Walking through the woods one day, my friend and I were looking at the different animal life. We started talking about many different things. Then the question of what type of animal we would like to fuck came up.

We both talked a little further and agreed that a Dragon, or even a Gryphon would be nice.

I said I liked the size of a Gryphon and the fact of it being part lion and part bird.

We were so engrossed in our conversation we didn't notice that we were standing right next to a Gryphon.

He then proceeded to pick both of us up in his claws, and take us back to his home. We weren't really afraid because of the discussion we just had. We were both intrigued with the thought. He put us down in his den and proceeded to talk to us. It wasn't in a normal fashion. It was basically through telepathy.

We asked why we were here.

He proceeded to say "well, I was flying over and heard your conversation. It intrigued me because I often wondered what it would be like to fuck a human."

We were totally shocked at this. We figured we were the only ones that had thought like this. He told us not to be so shocked, that all creatures have these thoughts of other species. Then asked us if we haven't ever wondered why a dog or cat humps our legs or even tries to mount us? This, he said, is because of their desire to try something different.

"It just so happens we have had the same desire. Would you be willing to experiment with me?" he asked.

We stood for what seemed to be a very long minute. Then without hesitation we both said yes.

We asked what his name was.

He said "My name is Tolan. I am the leader of this Gryphon Den. What are your names?"

My friend spoke first and said her name was Jay, and she was the daughter of the High Priestess.

I spoke and said that my name was Elshi, and I was the daughter of the Medicine Woman. I told him we were both destined to be leaders one day.

He said that was good, but asked if we were willing to try new things as we had said in the Glenn?

We both again said yes.

He looked at us, and said fine. Then told us the first thing he wanted us to do, was to strip.

We both complied very willingly. As we stood there naked before him, he looked us over very critically. Reaching out his front paw and touching Jay's tits; and then mine, he was seeing what kind of reaction his touch did to the both of us.

Our tits contracted and became firm just as if a man had touched them. He growled with pleasure. We could tell this by seeing that his sex grew with desire.

He then proceeded to ask us to lay down in his den and relax so he could look upon certain parts of our bodies. We complied, and quietly laid down in his bed.

He came up to us; communicating telepathically with us. He told us that he was a magical creature, and could change any part of his anatomy into whatever he desired at the time.

We both grinned and turned red. He chuckled, saying, "I see you both got my implication."

He then came up to us and told us both to spread our legs. We complied. I know it seems strange but we were just as hungry for him as he was for us.

Coming up to me he asked, "Elshi, what would you do if I placed my tongue on your clit and ran it down your pussy?"

I told him I thought I would enjoy it very much.

He said, "let's see."

He leaned down and started at the bottom of my pussy. First he stuck his tongue in my hole and I began to let out a little shout, and then a great moan of pleasure. As he moved his tongue up towards my clit, I began to come without realizing it was happening. A deep purr escaped him with the first taste of my juices. He got to my clit and proceeded to flick it. The rough feel of his cat tongue and the desire of mine to feel him was almost too much to handle.

Then he went over to Jays pussy and did it just the opposite, starting at her clit and going down to her cunt. She started quivering and slightly convulsing with the pleasure. I knew she was enjoying this. Once he got to her hole, he placed his tongue inside her just as she came all over his mouth. That was when I noticed his sex. It was very engorged with his desire.

I also noticed his tail resembled his sex. I was confused for a minute, then I remembered that he said he was magical. Because he had two women; Jay and I, to make love to, his tail became his other organ, so he could enjoy us both at the same time.

He reached out for both of our tits. Both of us receiving a massive paw type hand covering our nipples. It was so soft, so sensual. Then he came down on Jay, with his mouth, and started nuzzling her. She started moaning with pleasure and I noticed he was making her come. He moved his mouth over to mine and started sucking and nuzzling me.

He noticed that if he manipulated them in a certain way, he could drink milk from them. This caused him to purr very contently. I looked and saw that his tail and his cock were both very aroused. He moved back over to Jay, moving his tail toward me. Jay, he mounted with his cock. She did not cry out in pain; but in pure pleasure, as he pumped his shaft into her.

I felt his tail coming towards me, brushing my leg, pushing against my sex. I spread my legs further, and he told me that what I felt would be just as if he was fucking me with his actual cock. I would find this out, because we were both going to receive pleasures from him twice.

Then I felt his tail go into my pussy. Though it was large, it was not painful. Very erotic with wave after wave of pleasure. Suddenly I felt it get larger.

He said "please don't panic; that is my knot, it is what allows me to stay secured in a female Gryphon until my pleasure has taken."

It was totally beyond my belief. His knot slipped into me, I could feel it throbbing with pleasure. He proceeded to tell both of us that he would ride us until he had satisfied us along with him.

He started pumping into us at the same time. The pulsations of his cock and altered tail were unbelievable. I could hear Jay moan with pleasure, and I could see through the corner of my eye that she was soaking the section of bed she was in. I also noticed my section wasn't exactly dry.

I was to the point of total ecstasy. I couldn't believe the feelings that he was giving her and I. As I started to notice that he was getting smaller, I felt one last powerful thrust as he came into both of us at the same time.

What a feeling, I cant believe it! Panting, and trying to catch my breath, I said "Jay, are you ok?"

She said "yes, and you Elshi?"

I said I was fantastic.

Then I saw him move as he was getting ready to mount me. I told Jay not to worry, he said his tail would feel just like his cock did.

She looked at me and said ok.

I felt him mount me, and I realized he was right. His cock started giving me the same sensations, though this time they were magnified by ten. My pussy was pulsing so hard it felt like I was going to pass out. But I didn't want it to stop.

Then I felt the knot of his cock slip into me. The sensation was unbelievable. In one of my more clear moments, I noticed Jay was feeling just as she had been when his cock was inside of her.

I felt his knot throbbing inside of me. Again I was to the point of almost passing out. I couldn't believe how great it felt. Suddenly, without warning, he came inside me again. It was hard to believe it could be twice as strong as before, but it was. I felt myself come so hard, but I realized he wasn't satisfied yet. I felt one more surge as he came again. He continued pumping us, as his organ finally dislodged itself from us both.

He telepathically said to us, "sleep now my ladies."

We slept for what we thought was only two hours before we felt him moving around at our feet. When we woke, he said "Good morning Jay, Good morning Elshi, how are you feeling this morning?"

We looked at each other and smiling, said "fine."

He had brought us food to eat and juice to drink. He told us he had a question for the both of us. Then asked if we would both like to stay here and become his mates forever?

With one glance, we silently agreed we could never find this satisfaction anywhere else. If we were to mate with our own kind, we would be separated forever.

Without anymore thought we told him, "Yes, we will be your mates from this time on."

He said he was very pleased to hear that, and mentioned it would be possible for us to conceive and bare him children, which would be part Gryphon, part human.

~The end

January 18, 2004

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