tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGuardian Angel Ch. 03

Guardian Angel Ch. 03


I waited with anticipation for work to start on Monday morning but I was disappointed as lunchtime approached, I had seen no sign of Donna, I didn't even know if she was at work. As twelve o'clock struck I made my way to the canteen, finding an empty table and removing my lunch from its box, surely I could make better food than this. I am just about to open my newspaper, when my heart skips a beat, I can see Donna has entered the room. I want to scream out her name in jubilation but I remained calm as she stared at me. I can see she is conservatively dressed but she is carrying an heavy looking black sports holdall but she still looks amazing. Without waiting Donna comes over and sits with me. She says hello and then slips the bag under the table, pushing it with her foot against my leg.

"A change of clothes." She said and winked at me. "I might need them this weekend, if you have nothing better to do." I quickly conveyed to her that I had no plans.

Donna tells my that Peter Davis from the Planning Department is having a birthday party on Saturday at his home. She then says its an open invitation and that I should go. I don't really know Peter but how can I resist this goddess, I tell her I will be there.

For the rest of the week I only catch the odd glimpse of Donna at work and there is no activity on her Facebook, although I do satisfy myself with numerous wanks over her pictures, I love her dressed in lingerie.

Saturday seems to take an age to arrive but finally I am in a taxi heading to the party. As we enter the drive I can see the house is massive, more of a mansion, how could he afford this. I pay the driver and head through the open front door. Its seems the whole of the works is here and I exchange pleasantries with a few people while trying to seek out Donna.

Its not long before I find her, Donna looks to be her usual pissed condition. The music is playing quite loud as she staggers over and throws her arms round my neck, almost strangling me with her hug, she was strong for such a petite girl. When she releases me she makes me dance, I'm not a good dancer but I soon start to enjoy the movement as she grinds her body against mine. My cock is rock hard as she continues, she must be able feel it, I can feel her crotch against mine. Too soon the song comes to an end and without a word Donna leaves me. Moments later I see her dancing with someone else, she looks a slut. I want to fuck her.

I cannot take my eyes from Donna's erotic show as I continue to devour my drink. Soon the need to pee takes over, I have to find a toilet. I move quickly through the room and find the toilet but there is a queue. I'm getting desperate when I hear somebody say all the bedrooms have en-suite toilets. I see the stairs and I'm swiftly at the top. I can see an open door at the end of the long corridor and decide this is my best chance. I was right the double bedroom did contain a toilet and I had soon relieved myself. Fastening my zip I turn to leave but suddenly I hear a gaggle of voices, I recognise one. I closed the door over leaving enough gap to look through.

Donna staggers into the bedroom supported by three guys. Her legs unstable she manages to sit on the end of the bed. I can soon hear zippers being undone and seconds later Donna has a cock in her mouth. The guy seems in an hurry and uses her throat like a cunt as he fucks her face. The noises that are emanating from her mouth are scary, he is so big, should I intervene? The man has his hands full of her hair and fucks the full length of his cock into Donna, the noises from her throat continue but she doesn't seem to be struggling, in fact her hands are on his arse pulling him in, I knew she was a dirty slut but never imagined she was this wild. I was now slowly wanking my cock as I heard a massive grunt, the guy stopped his thrusting movement, he seemed to be in a frozen quiver until finally he withdrew his cock, which was followed by a torrent of sperm, which quickly soaked the front of Donna's tiny blue dress. The guy high fives his two friends and swiftly leaves the room.

One of the two remaining men, grabs hold of Donna and easily flips her over onto her stomach, he drops his trousers, his cock is huge, he grabs her hips and pulls her onto her knees. He then drags her tight dress over her arse and pulls her white panties to one side and starts to rub his cock against her cunt, He was now blocking my view.

"Look the slag has already had her cunt filled, she is fucking dripping someone's spunk." He said to his mate.

"Are you still going to fuck her." The reply came.

"Yes, I don't think I could stop myself. I'm gonna split this little slut in half." He must have pushed his cock deep into Donna by the sound of her screams. "Quick, get your cock in her mouth, shut the noisy bitch up." I could see his friend oblige and again Donna's throat started to make weird noises.

I could see the guys arse working, pumping like a piston in her pussy, his mate keeping up pace in her mouth. The one in her pussy didn't last long and almost howled as he filled Donna with his hot spunk and withdrew his cock. Pulling up his trousers, he spoke

"Finish the bitch off." He said and then left.

The last guy moved from her mouth and behind her, he seemed reluctant to fuck her dripping cunt but his animal lust took over. Donna didn't make a sound as he mercilessly worked his cock deep into her cunt, she must have passed out again. The man hammered and pounded her pussy for long minutes before finally removing his cock and spraying his massive load over Donna's pussy and arse, the sperm running down between her legs. As soon as he let go of the girl her body went limp and collapsed into the mattress. The guy fastened his trousers and left without a backward glance.

Donna had somehow rolled onto her back, by the look of her she is out cold. I make a move to check she is alright but I hear the bedroom door click open. Peter Davis, the party host enters. Donna moves again and she is now sprawled out with her legs wide open, her dress around her waist and her panties to one side of her pussy. How could any one resist. Without hesitation Peter has his cock in hand as he stares at the blonde girl on his bed. He takes a moment to weigh up his options, his mind is soon made up and he his on the bed climbing between Donna's leg. His hand reaches down to caress her pussy, he withdraws it quickly.

"Dirty Slut." He whispers to no-one, I can see his fingers are covered in cum but

Peter is too far gone to stop and his cock is soon inside Donna. He bangs her pussy hard but there is no reaction from the girl as she bounces in time with the mattress. I know she is unconscious but the twat carries on abusing her. I don't know why but I took my phone from my pocket and started to take photo's. By his actions I can see he is close to Cumming as he writhes roughly at her tits with his hands, no thought of compassion for the girl, I want to run out and smack him but before I get chance, he grunts and pulls his cock from her cunt. I can see the spunk shooting from his cock as he sprays her pussy lips and panties. Then he is gone.

I come out of the bathroom, I cannot leave her like this or how many more men will take advantage of her unprotected pussy, I knew I wanted to. I rearranged her panties back across her pussy, my fingers were sticky from the massive amount of cum that seemed to be everywhere and then pulled her dress back down covering her the best I could but how the fuck was I going to get her out of here and back to my house.

I quickly move to the bedroom door and look down the landing, nobody in sight. Then I hear a noise of somebody quickly ascending the stairs. I try to move back inside the bedroom but before I can Becky comes into sight and spots me.

"Hi." She calls out. "Have you seen Donna."

"Yes." I reply, quickly thinking of an explanation for the state of Donna. "I just found her in here, she doesn't look good."

"Has she been at it again, she told me you look after her."

God, what else had she told Becky. "Yes, she seems alright, just passed out again from the alcohol. I don't know how I'm going to get her out of here."

"I will help." I was so grateful for Becky's reply.

We both go into the bedroom, Donna is still asleep. With Becky's help we soon have her looking almost respectable and in a sitting position. We rouse her enough so she can stand, Becky tells me she cannot go home in that condition, I already know. I tell Becky that this happens regularly and normally Donna come back to mine, Becky agrees to come as well. I phone a taxi and we wait in the bedroom untill I get a call from the driver telling me is outside. We quickly leave the house and enter the car, for an almost silent journey to my house.

Donna assumes her usual position on the settee, flat on her back with her legs spread wide, her cum soaked panties on display. Becky sits on the end of the couch while a grab a couple of lagers from the fridge. Becky doesn't notice me come back into the room, I stop and watch her, her eyes are fixed onto Donna's panty clad cunt, I can see a look of lust in her eyes. I continue to stare at the young woman, my mind racing, how I would love to stuff my cock into her tight pussy but if my suspicions were correct, I knew that would never happen.

I deliberately made a noise, Becky's gaze snapped away from Donna's pussy, I gave her the drink pretending I hadn't noticed her looking at her friend and I sit in the chair opposite, I look at Becky, she is really nice, I can feel my cock stiffen as my eyes roam over her body. Her legs are long and slim, perfectly shaped muscle confined by smooth, creamy white skin, her nymph like body looks faultless from every angle, her breasts are just right, not to big, not to small, her shoulder length brunette hair impeccably groomed.

We chit chat for the next thirty minutes and down another two beers, Becky is becoming really giggly, I think the alcohol is starting to effect her. Donna moans and moves her position slightly, I see Becky again look at her cunt.

"I think we need something stronger." I tell Becky, she doesn't disagree.

I go to the kitchen and make two strong vodkas with cola and I soon return to the room, Becky's eyes are again roaming Donna's body but this time I walk straight in, she see's me looking at her, she knows I saw her looking at Donna's pussy and tries to mumble an excuse but I stop her as I speak.

"Its alright, she will never know you were looking. Once she's asleep she forgets everything that's she's done and everything that's happened to her, its as though her memory has been wiped." A little smile cracked Becky's face and her eyes were drawn back to her friends pussy as I continued.

"Have you ever been with a man." I ask her, she takes a large gulp of her drink and shakes her head. "Do you like to look at girls?" I then ask, Becky's face turns bright red, her silence gives me the answer, I knew I was right. I continued. "There's nothing wrong with liking other girls." I told her and sat down beside her. "Donna is gorgeous but as you know she is a slut. Why don't you ask her to have sex with you, she might also like girls." Becky's face was now in shock at the way I openly spoke about her friend.

"I wish I was like Donna, I never seem to get the attention of anyone." She certainly had my attention. "She only has to walk into a room and she is surrounded by people."

"That's because she has no inhibitions, I don't think there is anything she wouldn't do once she has had a drink." A look of curios shock spread over Becky's face but she knew it was true. "I bet she has fucked more cocks tonight than you have seen your whole life." Her face was now beaming red. "Look at her panties, you can see she's had more than one load of sperm over her cunt." My confidence was growing. "See how wet and stained her panties are and I bet her pussy is still full of cum." I could see Becky adjust her legs slightly, was she getting turned on but I knew I would have to be careful or I could scare the girl away. "Do you want a closer look, she will never know." Becky didn't speak but nodded her head.

I dropped down to my knees at the side of Donna and told Becky to do the same, she did. With the girl now at my side, our heads were a lot closer to Donna's panties, we could both clearly see the outline of her pussy lips.

"Touch her." I said to Becky, she shook her head. I had to take control or risk ending the night. I took hold of her hand. "We will do it together." I told her, she was still hesitant but didn't resist as I pulled her hand onto the wet material covering her friends cunt. "Stroke her, feel her, do what you have dreamed of doing." I whispered into Becky's ear, her chest was now heaving, she was fulfilling her fantasy as her hand moved slowly across Donna's crotch.

I watched Becky as her confidence grew, then I took it further and pulled Donna's panties to once side exposing her well fucked cunt. Becky gasped, I knew this is what she had always wanted. My finger moved between Donna's spread lips and I pushed the tip inside, white liquid started to ooze out.

I asked Becky if she has ever tasted cum, she said no, so I scooped a large dollop of sperm that was still dripping from Donna's cunt onto my finger and moved my hand to Becky's mouth, she paused, a little to long for my liking, so I pushed my finger against her lips for her to taste it. She was reluctant and kept her mouth firmly closed at first but a little pressure against her lips parted them and she gingerly touched the tip if her tongue against my finger. To my surprise she didn't recoil. Does she like it? I push a little more, she opens her mouth and lets my finger move inside. I can feel her tongue swirling around my digit, removing every trace of the numerous men's spunk. I remove my hand and ask her if she likes it, she again nods. I replace my hand with my lips and kiss the girl, again to my surprise Becky kisses back. I move my hand across Becky's body but she pulls away, she tells me she isn't ready for a man but she does like cum.

I feel pissed off with Becky's rejection but know I have to move on, I know I can still have Donna tonight, I know I can do whatever I want to her and she will never know but I hadn't yet finished with Becky.

"Would you like to taste Donna, would you like to suck her cunt and push your tongue deep inside her, would you like to taste her pussy in your mouth." Becky almost whimpered compliance, I was sure she was close to orgasm. "Go on, eat her." I encouraged the girl. "She will never know and I will never tell her." I then reassured her.

Becky was like a wild animal, once she started there was no stopping her. She feasted on Donna's pussy as if it was her last meal. I just sat and watched. Fifteen minutes must have passed before Becky raised her head, I knew she had cum at least once during that time but guessed it had been a lot more. Becky stood up, the spunk from Donna's cunt still dripping from her chin, she looks me deep in the eyes and mouths the words. "Thank you." She then shocks me by leaning forward to kiss my lips, sharing the mixture of the cum, my hands instinctively grip her small firm arse, she doesn't remove it but I know she wont let me go any further.

When we break our kiss Becky starts to speak. "Have you ever fucked Donna." I lie and say no. "Would you like to." I reply yes. "Well she's been fucked lots tonight by the amount of stuff in her pussy and if she wont remember anything in the morning, why don't you fuck her now, I wont say anything." I couldn't believe what Becky was saying, she wouldn't fuck me her but she would let me fuck her friend.

As soon as my cock entered Donna's dripping cunt I knew my time was limited. After the first two strokes my cock was ready to burst, then Becky spoke "You can cum in my mouth, if you want, I haven't tasted you yet." She told me. Thirty seconds later Becky's lips were clamped around the head of my cock, as I emptied my full balls down her throat, I couldn't believe that she swallowed every drop.

I went to bed happy, Becky stayed downstairs with Donna. I wanted to stay and see what happened but I was exhausted and soon asleep. When I woke Becky was gone but Donna was still on the settee, asleep.

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