GTO - Office Discipline


I'm not sure what I was expecting, but what I saw walk into the room was definitely not it. Three beautiful women strutted through the door. Gail, Mandy, and my wife, Diane. All three were wearing black corsets, black thong panties, black garters and stocking, and black thigh-high stiletto boots. The true evilness of the only thing I was wearing now became apparent.

Luckily, Diane was close enough to my size, so getting her dressed was pretty easy. Damn! She is really hot! I started to run through some plans in my mind on how I could play with her too.

"Looks like you've decided not to let him cum, Diane." I observed as we walked into the play room and saw the cock cage he was wearing.

"I figured that after what he has been doing, he deserved everything he gets. Obviously, I am holding the key. If he's a good boy, maybe I'll reward him later." She smiled evilly.

About that time, it became apparent that John was starting to become distressed. I walked over to John and leaned over so my barely covered tits were directly in front of his eyes.

"Is something wrong John? You look a little uncomfortable." I asked

It was then when he broke form and moved his hands to his crotch and folded over in pain. Walking around behind him, I took the crop from Kayla and gave him a good whack across his ass.


Whimpering, he slowly pulled himself as far back into position as he could get. Yeah, the cage is a little painful when the guy gets aroused. Kayla had done her job, so I released her to other duties. Now it was time to begin John's training. Time for a little punishment.

I had John stand and move over to the end of the padded table where Mandy and I cuffed his ankles to the legs and his wrists to the legs on the other side. This left him spread out with his feet on the floor while his torso was laying on the table and arms spread over his head.

"Comfortable John?" I asked, standing at the end of the table in front of him, as I 'accidently' dropped the riding crop to the floor. "Oooops. Dropped my riding crop." I exclaimed as I turned my back and bent over to pick it up. I heard a groan of pain as he got a long look at my thong covered ass and pussy directly in front of him. Poor guy. This teasing was really causing him some discomfort with the cock cage.

"OK John, enough gawking. Time for a little punishment for your unacceptable behavior."

Unseen by John, Mandy was standing behind him after getting a butt plug and lubing it up. Thankfully for him, it was a small one to start with.

"OH FUCK!!!!"

Apparently, Mandy wasn't overly gentle as she suddenly inserted it.

"Now John," Mandy scolded, "language like that is not acceptable in the presence of ladies."

"Yes, John. Another outburst like that, and I will be forced to gag you." I proclaimed. "But for now, you are going to get 20 lashes with the riding crop on your ass. You will count them off and say 'thank you mistress' after each one. If you fail to count, or say thank you, that strike will not count. Do you understand?"

"Yes." He whimpered.

"Yes, what?" I demanded.

"Yes Mistress." He responded.

"Good boy" I praised.

I walked behind him and decided it was time to get his wife involved. Besides, she probably had some unresolved anger to deal with. She got an evil grin when I walked over to her and handed the crop over.


Pause [whimper]

"OK. That one didn't count, because John apparently can't follow instructions." I proclaimed.


"Sorry John. Too la........" swish SMACK


[giggle] "Close enough."








A few minutes later....


[whimper] "uuuuuhhhhhhhh twenty [huff] thank oooo m-m-missstress"

"There, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" I asked soothingly.

All I got was a groan in answer.

"OK. Time for a little fun. Diane, has he ever licked you?"

"Occasionally, but just for a few minutes. It was just a brief prelude before he fucked me."

"Well, that is completely unacceptable. Time for some training in that area." I announced.

I removed my thong and set it down right in front of his nose, then turned and walked to one of the cabinets on the wall. I selected an object, turned, and walked back to the table while hiding the object behind my back.

"Diane, why don't you get your panties off and get ready while I prepare a nice surprise for Johnny Boy here." I smiled as I brought the 6-inch strap-on from behind my back.

John had a questioning look on his face that changed to horror as I put the fake cock to his lips and told him to get it nice and slick for his ass. He was a little reluctant at first, but then became more eager after I explained that the more saliva he put on it, the easier it would go in.

Once finished, I had Diane climb up onto the table and sit with her pussy right at John's mouth. Unknown to John, I had actually used more lube on the dildo after I got behind him. I may be a bitch, but I do have SOME sympathy.

"OK John. Here is how it is going to go. I'm going to fuck your ass until you get your wife off with your tongue. I hope you are a natural cunt licker, otherwise you may have a little trouble sitting down for the rest of the weekend."

With that, I pulled the plug out and shoved the cock all the way in with one hard thrust. The look on Diane's face seemed to indicate that the vibrations on her clit from his scream felt pretty good. Although he was motivated and eager to get her off, sadly, John was not a natural at eating pussy. He did eventually get her off, but I reamed his ass for a good half an hour.

After that, I replaced the strap-on in his ass with a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug. Mandy and I both took our turns with John's tongue as all three of us took turns with the remote to tease him. We ended the night with John strapped to the cross at the foot of the bed while Mandy, Diane, and I had a three-way daisy chain until we were exhausted.

We let john down and had him clean and sanitize all the toys before putting a collar and leash on him. Diane did take pity on him and allowed him to masturbate to orgasm before locking the cage on him again. The three of us walked -- with john crawling behind -- up to my room, undressed, and went to sleep in my bed. John slept on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Late the next morning, the three of us girls, as well as Kayla who had cooked a nice breakfast for us, sat out on the patio as John waited on us naked. John was allowed to eat after we finished, then he washed the dishes before getting dressed to leave.

Monday morning:

'This is going to be fun.' I thought while waiting for the door to open. I was sitting in the big chair behind the desk in John's office. Any minute now. Suddenly, the door opened, and he walked in. It may have just been my imagination, but it looked like he was walking a little gingerly.

"Julie!" he said in surprise when he saw me. "What are you doing in here?"

"Really John?" I smirked. "I'm sure Gail told you about our new working relationship. I am here to explain exactly what my expectations are, and to give you your assignments."

He didn't say anything, but just lowered his head and looked down at his feet.

"First off, when we are alone, or with anyone who already knows what is going on, you will address me as Mistress Julie."

I paused and waited.


"Yes, Mistress Julie."

"good boy. Second, I was told that you need a lot more practice with your tongue. That means that I will be training you on that. So, why don't you get down on your hands and knees and crawl over here and get started. I will let tell you the rest as you work."

"Yes, Mistress Julie." He replied as he sank down to his knees.

"Wait. Before you start crawling, pull down your pants and underwear. I want to see your dick."

It was really amazing how red his face got as he began undoing his belt. Apparently, his wife didn't trust him, because he was wearing his cage. "OK, pull your pants up and crawl over."

I turned the chair, pulled up my skirt, and spread my legs so he could access my already wet pussy.

"Now, unless you are seeing a client, or have another meeting, this chair is mine whenever I am in here. Every morning, I will come in here, so you can show me if you are wearing your cage, then you will crawl over to me and eat my pussy. When that is done, I will give you your schedule for the day and any assignments. I may also come in and have you lick me at other times during the day. Should you fail to complete any of your assignments, or not perform well enough with your tongue, I will punish you. Believe me, you do not want that. I will also be giving daily updates to Gail. You work for me now, and I work directly for Gail. As far as anyone else knows, I am still your secretary. The only people here that know that I am now your supervisor is Gail. I will also be talking to your wife daily. I will pass along any tasks that she decides to give you as well. I will also be informing her of your performance and behavior. Just a little warning on that. It kind of sounded to me that she might add to any punishment that I give you when you get home."

He had been really working his tongue as I was telling him this. He still needed a fair amount of work on his technique, but I could tell that he would get me off soon. Damn. I really liked my boss. I would have to talk to Kayla and see if I could come over sometime and play with Gail.

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