Guardian Angel


They stood under the spraying water, just holding each other. It was several minutes before Geoff turned off the shower and led her out. They gently towelled each other dry. Geoff sat her down, got down on his knees and dried between her toes. As she put her feet back on the floor he leaned forward and kissed her pussy. They returned to bed, snuggled up together and drifted off to sleep.

Helen woke and immediately noticed two things that struck her as unusual; the first was that she was completely naked. The second thing was that something hard was pressing into her back. As she came to her senses the events of the previous night came back to her. She reached down and stroked her pussy thinking about the feeling she went through. She remembered the shower and realised what it must be pressing into her back. She turned onto her back and looked over at him. Geoff was lying beside her with his morning glory sticking out in front of him.

She pulled the duvet down and rolled Geoff onto his back. She looked at his erect cock, the tip just pushing itself out from his foreskin. As she watched it jerking she felt aroused and ran her fingers over the soft smooth skin between her legs. She reached out with her other hand and stoked the hard pole she admired so much. The softness of the skin combined with the hardness of the rod beneath excited her. More of the tip emerged from the foreskin. She stroked her smooth pussy lips and felt the wetness developing as her fingers slipped into her slit. Still with her hand between her legs she got up onto her knees leaning forward she kissed the tip of Geoff's cock, then ran her tongue over the little slit in the tip.

She looked up at Geoff and was surprised that he was still asleep. The tingle in her pussy had turned into a deep throbbing. As the heat built up between her legs, she pushed the foreskin down and took his cock into her mouth. Her fingers slipped into her tight little hole. She could feel her pussy gripping them as Geoff's body started to move.

Geoff was woken in a way he'd never experienced. He was lying on his back with his usual morning stiffy but this time it was different. As his mind opened up to the world, he was conscious of the stimulation his cock was receiving. Looking down he saw Helen's mop of red hair bobbing up and down on his prick. Her tongue was swirling around the tip as she moved up and down. He started to move and she pulled her mouth off of him,

"Ooh goody, you're awake. I thought I was going to have to start the party on my own."

She swung her leg across his waist and eased herself down onto him. Geoff studied her face. As he entered her he saw the latent lust in her eyes just before she closed them. Her head dropped back, her mouth opened wide and released a guttural moan from deep within her. The moans got louder and longer with each thrust and gentle easing of the cock penetrating her. He looked at her. In the morning light he registered just how beautiful she really was. Her breasts stood out proudly with only a hint of sag. The curve of her hips excited him. He put his hands on her hips and gradually moved them up. When he reached the underside of her breasts he stroked his fingertips over them. He felt her thrust against him. He wrapped his hands around her breasts and squeezed gently. As he massaged them, he ran his thumbs over her nipples.

"Oh yes. Oh God Yes!"

She leaned back putting her hands on her calves and felt him rubbing against her front pussy wall. Suddenly with every stroke a shock to her womb caused her to gasp. The throbbing in her pussy went off the scale. Her muscles clenched gripping his cock. Geoff could feel her cervix taking in the tip of his cock, sucking on it; taking in every drop of sperm it could find. Helen's head went back and she sounded like a female tennis player serving twice a second. When it was over she sat back on him while she got her breath back.

"Wow! You were right, it was better." She leaned forward and placed her elbows either side of his head as she kissed him. "You are so good for me. I don't deserve to be treated the way you treat me"

"You think it's all one sided? You've just given me the best night of my life, and you think you should be grateful? Helen you are a beautiful young woman who has been treated badly. You deserve all I can give you and more."

Kissing him again she climbed off. Geoff looked at the clock and realised, for the first time since he'd bought the business, he would be late for work. That thought should have instilled a sense of urgency but it didn't. He wanted to enjoy his time with her. Over breakfast they discussed their plans for the day. Geoff had to go to work but Helen had plans to visit the bank to get enough money to pay Geoff back.

That night when Geoff got home he found her distressed. The bank had refused her access to her accounts without proper identification. Everything that identified her had been in the purse she had lost. Geoff told her it was no problem but she felt the need for her independence.

"I must go home Geoff. I need to sort things out. I have a job. The company will want to know why I didn't go in today. I've cancelled all my cards, but they'll only send replacements to my home address. My passport is at home. Once I've got that I can prove who I am and get access to my own money."

She saw the sadness returning to his eyes as she pressed on with what she had to say.

"I'm going to ask another favour. I'd like you to buy me a train ticket to get me back to Radlett. I'll pay you back as soon as I get access to my bank accounts."

"The money is not important Helen. I don't want you to go. I like having you here."

"And I love being here. To tell you the truth I think I'm falling in love with you, but I must take control of my life. There is so much that needs to be done. I need to get control of my finances again. Then there are all my possessions in the house, not to mention my clothes. Douglas has already moved out so I'm going to sell the house. You must see that Geoff. I've got a whole new life ahead of me; a life that I hope will include you. Before I can do that I have to wind up my old life. This is not the end Geoff, more like the beginning, if you want it to be?"

"You must know what I want. If getting you back means I lose you for a while, I suppose that's what I must do."

That night they enjoyed each other again. Both thought it was even better than the previous night. The following morning, with a heavy heart Geoff drove her to the station.

Chapter 3

At the station

They got to the station as the London train departed. Faced with an hour wait for the next train Geoff and Helen found the station cafe and settled in for the wait.

"Geoff, when I asked you why you helped me, you said you owed someone. I don't think it was money, so do you think you could tell what you owe to whom?"

"The short answer is that her name is Vanessa Richardson and I owe her my life. Nothing special just something I can't pay back."

"You can't expect me to leave it at that. We've got plenty of time so tell me the story."

"Are you sure you want to hear this? It's a long story and you may not like what you hear."

"Just tell me Geoff"

"OK, the story starts two years ago. I had my own software company. You've probably heard of it, Cockburn Software Solutions, or CSS plc. I set it up straight out of college and it sort of took off. Everyone was buying PCs and Windows made them easier to use. We wrote commercial software, office suites and accounting packages. We rode the wave for a while and did very well. When we floated the company on the stock market I did very nicely. My wife, Jackie, and I held on to sixty percent of the shares between us and I effectively gained a partner with expertise in business."

Things went well for a while but my projections showed the demand for our software packages declining. Even Microsoft started looking to develop hardware as another revenue stream. I knew we couldn't carry on forever so I started looking for alternative income sources. Our expertise was in software development so I looked into developing bespoke software for business users. I also set up a department to develop digital TV boxes. My partner, Simon, opposed all of this seeing it as a drain on resources but with sixty percent of the shares my wife Jackie and I always carried the day".

"That's when the problems started. I travelled around the country drumming up trade to enable us to continue to expand. I was away from home for about two days a week but brought in several contracts for bespoke software. I should have seen what was happening but I didn't. I was completely focussed on keeping the company moving forward. I could have sold up there and then. I'd have come out a very wealthy man, but people depended on me and I wanted something to pass on to my son. The upshot was that I didn't realise that I wasn't giving my family the attention they deserved."

"Then my most successful deal happened. I landed a contract to develop the firmware for digital TV set top boxes. It was the start, our future. I was high as a kite as I drove home. I couldn't wait to tell everyone about the deal. All the way home I was making plans. I saw that I had neglected Jackie and I was going to start making up for that. I thought we'd start with a holiday, just the three of us, anywhere in the world. I'd let them chose, I knew whatever they wanted, I could afford it.

When I got home I was a little surprised to find Simon's car in the drive. What the heck I thought, I can share the good news with him as well. There was something odd about the way they all sat there on the sofa, Simon, Jackie and my 17 year old son, Ian, all sitting there side by side waiting for me. I expected Jackie to get up and welcome me home but she just sat there. I dropped my bag, clapped my hands and with a big grin told them the news.

"I've done it, I've pulled it off. We're going to be part of the biggest revolution since the invention of TV. Probably twenty million set top boxes for Digital TV and guess who has got the contract to develop the firmware."

No one moved; no one spoke.

"Don't you understand this is worth millions, and that's without the upgrades that are bound to be required at a later date."

"Sit down Geoff." The first thing anyone said and it came from Simon.

I sat down in the chair and looked at them.

"What's going on Si? You should be overjoyed; this deal secures the company's future."

"It's not going to happen Geoff; we've shut down the development section and laid off the staff. The company can't afford it, so we're going to stick to what we know."

"What do you mean, you've shut it down? On who's authority? It may have escaped your notice but I'm the majority shareholder. Jackie and I have a controlling interest. I'm the CEO damn it."

I noticed a small movement. Jackie's hand slipped from under her legs and rested on top of Simon's. There was that little squeeze, the kind of thing couples do when they are supporting each other.

"That's what I'm here to talk to you about. We had an emergency shareholder's meeting yesterday, and voted you off the board. The company can't afford all your flights of fancy. We are a good profitable company and we'd be a darn site more profitable if we didn't have to finance all of your pet projects."

"And this has nothing to do with you fucking my wife?" It was just a guess but that hand movement told me there was more than business going on.

"No it doesn't, that's a completely separate issue. This is strictly business; of course I'm grateful to Jackie for her support."

"I'm sorry Geoff." Jackie spoke for the first time. "He's right. Your spending was out of control; we owed it to everyone to stop you before you ruined the company."

"Oh really Jackie, and whose bed were you in when he told you that eh? Was it my bed or did you go to his place?"

She looked at the floor and passed across an envelope. I opened it to find a solicitors letter telling me that my dear wife had filed a petition for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. "I won't take you to the cleaners Geoff, you've been a good husband but it isn't working anymore. I hope we can still be friends."

"Friends! You steal my company, you sleep with the enemy, and you expect to remain friends? Did you ever know me at all?"

"I hope, when you've calmed down, you'll change your mind. We still have our son to think of, we should try to get on. I'll be leaving with Si tonight perhaps you'll think it over when we're gone."

I found it hard to believe what was happening. Half an hour before I was on top of the world, now that world was falling apart. I was still reeling from the shock when I realised my seventeen year old son was sitting there and so far hadn't said a word. I knew he was there for a reason so what else was to come?

"So Ian what's your part in all this?"I asked "I can't believe you're sitting there and have nothing to say."

"I'm going to live with Mum and Si."

"I see so he's taken my company, my wife and now my son is that it?"

"Well what do you expect dad? Everyone knows you are loaded but what advantage did I ever see. You made me go to the local comprehensive when you could easily afford school fees."

"It was the local comprehensive that made me what I am. Nobody owes you a living son. That school didn't do too bad a job. You managed to win a scholarship for the public school sixth form."

"No I didn't dad, Si paid the fees because you wouldn't. He knows it's the easy route into the top universities."

"So you're prepared to sell me out for two years school fees?"

"And a new Mini."

I put my hand to my forehead."God, where did I go wrong with you?"

Simon and Jackie got up. Simon turned to me. "Geoff I know this is a lot to take in. I think we should leave you alone for a while." He offered me his right hand, which was his mistake. Perhaps he'd forgotten I was left handed. "Strictly business Geoff; nothing personal."

I gripped his right hand in mine then smashed my left into his face knocking him to the floor. Blood was running from his nose.

"You've stolen my company and my family. Of course it's fucking personal. Now get up and get out of my house."

I looked at Jackie. "Are you planning on marrying him?"

"Yes, as soon as the divorce is final."

"Well just remember Jackie, when a man marries his mistress it creates a vacancy."

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"I'm sure you'll figure it out. Maybe Si here will help you."

Jackie helped him to his feet and held onto him as they walked out the door. Ian followed without a word. As I closed the door behind them, the only thing I could feel was empty. Since leaving university there were only two things in my life, my wife and my company. Later, of course, came my son and he also formed a prominent part. In less than an hour it had all been taken away. On TV people in my position reach for a bottle, I've never understood that. I drink when I'm having a good time, I certainly wasn't doing that. I sat in the chair trying to decide what to do but no answers came. I got up and walked around the house. I used to love that house. What's not to love about it? A large regency house overlooking Richmond park, of course I loved it and so, I thought, did Jackie. Now it was just an empty shell. All the happiness I'd known there was gone.

I don't know how long I paced around the house trying to find something to be happy about. It got dark, it got light again but it meant nothing. I could hear the telephone ringing somewhere in the distance. I tried to think of the last time I was happy without Jackie. I remembered the holidays with mum and dad in the caravan down in Cornwall. Both mum and dad were dead but the feeling of happiness I associated with that caravan kept pulling at me. I knew I had to go there. I just walked out of the house


There I was on the beach. The same beach I'd played on so happily as a child, the same beach where I met you. I didn't know why I was there. Of course, it didn't make me happy. Instead it made me miss mum and dad all over again, reminding me of how alone I was.

The tide was going out and I walked towards the ocean. The waves crashed against me as I strode into the surf. It seemed right to end my empty life in a place for which I only had happy memories. I walked out further and suddenly she was there, standing in the sea in front of me. She stood about 5ft 10ins tall her long dark hair hung down her back. She wore a white one piece swimsuit cut high at the legs and showing the darkness of her nipples through the material. Her narrow waist, full breasts and round arse gave her that hour glass look. She looked at me and spoke.

"This is not the way Geoff. Turn around and let's go back."

"Why, what's the point? There's no reason to go back."

"There is always a reason to live. There are things you have to do, people you have to meet."

"What are you talking about and how do you know my name?"

"I'm talking about you. It's not your time. If you go further I will have to save you. Turn around and come with me."

She offered me her hand. "come with me Geoff."

"Who are you? Do I know you?"

"My name is Vanessa and no you don't know me, but I know all about you. Please come with me."

I took her hand and turned around to follow her. She walked elegantly out of the waves. I tried to guess her age and put her at about thirty five. She led me up the beach and into the dunes beyond. We came across a house in the dunes; it was of an unusual construction, being made completely of wood with a veranda that looked out to sea. Almost an old colonial bungalow in sunny Cornwall. She led me up to the door and took me inside. She let go of my hand and left me in the hallway. A few minutes later she appeared with a towel drying her hair.

"The bathroom is through there, why don't you go and have a shower?"

I moved off in the direction she indicated and did find a bathroom. I was still in a daze and moving very slowly. In what seemed no time at all she was there beside me, helping me out of my clothes. She turned on the shower and waited for me. I stood naked before her as she opened the shower door. I just stood under the spraying water not moving at all. When she stepped out of the swimsuit and got in the shower with me, I should have been surprised. Looking back I should also have been aroused, she was a hell of a beautiful woman, I actually felt nothing. In the words of the song I had become comfortably numb. She pulled my head down to her shoulder as she washed my hair and hugged me as she washed my back.

"You're in shock but don't worry, I can fix you."

When she'd finished washing me, she started on herself. In the days that followed I would become very excited watching her run her own hands over her body but not that afternoon.

"You look like you haven't slept in days," she said as she led me to the bedroom. "We'll deal with that first."

Still naked, she took me to a bedroom and put me to bed.

I woke gently, it was dark outside. Jackie's arm wrapped around me, her breasts pushed into my back as she spooned into me. My cock was hard and as I started to move I felt her hand wrap around it. That's when I realised it had all been a terrible dream. I reached behind me and stroked her bum. It seemed slightly bigger and rounder than I remembered. I moved away and started to turn over.

"Oh Jackie, I just had the most awful dream." She still had hold of my cock and was moving her hand up and down."I dreamed you'd left me and you and Ian had gone to live with Simon."

I turned towards her and ran my hand up her body, over her breasts to her neck and then her face. Something was wrong I reached for the bedside lamp but it wasn't there. I started to panic.

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