tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGuess What I Saw? Ch. 02

Guess What I Saw? Ch. 02


(I hope you enjoy this second part of the story about my young neighbor, Kelly. I hadn't really intended for it to be a serial story, but it seemed like a natural progression. Thanks again for reading and commenting! E)


So, last time we talked, I was too wrought up to sleep, remember? Well, I guess you're back because you want to know how my little problem turned out, right?

Well, here's what happened. Pull up a chair, if you want.

I woke up feeling grainy-eyed and groggy for lack of sleep. I still couldn't really figure out what to do, but things had been set in motion and I just went along with the flow, thinking that I might pull myself out of the stream at any moment. The morning went more or less normally, despite my inner turmoil. I had a late breakfast and puttered around the house.

I had the photography gear all packed up and ready to load in the car by the time the doorbell rang. Kelly was prompt, I will give her that -- the clock on the microwave said 1:00 exactly. Heaving a deep breath, I grabbed the camera bags off the kitchen table and went to answer the door.

I had envisioned canceling the trip many times in the past few hours, adrift with indecision, tortured with desire. I had pictured making up an excuse at the door, just telling her I didn't feel well or something.

When I answered the door, though, I knew I was done for. Fuck.

I found Kelly on the doorstep, looking radiant in a bright yellow sundress. I say radiant because she seemed to glow with sunlight and vitality, but what I really mean is that she looked hot. Not slutty hot, but wholesome, healthy hot. The tiny spaghetti straps accentuated her strong shoulders and budding bustline, and the short hem showed off her lean, toned legs. Her hair was more red than brown in the sunlight today, and she wore a yellow flower behind her ear. She smiled broadly, and if I had seen her on the street I might have had a hard time telling if she was a mature-looking 14 year-old or was simply young-looking for her 18 years. In either case, the sexual energy shining in her eyes was unmistakable, capturing both the innocence of youth and the knowledge of maturity. I remembered her delicious lips wrapped around my cock just yesterday, and felt a stirring in my jeans. Once more I wondered how my little neighbor girl could have grown into this beautiful young woman without me really noticing.

Monica, my wife, appeared at my shoulder, greeting Kelly and chatting with her about our planned trip. As they talked, I felt the guilt gnawing at me, the same guilt that kept me lying awake most of the night last night. I told myself that I would just go out, show Kelly how to use the cameras, take some pictures, and come home. I would explain to her that I couldn't go through with what she wanted to do. Hell, who am I kidding? It was what I wanted to do, too. But I needed to tell her no, tell her I just couldn't.

I wasn't fooling myself, though. None of my arguments mattered. Why even try? I was under her spell. That's why I'm here, talking to you, isn't it?

We put the gear into the back seat and I backed out of the garage. When Kelly was talking with Monica, she had mentioned heading into the city. I figured there would be plenty of subject matter there for practicing with the cameras, so I headed downtown.

"I'm so glad you decided to come!" Kelly bubbled as we left the neighborhood and turned onto a main thoroughfare. "I could tell you were feeling guilty and thinking about not coming, but it will be all right. I promise!" She leaned over and kissed me chastely on the cheek, the essence of sweet reassurance. She smelled clean and fresh, a barely-there soapy fragrance.

I knew she couldn't really put herself in my place - a middle-aged man, married more than 20 years, with a kid of my own and a whole lifetime to lose. Somehow, though, her innocent cheerfulness buoyed me, and I was able to let the guilt recede to a safely darkened corner of my mind. Hearing her say it would be all right, I believed it.

I turned up the radio and drove.

"So, have you thought about where you want to go? There are lots of places downtown to take pictures." I remembered that the trip was mostly a cover that Kelly had come up with on the spur of the moment, following my panicked lead, but I also knew we needed to have pictures to show Monica. "I don't even know if you like photography -- I just came up with the first thing that popped into my head."

"No, it's OK. I really do like photography! I took a couple classes in school. So we should be able to get some pictures pretty quickly, and have plenty of time for, you know..." - she smiled that delicious innocent-naughty smile again - "...other stuff!" She giggled, sounding more like the 14 year-old than the 18 year-old. "I thought maybe we could go right downtown and take some street and architecture photos, maybe some of that big fountain, and then maybe go to the Nature Preserve park and get some good shots of the landscape. I love the trails there!"

Her exuberance and bubbly mood was infectious. This could be fun in a lot of ways!

The ride was about half an hour, 45 minutes, tops. Kelly kept up a steady stream of friendly chatter. She was way more relaxed than she had been the previous day. It was odd -- she was much more like her old self, and yet the chasm of difference between the woman and the child had never seemed wider.

Soon the conversation turned to yesterday's adventures. Kelly squirmed in her seat, recounting her favorite sensations from our tryst. As she described the tastes and textures, the feel of my cock in her mouth, and the excitement she felt, we both found ourselves getting turned on. I had that familiar bulge in my pants, and her speech was getting breathy and quick. It was tough to concentrate on driving, let me tell you.

I tried to keep my eyes on the road, but I couldn't help seeing Kelly's hands begin to roam over her body. She stroked the smooth skin of her thighs with long, kneading motions, stretching and arching her back. She brought her hands back up from her knees in one fluid motion, with her open palms caressing the inside of her thighs and spreading her legs as she went. Her hands pushed the sundress up, and she heaved a huge sigh as she cupped her tiny mound with both hands, spreading her legs ever wider. I felt a thrill shoot through me as I realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

"God, Kelly!" That was all I could get out. My balls already ached, reminded of the heavy load they had built up yesterday under her touch, and had yet to release.

She didn't answer, but began playing with her breasts with her left hand and wetting the fingers of her right hand in her mouth. She wasn't just wetting her fingers, though. She was reminding me what her mouth could do. She gave head to those fingers as sensuously as if she were sucking me. Her fingers, probing tongue, and ripe lips were glistening with saliva.

I was dangerously distracted, and took a minute to set the cruise control. The last thing I needed was to be pulled over for speeding uncontrollably. Luckily, the traffic on the high was pretty light.

Kelly eased into the corner against the door so she could face me a little more, and continued her show. Well, it was at least PARTLY a show for me. But it was definitely for her, too. As she spread her pink lips and let her wet fingers dance over her pearly clit, she told me how often she has masturbated, since catching me jerking off that day last fall, while imagining that it's my cock pleasuring her.

Her fingers moved so quickly and adeptly over her moistness. I had to watch the road, but I kept glancing over at her whenever I could. She slipped a hand inside the low neckline of the sundress, and one thin strap fell down her shoulder, just barely exposing one small round breast. I was kind of amazed at the viciousness with which she attacked that small nipple, pinching, twisting and tugging really hard at it in her passion. My heart jumped at the realization that this was the first time I had seen her breast so close, with no glass between us.

She raised her knees a little for a better angle, and moaned loudly as she plunged her fingers inside. She moved her fingers quickly at times, slowly and searchingly at others, like she was memorizing every crease, every soft fold, every slick, smooth surface of herself. And then she did what had nearly driven me nuts when I had watched her through the window -- she took her dripping fingers from her pussy and put them in her mouth. She moaned again -an ecstatic, deep, soulful sound for such a young woman -- and savored every drop of her juices with unabashed lust and pleasure.

Kelly must have noticed some subtle change in me, a sharpening of my attention, an unspoken question in my eyes. Whatever it was, she felt the need to explain.

"Is that weird?" she asked quickly, taking her fingers from her mouth and tugging at her lower lip nervously. "I mean, I used to wonder if I was a lesbian because I like the taste of myself so much." She blushed a little before adding, "I'm pretty sure I'm not a lesbian, though. I wouldn't imagine your cock all the time if I was, would I? But... is it weird that I like the taste?" She smiled a little pensively, really wanting an answer.

"No, it's not weird. It's hot as hell!" I figured a simple, honest answer would serve best. "It drives me crazy when you do that."

She smiled and nibbled her bottom lip.

Then I had another thought. "Maybe, you know, maybe you are bisexual? Or just curious. That's kinda hot, too, you know. But it doesn't really matter. I like it, either way."

"Oh, good!" she giggled with relief. It seemed like my affirmation only turned her on more, because she immediately plunged her fingers back into her wet slit. This time, she didn't stop until she brought herself to an open-mouthed, gasping orgasm. If the passengers in the other cars could tell what she was doing simply from the ecstasy written all over her face, she didn't seem to mind. I was learning more about Kelly all the time, and the more I learned, the greater my desire. No, let's just call it what it was -- need.

Once more, she licked and sucked her fingers clean. This time, there was no hint that it might all be for show. Her eyes were closed, and I could almost see the shudders of pleasure, the euphoria on her face. I don't even think she knew I was there for while. Not that I minded. My imagination was working overtime, thinking of all the ways Kelly could sate her appetite for the taste of pussy. I knew I would never get to fuck her beautiful little pussy, but I could certainly picture the pleasure that would be painted on her face if she were to suck her juices from my gleaming shaft. She would never be one of those women who was reluctant to suck you after your dick had been in her pussy. No. She would savor the taste, all of the sensations...

Hell, I even imagined her deft tongue dancing over another woman's succulent pink flower. Maybe even while I watched...

Fuck me sideways. I was losing my mind!

When Kelly opened her eyes, she must have seen the sheer hunger on my face. With a mischievous, impish grin, she said "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Mac. Did you want a taste, too?"

"Yes, please," I answered, and I could hear the longing in my own voice.

Once more she plunged those long, strong-yet-delicate fingers into her damp pussy. She didn't really masturbate any more; she just got them nice and wet. Then she leaned over and teasingly slid them into my mouth. I groaned out loud at the amazingly fresh, clean scent of her juices, and I sucked her fingers clean. She played with her fingers in my mouth, tracing the curve of my lips and my tongue, sliding those long digits in and out sensuously until I could no longer focus on my driving. I had to push her hand away and pay attention to the road, much to my disappointment.

She sat back in her seat, as inscrutable as the sphinx. After a while, I asked her if anything was the matter. She didn't seem upset, really, but something was clearly on her mind. I'd spent enough time around her the last couple of days to be able to tell when she was thinking hard about something.

"Well, I was thinking. We didn't really plan it, but I was kind of wondering... well, I know I asked if I could give you a blowjob, but I... I've never had anyone, you know..." she mumbled and fell silent. I found her juxtaposition of embarrassed reticence and straightforward candor confusing but adorable. I waited, and soon she continued, "I've never had anyone, you know, lick me. Um, go down on me, you know? And I was just thinking, like, wondering if..."

"I would love to, Kelly. I just didn't want to be pushy and ask..."

"Oh, oh, OK, great!" She was bubbly and happy again, relief evident in her smile. It was cute, how quickly she could change gears from "almost too embarrassed to speak" to "I'm so happy!"

I decided to stop at the Nature Preserve first. Some light hiking would serve to reduce my tension, I thought, and maybe we could find a quiet spot. To be honest, I was so excited when we got there, I forgot all about the cameras. I just bounced out of the car and opened Kelly's door, and we started off down the trail.

Now, Nature Preserve is kind of an overstated name for what basically amounts to a little park, nestled along the river that runs through the downtown area. I guess its claim to being a preserve lies in the fact that they have examples of most of the plants that were native to the area before it was paved, cemented, and constructed into oblivion. So, it's nice, but all told, it's really just a little park with hiking trails and picnic areas. But it is kind of pretty, and offers pockets of quiet seclusion among the bustle of the city.

Kelly walked in front of me, picking her away along a trail through tall pines. We passed a few other folks out enjoying the sun, but it was not very crowded at all. The trail we followed went up a little rise and ended at a small, rocky open area that looked down over the river. There was a picnic table there, and we sat for a little while, watching the river roll lazily by down below. The silence stretched out long enough to become awkward.

"Now that we're here, I'm kinda nervous," Kelly admitted sheepishly.

"Me, too," I reassured. "But we don't have to do anything we don't want to. You don't have to do anything at all if you don't feel like it, Kelly. Really. I won't be mad or anything." I reached out and patted her hand. "So don't worry."

"Thanks, Mr. Mac. You were always so sweet to me." She gave me a crooked little smile and a small kiss. The confidence was starting to come back. I could see it in her eyes. When she bent and kissed my jaw, just at the base of my ear, electricity flowed. I returned the favor, kissing her slender neck and brushing the strap of her dress aside. I nuzzled my way down her neck to the hollow of her throat, lingering there and soaking in her clean fragrance. Her skin was warm, smooth, and tasted sweet. I gently pulled down the top of her dress and kissed my way down. Her breath drew in sharply as my tongue found her nipple, hard as a tiny pebble. Her chest swelled with deep, wrenching breaths. I remembered how hard she had pulled and pinched herself while masturbating, and nibbled her tender nipple pretty hard. She gasped and pulled my head into her breast.

I was just kissing my way back up to her throat when we heard voices. Someone was coming up the trail. I quickly pulled her dress back up and we walked back down the way we had come. I realized that anyplace along the trails or at the picnic areas was likely to have traffic, so I led Kelly off the trail into a grove of trees. The cover was imperfect, but I knew most people would just walk on by without even looking over.

Kelly looked around at the dirty duff covering the ground and said with dismay, "There's no place to lay down. I'll get my dress all dirty."

"Don't worry," I said. I backed her against a smooth tree trunk, pulled down her dress, and feasted on her luscious, tiny breasts again.

I turned her around so she was facing the tree, and motioned for her to bend at the waist and lean against the trunk. I knelt behind her and slowly lifted the dress up and over her lovely ass. I heard her whimper in quiet anticipation. The vision of her bent over like that, ass high in the air, with the dress pooled like sunlight around her waist, was enough to make ME whimper. I resisted the urge to just plunge my tongue inside her. Truth be told, what I really wanted to do was drop my pants and take her right there. Instead, I kissed my way along the curve of her bottom, dipping my tongue into the perfect diamond formed where her legs meet her ass, and licked along the tender crease there, alongside her already-damp lips. I could feel the heat and moisture, and I could smell her sweet sex.

I gently and slowly ran the tip of my tongue along the length of her slit, letting it delve ever so slightly between her lips as I went. I heard what might have been an "Oooohhhhh!" escape between Kelly's lips in a quiet sigh of air. I had to bend low and crane my neck to reach, but I soon let my dancing tongue flick over her clit, eliciting another low cry. I tried not to concentrate too long on any one spot, giving her a variety of sensations and experiences and reading her reactions intuitively. I licked her, and I sucked her labia between my lips, and I slid my tongue as deeply as I could inside her, building to a rapid flurry as I speared her virgin pussy with my tongue. I kept my hands on her round bottom, gently spreading her and easing my access. I could feel her legs trembling.

I slowed my pace, because I wasn't finished tasting her yet, and despite having orgasmed less than half an hour ago in the car, she seemed like she was about to cum again. I didn't mean to tease, but I didn't want her to cum quickly and then be too tender to touch before I had given her a full experience, either.

Plus, let's be honest. I didn't want to give up my yummy treat just yet. Selfish, I know.

Giving her wetness a break, I licked and kissed all around her womanhood, and made my way back to her sweet ass. I moved back just far enough to get a good view, massaging her cheeks and admiring the deep dimples on her lower back. Ran my tongue along her crack, and that caused her to give a little yelp, and she arched her back and spread her ass almost imperceptibly. I kissed and gently probed with my tongue, and though her legs were trembling mightily, she pushed towards my face.

She smelled so sweet and clean, and her skin tasted so good, that I did something I've never been brave enough to do before. I flicked my tongue over the tiny pink star of her asshole. She moaned in supplication and surrender; thus encouraged, I spread her a bit wider and licked more vigorously. I even slipped the tip of my tongue a tiny way inside her, in and out, and I thought she might cum just from that. I felt kind of light-headed myself. Finally, her trembling became so severe that I realized she was having trouble standing in that bent-over position any longer. I helped her stand up and let her stretch for a minute, with her chest heaving and her back resting against the tree.

She looked so vulnerable, yet so much in need, that my chest ached, too. When she seemed to have caught her breath a little, I knelt down in front of her, lifted her dress, and began to tenderly lick all around the base of her damp bush. I slipped my tongue in and flicked it over her swollen little pearl of a clit, and she grabbed the back of my head with both hands. I couldn't reach very well from this angle, and my neck was getting sore from the scrunched position I was in, so I slipped my arms between her legs and lifted her, cradling her spread legs on my shoulders.

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