. A small panel ensured that she could be raised or lowered for easier access with minimal effort on the part of the user.

Her accessibility had been taken advantage of by numerous people. Her mouth, ass, and pussy had been invaded time after time after time. She had been used extremely hard! She had no idea how long she’d been here but her stomach felt uncomfortably full. The amount of semen which had been deposited into her mouth and swallowed had filled her stomach to taut, straining, fullness! She did know that she had been used innumerable times. Sometimes by individuals, occasionally by groups, and sometimes people would simply test to see if she was real. Dildos, fingers, hands, speculum, all manner of things had been inserted and withdrawn. Women, men, it made no difference, she was there to be used and she had been! Some would simply run a quick finger into each orifice checking that this erotic display was a real human being. Others would fuck or suck one of her orifices until they were satisfied. Occasionally, a group would visit her and use her offerings. At least she thought that was what was happening. She couldn’t see, couldn’t hear and her imagination was her only way to make anything of the way this was going.

She found that when this sort of training had first started, the anonymity of having an unexpected and unknown cock or tongue shoved into her while she was effectively blinded and deaf and unable to make the slightest move, was completely different from anything she had ever experienced. She had attempted to imagine the person connected to the organ that was penetrating her body. That proved to be impossible and she’d given that up, instead, she had learned to concentrate on the object. If it was a cock, she tried to feel every single irregularity, every minute fold or crease, every single identifying characteristic, including how it was used and manipulated. She could tell, shortly after penetration started, a particular cock had ever been inside her mouth, pussy, or anus. Her mouth of course was much more sensitive to identifying a penis or a pussy than either her anus or vagina. Identifying various pussies was the easiest because her sensitive mouth and tongue noted the slightest difference in the size, location of clitoris, taste, moistness and folds of skin. Recognizing a mouth at her own mouth, pussy, or anus was also easy because the owner would always have some sort of habitual routine that they would invariably fall into, and she would know if she had been kissed, sucked or eaten by a particular mouth shortly after it would fasten itself to whatever part of her it wanted to use.

At some time, the visitors would cease, someone would wheel her, still on her rack, into a truck or van, and she would be taken away to find herself back in Mistress’s dungeon where more teaching would take place. This teaching was frequently painful and Helen gradually learned to go to that other place that Mistress told her of and directed her to. In that place, Helen was totally aware of what was happening and her feelings weren’t dulled in the slightest. As a matter of fact, Helen believed that her sensitivity was sharper and more defined than normal. Every insult, every degradation, every foray into pain was an experience that Helen remembered and participated in fully. Her screams were no less loud or genuine than when she wasn’t able to get to that place. It’s just that when she was in that place, regardless of what was done to her, she was able to maintain her sanity and dignity much easier. She wondered what awaited her tonight.

She was completely undressed for tonight’s lesson. She was washed and laved carefully and thoroughly. Then a simple black vinyl body stocking was brought to her and the laborious process of getting a human body into a garment that exactly matched that body, was started. After the normal process of pulling, tugging, and smoothing was completed and the last zipper was closed and the last buckle buckled, she was assisted in sitting upright and a pair of six inch black platform boots with stiletto heals were placed on her feet. The boots ran up to just barely below her vagina and were laced snugly all the way. An oval cut out between her legs was unsnapped and removed. It made accessing her anus and vagina very easy and convenient. The ball and harness was fitted and tightened and the hood was placed over her head and securely fastened. This time the straps that would normally force her head to look straight up weren’t fastened. Instead, three straps that kept her head straight forward were attached and adjusted until absolutely tight, and she was unable to move her head the least bit. The openings in the hood for her eyes were uncovered last.

She was walked to a small enclosure and assisted over the low walls and all the assistants began immobilizing her. Her hands went behind her again and were strapped from the elbows to wrists. Then a wide leather strap was used to pin them solidly against her back. A bar went under her arms at the shoulders and was attached to a chain that disappeared into the dark above her. Her legs were lifted to the front and up until all her weight was on the bar under her shoulders, then a bar was attached to her ankles with strong straps. The bar at her ankles was lifted leaving her hanging with her ass just touching the floor. Two assistants entered and held her legs just far enough apart so that her face was visible just at her knees, her legs running upward past her face on either side. Using another wide leather strap they started just below her face, near her knees and began strapping her legs to her torso. They continued down to a point where the cutout for her genitalia and ass started. The strap was re-tightened as much as the assistants could pull it with their arm strength. When they finished, her legs were strapped and bound totally against her body. She was completely doubled, like a closed jackknife, her face located at her knees with her legs running up alongside her face. Her feet were now the highest part of her body. Another bar was pushed crosswise between her strapped legs and her body where her legs joined her waist. This bar was secured to the floor with two chains and all slack was removed until the pull from above and below was equal. Helen was shaped like the letter “I”, with her ass and pussy about an inch above the floor and the rest of her supported by the chains that were attached well above her. Her arms were bound behind her and were immovable. Two mirrors were placed so she could see directly in front of her with one and directly behind her from the other.

She was strapped, tied, and trussed securely until movement of any kind was impossible. One of Mistress’s assistants moved up to her and inserted a small rubber appliance attached to a rubber tube, into her anus. It was the kind used with hot water bottles for relieving constipation. After inserting it some four or five inches into her anus and right against her anus, the spring loaded stopper was released. Something flowed smoothly into her and began filling her anus. She kept her eyes on the mirror that permitted her to see behind her. The substance continued to pour into her anus, filling it and then beginning to distend it with the amount of fluid that continued to run into her. Just as her anus began to protrude from the large amount of liquid that pressured her, the flow was stopped and the appliance withdrawn. Helen saw a single drop of something white leak from her as the appliance was removed from her anus with a soft pop.

“Milk,” the attendant said quietly and left with his equipment.

Now, someone she couldn’t see lowered their hands into the enclosure with a very fat, three foot long, brown snake. Helen was absolutely terrified of snakes and the hair on her body stood up in abject fear! Her eyes bulged in terror and she began screaming repeatedly! She quickly took herself to that other place and watched the training unfold and listened to her own screams.

The snake was a sickly yellowish brown in color. His evil head was flat and blunt and there was some sort of string arrangement that was holding his mouth closed. There was some play in that arrangement however, and she watched as the snake ran out his tongue and then start fluidly toward her. His cold eyes glittered in the bright light and his forked tongue ran continuously in and out, as his muscular, oval body slid across the floor silently straight towards her. He slid up behind her straight to the single drop of milk and then the large snake slid up to her anus and flickered his tongue for the smell of the milk. Helen clamped her sphincter tightly closed to avoid even one drop of seepage. It did no good! His head darted forward against her anus and pressed solidly against her. The strength of the snake was amazing! He pushed strongly against her sphincter and several drops of milk popped from her anus! He didn’t hesitate for a second, his blunt head pressed hard and steadily against her anus and he simply began sliding inside! He was inside her! Helen felt her blood turn to ice as the evil body of the snake began disappearing smoothly inside her ass! Milk ran from around his scaly body as he slid past her clenched sphincter and into her anus.

Her screams intensified and it felt as if she were shitting in reverse as the fat muscular body continued its rapid invasion of her anus! Helen watched in the mirror that reflected what was going on behind her and began screaming even louder and sobbing in the full throes of terror!

The muscular body continued sliding in, widening the opening into her with the steadily increasing diameter of his body as he entered her. Helen felt his heavy muscular weight as more of the snake smoothly insinuated itself into her anus. There was at least eight inches inside her now and he continued to slide in. Her anus was stuffed solidly and still the snake slid himself inside. Helen could feel his head moving around inside as he continued to glide back and forth, arranging himself to get his entire body inside this dark, warm, flexible, and sweet tasting sanctuary! She could also see her anus protrude then subside as the snake moved around. Her lower belly now began reflecting the snakes movement as her anus filled up and he continued to move around inside her. The last of his body disappeared and she now had three feet of fat, muscular snake packed inside her anus! She felt as if her bowels had been invaded and rigidly packed. Her ass was absolutely solid with snake! There was no room for anything else at all! She saw her anus round out and had an overpowering urge to empty her bowels as the snake slid his wide, fat head out of her anus and then became still.

It was like having to shit in the most desperate way and to have a huge piece of fecal matter extending from you but not moving any further. Then Helen realized that she was wrong about the moving part. The snake had begun to move in a rhythmic fashion as it continued arranging its body inside her. Again her anus and lower belly began moving as the snake made himself even more comfortable inside her. As he moved, the urge to shit became overpowering and her body suddenly cramped sharply! Each movement wrung a sharp, ululating scream from Helen as the cramps ran through her with his smallest movement! The movement soon stopped as the snake became satisfied with the way he was arranged. Her anus was stuffed, his body was occupying absolutely all available space and more, stretching her anus to its fullest.

A deep breath brought a sharp pain to her over-taxed anus as the expansion of her lungs forced down on her vitals and crowded them against her bulging anus. This feeling brought a high pitched scream ripping up from inside her! The scream resulted in even more pain and she began making a noise that was like a series of coughs and brays, gradually recovering her ability to stay quiet, except for her soft sobbing. She also discovered that the less movement from her meant less movement from the snake. Less movement from the snake meant fewer knifing cramps in her belly. The lights went out and the blackness took over.

Helen was familiar with darkness and it didn’t bother her. She was tightly bound, dressed in a vinyl bondage covering, and a fat, three foot long snake was coiled inside her deformed anus with his head protruding through her stretched sphincter. Helen went to that other place and listened to her soft sobbing echo through the large room.

Time passed as the snake went through several periods of adjustment and readjustment. Each of these episodes of movement caused excruciating cramps in her belly! Each time her screams echoed loudly and repeatedly then became coughing, braying sounds and gradually died away as her self control returned. Helen watched herself dispassionately from that other place as she struggled with the snake in her bowels. Her resounding screams echoed loudly through the blackened dungeon! As usual, time and stillness triumphed and suddenly there were hands on her again.

The same assistant who flooded her anus with milk appeared and again stuck the same appliance into her anus. This time the snake was already there inside and he liked this nice, dark, warm and pliable nest he’d found. He began very agitated movements which brought sudden, bitter sweat running from her in sheets and caused numerous, sharp-edged cramps to rip through her belly and anus! Her repeated, strident screams were more desperate now, tailing off into incoherent sobs! She was ignored and the assistant began running more fluid of a different kind into her anus and the snake exploded with motion! His head jammed past the rubber appliance and he began rapidly removing himself from Helen’s stretched, abused and cramping anus! Helen began a screaming, sobbing, shaking fit as her over-stretched anus was flayed by the snakes rapid departure! The snake finally emptied himself from her and she was struck by how empty and abandoned her anus felt without the sinuous body stuffed inside her. The attendant kept the soothing, warm fluid running into her and let it do its healing and restorative process on her violated anus. Slowly her screams and sobbing began to quiet then stopped. After some time the hands freed her and assisted her to Mistress’s bedroom.

Of late, the routine had been for Mistress to welcome her by allowing Helen to kiss both her feet, her vagina, her anus, her nipples and lastly, her mouth. Then Mistress would lay her back on the bed they shared and undress her. Mistress would examine her body minutely as she removed whatever garments were on her, touching, kissing, massaging exclaiming softly over any bruises or abrasions and loving her. After the garments were removed they would both retire to the spacious, deep bath which was always full of steamy water, oils, and soaps that soothed and smoothed their bodies. They would begin to tease, play, feel, and kiss their way to a passion that would cause them to burn with a fever of possessiveness, that was only satisfied after hours of their mutual use of the other’s body. Satisfying a need for softness, gentility, and sweet fragrances. A pouting, sweet mouth to possess and drink from; tongues seeking and finding; long legs wrapped together; fluids released and tender mouths swallowing; heated, moist joining of sweet vaginas; heads buried in the moistness of the other’s center; busy tongues tasting and red lips kissing and hungry mouths sucking. Soft callings into the velvet darkness. The small, secret endearments whispered in shell pink ears. Heated tears and satisfied cradling. Two women in love and devoted to pleasuring the other. A soft, passionate meeting of two beautiful minds and bodies.

After the lovemaking, Mistress would show her the photographs the automatic cameras had made of her during the day. Mistress had always sold these photographs of her charges being trained for income. She sold them for very large sums to devotees of bondage and S&M. They were always the best quality and the purchaser knew they weren’t staged by models but were actual people in training.

The photographs were always surreal to Helen. Occasionally, because of what was being done to her at the time the photograph was taken, she could relate what she was seeing as happening to herself. Otherwise, the photographs were simply very stimulating and beautiful representations of bondage and S&M. They never failed to arouse her and she knew that Mistress was similarly aroused. This usually led to another coarser coupling as they took each other’s gifts with strong, insistent hands and tongues. They would slowly drift to sleep, snuggled tight and limbs twined together. Damp centers resting against the other’s warm thigh. Breath softly covering the other’s face.

The new day would bring a repetition of being led to the dungeon, fitted into a black leather bondage array, not always the same one, being mounted on the rack, then being driven to some location and exhibited. Her exhibitions were always arduous and very painful. She was placed in the most strained and erotic body positions possible, completely restrained to total immobility, and the coverings to her orifices would be removed and shortly after that the visitors would start their participation. Her open holes would be filled time after time after time! She would swallow gallons of semen, and her muscles would scream at her in useless protest! She would be semi-conscious by the time she was removed and trucked back to the dungeon for further training.

Usually, during the exhibitions, she was filled with rigid cocks, or an occasional vagina would cover her mouth or her vagina. If it was her mouth, Helen would feed vigorously inside the unknown vagina bringing a rapid orgasm in a short time. She would swallow the lubrication and the person would detach herself and leave. Occasionally, some other device would be inserted. The guard who accompanied her made certain that nothing that would disable or maim her was inserted, otherwise just about anything was allowed.

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