tagGroup SexGuests From Mumbai

Guests From Mumbai


The girls hit it off immediately. My wife Nicole and I met Nisha and Moira there on the resort beach in Maui. The two lovely Indian girls were young, lithe, and deliciously exotic. After sharing a couple of fruity drinks, we found that the two were "friends" travelling together to several stops throughout the U.S. Their next stop was San Francisco, our hometown. We invited them to stay at our home for a few days, to enjoy their friendship and help them save a few dollars as well.

I was pleased that Nicole was able to make such quick friends with the two women, as it freed me to pursue my golf addiction with less guilt. It was one session on the links, when I was gone for four hours that moved our friendship to a new level.

I have to go on hearsay, from my wife, about what happened that summer day but the results were fine by me. I'd left early to get in a round with my friends and left them to their own devices. Nicole is a late riser and was not awake. I'd passed the guestroom and I could hear the two lovelies just starting to rise. I could hear Moira's soft voice singing an Indian song as she started her day. I was able to peek through the louvers of the door and could see the golden skinned 23-year-old sitting at the vanity in a negligee and brushing out her wavy locks. Nisha was lying in the bed naked and sleepy-eyed, smiling at her friend. Nisha's full breasts were still prominent, even in her reclined state. I etched the image of the two beauties into my mind and snuck out the hall and off to the course.

Nicole awoke a few minutes after me and showered and threw on a terry cloth robe. She padded down the hall to see if the girls were awake so they could start their day and paused at the door. She listened to hear if it was ok to knock and she heard a low moan drift out of the chamber. Listening further, the un-mistakable sounds of two people making love were evident. She could make out Nisha muffled humming moan and Moira's deep breathing, the rustle of the sheets and the short gasp of a woman in ecstasy. This shocked her at first, but her curiosity got the best of her.

She'd often remarked in the last week, what stunning exotic beauties the two guests were. I'd guessed at my wife's latent curiosity of other women, and we'd talked sexy about it during our own lovemaking. She bent to get a better view through the louvered doors and was able to see Nisha's face firmly locked to Moira's pussy. She was shaking her head back and forth, while Moira pulled and pinched her mocha colored nipples. Nicole watched few a few minutes till her hands found her way into her loosened robe. She cupped and thumbed her breasts. Her breathing quickened, as she became wetter watching the two girls. Nisha's dark curved ass was toned and succulent looking. The pain/pleasure look crossing Moira's face reminded Nicole of oral sex she had received from me and from lovers past.

She was lost in that thought and when she re-opened her eyes, there was only Moira lying spent on the bed, legs akimbo, her pussy glistening in the morning light. Nicole panicked wondering where Nisha was. Just then Nisha flung open the door catching Nicole bent over with a finger in her. Nicole was stunned and stammered out an apology, but what Nisha did next broke the tension. She helped my wife upright, and then grasping her hand brought Nicole's wet fingers to her mouth and kissed and licked them clean of her juices. Nicole's face dropped in shock, then she whimpered with desire as Nisha's eyes bore into her. Nisha led her into the room with soothing assurances, sliding off Nicole's robe as they came to the side of the queen-sized bed.

Moira was reclined like a princess, still naked and flushed, smiling and purring her own assurances to my petite wife. If was obvious from Nicole's erect nipples and the slight flush of her chest that she was completely aroused. Nisha coaxed her onto the bed and the two surrounded my wife. Moira to the left and Nisha to the right, two pairs of hands caressing and smoothing, cupping and molding, dipping and exploring as Nicole knelt with knees spread. Nisha kissed her first then Moira. They traded back and forth with slow languorous kisses warm wet tongues twining with each other. The three repositioned slightly and even dealt a three-way open-mouthed kiss. Three tongues lapping and dueling with each other. Soft moans filled the peach colored room.

Nisha's fingers dwelt deep between Nicole's legs, finding a cleft of moisture. Her dark fingers gliding over Nicole's soft dark hairs and down between wet pink folds, rolling and coaxing her clitoris to hardness. Nicole ventured her own hand down to slip down the cleft of Moira's ass, dipping down to caress her soft thighs and then to slip into her warm tight opening. Moira dipped down to sample Nicole's small hard nipples, her tongue dancing and fluttering. She suckled the older woman lovingly with practiced skill.

Nisha was the conductor of this symphony of wanton lust. She gently yet firmly commanded Nicole to kneel on hands and knees and then motioned Moira to slip under and between her leShe then helped Nicole down, spreading her thighs, till she planted her pussy atop Moira's waiting lips and eager tongue. Nisha caressed and massaged Nicole's back, neck, and ass as Moira worked her magic. Nisha filled Nicole's ears with naughty urgings, prodding her to move her hips over Moira's wet mouth. She told her how much they'd desired her ever since meeting on the beach. She purred about how they were going to both make her cum, till she was exhausted. Nicole loves to be talked dirty to during sex and it was working.

Moira had one hand stroking Nicole's B-cup titties and rolling her stiff nipples. The other hand had two fingers deep into her shaved pussy, still slick from Nisha's treatment. She used her lips and tongue alternately over Nicole's engorged labia and clitty, sucking and fluttering, shaking and lapping. Nicole ground down and bucked with little yelps of passion.

Nisha shifted around and started long licks up each underside of Nicole's thighs. She mouthed and bit at Nicole's buns, then opened them up to her swirling tongue. Nisha dripped a long trail of saliva down Nicole's open crack, and then followed it with her tongue. The young lesbian lovers were pleasantly assaulting my wife of ten years from two sides. She described later the feeling of two tongues wriggling over her ass and clitty, making her rock and shudder. She held out for a couple of minutes of the lovely treatment, and then surrendered to wave upon wave of orgasm. She remembers the wicked smile of the two girls looking over her after she'd collapsed onto the bed. The hugged, faced pressed together, hands reaching down to stroke Nicole's supine body, and then turned to kiss wildly with Nisha finally cleaning the spent juices from Moira's lips.

The three spent the day lounging, sleeping, eating, drinking and making love. Nisha instructing Nicole in the finer points of licking pussy, eating ass, and fingering a woman. Nicole was an eager student and Moira was often the willing model. They talked for hours it seemed, the girls exposing the depth of their love and Nicole confessing her once hidden desires.

The subject of men finally came up after Nicole noted that I'd be home in a few minutes. Moira mentioned her secret desire for me and her needs to be filled on occasion by hard cock. Nisha recanted her failed affairs with men in years past, but showed no aversion to jealousy or me of her lover's desire. Nicole suggested that they give me a surprise and prepare for my arrival. With some further plans, Nicole led them into our room.

I arrived home feeling a bit sunburned and tired from the round of golf. The three beers at the 19th hole mellowed me somewhat. I craved a tepid shower and a nice nap. How my plans would pleasantly change, I had no inkling. On arriving, I shucked my clothes and jumped into the shower. After the first coast of sweat and course grime slipped down the drain, I turned to see Nicole slipping into the shower, naked wearing only a wicked smile. We joked and chatted as I finished and she washed my back and legs, dipping down to nuzzle my now semi hard wet cock.

"Where are the girls?" I wondered.

"Well... I have a great surprise when you get out." she cooed as she patted my down with the terry towel.

"OK, what is it? Have you been naughty?" I leered thinking that she had some new lingerie to show me. She just giggled, leading me out into the bedroom. I jolted to a stop when before my eyes, lay our two guests, reclining on our King-sized bed, dressed in my wife's most revealing lingerie, gently caressing each other.

"Wha-wha-what?!" I stammered.

"Surprise!" Nicole burst out with a laugh and proceeded to climb onto the bed and into the embrace of the two enchantresses. My towel dropped, unknown to me, my erection bobbing as I watched my wife and the two lovelies share kisses.

"We've been waiting for you, lover... Will you come play with us?" Nicole cooed in her coquettish way.

"Yes, I'D love to have a taste of that hard cock, Don", Moira beckoned me with her pouting red lips, whilst molding my wife's breast.

I needed no other urging and stalked over to the bed, bedecked in lovely feminine flesh. I sidled up to Moira and cupped her golden brown breast under the rose teddy as I creased her buttocks with my hard cock. My lips explored her warm soft neck and ears as she stretched within my arms with feline grace. Her lips turned to mine and we kissed in open-mouthed trill.

My eyes beheld my Nicole sucking hungrily at Nisha's large breast, still ensconced in the royal blue satin of the slip. Nicole's teeth gnashing and slipping over the protruding bump caused by Nisha's excited nipples. Nicole had plied the darker girls willing thighs apart and was circling her deep rose colored clitty, surrounded by dark swollen labia. Nisha's eyes me mine and I could tell that she was prodding me, 'What do you think of your bride now?'

With a smooth touch, Moira guided my cock between her wet pussy lips and to her gasping opening. Her leg bent up and a bit back to rest on my thigh. Her ass ground against my tummy and I slid effortlessly into her moist trap. We were poised to watch and couple as our mutual lovers began their own feast.

I watched as Nicole slipped around and straddled Nisha. She was perfectly joined into 69. I felt Nisha reach out and caress Moira's filled pussy. Nisha's nails even grazed toyingly along my balls and cock as it prodded and probed her lover's tender young sex. The two gazed at us both then turned to their own delicious task. I watched as my wife, curled on top, kissed up and down Nisha's warm soft thighs. She nestled down into the inviting cleft. I was stunned at the practiced ease with which my wife was eagerly eating pussy.

I rolled Moira up onto her knees and we were quickly engaged in a hot doggy style. In no time I was rocking her firm breasts back and forth in the satin teddy. Her ass rippled with each hard stroke as my cock plowed into her time and time again. Moira's mews and cries mixed with my guttural grunts. I reached up to grip her dark locks like reigns and ride the bucking filly with driving thrusts.

Nisha was curved up around Nicole's creamy ass, her tongue slicing back and forth. Two fingers probed and spun inside Nicole's milking pussy. Nisha's thumb stroking the bud with each push. Nisha began to shake her head as her silky wet tongue lapped around my Nicole's openings. I could see her urging the white girl on toward a climax.

The sounds and smells of sex permeated the room. Three siren female voices bleat in sensuous treble. My bass groans laid rhythm down to the hot sex. Each of us cursed and urged the other. "Fuck my pussy! – Ohhh, yeah! Lick that ass! – Cum for me darling!" and assorted urgings in Indian and Spanish languages.

With some coaxing I plied the two 69ers apart and we also parted. We finally arranged ourselves into a Moira sandwich, which finally led to a foursome climax. Nicole slid under Moira. Nisha pulled her strong thighs back and presented her lover with a banquet at Moira's lips. I coated up my still hard cock with lube and pasted Moira's puckered rosebud with the slippery goo. Trying not to crush Nicole with my weight, I slowly eased my cock past her tight ring and into her anus.

I inched gently up the young girl's tight backdoor whilst she lapped with passion at her lovers wet cleft and exposed rosebud. I could feel Nicole sucking with hunger at Moira's throbbing clitty. Moira found the wherewithall to diddle Nicole's stiff button. I held on for dear life as the squirming, moaning, quivering mass of sex plunged on toward ecstasy.

Surprisingly Nicole was first. Moira's deft circling thumb hit the right speed and Nicole bucked underneath. Nisha was soon to follow and I could see her juices welling and slipping down her crack, only to be lapped up by her lover like hungry kitten at a saucer of cream. As Moira finally succumbed to the two-way assault on her ass and pussy, her shudders and bucks were too much for me to handle. My senses overloaded I pulsed jet after hot jet of thick white cum deep into her ass.

Our heaving breath finally slowed as we untangled and melded into a caressing orgy. I felt like a king in a harem, surrounded by such exotic delights. The girls confessed their day of debauchery. We stoked up our energy and made plans for the rest of the weekend. I could not believe what a life-changing visit this had become.

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