tagLoving WivesGuest House Ch. 04: Night Cap

Guest House Ch. 04: Night Cap


This is the fourth installment of my Guest House series. Everyone in this story is over the age of eighteen. If you have the opportunity to read the other stories, it will help with the back story of the characters. I once again thank everyone for reading this and taking the time to vote.


Dylan woke to a knocking on his door. Just before he got up, he noticed that he was still naked. Sunlight streaked through the windows. Looking at the clock, he noticed that he had slept in later than he wanted to. He wrapped a blanket around him and went to the door. Cindy stood there, beautiful as ever, in her running outfit.

"I didn't see you during my run and I'm just checking on you," she said.

"Sorry," he said. "Late night working. I must have over slept."

"No problem," she said and he couldn't help but stare at her perfect body. "I'll take a rain check."

"You got it," he said.

"Are you all right?" she asked, as he was about to the close the door. "Your back looks pretty tore up."

Now that she mentioned it, it did burn a bit. He tilted his head back and noticed several long claw marks on his back.

"Oh," he said and tried to come up with an excuse but nothing materialized. "I'll be fine."

He closed the door and hoped she didn't think him rude. He heard her footsteps down the stairs and he poured himself a bowl of cereal and got to work on the photos he took of Kim. After he cropped them and added some texture, he forwarded them to her email address on her business card. Almost instantly he got a reply.

'Thanks,' it said. 'I Had a great time at the photo shoot. Sorry I had to kick you out. Maybe we can take some more photos for the website again.'

'No harm in me leaving,' he wrote back. 'I'd love to take more photos. These came out great.'

He hit send and got dressed. As he went down to his car, he saw Carl pull into the driveway. Not wanting to be rude, he walked over to him.

"Dylan," Carl said. "How's the new place?"

"Great and how was your seminar?" he said and approached the silver Mercedes.

"Boring but successful. I'm glad to be home and get a couple of days off," he said and grabbed his suitcase from the trunk. "I'm throwing a little barbecue tonight for some of my insurance buddies to celebrate. You are welcome to swing on by."

"Sounds great," Dylan said. "I'm just about to mail some stuff out and head to the laundry mat."

"Listen, you can use our laundry room," Carl said. "Just use the side door. It is usually unlocked."

"Thanks. I hate wasting time there."

"No problem," Carl said and headed inside.

After mailing out some photos, Dylan brought down a basket full dirty clothes and entered through the side door. Some clothes were already in the washer, so he began removing them. His hands reached in and found one of Cindy's bras because it was a bigger cup than Samantha's. He ran a thumb over the inside part where her nipple would be touching and he started to get aroused. Dumping another handful into the dryer, he found a black thong. He imagined what it looked like on Cindy's perfect frame. His daydream was interrupted by footsteps approaching and dumped the clothes into the dryer and hurriedly turned it on. Cindy came in with another load of clothes.

"Oh, hi Dylan," she said. "Carl told me that you were going to use the laundry."

"If I'm in your way, I'll wait," he said. "I haven't started yet."

"Nonsense," she said and set down the laundry basket. Her loose shirt hung open and he could see her breasts dangling in a white bra. "Did Carl tell you about the barbecue?"

"Yeah," he said and started tossing his clothes into the washer. "Do you guys need me to bring anything?"

"I don't think so," Cindy said. "Carl loves to throw these things every once in awhile. He invites his co-workers over and has a few beers. Nothing fancy."

"Sounds good," he said. "I'll see you there."

She flashed him a warm smile and he headed out the side door and back to his apartment. He took the opportunity to plan his trip up to the Hawthorn National Park to take some wildlife photos for a nature magazine that he was partnering with for an article. A scientist wanted him to photograph a rare bird.

He heard cars start to pull into the driveway and when he looked outside, he could see Carl greeting several couples. One in particular, Kim and the man in the photo he had seen last night, greeted Carl. Great, he thought. Then he heard another set of car doors close and then a squeal of delight. He saw Cindy race out of the sliding glass door and embrace a younger version of her. A tall man stood behind her. They shook hands. The man had broad shoulders and looked to be over six-five. Carl went back to the grill and began flipping burgers, while the girls entered the house. Dylan went back to his work and a few minutes later he heard a knock on his door. He got up and opened the door.

"What's up, Samantha?" he asked. She wore a tight fitting tee-shirt that showed off her bellybutton and her jeans looked spray painted on.

"Oh, nothing," she said. "Just wondering if you are coming to the cookout."

"I'm not sure," he said.

"Work right?" she interrupted and stepped under his arm that propped the door open and entered. "You work to hard."

"Listen Samantha, if your dad saw you here, he'd kick me out."

"Don't worry," she said and sat down at his desk. "He sent me up here to see if you were coming. What are you working on? Birds? How boring."

"I am preparing for a camping trip," he said and leaned over her and minimized the browser.

"Oh I love camping," she said. "Can I come?"

"Absolutely not."

She puffed out her bottom lip and stood up. Placing her finger on his chest, she let it trail down to his belt buckle. He didn't stop her.

"You're no fun," she said and snatched his belt, pulling him into her. Her breasts pressed against his midsection and she looked up at him with her sparkling blue eyes. "You were so much fun the other day."

"You better go," he said but lost the battle to his growing cock. She felt it press against her and she unzipped his pants. "Samantha. Stop it."

She ignored him, knelt down and unbuckled his pants. He should've stopped her, but his jeans were around his ass and his cock bounced off the top of her head. She wrapped her hand around it and had to scoot back to kiss his tip. As she began working on it, he stared out the window and into the pool area. Carl and a couple of his buddies were drinking around the grill and Carla and the women were inside. Samantha gagged as she took too much of him and she used too much teeth. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and began bucking his hips back and forth. Using his other hand, he turned on his camera and hit record. She gagged and had to put both hands on his hips to slow him down. His heart raced as he watched the father of this bombshell teenager while he throat fucked her. He had to stop so that she could regain her breath.

"Now that was fun," she finally said, wiping some spit off her lips with her arm. She stood up and turned around. Wiggling her tight ass at him, she bent over and leaned on his desk. His hands kneaded her cheeks and she unbuttoned her pants, peeling them down her butt. Her pink thong rode up her crack and ended in a sexy lacy triangle. He looked outside and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. "What are you waiting for?"

He was about to reach out and pull down her thong when he noticed her mother and Tara exit the sliding glass door. Samantha turned around, pants rolled down to her thigh and leaned against his desk. She then lifted her shirt and displayed a matching lacy pink bra that showed a bit of nipple. She kept the shirt up and put her hands back on the table.

"Well?" she asked and stared at his massive erection. She then saw where he was staring and turned around. "Crap."

Carl was pointing up towards the guest house and Samantha quickly pulled up her pants and lowered her shirt. Dylan did the same. She was out the door within a minute and Dylan waited until his erection softened before he followed. When he arrived at the pool area, Carl was still talking to some of his buddies, so he put his six pack of micro-brew near a cooler and popped a bottle open.

"Dylan," Carl said and waved him over. "Meet Mike and Steve. They're part of my team."

"Glad to meet you," he said and shook their hands.

"Dylan is a photojournalist," Carl said. "He's renting the guest house above the spare garage."

They all began talking insurance jargon and Dylan sipped his beer, nodding occasionally when required. When his beer was empty, he excused himself to get another.

"Dylan," Cindy said from the inside. "Come on in. I want to introduce you to my daughter and her fiance, Richard."

He stepped into the den where Tara sat upon her Richard's lap with Cindy next to them on the small love seat. Samantha sat on one of the bar stools with a gorgeous woman Dylan had never met before, dressed in a hot sundress that showed off her long legs and ample breasts. Kim sat next to her and avoided looking at him.

"Glad to meet you," he said and shook Richard's hand. The big man squeezed his hand hard and Dylan reciprocated.

"How's my old place?" Tara asked. She had Cindy and Samantha's blonde locks and blue eyes, but she was well-endowed like her mother with big breasts and she wore a tight fitting shirt to display them.

"It's great. I hope you don't mind me taking it over from you."

"Not at all," she said and flashed a smile. "We're staying at a hotel anyways. My mom told me you were a photographer."

"Yeah. Mostly weddings, but I'm also working on a nature project."

"Really? That's interesting. I'm an environmental science major."

"She wants to save the world," her fiance said, smirking.

"What's your nature project?" she continued, ignoring her fiance.

"It's about birds," Samantha chimed in.

"It's about an endangered species of birds. Someone has hired me to get some shots of a species that is being effected by fracking," he said. "It's pretty boring stuff."

Tara's eyes widened and she spun around to face him.

"That's crazy, my project I'm working on for my thesis is on that. Well not exactly, but I'm focusing on the consequences of fracking which is along the same line. Who are you working with?"

"Dr. Lorenato," Dylan said.

"I've never heard of him, but do you think that I could interview him?"

"I don't see why not. I'm planning a trip up into the Hawthorne National Park with him to take these photos."

"I know the place," she said. "It's near the Standard Petroleum fields. They just got permits to drill there."

"Looks like you know more about it then I do," he said and smiled. He sat down on a bar stool next to Kim. "Hey, Kim."

She looked at him and smiled.

"You know Kim?" asked Samantha.

"Your mom introduced us when she was about to do yoga," Dylan answered and sipped his beer. He left out the part where he took her photos and then fucked the hell out of her. He could sense Kim relax as he skipped that part.

"This is Veronica," Cindy said. "Mike's wife."

"Glad to meet you," he said and she smiled. She was stunning. Her long brunette hair flowed down in curls and her figure more than filled out her floral sundress.

Richard was busy the whole time scrolling through his phone and it kept chiming. Tara nudged him and he looked up.

"What?" he said. "I'm checking in on some trades."

He went back to his phone.

They all chatted for awhile until Carl called them out to eat. They sat around eating hamburgers and drinking beers until well into the afternoon. Veronica and Mike took off just as Carl brought out a couple of bottles of wine. The sun began to drop behind the privacy fence and the pool lights automatically turned on. Dylan had already finished off his six pack of beer and two of Carl's beer before accepting a glass of wine.

The three couples sat around the pool drinking when the conversation turned to Dylan's love life.

"So is there a girlfriend?" Cindy asked.

"No," he answered and he could feel Kim's and Samantha's eyes pierce him.

"Maybe he should hook up with Gina?" asked Steve.

"I don't think so," Kim said. "Gina is to forward."

"Nothing wrong with that," said Carl and Cindy slapped his shoulder.

"How about Tonya?" Steve asked.

"He's not Tonya's type," Kim said

"What is Tonya's type?"

"Tattoos, pierced ears, and a motorcycle."

"Then what type of woman does he need?"

"Someone who likes the outdoors, educated, and is down to earth," Kim said and never took her eyes off of his.

"Good luck with that," Steve said and everyone laughed.

They were on their third wine bottle when Carla came outside through the open sliding glass door. She wore a black mini-skirt and a buttoned up white shirt that had four buttons undone to reveal the top of a black bra. She had two wine bottles in her hands and her high heels clicked as she walked over to the party.

"Here you guys are!" she said. "I thought everyone left."

"Carla!" Cindy shrieked. She jumped up and they hugged each other. "I thought you weren't going to make it."

"Ted's being a dick. He was pitching a fit over watching the kids. Hey, guys," she said and placed the wine bottles next to the others. "Oh look the cute guy is here too!"

Dylan blushed and he caught an angry face from Samantha and Kim stiffened. Carla sat down on the lawn chair Dylan was on. She poured herself a glass of wine. Samantha got up and stomped her way inside.

"So what's on the agenda tonight?" Carla asked.

"We're celebrating a new client," Steve said.

"Let's go out then," she said. "There's a new club opening up."

"Yeah," Cindy said. "That's sounds like a great idea. You up for it Kim?"

"Sure," Kim said. "You coming Dylan?"

"Of course he is," Carla said. "He's my date."

"Oh boy," Carl said. "She has her claws into you already."

"I think we'll call it a night," Tara said. She excused herself but stopped by Dylan. "If you could find Dr. Lorenato's number and give it to me sometime that would be great."

"No problem."

They called a cab and the six of them piled in. Dylan sat in the front and the five of them squeezed into the back. When they arrived at the club, a long line formed around the building. They waited for almost an hour to get in. The club had a dance floor on the bottom level and numerous wrap around balconies with lounge chairs and tables. Carl had bought a lounge chair on the top floor in the back of the top balcony and they were escorted there by a skimpily clad red head. Her white shorts glowed in the black lights of the club and her hips swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the deep bass. She led them to the half circle lounge chair and everyone slid in. Dylan took the last seat and Carla sat next to him. A waitress in a revealing low-cut tank top and cut off shorts took their drink orders.

They drank and Carl talked about how much money his new clients were going make him. Carla put her hand on his thigh and gave him a wicked smirk. By the time he finished his beer, her hand had moved up to his hip and brushed his cock. She finished her margarita and nudged him.

"Let's dance," she said and Dylan slid out of the couch.

"Yeah," Cindy said and grabbed Carl's hand.

Kim pushed Steve out the other side of the love seat and the three couples went to a glass elevator. When it opened on the ground floor, the ladies dragged the men out into the bustling crowd. Carla swayed her hips to the beat of the music and faced him. He admired her body. She was tall and the mini-skirt hugged her slender curves. The crowd engulfed them and they lost sight of the rest of the group. Hot sweaty bodies gyrated around them, grinding together to the bass of a dub-step beat. Dylan reached out and grabbed Carla's waist and brought her to him. She happily accepted the invitation, turned around and rubbed her ass into his crotch. His dick instantly responded as he moved his hips with her's. She lifted her hands around his neck and leaned her head on his shoulder, smiling up at him. He held her waist and his hands slipped between the hem of her miniskirt and her buttoned up shirt and onto her warm flesh. They danced this way for a couple of minutes before she turned around, keeping her hands behind his neck. The heat from the crowd and the close proximity of their own bodies, had his hormones blazing. She pushed her body into his, her breasts pressed against his chest, and she brought her lips to his ear.

"I am to fuck the hell out of you," she said and reached down to grab his ass. Their lips met in a kiss. Her tongue teased his. Reaching down, he squeezed her ass. They broke the kiss and she grabbed his arm. They slipped deeper into the crowd.

They found a dark section of the club, lit only by blacklights. She pushed him down on the sofa shared by another couple who were making out. Straddling him, she tilted his head up and they again kissed but this time more hungrily. His erection pressed uncomfortably in his pants. He reached out and mauled her ass through her black mini-skirt. Her hands came down and rubbed his cock through his pants. Her eyes widened as she had to move out of the way to eventually reach his tip. He couldn't help but grin as she slid back into his lap and they kissed some more.

"We better get back," she said after they had made out for a few minutes.

They went back to their table and found the other couples knee deep in drinks. Each man had three empty beer bottles, and the women had finished off another margarita. Cindy waved as they approached.

"Where have you been?" Cindy asked, as they slid back into the love seat.

"Dancing," Carla said and smirked.

Their cute waitress came around and took another order. Shots were distributed and they used beers as chasers. Carl slurred that he would get the next round. Dylan had a pretty good buzz going when the women once again begged the men to go dancing.

"I'm not dancing," Carl said and Steve agreed. "Go ahead. I need to talk to Steve about some ideas I have."

"Come on, Dylan," Carla said and the women all piled out. Dylan found himself in that glass elevator with the three attractive women.

Carla slid her arm around his and Kim did the same to the other as they slipped into the crowd. They danced in a circle for a while but the crowd kept jostling them. They lost Carla in the throng and Kim grabbed Dylan's arm and dragged him away. They stopped after a short walk.

She stood up on her toes and said into his ear, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Steve. I'm not like that. It's just...well...I wasn't myself last night."

"It's alright," he said and put his hand on her waist and began dancing.

She began to dance as well and moved close to him. He turned her around and pressed himself against her. He put both hands on her and pressed hard into her. He couldn't help himself and he cupped her breasts. She brought his hands down but continued to move her ass against him. His hands held onto her waist and squeezed. He brought his lips to her ear and bit it. She swatted him back, but gave his cock a squeeze. Then he saw Cindy surrounded by guys and pointed her out to Kim.

"Go and save her," she said.

He let go of her and worked his way over to Cindy. Her back was to him and he really didn't blame these men trying to get the attention of this beautiful woman. He danced right up to her and pressed himself against her. She whirled around ready to smack him and laughed.

"Dylan," she yelled as he grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the disappointed men.

Someone bumped into her and they pressed up against each other. The sensation of her breasts against his midsection burned into his memory. She hugged him as the crowd continued to push them. Her blue eyes sparkled and he increased his grip on her. He reluctantly released her as space opened up. They danced and the crowd disappeared. Cindy swayed side to side. Her breasts bounced and her bright smile lit the dark dance floor. He moved closer to her and the tips of her breasts began brushing up and down against him. They locked eyes as they danced and he reached out and touched her hip. She didn't back away. His knee slid between her legs and she grinded against his leg. His arm slid up the side of her waist, letting his forearm brush against the outside of her breast. Her thigh kept coming in contact with his aching erection and her arm clung to his waist. Her deep blue eyes sparkled as their bodies rubbed against each other for what felt like forever. Goose bumps formed on his arms even in the sweltering heat of the club and he could feel his heart pound in his chest. His arm slid back down until it rested on the top of her butt and he pressed her closer to him. Her breasts pushed hard against him and he could feel her grip tighten on his waist and her grinding increased against his erection. Ever so slowly, his hand began to creep down just over the top of her butt, but then this perfect moment was broken up by the sight of Kim approaching with Carla in tow. He created space just as they broke through the crowd towards them. He locked eyes with Cindy and both shared a bit of disappointment as the girls once again formed a circle and danced.

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