tagSci-Fi & FantasyGryphon Keep Ch. 03

Gryphon Keep Ch. 03


"You're quite certain?"

"Yes." Maxy assured the regent. "It is as the legend foretold. The gate, the obelisk ... "

"And the incantation?"

"I can perform it from memory, sire. I made sure to memorize it before Killian was poisoned."

"Then we are ready. When is the most auspicious date?"

"According to the scrolls of Celeus, three days at dusk."

"Fine. I will join you then."

"I will look forward to your visit. Please don't forget to bring the scroll and the staff."

"I won't. Thank you for the reminder but they have been in my constant possession since the orb began to glow."

Maxy's heart thumped loudly in his chest. "What did you say, sire? Did you say that the orb is glowing?"


"When did it start?"

"Just a few hours ago." Maxy's heart raced. A few hours ago, he was ravishing the princess. Could this part, this secret part of the scroll be true as well? "Does that mean something?"

"Yes, sire, but I cannot speak of it through this medium. I will seek a private audience with you when you arrive."

"Fine. I shall see you in two days."

Maxy closed the communication and hurried back to his room, in search of the scroll translation. He was surprised to find Princess Coleta's maid, Dreama waiting within.

"What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you, scholar."

Maxy turned his back on the woman, his gaze flickering over to his desk. To his relief, the seal remained unbroken but he still harbored suspicions about this maid's attentions. "And what is it that I can do for you?"

"I - I overheard you and the Princess today."

"I should have you fired for that."

"Please!" She hoped the plaintive note in her voice would be enough for him to overlook her impudence. "I know I've overstepped my limits but I couldn't help it." She stood from the bed, twirling a lock of hair between her fingers. "She sounded so ... so sensual. I came just listening to you."

Maxy folded his arms and examined the woman, casting a divination spell and finding nothing. The fact that he could not find one piece of information about the woman made him instantly suspect. "So ... what is it that you want?"

"I want you to teach me what you were teaching the princess."

"You are not entitled to that knowledge."

"Just because I am a slave?"

"Exactly so."

"Then ... " Dreama fell to her knees, eyeing the front of his voluminous robes. "Tell me how to pay for the knowledge."

He warred with himself for several moments before letting his hands move down to move the robes aside and expose his half-hard cock. "Start by sucking my cock."

Something in Dreama reacted with revulsion but she reminded herself that she was the one who had given him the idea. She reached forward, taking the heavy dark rod in her hand and giving it a few strokes, secretly pleased when it leapt on her palm. It grew harder, lengthening as blood pumped into the stalk and filled the head like breath in a balloon. She stroked a few more times, then leaned forward, letting her tongue lick up the escaping pre-cum before letting the plump head slide past her lips.

She felt a shiver move through him as his flesh entered her mouth and his groan of satisfaction told her that she was on the right track. She'd never sucked a cock before so she wasn't quite sure of what she was supposed to do but judging by the sounds he was making, she was pleasing the scholar. She added more spittle to her mouth and flattened her tongue, letting it lay parallel to his tool, gently rubbing it from side to side.

Maxy grunted deeply, trying to cover his obvious satisfaction and pressed his hips up, forcing her to take more of him. He felt the constriction of her throat as she nearly vomited, then pulled back, thankful of his decision when her tongue slipped around the fat head of his penis, licking feverishly. He shuddered, gasping through gritted teeth as she took him deeper into her mouth, licking and sucking at the same time, pumping him with her lips until he was breathless, his entire body taut with expectation.

A flood of bitter-salty fluid bathed her tongue and she gagged at first, then closed her eyes and swallowed quickly, shivering when the scholar groaned after each spurt. His fourth exclamation was almost silent, wreathed in satiation and embarrassment as he recovered his senses, his dark eyes locked onto hers.

"Now may I learn?"

"Tomorrow, young lass." He drew his robes together and gave her a fatherly pat on the head. "I have more important duties this night."

Her throat stinging with the taste of his cum, Dreama arose, gave the scholar a respectful curtsy and headed out into the hallway, her face burning with the heat of rage. She'd been played for a fool and she knew it. And so did he.

The only difference was that she would never forget it.

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