tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGuess What I Saw? Ch. 03

Guess What I Saw? Ch. 03


Tony continues the story of his adventures with his young exhibitionist neighbor, Kelly. Find out what happens when Tony's wife discovers what's being going on...



Hey there, Tony here! Long time no talk.

Let's see, the last time we spoke, I had just gotten back from my little road trip with Kelly, right? Well, I was worried about the guilt, and I was right to be worried. I had a hard time dealing with it, and Monica really picked up on my weird mood. I brushed her concerns aside, telling her I was just in a funk. After a while things returned to normal, more or less, except at certain moments when the guilt would creep in. All in all though, things were OK. I've never been unhappy with Monica at all, so it wasn't like I felt some lingering pull to get away or to cheat again. The fact that our marriage is basically very solid helped get me back on my feet.

Time went by pretty uneventfully. I saw Kelly come and go now and then, but we didn't have much interaction. She really seemed satisfied to have had the one encounter (well, one two-part encounter!) with me, and then go back to her boyfriend. I didn't know whether to feel relieved or hurt, to be honest, but that's the way it was. She certainly seemed to be affectionate with him, so I assumed all was well.

Kelly also seemed to still enjoy being an exhibitionist, though I didn't catch her as often. It took several weeks after our trip before anything at all happened, so I had almost decided she wasn't going to do any showing off anymore.

But she soon showed me otherwise.

She and her boyfriend left the house one evening as I was sitting on my tiny front porch enjoying a nice beverage in the cool, still air. She called back through the open doorway that they were just going to walk around the block and would be back soon.

I was sitting quietly in the inky darkness of my porch, but my eyes were adjusted to the dim light of the streetlight up the block, which cast an orange sodium glow over everything. They walked hand in hand down the sidewalk beside the house, not fifteen feet from me. Kelly glanced over my way, but if she saw me, she made no indication. Instead of walking down to the street, they stopped at the driveway, slipping into the slightly darker shadows between the front of the boyfriend's parked pickup truck and the front of the garage. I could hear the quickening of their breathing and the wet sucking sounds of their kisses as they made out there. Like a scene in dark sepia, I could see all but the most shadowy details.

I felt my cock growing hard already, but I dared not move. The street was quiet at this time of night, and sound carried easily. I was pinned where I sat, for good or ill.

They kissed for a while, and then the boyfriend (I felt a little ashamed that I had never learned his name) lifted Kelly's shirt and began to nuzzle her small, pert breasts. I was squirming miserably, unable to adjust myself to ease the discomfort that grew as my cock did. The street light behind them made his saliva glisten on her smooth, tight skin. He kissed down her belly and, unsnapping her jean shorts, slid them down. He lifted her onto the truck hood and knelt between her legs. She sat up, looking at his head buried between her legs, watching what I couldn't see, and fingering her nipples. He worked at her sweet little pussy that I remembered so well, and before long she came in a climax that seemed all the more intense for her stifled moans and squeals.

Kelly immediately slid down off the truck hood and knelt down in front of him, not even bothering to pull her shorts up from around her ankles. She undid his pants and eased out his hard schlong, which was silhouetted and backlit by the streetlamp. She started sucking him expertly, and I could almost feel it myself as she used every technique I had shown her. Soon his cock was glistening and dripping with her saliva, and I had to stifle a moan myself when she stretched her tongue to lick the underside of his head and then buried his shaft in her open mouth. She didn't even pause when a car turned into the street and drove past, briefly illuminating them both in the headlights' glow.

In the ten minutes or so it took him to cum, I found myself ramped up to a feverish level of desire. He straightened his back, hips thrust forward, and though he didn't utter a sound I could tell by the spasms and jerking of his body that he was emptying himself into Kelly's hungry mouth.

Good lord!

They got dressed, and I sat still as a stone as they made their way back up the sidewalk to the house. It may have been just a trick of the light, but I could have sworn I saw Kelly flick a little wave my way. It was just a tiny flutter of her fingers, down by her side, as they went past, but in my heart I sensed she had known I was watching.

That night, Monica and I fucked like we were 18-year-olds ourselves.

Like I think I have mentioned, Monica and I have a healthy love life. We take good care of one another's needs on a regular basis. So it was, just a few nights later, that we found ourselves cuddled up on the couch in the living room with a couple of candles burning, kissing and fondling and nuzzling and generally getting ourselves worked up.

I don't know if you remember, but I described before how we put the couch off to one side of the room so we could get frisky without looking straight into the neighbor's living room. We could close the curtains, but neither of us like to. The only downfall is one of the second story windows looks right down on us, but it's a kid's bedroom and they are rarely there until bedtime, and you can see when the light goes on. So we've always felt pretty safe on our couch.

Things were progressing nicely. I had loosened the short silky robe Monica was wearing, and as she leaned back against the arm of the couch, I nestled between her legs and started lapping her sweet pussy. She trims her pubic hair in a neat black little strip and her lips are shaved smooth, and I just love to taste her. Her clit gets so big and hard when she is excited, poking like one of her nipples from beneath her clitoral hood. My tongue loves to play with it.

I was enjoying myself immensely when I suddenly felt her stiffen.

I sat up and asked, "What's up, dear?"

I followed her eyes and saw that the light was on in the upstairs bedroom next door.

We both sat up and watched, and I said "It's darker in here than it is there, so if we're still I don't think they'll see anything."

So we sat and watched tentatively, waiting for the light to go back out.

But it didn't go out.

Kelly and her boyfriend (ah hell, I'm just gonna make up a name for him. I'll call him Billy. He looks like a Billy to me.) soon stepped up to the window. They started kissing, and they stood perfectly silhouetted, framed in the window. She knelt down and started undoing his jeans.

"Oh my god!" whispered Monica. "What is she doing?!"

Of course, I knew it was a totally rhetorical question, but I answered anyway.

"It looks like she's gonna give him a blowjob, dear."

She gave me a playful swat, but I noticed she didn't stop looking at the scene unfolding in the window. By this time, Billy's dick was out and hard as a flagpole. Kelly was stroking him and licking at the head.

I got up and led Monica to the end of the couch, and helped her to her knees, leaning over the arm of the couch so she could see the window. Kelly's head was now bobbing up and down along Billy's shaft. I knelt behind Monica and began playing the head of my cock along the wet lips of her pussy, getting ready to enter her.

"Tony," she protested weakly, "we really shouldn't be watching them like this."

I slid myself deeply inside her and reached around to hold her breasts in my hungry hands. I leaned over and whispered in her ear "I know we shouldn't." But it didn't stop either of us as I fucked her hard from the rear. She was pressing her ass back against me with every stroke.

Kelly devoured Billy with enthusiasm as Monica and I watched and fucked. She was as wet as could be, and I could feel her Kegel muscles milking me as I pounded her. Her nipples were hard little pebbles as I rolled them under my fingertips, and she was moaning with need. Clearly, the sight silhouetted in the window turned her on as much as it did me. She came more quickly than usual, shuddering and crying out, and completely soaking my already slick cock. I kept pumping hard as she came, and reached around to rub her clit, driving her quickly to a second, smaller orgasm.

As soon as she had recovered her breath, Monica told me to get up on the couch. She had me lie on my back and crawled between my legs. I saw right away what she was doing -- she was going down on me while watching Kelly and Billy!

I had to tease her a little. "I thought you said we shouldn't watch!" I laughed.

"Yeah, I know," she admitted between licks, "but it's so friggin' hot!" She took me deeply into her mouth to emphasize the point, making me moan out loud again.

By looking backwards, up over my head, I could just make out an upside-down glimpse of Kelly as she deepthroated Billy once or twice.

Monica must have noticed the subtle twitch, the slight pulse of blood in my cock, because she took the opportunity to tease me back. "Mmmm, you usually watch me. Should I be jealous?" She laughed, so I know she wasn't serious, but it set off a twinge of guilt nonetheless.

Soon, I was just to about to explode. I was so excited and turned on! I just lay back and enjoyed Monica's delightful mouth, knowing I was close...

I wasn't watching, but Billy must have made it just before me, because Monica paused just long enough to gasp, "My god, he just shot cum all over her face!"

She went right back to sucking me, and within seconds I was shooting my own load. My lovely wife took the first few spurts down her throat and then milked the rest from me, making a wonderful mess all over her hand and down my balls.

I looked up at the window just in time to see Kelly give another of her small waves, and then they disappeared from the window and the light went out.

"Tony!" Monica whispered in excitement. "Did you see that? She waved! Do you think she knew we could see her?"

I was tickled by her conspiratorial whisper, despite the fact there was no way we could be overheard.

"I'm quite sure she DID know."

Something about my voice caused Monica to sit up quickly, my cock still in her hand. She was still stroking me absentmindedly as she spoke.

"You've watched them before!!" Her voice rose sharply, a mix of excitement, surprise, and accusation.

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell what she was thinking, what her response might be. So, I told her the truth.

I don't know what made me do it -- guilt, most likely, but there was an element of excitement, too. It made me feel ashamed, but we've always had a pretty honest relationship, so I spilled it. I told her everything, from the initial faux pas of getting caught jerking off, to the first exciting glimpses of Kelly's exhibitionist side, to our dalliances as I taught her how to give a good blowjob.

I was horribly drained and crushingly depressed after my confession. I fully expected to be kicked out right then. There was a long stretch of strained silence. I didn't embarrass myself by apologizing just then, or trying to explain myself. If there was a time for that, it would be later.

Monica broke the silence. "So, do you want to be with me, or do you want to be with her?"

"You!" I answered immediately, thankful that I wasn't being shut out entirely. We spent the rest of the evening talking about everything, gradually figuring out where we stood with one another.

By the end of our talk, I was relieved that things looked like they would be OK.

"So, you aren't mad?" I asked tentatively.

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm hurt," she answered, pain digging in my heart, "but I think I understand." Monica glanced up at the window, now dark and empty. "I mean, that was hot as hell!" She chuckled in her throat and shook her head.

I put my hand over hers, not quite knowing what to say.

"I mean, you didn't go looking for a piece of ass, and you didn't cheat with the intention of hurting me. I can see how, in your twisted mind, you thought you were helping her." She looked up at the window again. "Shit, maybe you did help her. She sure seemed to give an amazing blowjob." She laughed a little, shaking her head again.

"I know it's messed up. I'm sorry."

Monica said, "Look, just don't keep me in the dark again. I might have been OK with your little lesson, if I had known. Hell, I might even have helped teach her a thing or two..."

My head reeled at what she was saying.

"Really?" That's all I could manage.

"Well, maybe. But you're not completely out of the doghouse, you know. I think you need to bring her over so we can all talk about this and get it out into the open. She needs to know how I feel."

And so I was left with my head spinning and heart pounding. The most amazing thing to me? When we went to bed we had sex again, hard and fast like teenagers grabbing a quickie. It was hotter than hell. She came within just a few minutes of me crawling between her spread legs, sucking her rock-hard nipples as I pumped hard into her. I came shortly, too, which kind of surprised me -- I'm no spring chicken any more. After I had flooded Monica's pussy with my cum, I was still turned on, despite my softening cock, so I went down her again. The mingled musk of both of our juices had me lapping hungrily at her soaked flower, and she came in a fresh gush of nectar.

We slept like babies.

As luck would have it, Kelly was the one to approach me about talking. She caught me working in the yard the next day, and said she had something she wanted to discuss. When I suggested Monica should be included, she gave me a funny look and her brow was furrowed, but she agreed reluctantly. I told her Monica knew about our adventures, and her horrified look made me feel terrible. I quickly reassured her, letting her know Monica and I had talked a lot, and I thought it would be OK. We all needed to talk, but it wasn't horrible. She looked understandably apprehensive, but said she'd come over for dinner.

In my confusion and general befuddlement, I didn't even think to ask her what she wanted to talk about. I guess in my self-centered way I thought she, too, wanted to talk about what had happened and get it into the open. I had a little surprise in store.

As you might expect, dinner was a little tense at first. I barbecued chicken breasts and grilled vegetables, and we settled down to eat among a weighty cloud of silence. Except for a few comments about the food (I actually am a good cook!) nobody seemed to know what to say.

Finally, Monica was brave enough to forge ahead.

"Tony said you wanted to talk. I think that's good. We need to talk."

I heard a wretched sob escape from Kelly's throat, though there were no tears. Not yet, anyway. She said in a pitiful voice, "I'm so sorry, Mrs. Mac. I didn't mean..." She trailed off, voice choked with tears she was still managing to hold back.

Monica reached out and patted her hand.

"It's OK, Kelly. I forgive you for what you did. What Tony did." She cut me a look that said she had a much easier time forgiving Kelly than me, and I squirmed in my chair a little. "But it hurt my feelings, a lot. We've been married a long time, and Tony has never betrayed me before, so it will take a while to rebuild trust."

That seemed to break through Kelly's defenses, and she cried with abject despair. Monica was moved to put her arm around her shoulders, but I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to show any signs of affection, so I sat quietly until the tears passed. I felt like the turd I was.

When Kelly was again composed, Monica continued, "If we are going to rebuild trust, we need to be honest. All three of us. I need you to tell me, honestly, how you feel about Tony. Do you love him?"

It was a long, painful discussion, and dinner remained unfinished as we talked into the evening. But we all came to an understanding of one another. Kelly told Monica, as she had told me, that she did love me in a way, because she had known me so long and I had always been good to her and supported her, even when her family seemed to favor her siblings. But she made it clear she didn't want to steal me away, and she knew our age difference was too great for there to be any kind of long term relationship of a sexual nature.

The subject of voyeurism came up, and I was horribly embarrassed as the two women discussed what it meant to watch each other have sex with unabashed enthusiasm. That was not what I expected at all. We learn new things about our spouses all the time. It was also a revelation to me that Kelly had watched Monica and I on several occasions.

Holy cow.

Monica made it clear that she understood all of that and was OK with it, but that she wouldn't tolerate being cheated on. We needed to be open with one another. We all agreed, and a sense of relief spread through us all.

"I'm not even sure if I should bring up what I wanted to talk about, now." Kelly nibbled her lip and cast a glance at me that set my nerves tingling.

"What do you mean?" Monica asked her. "I thought you came over to talk about the pictures and the blowjob and all that?"

I was pretty much speechless from the whole discussion, so I just sat waiting.

Kelly looked reluctant to continue, and I felt that stab once again at her mixture of innocence, vulnerability, and sexuality. I began to sense a bombshell was coming.

"I, well, I wanted to see if Mr. Mac would teach me about anal sex. See, my friends said if you have anal sex, you're still technically a virgin and you can still get married in white and everything." Kelly was talking fast now. "So, I guess I wanted to see if you thought that was right, and if so, could you teach me? I've heard it hurts, and I'm really afraid, but Dylan really wants to have sex with me and he's frustrated that I won't let him, and I don't want to disappoint him all the time, and I know you'll be gentle with me, Mr. Mac, I trust you and..." Her rapid-fire barrage of words petered out, and she sat with her mouth open a little, as if she wanted to continue but had run out of words. Her excitement was also palpable, and I was dismayed to find I was a little turned on already.

I'm such a fucking man, sometimes.

Monica spoke first, before I had a chance to put a foot in my mouth. "Kelly, if that boy is frustrated after a blowjob like you gave him last night, there's something wrong with him! Don't let him pressure you, sweetheart. You get to decide what you do with him. No one else."

I felt myself about to be caught in the crossfire of a feminist diatribe, though neither Monica nor Kelly are really feminists, exactly. There was a strong aura of "girl power" charging the air, though. I wanted to defuse that fast, if I could. I couldn't really think of anything meaningful to say, so I blurted the first thing that came to mind.

"His name is Dylan?" I asked inanely. "I thought his name was Billy, for some reason..."

"Tony," Monica asked, exasperated, "what has that got to do with anything?"

"I know!" I protested. "I just don't know what to say. I told her before not to let him pressure her into things. Didn't I, Kelly?" I felt foolish defending myself this way, but I felt a little like I was about to be scorned along with all the pigheaded men in the world.

Kelly came to my rescue.

"He did, Mrs. Mac. He was very chivalrous and sweet. He got mad when he thought Dylan had tried to take advantage of me." She looked a little sheepish as she continued, "Dylan's not the only one who wants to try more stuff, though. I want to, too. Maybe more than him. It's just that I want to get married in our church, and I'm so confused. I can't get married there if I'm not a virgin."

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