Gulf Coast Condo Ch. 02


"Well, now this is really happening, don't you think Hunter?" Jen took her hand off of his leg, gently grasped the hand under her boob and moved it higher, so he was directly caressing her breast. Then she moved her hand back to his thigh and continued gently stroking his leg

"I hope so," he choked out.

"Let's talk about that, Hunter. Will you talk to me about it?"

"Anything, anything you say, Jennifer, just tell me what, anything, you know—" she stopped him with another kiss.

Well, from the mouths of babes, I think ----- "anything, anything you say, Jennifer"-----

Ole Hunter catches on quick: quicker than a $1000 an hour Atlanta lawyer. Hell, it took me a couple of years to figure that out. It's what Jennifer wants that counts and Captain Kidd picked that up in a couple of hours. Without spending a dime: damn, this kid should be a lawyer!

"What do you think, Jake? Do you mind if I ask Hunter some questions."

"Hell, I think he should be a lawyer. Give him a cross-examination." I stopped for a light cater-corner from the spot where Jenny dialogued Hunter earlier in the evening.

"So, Hunter, what did you think when I called to you, over there, right over there, Hunter?" She gave him a little lick on his neck.

"I about shit my pants," he suavely responded.

"Oh, don't do that, Hunter, I've got better plans for you." Laughing out loud.

"Well, yeah, I just meant I was like, couldn't believe it. I got so excited!"

"Oh, you were excited. How excited, Hunter, how excited were you?" She coaxed him.

"Oh, my god, I got a hard-on, like so fast, like while you were talking to me and I was looking at your titties, and, uh, ah, I mean, I don't want to make you mad, but they, your tits were so, so, big, and, jeez, I could see your nipples, and so, I, I got a hard-on, like before the light changed," he stopped to catch his breath.

"Goodness, Hunter, you got an erection, you had an erection just from talking with me?" she asked softly as she spread her legs apart just a smidge so he could move his exploring hand a bit higher.

"And looking, looking at you. Jeez, I was standing right over you and I could, I could see everything, I mean your boobs, and your legs, and you smiled at me, and I thought, I wanted, I thought about, ah, you know-----" he trailed off.

"Well, maybe I don't know, baby, how could I know what you were thinking? So tell me, Hunter, don't be afraid, tell Jennifer everything, you promised, Hunter, just a minute ago, you said, 'anything, anything you say Jennifer,' isn't that what you said?" Jen was gently riding him now, slowly massaging her ass into his lap.

"Ah, yeah, I did, I said that, so, when you looked up and smiled, and you stuck your tongue out just a little, like real pointed and on your upper lip, and I, I thought, I wanted-----."

"Wanted, what, what did you want, Hunter, what did you think?" she opened her legs wider, now, so her white cotton panties were plainly visible and Hunter's hand was almost up there, near her pussy, stroking a little faster.

"I thought about fucking your mouth, your mouth looked so good, it was wet, and your lips, they were, like red, real red, and, and I thought, jeez, I'd like to stick my dick in there, in her mouth, I couldn't help it, it just popped into my mind------I went home and jerked off, just thinking about your mouth on my dick--------------sorry!"

I accelerated through he intersection, watching Jennifer and Hunter, trying not to wreck the car. His head was back against the headrest, breathing hard with his mouth open.

"Hunter, don't be sorry, I liked that, it was way cool that you wanted me to suck your dick: ------if that's really what you want? Is it, Hunter, is that what you want, do you want me to suck your cock?"

He was rubbing the inside of her thigh with enthusiasm, now, stroking from her knee to her panties. I could also see that he was massaging her breast with his other hand, as with trembling voice he said:

"Oh, my god, yes, yes, that would be, oh, Jennifer, I think I'm gonna come!"

"Oh, baby, I feel your cock in my ass, it feels so big, it's so hard! You want me to suck it, baby, will you come in my mouth?" Jennifer rolled over, sliding down onto the floor to her knees, spreading his legs apart.

I scooted the car into a darkened parking lot and whipped it around so that the moonlight was streaming through the passenger window, illuminating Jennifer's face and Hunter's belly, prick, and balls.

"Raise your ass up," she ordered. He did, as she pulled and he pushed his baggy shorts down to his angles. His knees then splayed apart but his shorts kept his feet together.

Jennifer gasped as he flopped back into the seat with his big prick waving in the air, out of control and drunkenly swaying from side to side. Kneeling on the floor, between his legs, Jen's eyes were wide and sparkling. She was still clothed but from his ankles to his sternum, Hunter was naked with his huge, hard, veiny cock looking like it was about to explode.

Jen grabbed the base and stabilized it, holding it straight so that it wasn't staggering about inches from her face, but holding it by the root, she licked her lips and smiled up at me.

Still looking at me and holding Hunter's pulsing prick in her exquisitely manicured hand, her left hand, the one with the two-carat diamond, she demanded from Hunter, "I've got it, baby, I've got your big dick right here! Tell me baby, tell me what you want, tell me again, baby, tell Jennifer what to do."

"Suck it, Jennifer, stick it in your mouth, please, please, suck my dick, please!" He begged.

Still staring up at me, she asked breathlessly, "Can I, Jake, should I suck his dick, what if he ejaculates in my mouth?"

I had my cock out by now, stroking it gently, saving my orgasm. "Suck it Jen, suck his prick," I panted.

"What if he comes, Jake, how about when he shoots it in my mouth? What do you want me to do, Jake, tell me what you want me to do with it?'

"Swallow it Jenny, swallow his semen, eat it baby."

Jennifer dropped her eyes to her target and licked her lips as Hunter lifted his head and stared down at her face, her mouth inches from the purple bulging crown of his prick.

Her tongue darted out, scooping up a crystal clear drop shimmering in his pisser. Then again, a quick lick across the tip, leaving a shiny sheen over the top of the crown of his prick. Another, then another, as she covered the quivering purple head with her oral juices. Jennifer slowly laved the engorged head until it was wet and glistening all over.

She popped the glands into her mouth and holding her head completely still, I knew she was swishing her tongue around the head. Hunter started a gentle humping, shoving the shaft deeper into Jennifer's mouth, and she started bobbing her mouth on it in time with his thrusts. She kept the root of his prick firmly in her left hand and I could see the diamond ring flashing in the moonlight.

Her other hand slipped down under her skirt and I could see her arm moving rhythmically, in time to Hunter's pelvic thrusts, as she methodically fucked his cock with her mouth.

Hunter let out a whimper, put his hand on Jen's head, and started to babble. "Oh, Jennifer, thank you, thank you, it's so good, it feels so good, keep sucking, Jennifer, don't stop, that's it, yes, yes, do it."

He was gyrating faster now and so was Jen, bobbing furiously on his dick and stroking her pussy at the same pace. Her face was shining with sweat and her lips were puffing in and out as his prick rapidly jackhammered in and out of her mouth. Her cheeks were billowing in and out in time with his prick.

"Oh, yeah, I'm coming, that's it," Hunter hollered lifting his ass off the seat.

I saw Jen's eyes widened and they watered as Hunter's semen surged into her mouth. This was the moment that she craved and I could see her hips humping into her hand as his cum gushing into her mouth triggered her own orgasm.

His bucking motion freed his spouting cock from Jennifer's mouth and his semen splashed across her face and hand as she wrestled with it. A long rope of juice arched across the space between her face and his erupting penis, landing in her cleavage.

She plunged it back into her mouth and pumping with her hand, extracted another load from his balls. As he flopped back into the seat, Jennifer released his prick from her mouth but kept stroking the shaft. Another bubble spurted from his pisser and ran down the shaft, onto her hand, covering her diamond ring with white goo.

She gobbled the rapidly deflating member back into her mouth and, for the first time, was able to bury it in her throat until her nose was lost in his pubic hair. It made a lewd wet popping sound as she pulled it back out of her mouth. Licking and sucking then releasing the softening crown, she scooted up to his hard belly and lapped up a puddle of thick white paste that was lying across the fussy column of hair that reached from his pubes to his naval.

Kissing up and past his naval, she licked and kissed across his wet rippling belly and tank top until she was at his face, where she laid a deep wet kiss on his mouth. I watched her tongue working in and out of his mouth as she shared his semen with him, smearing some of it over his chin and lips. He grabbed her boobs and mauled them as she sucked his tongue into her mouth.

Jen unlocked their mouths, rocked back onto her haunches and grabbed his much reduced semi in her hand, lowered her head, and gobbled it back into her mouth, slowly bobbing on it, savoring it, and making sloppy wet sucking sounds as she sucked it dry.

She slowed to a stop, raised her head, grasped the flaccid penis protectively and gazed up at Hunter. "Is that what you wanted, Hunter? Is this what you wanted me to do?" she smiled coyly up at him, gave his member another bobbing, then licked the shrunken glands.

"Oh, my, god! That was wild, he groaned. That was so goooood, Jennifer. I never, that was the best, the best I ever had," heaving for breath with his head laid back.

"Okay, sweetie," she gave his shriveled dick another bobbing, then a kiss, dropped it and leaned back. "Hop out of the car, Hunter, I'll be there in a minute."

He pulled his knees up to his chest, opening the door, swinging his legs out with his shorts still around his ankles, he pulled himself out of the car, still bent double as Jennifer gazed at his bare ass in the bright glare of the dome light. He pulled up his shorts and staggered towards the beach.

Jennifer was still on the floorboards. She looked up at me, her eyes glassy, and flashed a triumphant smile. I could see the frothy semen around her lips, with a few wet strands stretching between her upper and lower lips, until she ran her pointed tongue in a circle around her mouth clearing away the delicate web of cum.

She was fabulously sexy with the flush of her orgasm still on her face and décolleté! A string of white liquid connected her breasts just at the apex of her cleavage and her lips and chin were shinning with Hunter's hot juice. She reached up and wrapped her hand around my stiff cock.

"I need to be fucked, Jake. Do you want it, or do you want me to fuck him?"

"I want to do it, Jennifer, I'll fuck you, I need it."

"Okay, then," flashing me another gorgeous smile. "Give me a fifty and I'll be right back."

As I fumbled for my bankroll, Jen clambered out of the car, turned, stuck her head back in to get the fifty, and waltzed over to Hunter, standing about ten feet in front of the car.

I watched as she put her arms around his neck, stood on her toes, and gave him a long lingering and tender kiss. He held her ass cheeks as they exchanged some words, then he threw his head back, looking at the sky as Jenny giggled. She put her cheek on his chest and they both stood, bathed in the moonlight, holding each other for a moment.

Jen stepped back, hiked up her skirt and bending over, shimmied out of her panties. Handing them to Hunter, she turned and walked back to the car with an exaggerated 'hooker's' amble.

Hunter held her white cotton panties up to his face as Jennifer slipped into the car and I gunned it out of the parking lot. I looked through the rearview and Jen looked into her side mirror as we both watched Hunter rubbing Jennifer's panties along the side of his face.

"I didn't have the heart to tell him," she chuckled, "but that glob in my panties is your cum from the fucking you gave me in the Admiral's parking lot."

"As long as it came out of your pussy, darling, he won't care," I reassured her.

"For sure," she agreed, casually reaching over to grip my erection.

"You were magnificent, Jenny," I praised her.

"Thank you, sweetie. Did you like it?" Gently stroking me with one hand and lighting up the roach with the other.

"Oh, yeah, I loved it! Encouraging her.

"Which one did you like the best, Herbert or Hunter?" She was slowly wringing the neck of my prick, not just pumping, but twisting the head simultaneously.

"Well, I got to see Hunter for the whole show, so it's not really a fair comparison. How about you, Jen, you were there for one hundred percent of both 'games'?"

"Oh, Jake, I was in heaven sucking both of them. And I came both times. But it went so fast with Hunter. I wanted to get naked with him out at Pearl Beach, but I got so hot talking to him, I had to scramble for a first down blowjob!" giggling, and holding the roach up to my mouth for a toke.

"We didn't have time for him to see me naked." Pre-come had lubed the head, and Jen polished the crown with her palm.

"Tomorrow's another day," I consoled her.

"Herbert really worked me over, from the waist up anyway. That boy really loves titties! My nipples feel a little raw; he sucked and worked them so hard. But Hunter never had a chance with them. I guess I got carried away when we passed the fire hydrant where I hooked him." She gently scratched my aching prick with just her fingernails.

"I think Hunter's a happy camper," I assured her.

"He's a greedy little camper." Jen was running one finger nail, her pointer, up and down the tube on the bottom of my penis, and sucking the ganja with her other hand.


"Yeah, you should have heard him afterwards. He begged for my panties and wants to see me tomorrow. I told him he didn't want to see me, he just wanted to fuck me!"

"Well, you can't blame him for that," defending Hunter's character.

"No, he's a good boy, a real good boy," laughing.

"So, what did you tell him?"

"I told him that I would have to talk to you. Get your permission," holding the tiny roach up to my mouth for one last gasp.

"Cool," reinforcing her training as we turned into the condo parking lot.

"So, what'll it be, Big Boy?" She leaned over plunging her mouth onto my prick, bobbing slowly on it.

"Say, again, Jen?" I scooted up and back in rhythm with her motion, while pulling into our parking spot.

She raised her face when the car stopped, placed her hand back on my slimy dick, and laid a wet kiss on me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like semen: surprise!

But whose, I wondered as she fucked my mouth with her tongue. My pre-come was fresh; Hunter had splooged a big youthful load in her mouth, maybe twenty minutes ago. And Herbert, maybe three hours ago, had creamed in her mouth twice. Huge loads according to Jen.

Breaking contact, she looked me in the face from six inches and explained, "Well, sweetie, we have to decide and make some decisions."

"Okay then!"

Jennifer chuckled at my use of her secret code words. "Well, do I fuck Hunter tomorrow, or do I fuck Herbert. I've warmed them both up with field goals, but tomorrow I want a touchdown." She kissed me again.

What had he said to Jen? 'Anything, Jennifer, anything you say.' Hunter, the future lawyer: hell, prospective Supreme Court justice, I chortled to myself. How right he was---is!

"A touchdown, huh? How about the P-A-T, Jennifer? Teasing her.

"Well, now, that depends on the score, don't you think?" She gave me a dazzling smile.

"Of, course, it always depends on the score. And on your asshole, it also depends on the condition of your asshole, when the time comes," broaching a very sensitive subject with Jennifer.

Her eyes narrowed and a dirty little smirk spread across her face. "Okay, then, Big Boy. You gather up my stuff and meet me upstairs," dropping my dick and turning to the car door. "I'll wait for you, naked, in bed. While you're fucking me, I'll tell you about my game plan for tomorrow." Opening the door.

"Maybe we'll have a 'double-header'?" With that, she got out of the car and marched to the front door, which swung open before her, thanks to my handy electronic lock.

Choices, life's about making choices, I mused. Its good to have choices!

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