tagGroup SexGuestintimate Ch. 01

Guestintimate Ch. 01


Don't you hate when a house guest puts a crimp in your regularly scheduled activities? At least, regularly anticipated?

My love and I enjoy a varied, full and exciting sex life. Anna loves being tormented, tied, whipped and driven to utter madness. And I, well, I enjoy doing just that. It drives me to complete lunacy to have her so raw and unhinged in my hands.

One of our very favorite pastimes is tease and tie. Where she tempts me by any number of ways imaginable until I can stand no more, come home in a sort of frenzied rage, tie her to the bed and exact compensation for my suffering by first binding her and then giving her equal torment to assuage my lust.

When they found mold in my friend Brian's apartment and put him out unceremoniously into the street for two to four weeks, we graciously accepted him into our home and the spare bedroom. Fortunately this room is off a separate hallway from ours, unfortunately we still had to tame down our activities.

That's not to say he wasn't nice to have around, he was. Quiet and unassuming, he was also good conversation and a great cook. We wouldn't take payment, so he made up for it by cooking, cleaning and bringing little surprises like flowers and wine (the apartment management was paying him a per diem).

After a mere week of this, my love and partner began trying to set him up for dates, but he would beg off with no clear reasoning. I told her, like me, he probably has an aversion to the blind date scene. Whereas a great personality is a joy to be around, a great set of tits is better and a face that matches is better still. She hit me and called me shallow, but insisted she knew some women with all the above and even better asses. When I asked her to set me up, then, 'cause it sounded really good, she hit me again and threatened me with the couch.

Of course, Anna has it all. Thick and luscious dark hair, petite, deliciously creamy cocoa skin and curves that cause whiplash injuries in both men and women. And the darkest pools for eyes. They take me all the way inside and haunt my dreams. Oh, but more than that, she has wonderful humor, intelligence, wit and charm and a fascination with dungeons and medieval torture devices.

With Brian in the house, our sex life went from incredibly inventive and unimaginably exciting to mundane but still extraordinary. In fact, she was taking the opportunity to tease me even more than she usually would have, knowing that my responses were limited. She was wearing suggestive clothing and leaving me notes and text message descriptions of things she would do to me were he not there.

This insistent and insidious torment heightened in the second week of Brian's stay and I was about to pay for him to get a hotel when my love told me "I have a treat for your friend." She said this while snuggling up against me post coital. Cooed it into my ear, rather. We had just spent a fabulous couple hours with her curled up in my lap, seated and pressing her beautiful body into me as I perched on the edge of the bed, arching and pushing to reach further and further inside her. All without making an undue amount of noise.

Feeling her little spasms of delight while she subdued her moans and kept her usual screams to hushed hiccups had its own excitements, I will say that much and I was so well fucked that I would have agreed to pretty much anything. She pressed her full and deliciously sexy lips into my ear and told me to come home early tomorrow. That she was bringing home a friend who would run interference with Brian while she and I would be going out after a dinner at our favorite restaurant.

I couldn't wait. It seemed to me that I had been hard and aching for days. My balls felt full all the time and seemed to swing alarmingly and at inopportune moments. They were constantly uncomfortable and if I sat too sudden would remind me with jolts of pain and stabs of nausea.

My boss, that unabashed voyeur of my wife, sought me out after a meeting and asked if things were okay at home. He had a hopeful tone in his voice that made me wince. This is the same man who used to come into my office and stare at my wife's photos until I moved all but one off my shelves and had once pawed my wife shamelessly at the company Christmas party. I told him we had a house guest and it was difficult adjusting to the extra person.

His eyes lit up at that and it was clear that he was imagining himself as that guest. I told him then that I would need to be leaving early, for just that reason, as we had a private dinner engagement and needed to make sure my friend was comfortable first. He looked almost churlish at that, as though he might deny me the opportunity for alone time with my wife from sheer jealousy, then as though he thought he couldn't imagine me giving her the attention and consideration she deserved. He consented in the end and I left just as the clock wound its way to three o'clock.

I was home by four after a quick and a couple well thought out stops and could have been ready by four ten, but purposefully slowed myself up. The wine I had bought to enhance Brian's night was on the counter, but he wasn't home from work yet. Neither was Anna. As I showered, my penis, perpetually ready these days, gave a tug at me, trying to convince me that a quick romp with my soapy hands would be just the thing. Unfortunately for me, it never is nor has been. Masturbation, for me, simply makes the aches and needs worse. I ignored him. He pouted a little and kept up a hopeful spate of twitching.

I had dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me when Anna walked in. I must have been daydreaming or still in a fugue not to have heard her.

"Oh there you are," she said. "I'm glad you're reasonably decent." Her eyes glinted as though she knew what I had been considering under the influence of the water. My member raised slightly without further provocation. It was ever ready these days. As she moved in the room and over to kiss me, a movement at the door made me pause.

"Hi" came a small voice rich with the hint of timidity and deep with the full maroon lips it passed to reach me.

"This is Celine," my wife said to me in her sexy voice. She reached me and in pretense of kissing my ear, shushed "put your eyes back in and behave."

"Hi," I managed. "Let me get dressed, I'll be right out." I probably stuttered. I know my wife Anna gave me a dark look before pulling away.

"We'll be right out here." She pointed. "In the living room. You know the one." She was talking as though I had no thought whatsoever. I didn't. I just nodded. I hoped my mouth wasn't open and drool wasn't coming out.

As she closed the door, the vision of the twin raven haired beauties walking away remained embedded on my irises. I closed my lids gently and saw them swaying in harmonyed tempo as they moved over the threshold. The half lightened skin, nearly mahogany, like a perfectly blended coffee, rich and luscious. The hair so dark that staring into it is like looking for stars on a moonless night.

I shuddered before turning and grabbing clothes. Brian was apparently in for the treat of his life if Celine was anything more like Anna than a look alike.

When I reached the living room, having dressed at super speed, there was the delight of my life sitting and facing me. She must have spent the afternoon shopping because she was in a dress I hadn't seen before topped out with a choker both slender and elegant that made me think of bindings on her delicate wrists. She has a graceful neck, there's just no other way to say it. It draws kisses. Too exquisite to want to bite, it flows from perfect collar bones and is framed by that lush, blue black sheen. She looked up and made my heart stop. She does that. Even - or should I say especially - after six years.

The shaping of her eyes is so incredibly perfect. Not the almond delights I find myself thinking of and comparing her to when I see her mother and not the round saucers of her waif like sisters, but somewhere balanced between. After all this time I've known her, the wonder of tracing the lines of ancestry through her flawless body takes me into a state of reverence. Part Asian, part Native American, part Caucasian, every bit perfect and completely mine.

My heart had just re-started when her friend Celine turned. I think that the first time I went to meet Anna's family and was told her three sisters would be there, this is what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, her sisters are absolutely stunning and every bit as beautiful as Anna is, each in their own way, it's just that I am hers and measure pulchritude by my mind's picture of Anna. Her sisters are each much lighter than she. They pass more readily in ivory halls of ancient practice. Their eyes are sorcerous saucers and their facial bones proud and remnicient of sirens and wooden carved figureheads.

I had just pictured her sisters more like my precious Anna. More like her friend Celine. Seeing the two of them on the couch together gave me ideas that I would be ashamed to share and it was all I could do to push them down in my consciousness while simultaneously trying to keep my erection from flaring up.

Celine had the same dark eyes as Anna. Black with pools of obsidian inside that make me want to stare until I see light. They were sipping the wine I had bought on the way home and the color matched Celine's lips.

"You'll have to excuse my husband. I'm afraid he's overstimulated right now." Anna's way of bringing me back to reality.

"I have certainly developed an unquenchable taste for women with my wife's appearance and proclivities. I'm afraid that if she ever leaves me I'll be left to search and wander faraway lands until finding someone a mere shadow of herself and her beauty." I can be poetic when I need to be and it always hits its mark with Anna. Or perhaps we've just both been without our normal crashing sex life for too long. She crossed her incredible legs suggestively and gave that little shudder that I associate with foreplay.

The dress rode up onto her thigh and I noticed that the cut was extremely flattering for her. Half slits ran up the sides and electrified my thoughts as the fabric fell lightly away as it adjusted. The cleavage was deep and full and it looked like she had new underwear -- at least half bra -- to go with the ensemble. The effect was dizzying and I thought of her thrown over the edge of the couch, hands tied and writhing in pleasurepain.

Celine was staring at me with the impressionable air Anna used to have when we first dated and I thought -- not for the first time this evening - that here was someone I could train to the harness. "That's really sweet." She said.

"And absolutely true." I replied. "You know that you're drinking the wine Brian was supposed to be using to try to divest this incredible creature from her modesty?" I nodded toward Celine and sat on a stool before my state of growing anticipation became even more obvious than it must already be.

Anna looked at me in a calculating manner I have come to associate with impending daring, adventure and incredible heights of prodigious exploits. She is a marvel of invention and opportunity. In our time together, there has been very little we haven't discussed and even less that has piqued our interest that we haven't tried. One of the exceptions being multiple partnering. Certainly, we've talked about it and it does interest us both. The main problem comes in our, shall we say, penchant for bondage. Potential partners become somewhat more limited at that point (though there are, I am sure, endless numbers of men who would beg for the chance to have her under any conditions) and we would hate for them to get the wrong idea. I for one would never give Anna up for another and I fervently hope every day I'm with her that she feels the same about me.

I needed to get her out of the house and on to our dinner engagement before I fell apart. I gave her a significant look. "Do you know when Brian will be here?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. He's already here. He should be out of the shower any moment." Then she answered my look. "They're coming to supper with us. I didn't tell you before because I wasn't sure of their plans." Anna gave me a knowing look back. It was as though she knew how hard this would be tonight to see and attend to her while Celine was across the table. I could see that this was going to take every ounce of fortitude I could pull out.

Already I was struggling not to look fully at Celine for fear that I would stare, yet still give her consideration and inclusion. I found her an incredible distraction just from the corner of my eye. Fortunately for me, Brian came in just then and in the bustle of getting coats and keys, I was able to mentally slap myself around.

"Why don't we take Lee's car?" This was Anna's way of setting the tone. I had the Jaguar sedan. It would be comfortable and arrange some measure of privacy between couples in the front and rear compartments. At least we wouldn't be right up on each other like in Brian's beamer or one of the ladies' smaller vehicles.

She squeezed over next to me immediately upon getting in the car and took the opportunity on the way to whisper "Celine's going to think you don't like her if you don't start looking at her."

"I don't want to stare and slobber." I answered. It was always best to be truthful to Anna. It was also easy. She was my partner and knows my heart anyway. "She looks like what I imagined your sisters would before I met them."

Her eyes danced. "She does, doesn't she?" She gave that thoughtful look again and her hand seemed to stray toward my thigh. "Sisters are off limits though." My cock reached toward her hand of its own accord.

Dinner was a blur of lights and colors and sounds. I learned to not only look at Celine, but to thoroughly enjoy her company. I found her intelligent, perceptive and funny and my first thought that Brian was a lucky guy only intensified. For his part, he was charming and attentive. He's always been a great friend and a really great guy and this was one of those times that it looked like he was going to get everything I ever wanted for him. He hasn't had near the luck I have had with women. At least since Anna.

The girls went off to the restroom after we ate and before heading for home. Brian and I just looked at each other at first.

"Wow." That summed it up from me.

He didn't say anything at first. "You know..." he began and I had a funny feeling it was about to go wrong. "Celine is a lot like Anna."

I nearly shouted with relief. "Yeah, she is. It's really kind of scary."

He wasn't listening. "Too much like her." He sounded almost morose when he said this.

"What do you mean?" I had gone still.

"Lee, I know you never knew this, but I thought I was gay. All the way through high school and college." He was having a hard time looking at me. He swallowed hard. "I have had a crush on you for eleven years. Right up until..."

My head was spinning. It all made sense suddenly. Well. Almost all. it explained how he could be good friends with Anna and not resort to goggling, leering or pawing like every other guy -- including my boss.

He was still not looking at me. "Right up until Anna."

Things did click this time. It was actually a relief. "Lucky you, then. Celine is very much like Anna, I do believe."

"Too much,,," he started again, but before he could say more, our companions returned and remained standing while we collected ourselves and our coats. Brian and I exchanged a couple glances, but there wasn't time for any private exchange before we were seated in the car on our way home.

Anna again snuggled up to me. I tried to whisper to her to back off pressuring Brian and Celine, but my feeble "maybe we should just call it a night here..." was brushed aside.

"You might just be surprised at Celine's abilities at persuasion."

Anna was the most beautiful creature I have ever known or known of, but I feared she was in for a disappointment. The worst part was that I was considering what Brian had confided and thought that if he had only told me all of this months ago, Anna may well have arranged something enticing for us all. There was something to the thought of Anna sucking another man's cock while I pounded her from behind that has the effect of making me desperately hard.

We had discussed partnering with other couples and/or third parties, but it was just too difficult to arrange a scenario that would be fulfilling for us as much or more than we already get from our coupling. She is wildly seductive and has such an alluring fetish for bondage and torture scenarios that it is difficult to imagine anything more exciting. Certainly there are scenes and flashes in my mind and Brian was involved there briefly on the ride home, but it always comes back to the intensity and completeness of the two of us and how impossible it would be to top that.

I was lost in my thoughts and furiously hard. I'd been on the edge of a raging erection all day and the fulmination of my thoughts and feelings were fueling an avaricious monster. It was some time before I noticed that Anna was stroking my outraged member, so lost was I.

"A penny for your thoughts?" She whispered into my soul. I ran a deep yellow light with a groan and heaving sigh.

"I'm wondering how to shake the klingons and hit the Westin." The grand hotel downtown had glass panes and window seats in the better suites. I occasionally have exhibitionist proclivities.

She was maintaining her measuring look. She'd had it most of the night and I'm certain that it had registered in my subconscious. This was probably the reason for my heightened state of arousal. That look meant something special and vitriolic. My cock couldn't possibly get any harder but it pulsed with a force that kept me from rational consideration of my predicament.

I glanced in the rearview mirror just to have something to focus on outside my pants and her delicate tracing fingers. Brian was being paced. It's the only way I can put it. Celine was twining his fingers in her own, showing him something I could only imagine. I couldn't be sure he was responding or not, but I had to capture Anna's fingers to keep my sanity. The vision of Celine's fingers moving sinuously, winding in and around Brian's, simultaneous with the tracings up and down my shaft nearly made me blow a hole in my best slacks. I grinned a little at the thought of walking up the walk to the house.

Anna bent her head to my chest ever so slightly as we pulled in the drive and bent her head back to give me a view down her front. Her magnificent tits were fully open to sight right to the stiff nipples and wide brown aureolas. "Someone was out shopping today."

"You noticed. Celine and I spent our afternoon productively." She smirked and bent her head just that much more to jut her chest out.

I hurried her up the walk so I wouldn't be quite so obvious. I fumbled the door key, however and ended up holding the door for everyone. Celine made a dainty motion as though reaching for my crotch and gave me a significant look. Brian followed her in with bent head and I didn't know whether he saw (how could he not?) my tented trousers or not. I thought that perhaps he was embarrassed over our earlier conversation and I hoped for a private moment to reassure him that I would be his friend regardless.

Celine sat Brian on the couch. He was acting strangely subdued. The shyness was falling away from her and being replaced by a coyness approaching smart alecky. I was growing confused. Anna told me to have a seat while she got us wine. She pulled a new bottle from our stock while I watched her and felt slightly awkward seated next to Brian on the sofa (Celine had acted as though she were going to take the chair I was heading for so I veered off to the nearest cushion).

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