tagGay MaleGuardian Ch. 01

Guardian Ch. 01


This is my first time attempting to write a story. Please free to leave feedback. I'm thinking of writing a series; want to hear your opinions. (All characters mentioned below are 18+ of age)

I fell for him the second my eyes met him. His irresistible golden brown eyes met my own and quickly invited me to sit beside him. My dear William. I suppose knowing him as a childhood friend has its merits but one great disadvantage, he would never see me more than a friend, while I am hopelessly in love with him. His sweet innocent voice once again lures me into a world I can only imagine exists, a world where he loves me as much as I love him.



I wake up every morning to a dream where I cover his smaller frame and other explicit details I would rather not delve into. I pull on a hoodie and running shoes that have been less that useless for some time now with bits and pieces of them tearing off. I reach my front door and run. I run until I can't feel my body anymore like every other morning, I run thinking that perhaps I can conquer his heart with my looks. I chuckle as I return to my porch after a long run. My sweet William isn't shallow. I keep up the slight jog up the stairs until I reach the bathroom.

I took a quick shower and stare intently into the mirror. Several hours in the gym have made my chest broad and well-defined, my stomach hard and large arms have made many women and some men look twice at me in a casual walk down the streets.

Today being a happy day, the return to school after a long yet well-deserved summer break into the final year of High school. I eat my traditional bowl of Ramen for breakfast and head to school.


I got to school just in time and parked in the senior parking lot. I walk around without thought on the campus reveling in the fact that this is the final year of high school, When I crash into a small boy perhaps a first or second year and drop all of his books.

"I'm sorry little buddy I didn't see you." I bend down and pick up his books, as I'm returning his books to him his mutters a quick thank you and quickly walks away trying to disguise the blush threatening to spread around his face. I can't help but chuckle at my mishap, "Well no harm done" I say to myself walking into my first period class.


First period Calculus, I smirk and think 'What a gift god has bestowed upon me, I should calm down before I explode from excitement.' My sarcastic thoughts were cut short by the late arrival of a student.

His honey brown hair is perfectly accented with his golden eyes, William. He smiles at me revealing his dazzling white teeth and sat in the seat in front of me. I panicked. I would never be able to concentrate in this class anymore with him being so close, with a resigning attitude I read the syllabus for the class and tried my best not to think too much about him.

As fate would have it I did not share the same class as him before lunch so I searched the school grounds looking for him until I found him. My happy mood was crushed by the image in front of me.

A boy who I recognized as Issaac Clark a third year was sitting a little bit too close to William. I approached them but I quickly noticed the disgusted face on him. William was at the edge of his seat and before I knew it my hand grabbed Issaac by his shirt and pulled him away from him.

"What's your problem? You trying make me look bad in front of Willy over here?" He said as I threatened to punch him in the face.

Warm hands grabbed my arm and I melted against the touch of him. I released Issaac and relished in his warm touch. He whispered in such a soft tone that made my heart melt, "Don't hurt him please."

I turned around to apologize to Issaac but he was nowhere to be found pussy I thought to myself. And swiftly turned to William, he smiled and hugged me. I mentally thanked Issaac; I would do anything to feel this smaller man in my arms.



Like every morning my younger brother woke me up. Although I am the oldest child I always felt young next to my brothers. My small 5'6'' frame made second and even first years' tower over me making me always a little bit self-conscious.

Darren the second oldest brother ruffles my hair, "Pipsqueak, aren't you excited for your fourth and final year of high school?"

I quickly got out of his grasp, "Stop it you're messing up my hair. And you forget I'm older, second year!" I stick my tongue out and run to the kitchen. My mother had a feast ready for breakfast. My mother, as always smacked my brother with a wooden spoon softly.

"Stop running in the house, William you're next." I froze with that word, she never uses my full name, and at my reaction she began laughing and served me a mountain of food.

"Don't worry my boy you're not in trouble yet. Just stay out of trouble. And stop being so adorable. Silly Willy."

That was more like my mother. Her petite frame was carried with amazing grace and I found myself smiling deeply at her.

My other two brothers came in, Darren A second year, Rich a third year and little Greg a first year. Even though I am the oldest all my brothers are taller or about the same size. I look at all of them; we share the same brown hair but they all had my mother's icy blue eyes. I shared my father's brown eyes; with that thought heavy footsteps approached the kitchen. My father shared many of my appearances the only difference was his huge body. With large muscles rippling on his body he sometimes wondered how I could be his son.

I ate carefully and kept the conversation alive. We spoke about everything and anything at all. I ate all my food while my mother kept a watchful eye on me, insuring I ate all of it. I rode to school with Darren.

I was truly excited to go to school.


I got to class a couple of minutes late cursing under my breathe. I was a senior and was still getting lost on the first day of school. First period Calculus, just my luck. I walked into class and saw Blaine, my best friend since I could remember. We practically grew up together and as the years passed by he has changed. His tall body was accented with bulging muscles which made every girl want to have him and every guy want to be him.

He is always very kind and protective over me, and I smiled warmly at him. I took a seat in front of him and concentrated on my class.


At lunch I took out my boxed lunch and sat in the same table as my friends has sat in since we were first years. A note slipped out of my pack and someone picked it up.

Issaac... he picked it up and sat next to me.

I disguised my disgust and said, "Thank you Issaac you are very kind. Would you please give me back that paper?"

He got closer pushing me to the edge of my seat, "Sure sweet heart I would do anything for you." His face was too close to mine; I panicked and thought I couldn't do anything to stop him if he tried. I whispered, "Please don't get any closer Issaac, you know I don't see you the same way you do." I covered my face and when I uncovered it someone pulled him back crushing him into the wall.

My savior, Blaine. He gave a threatening look to Issaac and the wave of relief that rushed over me quickly disappeared as fear over took me. I did not want Issaac to get hurt, I place my hands on Blaine's arm I quietly whispered, "Please don't hurt him."

He let him go and turned to me giving me an undeserved look of admiration. He turned where Issaac was but he was gone. When he looked at me again without words I hugged him tight. Blaine has always been here to protect me. My Knight in Shining Armor.


I shared my final two classes with Blaine, both periods being a swim class. He was truly a sight to behold seeing him in such small tight jammers.

Everyone was looking at him and I couldn't help but feel jealous. My friend Valerie was also ogling him and see said, "Wow, I should have grabbed him while I had a chance. That hunk is way out of my league now. Although Willy, he might be in yours."

I blushed deeply and didn't notice Blaine sneaking up on me. He picked me up and carried me away.

"How's my little Will? I saw you blushing and thought I might want to save you."

I found myself hiding in my hair trying to hide the fact that I was blushing even harder now. He looked at me with concerned eyes and softly put me down on a bench.

"I'm sorry I picked you up without asking. I just saw you in your cute swimsuit and couldn't resist." I didn't believe what Blaine was telling me. I always suspected he felt something for me but this is the first time he acted on his feelings.



I panicked. I joined swimming because I knew William was a member. I didn't know if I could withstand seeing him in a swimsuit just thinking about it brought less than appropriate thoughts to mind.

I saw him talking to Valerie, a mutual friend and something she said made him blush. Only I can make him blush. I snuck up on him and carried him in my arms. He felt so good in my arms. But he was hiding behind his hair, his blush only growing with every passing moment. I ignored all the eyes on us and placed him softly on a bench.

I apologized, "I'm sorry I picked you up without asking. I just saw you in your cute swimsuit and couldn't resist."

The words simply slipped out of my mouth. I didn't realize what I said until it was too late he gave me a deer in the headlights look. Our instructor called us that moment and I was spared. For the rest of the day I swam, and swam until I couldn't feel pain anymore.

I decided to avoid him, give him time to think but I guess he had the same though. I couldn't help but feel hurt.



Blaine as always overachieving. On the first day of classes it is understandable for a student to laze around but today he swam and swam like there was no tomorrow. The instructor was impressed by his abilities although Blaine confessed he began to learn how to swim over the summer, always so modest.

His earlier confession wasn't as upsetting as it was nerve-racking. Blaine, to put it in Valerie's terms is such a hunk and could have anyone at all in the school. Now that I think of it, I've never seen him with anyone else, man or woman.

I thought of the feeling of his body enveloping mine and I covered my face and joined him in the swimming pool.

There wasn't any opportunity to talk to him and I was glad, ignoring him on the way to the showers.

On my way out he was there waiting for me. "Hey Will, you want to grab a bite to eat? My treat." He smiled warmly making my knees shake.

"I-II can't" I stuttered, "I have to go home, need to get there on time or else my mom worries."

With a look of disappointment he said, "Well at least let me wait here with you for Darren, I don't want anything bad happen to you Will. Seeing you today at lunch has made me worry more than usual, but I guess I can't do anything about it."

I felt truly bad rejecting him, he has always been so kind and I didn't want something as small as him flirting with me get in the way of our friendship.

He came closer and pulled me to him; I couldn't help but melt at his touch.

"You look cold Will; here let me warm you up."

And he did warm me up; I felt blood rushing to my groin. I just laid my face against his strong chest and forgot about everything else in the world.

With a jolt I parted from his embrace, he held on tighter. "Wassup Darren? You're keeping your brother waiting too long aren't you?"

With those words I turned around and saw my younger brother. His face was attempting to mask the disgust he felt towards the two.

"Nah I'm alright had to get some things, why don't you give William here a ride home. Save me a lot of trouble."

Blaine nodded and I followed him to his car. I sat in the familiar black Toyota with spotless seats and carpets. I smiled at him and we headed home.

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