Guardians of the Last Jungle Ch. 06


Was that going to happen? Was Jace going to let it?

"As a further reward," Donnijo continued, "just to make sure you're both equally invested in the outcome, I think I shall allow the victor to whip the loser, after I take you off the machine. How does that sound to you? Just imagine, both of you, what that would feel like. In light of the history you share. In light of the ... the training you have both been subjected to. Yes, I feel it would become a very special thing. Very memorable, for both of you, in its own reflective way. Just try to picture it, both of you. Imagine how that might be. Imagine if you manage to win. Imagine the triumph, the joy, the glory! Lashing the other all over her nakedness, anywhere you like, as long as you desire. Making her pay you back in full and beyond for everything you've suffered because of her, everything you've lost. Imagine her struggles and her screams, her pleas for mercy! But wait—now imagine if things turn out the other way. Can you face that? Could you survive it? Speaking for myself, well ... My, my. My oh my."

Indeed. Jace could picture that with agonizing clarity. It gave her no difficulty to do. The vividness of the images made her shudder and it made her groan aloud. She could not hide her distress.

For Valan, it seemed, it was the same, or perhaps it was worse. She lost control of herself. Jace's display of weakness probably contributed, compelling Valan to make one of her own. A greater one.

The fallen queen pissed, and she pissed a lot. It was a strong stream. It sprayed high and it sprayed far. It sprayed all over Jace. The fallen queen drenched the fallen jungle goddess. There was nothing Jace could do about it. No escape, no evasion. She was covered. She was soaked. She burst into tears.

Donnijo was delighted. He laughed so hard he had to go lean against the side of the elevator cage. It was like he was going to pass out.

"You bitch!" Jace screamed, "You vile slut!" She would have pissed back on Valan, if she could have. She strained in her belly as hard as she could, but nothing spurted out of her, or if anything did, there wasn't enough of it to fly far enough and reach her adversary. "Damn you! You're disgusting! Damn you to hell! The most hellish of hells, forever and ever!"

Valan actually appeared as appalled as Jace, if not as angry. "I didn't mean to! I couldn't help it! I didn't mean to do that!"

"Yes you did! Yes you fucking did and you know it!"

"No! I swear I didn't! I swear!"

Jace was surprised. Astonished, frankly. Shocked. For Valan seemed truly, genuinely ashamed of herself. Jace never would have predicted her to go that direction, whether she did what she'd done intentionally or otherwise. She seemed as shocked and humiliated by it as Jace was. Puzzling. Infuriating, too.

Not sure what else she could do, Jace started tugging down her arches. Pumping the machinery as savagely as she could manage. Faster and faster! "Take this! Take this! Take this!"

"Hahhuuh! Huuhhnuughh!" Valan reciprocated. "How do you like it? Huh? Huuggnnh? Do you like this? Do you want more? I'll give you more! Much more! More! MORE!"

"You won't beat me! You won't win! I'm gonna win this time! You're gonna come for me! You're gonna come screaming your head off! Then I'll make you do it again even worse, even louder—when I whip you! I'll do it to you again and again with the whip! I'll whip you all over as hard as I can, and you'll love it! You'll love it as much as you hate it! You'll want to die from the agony and from the disgrace and it won't matter—it won't stop you coming for the whip and coming for me again and again, you vile slut! You're not a queen anymore and you'll never be a queen again, but I am still the Jungle Goddess and I always will be, and I'll make you worship me! I'll make you beg to worship me! Are you ready? Are you excited? I know you are! I can see that you are! I can see it! I can see!"

"Not as much as you! Not as fucking much as you are! Hahh! Huugghh! Huugghhnn! You're a slave, Jungle Goddess! We're both slaves! Goddess or not, in the end it is you that will beg to worship me! I'm no longer a queen, I'm nothing but a slave and a slut—but when I whip you, Jungle Goddess, you will worship me regardless! You have fallen farther than me! You know it's true, don't you? You do! You will always have fallen farther! Always!"

"You're wrong! Give in! Just give in to it! You know you're gonna have to do it! Just give up! Give in and come for me! Come, you bitch!"

"Not 'til you do. You first! You FIRST! FIRST! FIRST!"

"Never! Never! Nuugghhnn! Nuuhhuuggh!"

"Wait a moment," Donnijo suddenly cut in, "why has it got so dark in here all the sudden? Is there a storm?"

He hustled out one of the archways for a look at the sky, just as thunder rumbled ...

Except it wasn't really thunder. It was like thunder but it was something else. Something stranger and darker. And just then the entire Bone Tower cracked apart and collapsed upon itself.

To Finally Get Concluded, Soon ...

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