tagSci-Fi & FantasyGuests Cum First Ch. 01

Guests Cum First Ch. 01


Four days of, what? Sexual bliss, torture, healthy sexual recreation or intense sexual education, pick one or all it didn't matter. What did matter is that Mikal was as wiped as if he'd just gone through his own first cycle again. He closed his eyes and just let the hot water run over his body. That was bliss right now. For the first time in four days he let his mind relax and drift back over the events.


He'd been helping Keellan grade final exam papers. Kee had started asking for his help when there started to be more then one or two with a decidedly homosexual theme. Every early spring he'd assign a paper like this, asking his students to write a clear, concise paper regarding their deepest sexual fantasy. The reason was simple enough. Keellan taught a group of students that had yet to go through a first cycle, but were damn close. A basic sex ed for dragons as it were. The writing assignment would help pinpoint any problems or fears or preferences in advance. It wasn't a perfect system, but it worked well enough. Kee had started asking Mikal's assistance because Mikal was the resident expert that could see beyond the words.

Mikal laughed to himself as he made a half dozen correction marks on the paper, then froze, lifting his head. His vibrant blue eyes flickered to a searing electric blue as a silent plea swept though him again, charged with sexual hunger and need on an astounding level. Oh hell, he thought shakily, whoever it is, it's gonna be a hell of a ride. Mikal took a deep breath, listening and waiting to see if the call would repeat itself, more focused. The pen in his hand snapped as the repeat of the call screamed across his nerve endings. Fuck me running, he thought, slamming up the heavy filters on the life-bond link with Wind and standing. At 6'4" with an athletic build, cobalt blue eyes and dark wavy hair Mikal DeVey was a yummy sight indeed and it wasn't unusual at all to see women sighing when he walked into a room. Sighing however was about all they could do. It wasn't a secret that Mikal had chosen to prefer the intimate touch of men over women after he'd lost his wife Matty years before. Thankfully his gentle nature and wry humor eased the heartbreak of his not being attainable.

Mikal stood still, his head cocked slightly, taking deep steady breaths. No doubt that the call is from a male, he thought.

~Where?~ He sent the single thought in the general direct he'd felt the need come from. The response had him reeling for a moment. No words, but images being thrown at a frantic rate. Images coming so fast he couldn't decipher them. ~Slow down. Breath. Where?~

He kept his mind as steady as he could, bracing himself on the desk, waiting for the response. The mind he'd touched had been burning with hunger, but not the hunger of a cycle. That didn't really matter though and wasn't that unusual either. Homosexuality in dragons was rare enough that when there was a need it was met by someone. As there were only three known currently in residence at Sanctuary, Mikal, Wind and StarsDream, picking up a call like this that wasn't just an idle daydream meant it was deliberate.

This time the images were slower, clearer. Mikal swallowed. Guest wing. Guests were not a common event, but they did happen. Usually from a different region passing through, or sometimes visiting teachers. Mikal hadn't been aware of anyone, but then again he'd been tangled up in grading and the like for a few days too and yet he responded, sending a response that consisted of a feeling rather then words as he left his room and headed toward the mind. He'd worry about names later but for now he knew only that he needed to get to this visitor damn fast.

By the time he reached the room his body was coated in a light sweat. The guest hadn't let up on his need one damn bit, and Mikal found that he was having a hell of a time maintaining some semblance of control. The door was damn near yanked off its hinges as Mikal reached it. Before Mikal could open his mouth or in fact say a single word a strong hand grabbed him by the upper arm and jerked him into the room. Off balance, both mentally and physically Mikal found himself slammed against the door, effectively closing it and then a hard, hot unfamiliar mouth covered his hungrily.

Mikal almost lost control under the needy assault. He gave a strangled groan, returning the kiss even as he tried to gentle it. He brought a hand up to the back of his assailants neck, letting his strong fingers trace along the jaw even as he set his other hand on the lean, powerful hip of the matching body that had effectively pinned him. Bare skin met his sensitive fingers, bare hot silken skin. Oh damn, was Mikal's half formed thought. Abruptly the kiss ended, leaving him and the guest breathing hard. Full body contact left little to hide, and it wasn't just the breathing that was hard.

Mikal managed to open his eyes and look finally at who had been so frantically needy. A strong face, with burning amber eyes and an almost cruel mouth, framed by waves of pale blond hair. Inside, Mikal shivered at the implications of that mouth that had so recently assaulted his. That's a demanding mouth, he thought, a determined, demanding mouth. Even as Mikal studied the man's face, his hands slid along his bare skin. Like super heated velvet over whipcord steel, he thought. Mikal almost groaned as a wave of hunger washed through him. Hunger that wanted to run his mouth over every single heated inch of that skin.

Mikal suddenly was hyper aware of every contact point of their bodies, from the pressing touch of the man's hips to the slick velvet of his cock resting against his own. Mikal never wondered at his clothing vanishing, as it could have been either one of them that had done that with a thought. There was never a doubt that this man had the ability to make clothing vanish with a thought. The non-gifted rarely if ever were housed in these guest quarters. Whatever else this guest might be, he had enough mental abilities to warrant these guest rooms. He shifted his weight ever so slightly, causing an almost caress with and of the guest's cock.

Both of them were hard as hard could get, both slicked with pre-cum. Shaft slid across shaft, head rubbed head and both of them shivered and sighed as amber eyes met cobalt.

~I'm not a child and I don't break, dragon. What I do is need.. a great deal.~ The guests voice rippled through Mikal's mind like molten honey, leaving in it's wake a searing hunger.

Mikal drew a hissing breath, his eyes flashing. No, whoever he was, he wasn't a child, Mikal thought to himself. Need he could easily handle. The guests substantial cock though might be a bit of a delicious challenge. Mikal wasn't exactly tiny in that department, most dragon's even in human form were well endowed, however the guest put Mikal's 9 ½ inches almost to shame. Not so much in length but in width. Length they were close to equal from what Mikal had felt, width however was a vastly different ballgame as the guest was as thick as a small child's wrist.

~A great deal of..?~ Mikal's mental tone took on an almost mocking-teasing tone. Had this been a student he wouldn't have dared, but it wasn't, so taking the tone he would with say Wind, seemed to be safe enough. Even as he fired off the reply, Mikal leaned toward the guest and slowly ran his tongue along the man's collar bone, leaving his own trace of sizzling hunger. Sweet goddess, Mikal thought with a shiver. The skin was as warm and velvety to the tongue as to the touch and tasted both honey sweet and yet slightly of almost paprika.

~You.~ The mental reply came with an audible hiss and a hand winding through Mikal's dark silken hair. The hand tightened and pulled Mikal back to meet those amber eyes then exerted downward pressure, leaving no doubt as to what was wanted.

For a moment Mikal felt the hot flash of anger that he squashed back into passion. It's been said a few times that the only thing greater then a dragons rage is his passion, however anger and lust are close cousins. Mikal slid his hand from the guests neck down across his shoulder before wrapping it around the wrist of the hand in his hair in an iron grip. ~Asking works better then demanding, especially with me.~ Mikal kept his mental tone as even as possible, but still there was a warning.

For a long moment their eyes met and held, the tension hot and tight between them. Then the guest gave a half smile and relaxed his hand in Mikal's hair. That smile sent another shiver through Mikal on a visceral level, but so subtle that it was lost in the searing hunger between them. Mikal smiled a smoldering half smile even as he turned his head briefly to place a single kiss on the inside of the guests wrist, giving what some might call a coy little lick to the warm skin. With a silent understanding in place, Mikal gave in to the urge to taste as much of the guests velvety sweet-spicy skin as possible.

Starting at his broad shoulders, Mikal methodically began to lick, kiss and caress his way downward. Where he couldn't lick he kissed with slow suckling kisses, and where he couldn't easily reach with his mouth he ran his hands. He lingered over the guests broad chest, deliberately teasing each nipple with teeth and tongue to pebble hardness before moving downward, his skilled hands following for a moment, before returning to their exploration of the mans back.

Every lick brought another rush of sweet-spice, heady to the point of intoxicating. The beauty of this sort of thing was that one could loose ones self in the moment and yet not completely loose ones self. A temporary sort of a bond, one that allowed for ease of communication of needs without being permanently binding. Dragons are hedonistic creatures and Mikal was no exception. He reveled in the taste, smell, feel of the guests skin and in the reveling his hunger grew exponentially.

Mikal paused as he reached the rippled stomach and looked back up the mans body, his eyes almost glowing. The look on the mans face brought a smug smile to Mikal's lips. He was braced against the closed door, his breathing coming in ragged deep breaths now. Mikal gave a suckling kiss to his hip and shifted his sight briefly to infrared, using thermography to see deeper levels of heat then with the normal eye. The riot of oranges and yellows with spots of white was glorious in its implications. Mikal glanced down at his target and licked his lips. Almost white in its heat. Mikal blinked, shifting back to normal vision and dipped his head to run a teasing tongue along the top.

The world seemed to implode. Heat, need, hunger and spice all swirled through him, ripping a guttural groan from Mikal. In the blink of an eye his deliberateness vanished and he pounced, engulfing as much of that broad heavy cock as he could in one mouthful. Both of them shuddered and the guest gave an almost anguished groan, dropping a hand to Mikal's hair once more. Mikal ran his tongue along the shaft and circled the massive head, his hands flat against the guests hips. Another almost gulp took several more inches. Mikal moaned at the bliss and ignored the thickness. He'd damn near dislocate his jaw to get every single delectable inch of this monster in his mouth and down his throat. He closed his eyes, letting a hand slid from where it rested to encircle the base of the addicting monster cock, then gulped another inch.

The feel alone was heaven, silky hard and velvet all at the same time. The heavy veins only added to the mix. Combine that with sweet-spicy and a touch of salt. Mikal hadn't tasted or felt anything like this ever, but he'd never forget it. The need to feel more was over-whelming and with a thought born of hunger, his tongue flickered and shifted to something much better equipped to taste every inch. Long, flexible and forked. Mikal never felt the hand tighten in his hair, never felt his head connect with the door, never heard the animalistic howl that was torn from the guests throat. Draconian tongue wrapped around the heavy twitching cock in his mouth he squeezed, delighting in getting the rest in his mouth and down his throat. He almost whimpered as the glorious monster started to pull away, flexing his tongue around it in a silent plea to stay.

Mikal had lost count of how many times he'd wrung a delighted, startled yelping groan from students and howls of sheer bliss from Wind with this technique. His tongue twined around the shaft, flexing and releasing while applying pulsating suction was mind blowing. He'd showed Wind the trick and suffered delightfully for that ever since. Deep throat a cock on top of that and you could guarantee orgasm shortly thereafter.

He relaxed his tongue, feeling his new suck toy coming back. A tickle of soft but wiry pubic hair had him drop his hand from around the massive shaft, letting it drift to caress the heavy balls before sliding around to rest on the solid muscle of his ass. For a long moment they stayed like that, the guest's cock buried to the hilt down Mikal's throat. The guest kept one hand tangled in the dark hair, looking down at a sight he'd never thought to see.

~Pretty dragon... brave dragon... but are you clever enough to satisfy my incredible need to shoot my load down your little throat?~ The guests voice burned through Mikal's mind, even as he tightened his hold on Mikal's hair and flexed carefully.

Mikal slowly opened his eyes and looked up the length of the guests body, vaguely surprised he was against the door, then contracted his tongue and trilled in the back of his throat. ~Clever enough for you oh amber eyed one?~ Clever smever, Mikal wanted that load desperately, and if he had to pull out every trick in the book to wring it from the guy, then he would.

Mikal's answer came suddenly and almost savagely. Mikal had been mouth fucked a hell of a lot, hell he loved it, but this mouth fucking was beyond anything he'd ever experienced. He would have sworn he had every last inch of cock down his throat, but with a hard short thrust he realized that he'd been wrong. Mikal's eyes rolled back for half a second then slid closed as he fought to find the right rhythm. Four hard thrusts and he found it. Trilling deep in his throat, his tongue flexing in perfect rhythm to the thrusts. A half dozen more, with enough power behind them that anyone other then a dragon would have had their skull shattered like an over-ripe melon, and he felt the first vibrations of imminent orgasm. He changed the rhythm of his tongue seconds before his head slammed hard into the door, a howling groan exploded from the guests throat and the first searing spurt of cum was shot down his throat. Mikal gulped, shuddered and gulped again, all the while using that flexible, forked tongue to milk every single drop.

Time seemed to slow. Only four shots, but each one added to the power of the previous one. Like spiced creamed honey they slid down Mikal's hungry throat and in truth he almost wanted to cry when they were all gone. He shuddered, letting his tongue caressingly release it's hold on the beautiful but softening cock in his mouth and sighed when it was extracted completely from his mouth, lazily licking his lips.

"What thoughtful hosts to get the guest off and leave themselves still hard and needy." Amber Eyes finally spoke out loud, his voice sounding like his cum had tasted, that of cream, honey and spice.

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