tagBDSMGTO - Office Discipline

GTO - Office Discipline


All characters are over 18 years old.

This story takes place Later in Gail's life after GTO. I STRONGLY suggest that you read the previous stories to understand what motivates her and how she thinks. I am currently working on the next installment of GTO -- The beginning, but have hit a minor writers block on how to proceed with the story. It will get there, but it is taking a little more time.

This is listed under BDSM because that is the major theme to the story. The BDSM is in the form of women dominating a man. The lesbian sex is not BDSM. If these are not your things, you should probably skip this story.

Comments are always welcome, but if you don't like something, at least tell me what the problem is. Those "If it doesn't get better, you will lose a reader!" comments don't really help. If you don't tell me what you don't like, I really can't fix it. I'm not a mind reader.

"So, John. Thank you for meeting me here and bringing your lovely wife. I do make it a habit of meeting with key employees and their families casually outside of work -- especially when I am considering them for a new position." I smiled.

Of course, he assumed that I was talking about the Engineering Manager position that had recently opened up. Of course, he had applied and interviewed for it. Yes, he believed (as did everyone else) that he had the inside track for it. Also, I wasn't lying. I actually do meet for dinner and drinks with the employees and their families that I am considering promoting. This is a well known (unofficial) final interview for the position. Being the founding partner in the firm, I make the final decision. That means that I make the rules. Times like this, it is also one of my perks.

"And Dianna," I went on, "You are just so beautiful. John is a very lucky man."

We were sitting in the back of an upscale restaurant. My back was to the wall, John was sitting opposite from me, with his wife to my right. I ALWAYS sit with my back to the wall, so I can see everyone as they walk in. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I remember reading about Wild Bill Hickok and the one time he sat with his back to the room. Besides, I had another reason for this particular seating arrangement tonight.

About that time, I noticed a very attractive woman enter the restaurant. She was a couple of years older than me, brunette hair, 5' 6", D cups, trim, and athletic. Show time!

"I find that it is very important for managers and key people in my company to have a stable foundation. A good relationship with their significant other helps keep people focused, so there are less mistakes. It keeps them from distractions and is a calming influence when the office gets hectic. Don't you agree?"

"Oh yes," agreed Dianne. "John used to be rather wild and carefree before I met him, but he seems to have settled down quite a lot now."

The brunette had made her way across the room and was just getting to our table.

"Oh good." I said. "She's here. As she side stepped over to the chair to my left, I introduced, "John, Dianne, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Mandy. Mandy, this is one of my engineers John, and his lovely wife Dianne."

Perhaps I should tell you a little about myself. I am a 42-year-old woman. My name is Gail. Gail Theresa O'Malley. Most people call me by my initials, GTO. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, weigh approximately 120 lbs., hypnotic emerald green eyes, flaming red hair that reaches to the center of my back, and legs that go for miles. No matter how busy I am, I still manage to spend at least an hour a day in my home gym. Personally, I think my best feature is my tight ass and miles long legs, but it seems that most guys (and a fair number of women) tend to drool over my 38D breasts. I am a mechanical engineer with licenses in several different states, and I am the founding member in my own engineering firm. I also have several other business ventures that see me very well financially well off.

It was a nice Friday evening, and I recently reconnected with one of my old girlfriends. If you REALLY need to have a label, I guess bisexual is the best term. That being said, my closest lover happens to be female. Mandy and I have known each other since I was 18 years old (GTO- Queen of the Dragstrip). We kept in touch since then and tried to see each other a couple of times a year. She stayed in Boston, while I moved back to Las Vegas at the end of the summer. The company she works for recently transferred her to Las Vegas. She didn't seem to mind. They gave her a month of paid 'vacation' to move and get settled. She had already gotten everything packed by her last day at the old office and shipped it out the next day. I'm sure she 'bent' a few speed limits driving across the country. Setting up her new house took no time at all -- since we decided that she would just move in to my house. Yeah, that month long move only took a week.

Mandy and I were sitting on the couch drinking a bottle of wine and 'catching up'. Kind of difficult to talk when your tongues are exploring the other person's tonsils. I was just starting to unbutton Mandy's blouse (she already had mine almost completely undone, and I was trying to catch up) when Kayla, my personal assistant, came into the living room.

"I'm sorry Mistress," She said. "but I have someone here who you really need to talk to."

Well fuck!

"Kayla, I thought you were going to be out meeting a friend tonight."

"I did Mistress, but she told me something that I think you really need to here. Please. I had a hell of a time already trying to convince her to come and talk to you. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't REALLY important."

Double fuck!

"Fine!" I said as Mandy and I sat back up and fixed our clothes.

"Bring her in, then get me a Honey Bourbon on the rocks." Looking at Mandy holding up two fingers, "Make that two doubles, and you better get something for you and your friend as well."

A minute later, Kayla brought in a very frightened looking young girl. She was brunette with a really nice athletic figure. I, of course, instantly recognized her.

"Hello Julie. Kayla tells me that you need to talk to me."

"W-w-well, i-i-t really i-isn't that big of a dea......."

"STOP IT JULIE!" Kayla snarled. "It's a BIG FUCKING DEAL!"

Poor Julie looked like she was about to jump out of her skin.

Kayla delivered the drinks, and Julie gulped hers in one shot. As Kayla took her glass to refill it, Julie finally looked at me and began.

"Well, Ms. O'Malley,"

"Julie, in my house, you can just call me Gail."

A very faint hint of a smile crossed her lips.

"OK, Gail. I'm not really sure how to tell you this."

She looked over at Kayla who just nodded her head.

"Well, I work for your firm. I'm the secretary for John Jacobs."

"Yes. I am very familiar with who you are and where you work. I like to think of everyone that works for the firm as family. I assume that you have an issue with something happening at work then?"

She nodded slowly.

"OK, then go ahead. Don't be nervous. If there is a problem, I want to know about it. I'm not in the habit of punishing those who tell me about problems. While killing the messenger might lead to getting better news, that news will probably not be very accurate. Tell me sweetie, what's the matter."

Another nervous glance at Kayla. "Mr. Jacobs has been threatening to have me fired if I don't have sex with him." She finally gushed.

I sat there looking at her for a few minutes. I could tell that she was serious in her accusation, but I needed to know if it could simply be a case of misunderstanding here. I knew John very well. He is a brilliant engineer, and he was (seemingly) happily married.

"That is a very serious accusation Julie. Don't take this as me not believing you, but I need to understand exactly what is going on. I want you to give me details about what he has said, how he has acted, and anything else that he has done to make you uncomfortable."

Over the next hour, Julie gave me very explicit details of her harassment. She became more comfortable when she saw that I was not defending him or getting mad at her. She said that she had really enjoyed working for the firm until being assigned to John. I asked pointed questions, and she answered honestly.

Several things were very clear:

  1. This had to stop! Harassment was simply NOT tolerated!

  2. I did not want to lose Julie. I had kept an eye on her for a while. She was a very diligent and hard worker with a very good brain behind those beautiful eyes.

  3. While I fully believed Julie, there was no other proof. It was a classic example of he said / she said.

  4. John was a really talented engineer, who I had worked hard at recruiting.

This was a problem that needed to be solved. Thankfully, problem solving is what Engineers do -- and I was a phenomenal engineer! I had a plan.

"Uh oh. I know THAT look!" piped up Mandy. "That look in your eye either means major trouble, or LOTS of fun. Strike that -- it means both."

"I have an idea." I said. "First off, Julie, as of right now, you are on a special assignment. You will report directly to me. You are no longer John's secretary until further notice. Second off" looking straight into Mandy's eyes, "I need to find a beautiful, sexy woman I trust that no one at the office knows to play secretary for a week or so. Know anyone who fits the bill that has a couple of weeks free?"

An evil smile slowly spread across Mandy's face. "Oh, I think I might be able to find someone if I looked hard enough."


'It was going to be a GREAT day!' I thought to myself as I strode across the lobby to my office. It was only a matter of time before that little slut of a secretary caved and became my personal sex toy. I had been working on her for a couple of weeks now, and her deadline to either sleep with me or get fired was today. I didn't see her as I walked up to my office, so she must be late. Even better. Something else to hold over her.

Smiling, I walked into my office and came to an immediate halt. Sitting in my chair behind my desk was Gail, the founding partner of the firm. Damn, she is hot. I wouldn't mind tapping into that, but she was my boss. Not that I had anything against screwing my boss, it could be a fast track up the corporate ladder after all, but she was very cool and professional to everyone. I had the feeling that any advances in that direction would be detrimental to my career.

"Oh, John. Good, you're here. I had a special project come in late last week that is kind of time sensitive, so I had to borrow your secretary for about two weeks. Don't worry though, I have a replacement for you. As you know, we have been looking for another secretary anyway, so I thought that I could temporarily park her with you until Julie finishes her assignment. You get to break her in and see if she will be a good fit for our office. If she works out, she will stay on permanently and get reassigned to another department. If she doesn't work out, we will let her go when she is done. I'm counting on you to make the recommendation on her."

OK then. Seems a little odd, but when GTO tells you to do something, you really don't want to refuse. It would be bad for the career.

"Oh, here she is now. I'll just let you two get acquainted." Gail said as she got up and left the room.

As I turned around, I saw this Goddess stroll into the room. She was probably about 5' 6", looked like D cups, trim, athletic, cheerleader type. She was dressed professionally, but with an added sexiness. Form fitted suit jacket, White blouse that was translucent enough to show a pink bra, pencil skirt that was cut about an inch too high to be truly professional, very silky stockings that indicated either thigh highs or garter belt, and 5-inch pumps. Nice.

"So, what's your story?" I asked after we had both sat down.

"Well, I have been out of the work force for a while because I was married, and my husband made a pretty good living. He recently left me and moved in with his new girlfriend, so I needed to get a job. He had a really good lawyer, so I didn't get much in the divorce. I wasn't having much luck in finding employment until I got lucky with this job. I understand that you are the one who will make the final recommendation on if I keep this job or not?" she asked.

"That's what Gail just told me." I replied.

She got a questioning look on her face. "Gail?"

"Yes, Gail. Gail O'Malley. She is the founding partner here."

"Oh. I haven't met her. What's she like?" she asked.

Normally, I tend to wait a while before I start my 'seduction', but this time there were three things working against that. First, MY GOD SHE IS HOT!!!! I wanted her NOW. Second, I was apparently on a two-week time frame here. And third, I had just been given the ultimate set-up for taking her. I had all the power. She really needed this job, and it was completely my decision.

"Well, to be completely honest, she is kind of a bitch. She doesn't interact with new hires -- especially secretaries. I would avoid her at all costs."

"OK. Thanks." She said. "So, what should I start working on?"

Figuring I could start right away, I replied, "You really have lovely legs. Are those thigh highs or stockings with garters?"

She flushed immediately. "Mr. Jacobs, that is highly inappropriate."

"Possibly," I replied. "but you might want to remember that it will be my recommendation that determines your future here. Also, if you try to complain, I will just say that you offered to blow me for a positive recommendation and are just mad because I refused. Who do you think they will believe? You, a probationary secretary who really needs to keep this job, or a senior engineer who happens to be 'happily married'?"

Glaring at him, "Thigh highs."

"Thong, or commando?"


"Change that tomorrow!" I ordered. "Either a thong or commando from now on. Now go out to your desk, and I will send you some documents to proof."

Back to Gail:

That evening, we were back home relaxing on the couch. Kayla and Julie had brought us each a glass of wine.

"Well, that didn't take too long." Mandy stated.

"He already hit on you?" I asked surprised.

"About 5-minutes after I walked into his office. He told me that I was to only wear thongs or go commando from now on. As well as only thigh highs or stockings and garters."

"Get everything recorded?" I asked.

"In high definition." She replied as she raised her glass in salute.

"OK. Wear a pair of sexy bikini panties tomorrow. If he asks, lie about it. Let's see how fast he escalates. Kayla, make a reservation for four at Claim Jumpers for Friday evening. Make sure that it is a table in the back."

"Yes Mistress." Kayla responded.

"Yes Mistress." Mandy said sarcastically.

"Careful there. We can always make it serious." I laughed.

"You would have to race me for that Baby, and I think you are a little out of practice."

"Ask Kayla about how out of practice I am. Besides, I like things just the way they are." I responded as I rolled over into her arms and kissed her. "Besides, what would Dave think if you were suddenly our submissive?"

"Hmmmm, I haven't seen him since that summer you spent in Boston. Is he still around?"

"I have a sneaky feeling that we may run into him Saturday night. That is, if that 'stang you drive can do more than bruise bugs."

"Oooooo, is that old GOAT getting cocky?"

"This GTO is going to get 'cocky' as soon as we get upstairs, and I open the toy box."

"You better beat me to it then." Mandy stated as she jumped up and started running.

5-minutes later:

"You really thought that you could out run me?" I asked.

"Mmmmmm, maybe I ooooohh didn't want aaahhhh to win." Mandy moaned.

It was kind of hard for her to talk as I was rubbing the head of my an 8-inch strap-on up and down her slit as I was nibbling on her nipples.

"Hmmmmm, losing on purpose?" I asked. "That may call for a punishment."

"Just [huff] remember ooooohhh who will uuuuhhh be getting ooooohhh gggoooodddd it next."

With that, I slid the shaft in.

"Oh GOD!!!" she gasped.

Yeah, I'm pretty good at this.

I started off with a nice slow rhythm, gently kissing her as I was caressing her breasts. She was simultaneously rocking her hips to meet my thrusts as she rubbed my ass. Eventually, I built up the speed and started to adjust the angle I was thrusting into her.

"Oh fuck!" she cried as her legs wrapped around my waist and locked together. Her arms slipped under my arms, and her hands moved up to grasp my shoulders. She used this new leverage to pump back at me faster and harder. Taking the hint, I really ramped up the speed and power that I was giving her.

"OH, GOOODDDD YEEEESSSSSSS!" she cried as her orgasm took over.

A couple more thrusts and I joined her as the base of the strap-on has been toying with my clit the entire time.

Half an hour later, we had moved to 'her' bed. Yeah, yeah, that is just for show in case some of my more uptight family member came to visit. The change in venue was because we actually needed to sleep, and the sheets in my bed were rather..... you get the idea.

"So, Mandy. Did you follow instructions?" John asked as soon as I walked into his office this morning.

"Of course, Mr. Jacobs." I replied. "I proofread all the documents that you gave me. They are sitting in your in-box with my comments and corrections." I concluded, knowing full well that was not what he was actually asking.

"I was referring to your attire." He barked.

"My clothing meets the dress code." I responded petulantly.

"Show me."

I stepped back, raised my arms up parallel to the floor, and slowly turned completely so he could see every angle of my dress. 'Lets just see how far I can push this.' I thought.

"You know damn well what I mean." He growled. "Lift that skirt. If you aren't wearing a thong or nothing at all, you will have earned a punishment. Unless you really don't want to continue working here."

I really could have just refused to show him and given the excuse Gail and I had decided on, but I was feeling a bit mischievous at the moment. I kind of wanted to tease him a bit. Maybe I could get him a bit aroused with no way of relief for the rest of the day. Gail had enough evidence now, and I knew what the plan was for the rest.

"FINE!" I said. I reached behind me, unzipped my dress, and let it fall to the floor.

He just stared at my mostly naked body for a couple of minutes. He was just expecting me to lift my dress and show him my panties. He was shocked when he was suddenly looking at me wearing only bikini briefs, garter, and stockings. I didn't wear a bra today.

"I'm on my period." I lied. "I'm not going to wear a thong or go commando while I am on it. Happy?"

After a few minutes of drooling, he finally answered, "Not really. We will need to work on that attitude. We will work on that this afternoon when I get finished with a couple of meetings I have this morning. You better start impressing me with your enthusiasm, or you might just as well hit the streets."

With that, he got up and left for his first meeting as I got dressed. I smiled and winked at the hidden camera in the bookcase as I walked out the door.

Back at my desk, I lifted the phone and punched in the four-digit extension. It picked up after the first ring.

"You tease." Gail said as she answered. "You were just supposed to show him your panties."

"Sorry. I guess I got a little carried away."

"Yeah right, you little slut. Maybe I should have you come to my office for a spanking."

"Why Ms. O'Malley, I do believe that would be sexual harassment on your part." I exclaimed. "Perhaps you are in need of some discipline tonight."

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