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Guilty Pleasure Ch. 09


Disclaimer: I don't own the Dukes of Hazzard, not making any money, just cheap thrills.
Warnings: Slash, Incest, Angst, Graphic Sex, First Time
Rating: FRAO
// Indicates thoughts
{ } indicates Bo's pov

After what Sherry had told Bo, I wasn't going to take the chance of anybody else trying something similar. I had some ideas about what we could do about Sherry, but I would need to talk to a lawyer first and it was too late now. "I've got a few ideas Bo, but I don't want to get into it until I'm sure it can be done. In the meantime, what did the doctor say about your injuries?"

"I ain't hurt bad Luke, just a little bump on the head and the doc wants to keep me here overnight. I don't see why I have to stay though," Bo protested, just like I expected him to.

"Now Bo, if the doctor says you need to stay here overnight, then you're gonna stay, no arguments. Of course that doesn't mean I can't stay here with you," I told him with a smile.

Turning towards the door, I saw Uncle Jesse coming back into the room. "Hey Uncle Jesse, thanks for giving us some time."

"You're welcome boy, did Bo tell you what the doctor said?"

"Yeah, just a bump on the head and he needs to stay overnight," I answered, though I started getting suspicious when I saw the look on his face. "What?"

"Boy ain't you ever gonna learn?" Jesse asked, moving over to Bo and lightly smacking his arm.

{I should've known one of them would end up talking to a nurse or the doctor. "I'm sorry Uncle Jesse, I just didn't want to worry y'all."

"Worry us? Bo, we're your family and that's what family does," Uncle Jesse reminded me.

"He's right Bo, now you gonna tell me the whole story or is Uncle Jesse?" Luke asked.

"It ain't that bad Luke, doc said I got a slight concussion and need to rest for a couple of days, that's all." Looking at Uncle Jesse when he cleared his throat, I glanced down sheepishly, "And I got a cut on my leg, it, um, needed twelve stitches to close it."

"Twelve stitches! I can't believe you weren't gonna tell me about that," Luke said, his voice rising sharply.

"I wasn't planning to not tell ya Luke, I was just gonna wait until we were home."

"Until I sprung ya and took you home tonight ya mean?"

"Yeah," I agreed, looking away, unable to stand seeing the look of angry betrayal in his eyes.

"Ya lied to me Bo, don't say it," he interrupted before I could point out I never said I didn't have a cut. "A lie of omission is just the same as any other lie, and you know it. What's worse is the fact that you tried to use me, just so you wouldn't have to spend the night in the hospital. How could you do that?" Luke asked, before standing up and moving towards the door.

"Luke, please don't leave. I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you, I just..."

"I know Bo, but I can't talk about this right now," he said in a soft voice before walking out the door.

"Luke!" I yelled, throwing back the covers and trying to get out of the bed. Uncle Jesse was there before I could get out of the bed, pushing me back against the pillows, "Uncle Jesse, please I have to find him. Please, I can't lose him, help me?" I begged uselessly.

"Bo, you ain't gonna do anybody any good if you go wandering these halls and hurt yourself. Now Luke will be back, he just needs some time to think and get over being mad," Uncle Jesse assured me.

"You don't know that Uncle Jesse, not for sure," I insisted, trying again to get up.

"Yes I do Bo. I raised all three of you didn't I? You think I don't know exactly what Luke's doing right now? Now you stop this foolishness, Luke is just outside getting some air and cooling off. He knows he's too angry and hurt right now to talk to you rationally. As soon as he calms down, he'll be back and you boys will work this out between ya's. You just lay here and rest like the doctor told you to, Luke'll be back soon," Uncle Jesse ordered me.

"Yes sir," I mumbled, laying back and trying my best to obey.}

I left Bo's room and headed outside I knew the way I left and what I'd said would upset him. I couldn't stay though, not when I was this mad. I had no doubt that if I stayed in that room, I was going to say something I'd regret, something I couldn't just take back. The funny part was, I knew exactly why Bo hadn't told me about the cut or the concussion. I knew better than anybody just how much he hated hospitals, Lord knew he'd spent enough time in them as a kid. Every time he had to go to the hospital cause of an asthma attack, he would come home worn out and terrified. Uncle Jesse knew Bo was afraid of the hospital, but he didn't know how bad it was. I was the one who shared a room with him, it was me that heard him whimpering in his sleep. It was my bed he climbed into after a nightmare, seeking comfort and safety. I was the only one he ever confided in about his fears, telling me about the frightening things he saw and heard while he waited on the doctor.

That didn't excuse him though, he's a grown man and he should know better than to lie, especially when it concerns his health. //Dang it Bo, did you think I wasn't going to find out?// Walking around the hospital grounds, I kept reminding myself of Bo's fears. Told myself that he didn't lie out of meanness or anything, he just didn't want to stay in the hospital. As I walked, well stomped is more like it, I could feel the tension and anger slowly draining out of me. I wasn't ready to talk to Bo yet though, that's when I saw her. Sitting at a table in a small courtyard, was an older lady, tears streaking her face. "Um, pardon me ma'am, I don't mean to intrude, but is there anything I can do?"

"Oh my," she whispered, laying one hand on her chest, startled by my voice. "I appreciate the offer honey, but I'm afraid there isn't," she said. I didn't know what to do, she was obviously upset, and I didn't want to intrude. But I didn't want to leave her alone, not without trying at least one more time, she spoke before I could. "Maybe there is one thing, would you mind sitting with me for a bit, I could use the company."

"Why sure, I can do that," I replied, sitting down in a chair across the table from her. "My name's Luke Duke, nice to meet ya."

"Bonnie Simpson, likewise," she replied, holding out her hand.

"Would you like to talk about what's upsetting you Mrs. Simpson?"

"Bonnie please...I'm up here visiting my husband, he's dying."

"I'm sorry to hear that Bonnie. Are you here alone?"

"Tonight I am, our children came home to say good-bye, they're at the motel now. I just couldn't bear to leave him alone, he's always hated hospitals you know. If he knew that he was here, he'd be so scared right now."

"He doesn't know?" I asked, confused by her statement.

"No he doesn't, he's in a coma you see. My Rob has been in and out of hospitals for years, ever since he was first diagnosed with cancer. That's why he hates hospitals so much, and it's why I have to be here now. I can't let him die alone, it's his biggest fear. I needed some air though and the doctor's in with him now anyway. Who are you visiting Luke?" She asked, taking me by surprise.

"What? Oh, I'm visiting my cousin, he was in an accident. He's not hurt bad though, just a concussion, some bruises and a cut on his leg."

"So you're angry at the person who caused his accident?"

"How did you know I'm angry?" I asked her, surprised that she had picked up on it. I can usually hide my emotions better than that, especially from strangers.

"I worked for thirty years as a nurse Luke, you learn to read people after a while. Would you like to talk about it?"

"He lied to us, tried to hide the concussion and the cut on his leg so we'd take him home tonight. He doesn't like hospitals either, see he had asthma as a kid and had to spend a lot of time at the hospital. It scared him a lot, the things he'd see while he was in the emergency room waiting. He used to have terrible nightmares about the doctor's cutting his legs off, or putting him in a.... Oh God, how could I have forgotten that? One time he had to spend the night in the hospital, it was a really severe attack. He woke up in the middle of the night and left his room, probably looking for Uncle Jesse or Aunt Martha. They found him down in the morgue, staring at a little boy not much older than him. Kid had drowned and was laying in a drawer, I don't know why the drawer was open with nobody around. Aw hell, Bo wasn't but eight years old when that happened, he was terrified after that of sleeping in the hospital. Bonnie are you going to be okay?" I asked, suddenly understanding exactly why Bo wanted to go home so badly that he'd lie to us. I needed to get back to him. I didn't even know if Bo knew why he'd lied but I needed to let him know I wasn't mad anymore, yet I didn't want to leave her alone.

"I'll be fine Luke, you go on and take care of your cousin, I need to get back to Rob too," she replied, standing up.

Hurrying back into the hospital, I all but ran to Bo's room, not caring if it made the nurses mad. Stopping outside the door, I took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down. Pushing open the door, I walked in and went straight to Bo's side.

"Luke, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have lied..."

"Shh, it's alright darlin I understand why you did it," I told him, placing a finger across his lips. "I'm not mad anymore, but Bo I don't ever want you to do that again, okay?"

"I won't Luke, I promise," he swore to me. Leaning forward, he wrapped his arms around me and held on tight. I could feel him trembling in my arms, though whether it was from fear or relief I wasn't sure. Running my hands up and down his back, I soothed him as best as I could.

"Bo?" I began, drawing back slightly so I could look him in the eye. "I know how much you hate staying in the hospital, but you know that sometimes it's necessary. Now I'll tell you what, if it's alright with the doctor, I'll stay here tonight and if it's not then I'll take you home, okay?"

"You mean it?"

Nodding my head in answer, I couldn't help smiling when he once again leaned his head against my shoulder.

"Now Luke, I don't think that's a good idea," Uncle Jesse protested.

"Why not Uncle Jesse? I know it's better if he stays here, but he can rest at home just as well. For that matter, if he has to stay here alone, he probably won't get any rest at all." I told him, reminding him of Bo's reaction to being in the hospital.

"Fine you boys stay here and I'll go find the doctor."

Ten minutes later, Uncle Jesse was back with the news that the doctor had okayed my staying with Bo. Uncle Jesse stayed for a little while, visiting with Bo until Daisy arrived to take him home. By the time Daisy was able to get there, visiting hours were nearly over. So after a short visit, both Daisy and Uncle Jesse headed home, leaving us alone. It wasn't long after they left that Bo finally stopped fighting the pain killers, allowing himself to drift to sleep.

The next morning, at 10:00, the doctor released Bo. While we waited for Uncle Jesse and Daisy to pick him up, we talked quietly. Thirty minutes after his release, Bo was headed home with Uncle Jesse, and I was headed to see a lawyer. Fortunately it didn't take long to find out what I needed to know. Within an hour I had all the information I needed. Stopping by a department store, I bought the few items I'd need for my plan and headed home.

{Two days after I was released from the hospital, Sherry called. In order for Luke's plan to work, I would have to pick the meeting place. "Hello Sherry," I said, my voice sullen. Luke had told me that I had to sound angry and irritated or she'd get suspicious. That wasn't very difficult to pull off, seeing as how I was both.

"Well I see the first thing I'm going to have to work on is your manners. Would you like to try that again, or should I just go to the Boar's Nest and make an announcement?"

Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to speak pleasantly. "Hello Sherry, what can I do for you?"

"That's much better Bo. In the future, you just remember who's in charge and we'll get along fine. Now have you thought about my proposal?"

"Yeah, I'll do it. When do ya want to meet?" I asked her, hoping it would be soon, I really just wanted to get this over with.

"Well I don't see any reason to waste time, how about this evening at say eight o'clock?" Sherry all but purred her question into my ear.

"Okay, um you know I don't have a lot of money, but my uncle has a cabin at one of his old still sites." I told her. Not surprisingly, she didn't like that idea a bit.

"Bo Duke, if you're going to insult me like that...I suppose I can't blame you for not having a lot of money. I'll tell ya what, I can afford to pay so I'll rent a motel room, you pick the place," hook, line and sinker, just like Luke planned. I couldn't help smiling at how easy it was to manuever her into place.

"Alright, there's a little place between Hazzard and Capital City," I told her. After giving her directions, I said good-bye and hung up. Turning to Luke, I couldn't keep the smile off my face, "She went for it."

"So I heard, okay you'll need to get there early and have the room by the time she gets there. I just hope this works, if it doesn't I don't know what we'll do," he murmurred under his breath.

"It will babe, I know it will," I assured him.

That evening at seven, I pulled into the parking lot of the motel and headed to the office. Getting a room, I took the key from the clerk and went outside where Luke was waiting. Walking to the room, Luke carrying the equipment we needed, I prayed everything would go well. Unlocking the door, we stepped inside and began to make our preparations. At ten minutes before eight, Luke stepped into the closet and I went outside to wait.

Seeing Sherry pull into the lot, I waved her over towards the room. Parking her car directly in front of the room, she climbed out and stepped up to me. Figuring she would expect me to act like a lover, I wrapped my arm around her and led her into the room. Once inside, I pulled away from her and nervously walked over to the dresser. Refusing to look at the bed, I didn't even notice when she moved over to stand next to me.

I jumped, startled, when she began to run her fingers lightly up and down my arm. "Now darlin, is that anyway to act?"

"Don't call me that," play acting or not, I couldn't stand to hear her call me by that name.

"Oh that's right, you don't like it when I call you that, do you darlin? I think we better get a few things straight Bo," she said, pulling me towards the bed and pushing me onto it. Straddling my legs, she pushed me backwards until I was laying down, but with my feet still on the floor. Reaching behind her, she began to massage my cock through my jeans, "Now first of all, I call the shots. That means, if I want to call you darlin, I will. You have no say here Bo, no power, or I'll be forced to tell the world your dirty secret. I was nice enough to let you pick the place, but that's all you get to do. I'll decide when we meet, and when you kiss me, I better feel like you mean it. You will make love to me, whenever I say or I tell all of Hazzard that you're fucking your cousin. It's really your choice Bo," she reminded me, getting up and ordering me to strip.

Before I could make a move, Luke threw open the closet door, "That's where you're wrong Sherry." Luke spoke from behind her, making her jump as she whirled around to face him.

"What are you doing here?" Sherry demanded, her voice shaking slightly as she spoke.

"Oh, just protecting the man I love from a predatory bitch! Don't say another word Sherry, ya never know who might be listening." Luke told her, nodding towards me.

I never knew a person's eyes could get that big. Sherry's eyes were as big as saucers when she saw the tape recorder in my hand. "Don't you just hate it when you're plans blow up in your face?"

"So, what are ya gonna do? Threaten to ruin my reputation?" Sherry asked sarcastically. Obviously she knew that had been ruined a long time ago.

"Nope," Luke answered, waiting for her to turn back around before he continued. "See Sherry we have everything on tape. Now I guess you didn't realize it, but what you just did is a crime. Two crimes actually, extortion and attempted rape."

"Atttempted rape? Are you crazy? A woman can't rape a man, I bet there ain't even any laws on the books to cover something like that."

"Well then you'd lose the bet. Not only can a woman rape a man, but the law recognizes that it can happen. So here's the deal, you leave Bo alone, don't come near him and don't ever try this with anybody else. If you bother Bo again or we hear about you doing this to some other guy, we'll turn the tape into the state police. By the way Sherry, the statute of limitations on extortion is four years and for attempted rape it's seven. I figure by the time those statutes run out, me and Bo will already have told everybody and it won't matter. What's it gonna be, you gonna leave Bo alone, not do this to anybody else and keep your mouth shut about us, or...." Luke trailed off, letting the threat hang in the air.

"Fine, I'll do what you say," Sherry sullenly agreed. Straightening her clothes, she shot a look of pure hatred my way before storming out and slamming the door.

The second the door shut, I felt my knees buckling and I had to sit down. As I touched the edge of the bed, I jumped away as though I'd touched a hot stove and landed on the floor. Not surprisingly, Luke was kneeling beside me in seconds, wrapping his arms around me. "Thank you Luke," I whispered, more relieved than I could say that it was over.}

Seeing Bo land on the floor with a thud, I rushed to his side and took him in my arms. "What for?" I asked him when he said thank you.

"For having a good plan, for believing me, just for being you," he replied as he began to shake. "Luke what's wrong with me?"

"Nothing's wrong with ya Bo, just everything catching up to ya is all. What do ya say we get out of here and go home?"

"Not home, I...Luke can we go to the cabin? I need to feel your touch, please Luke I want to forget that she ever touched me."

"Whatever you need Bo, whatever you need," I assured him. Pulling him to his feet, I grabbed the tape recorder and led him outside. After getting Bo settled in the General and putting the recorder in the trunk, I went to the office and turned in the room key. It wasn't long before we were pulling up to the cabin at the old still site.

Walking inside, I was surprised when Bo suddenly shoved me up against a wall and began to kiss me. I couldn't help growing hard at the feel of his lips on mine and the feel of his hands tearing the clothes from my body.

"Luke, I want you to make love to me, please I need to feel you inside me. Make me yours babe, please," he begged, his voice thick with need.

"Bo," I groaned out, my body screaming at me to say yes, but I knew it would be wrong. "Not like this Bo," I managed to whisper. //Aw Bo,// I hated the look of pain in his eyes, especially knowing I was the one who put it there.

"Don't you want me?"

"More than I can say, but I want it to be right Bo. The first time we make love, I want it to be for the right reasons, not just to erase her touch. Bo, I tried to use sex as a way to deal with what I was feeling and when that wasn't enough I turned to pain. I don't want you to end up like me, and there's one other thing, the most important thing of all."

"What's that?" Bo asked, drawing away from me, convinced that I was just rejecting him.

"When I make love to you for the first time, I want it to be the most beautiful experience of your life. I want it to be something you'll never forget and will always look back on with a smile. I never want you to look back on that first time with even a second's regret," I told him, hoping he would understand.

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