Guest of Honor


"April, you didn't get a fuck tonight, nobody ate've been cheated!" Sara remarked. "I told you, this was your night. Besides my lips and tongue in your sweet cunt was about all the pleasure I needed tonight!" April answered. When April reached in to start the water running, Sara again admired her body. Even completely satiated as she was she still felt lust as she looked at April's ass and tits. The shower was one of the double size ones with a shower head at each end. The hot water felt good on Sara's body and soon she and April were soaping and playing with each other. On an impulse Sara asked. "May I eat your cunt now?"

By way of reply April put her back against the shower wall, spread her legs, flexed her knees and slid down the wall a little to make her smoothly shaved cunt available to Sara's mouth. Although Sara had never eaten a woman before she knew what gave pleasure to a cunt. Within a few minutes April was cumming. Her legs were shaking and she began to slide down the wall. Sara put her hands under April's ass and held her up until she finished her cum and recovered. They both stood up and pressing their tits together kissed for a long time.

It took only a few more minutes for them to do a quick blow dry and get dressed. Just as they returned to the living room, Mark and Eric came in the door. They too had showered and dressed. Everyone looked at each other without saying anything for a moment. Then Eric said. "Sara, I hope we have pleased you enough so that you will come to another one of our special parties." " Yes," April added "we need you at the next one because I get to be the guest of honor and I want you to eat me!" Sara wanted to say how much she had enjoyed the evening, but couldn't put it in words. She said only. "Right now I feel fucked and full of cum, I can still taste Eric's cock, and April's cunt and feel Mark's cock shooting his cum into me. I may never have another thought that doesn't involve tonight's party!" They all applauded and walked with her to the door, taking turns kissing her, fondling her tits and hugging her.

As Sara drove home her mind was on the night. What a wonderful adventure! She suddenly thought, "Anna Malle move over, you may not be the world's greatest fuck! Maybe I am!"

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