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Guardian Love


I am a man now in his late thirties (knocking on 40 would be a better term) who never thought what I'm about to discuss would happen to a guy like me - especially in my own household.

Face it; even as a younger man, I never considered myself attractive. I've been 5'10 most of my adult life and inherited my dad's tan coloring, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I'd gone from skinny (if 180 pounds was considered skinny) during high school to around 225 at present.

I always considered myself an average guy at best, even with a good job, a house and a Mercedes, both of the latter I own free and clear.

I met my now ex-wife Naomi when we were in our late teens at camp through our mutual friends, Adam and Janis. We got married when I was 20 and Naomi 19. We hadn't planned on raising kids; I didn't really want them and Naomi couldn't have any.

We ended up with a child anyway when Adam and Janis were killed by a drunk driver and to our surprise, they named us as guardians for their daughter, Tiffany.

The free-living life of travel, an active social life, and nights of endless sex ended when we became instant parents of sorts to an adorable, blonde three-year-old girl while still in our early twenties.

I surprisingly found myself loving Tiffany and doted on her. On the other hand, Naomi seemed to resent having her in our lives and only bothered with the child when it was necessary.

I don't know if she was jealous of the time I spent with Tiffany, but it wasn't long before our sex life began to waver and I discovered Naomi was seeing other men.

Naomi and I finally divorced when Tiffany was thirteen and she continued living with me. She was already showing promise of transitioning from a pretty little girl into a beautiful young woman and I'd gone from being "Daddy Pete" to just plain Peter.

Things started becoming odd once Naomi was out of the house. As she emerged into her teens, Tiffany's behavior seemed different. I dismissed it at first, but looking back, I have to wonder if she'd sending me "signals" that she had a much deeper interest in me than just being her guardian.

Gazing at me with those intense blue eyes from across the dinner table, her hands "accidently" moving down my back and brushing my ass while she hugged me, pressing her now well-endowed breasts against my body when she reached over me to get something, increased quick kisses on the lips, and wearing skimpier clothes around the house that left little of her beautiful body to the imagination were just a few I remember.

Did all those things arouse me? I'm not going to lie and say they didn't. I spent many nights jerking off from the effects of what Tiffany was doing, though I would never considered sleeping with her.

Tiffany was not only way too young and I'd raised her from the time she was three, but I also hadn't plan getting involved with another female after my messy divorce from Naomi.

A few months before Tiffany graduated from high school, she came home with a two of her friends while I was fixing the DVD player. I was bent over and engrossed in my project when I felt someone grab my ass.

I jumped at the sensation as the girls laughed.

"Looking good, Peter!" Tiffany said.

I returned a nervous laugh. "Hi, kiddo."

"I'm going out with the girls. Is that okay?"

"Just be back by midnight." I gave her the car keys. "Seat belt, mind the speed limits -"

"No texting or using my phone while driving. I know, Peter." Another kiss on my lips as she pressed her breasts against me. "I'll see you later."

The grab-ass incident remained with me after the girls left before I shrugged it off as a teenage prank and went back to working on the DVD player.


Tiffany graduated from high school three months later, and things took a different turn not long after. She was a beautiful girl and had her share of attention from boys, but none of them seem to last past one or two dates.

I couldn't figure out why...until she came into my room one evening after spending most of the day outside beside our pool. She was a striking vision in a white bikini, which contrasted against her tanned body, and the top barely held her amazing breasts.

I was wearing my favorite tight red swim shorts and enjoying the air conditioning when I'd dozed off in front of the TV, and woke to a hand stroking my leg.

Tiffany smiled down at me. "Hi."

"Hey, kiddo. Finally decide to come in?"

Her hand never left my leg. "Yeah. You look like you need some company."

"Any dates tonight?"

"No, just staying in."

"What happened to that Jason boy who was here the other day?"

"He's so boring, just like a lot of the boys. Only out for one thing."

"I'm sorry things didn't work out."

"I'm not," Tiffany said as her hand went farther up my leg until it was near my crotch. "I don't want boys. I want to be with a man."

Before I even had a chance to think about what was going on, Tiffany straddled me, with her face inches above mine.

"Honey, what are you doing?" I managed to whisper.

"What I've wanted to do for a long time," she answered. "I always thought you were the sexiest man I've ever known. I waited so long for you, Peter; until that cheating slut Naomi was out of the house, until I turned eighteen, and finally got out of high school."

She ran her hands across my chest. "You have to be so horny and frustrated from going without a woman for so long."

"Tiffany, we shouldn't -" I began to protest as her hands moved down and stroked the rising bulge between my legs.

"We SHOULD. Your words are saying no, but your eyes.." she gripped my erection ..."and this are saying yes."

As she talked, her lips brushed mine with every word. "I'm going kiss you because I know how bad you've wanted me too, Peter."

I closed my eyes and felt her mouth close over mine. It felt so good! I lost control and kissed her back, parting my lips and letting her tongue slide into my mouth.

I removed her bikini top and played with her naked breasts, rolling her nipples through my fingers.

My cock began to twitch in anticipation. Tiffany rose pulled off my swim shorts before removing her bikini bottoms.

I found myself wanting her badly. I wanted to push her down on the bed, take my cock and thrust it deep into her waiting pussy and fuck her until she screamed for mercy, but Tiffany was clearly in control as her now-naked body straddled me again.

"I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Peter," she said as she stroked my hair. "I sometimes stand outside your bedroom door at night listening to the sounds you make when you jerk off. I can feel your frustration from not having a woman in bed with you. I've made myself come many times imagining you inside me. I had sex with Jason the other night, but thought about you the entire time."

Her lips brushed mine again. "I'll be all yours. I'd never cheat on you like your whore ex-wife did. You're the only man I'll ever need."

The idea of Tiffany standing in the hallway outside the bedroom door hearing me get myself off was even more of a turn-on.

"I'm all yours baby," I said, overcome with lust. "Take that young beautiful body and do what you want with me, if you think you can handle it."

She guided my aching cock inside her pussy. "You'll see how much I can handle. I want to please you."

Tiffany's face radiated pure pleasure as she gradually impaled herself on my throbbing shaft. Her eyes grew wide as it slid further into her tight pussy. I bucked my hips to push deeper inside her.

She let go a content sigh as the last inches filled her. "Oh God, Peter, your cock feels so good in my pussy."

With her eyes closed, Tiffany began to ride me gently. I could feel her inner muscles gripping my shaft.

She then set up a rhythm of rocking, not really riding me, but allowing my cock to move inside her and we both craved the sensations we felt while she fucked me. Tiffany panted as she kept up her pace and her body began to shiver with an approaching orgasm.

"Fuck me, Peter...come on, baby, give it all to me...I want you to make me come!"

She arched her back as she rode through her climax. I felt her muscles grip my cock even harder until it felt like a vise.

I couldn't take any more. I rolled Tiffany over while my cock remained inside her. I then put her legs around my shoulders and I thrust in and out of her over and over.

Looking into my eyes, she moaned how good I felt, how it was everything she'd dreamed, and to never stop fucking her. Her walls felt so hot around my cock as I pounded her deeper and harder with each stroke.

"That's it, Peter," she panted, thrusting in time with me. "Give me the good hard fucking we both need."

I clenched my ass as we fucked each other in time. I bent down to kiss her before I grabbed her ankles and picked up my thrusts. Hearing and feeling Tiffany's second orgasm, I pounded her pussy with fury.

I followed up with more hard thrusts followed as she screamed what a great fuck I was and how none of the boys she'd been with made her come the way I did.

My own climax was approaching and I made much effort as possible to delay it by slowing my strokes. I wanted to keep enjoying the feel of her tight young pussy, but when it wasn't possible, I again sped up my thrusts.

I was about to shoot my load at any moment.

"Tiffany," I said breathlessly. "I'm so close..."

"Yes! Do it! I want to feel you come in me, Peter."

She never took his eyes off of mine as we came together, feeling as if I'd sent a copious amount of my long bottled-up sperm deep into her pussy.

When we finished, I gently pulled out and collapsed beside her. Our tongues entwined as we kissed and caressed each other. I'd just experienced perhaps the best sex I ever had, and found myself wanting more.

I moved Tiffany into my bed that night, and she's been there since.

The neighbors and people in town give us strange looks when we're out together, but neither of us care. I'm already thinking about asking her to marry me.

While I hadn't planned on raising kids when I married Naomi (thank God the bitch couldn't get knocked up anyway), I've reconsidered that decision and often imagine how Tiffany would look carrying my child.

Perhaps there's no better time to find out. She's already giving me a familiar, sexy stare from across the room...

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