"Any higher?"

"Up a bit," I reply, my eyes locking firmly against his.

"If you're sure." I see a sly grin on Alex's face and I feel irritation grow inside me.

"Positive." I crouch slightly, looking up at his face with unfaltering resolve.

The pad's at eye level now and I launch forwards, quickly twisting my body to the side, connecting the ball of my bare foot against the stiff material, forcing it back against his arm.

I land it well, rotating my body slowly, returning to a crouch. Smirking quietly to myself. "How's that?"

"Well done," he concedes, "Now, my turn."

He casually throws the pad over to me and I strap it quickly to my wrist. The coarse fabric rubbing against the bare skin beneath my uniform.

I raise it upwards above my head, feeling the cool uniform graze my flesh. I see his gaze follow my movements until he focuses his attention on the pad. Shifting his balance, he rotates into the quick movement, turning and launching his foot into the air.

He misses.

I see his cheeks rise in colour as he steps back, turning away from me in annoyance, he shakes his head forcefully, beads of sweat dripping to the tips.

"Come on now, you need to relax a bit" I croon softly.

He turns round again, once more launching himself into the air. His foot skimming the edge of the pad, but he misses direct contact.

Again, he falls back, his body tense now, he glares up at me and I know he's lost it.

He tries again; now it's too predictable. I watch coolly as his body resists against his growing anger.

"And Guman," The instructor calls, bringing us back to the front of the hall. "Any questions? No? Okay then, charyot, kyong ye." We bow slowly, before being dismissed.

I chat to a couple of the girls as we make our way to the back of the hall, my eyes drifting casually across the room to where Alex undoes his belt and turns to take of his uniform top. I feel my eyes drawn suddenly to the sight of his broad shoulders and the neatly defined biceps. There's something about his body, youthful but with a firmness that makes my breath catch in my throat. I look away quickly as he catches my gaze, raising a quizzical eyebrow towards me.

Feeling my cheeks growing hot, I turn away hastily to undo my belt. I pull off my jacket, standing in my vest top and trousers, securely facing the wall. Too embarrassed to look back round, I take fervent gulps at my water, feeling the icy tendrils snake down my throat.

"I've got to rush off, will you make sure the lights are off and the latch is set when you leave?" I turn around in shock, looking up at the instructor, surprised to see that everyone has gone.

"Oh, yes, okay,"

He gives me a bemused smile before nodding and leaving.

I stand alone in the hall. Breathing a sigh of relief, I try to get the image of him out of my mind and gather my bits together. An icy breeze suddenly brushes against my bare shoulders and I look round hastily.

The hallway door swings shut and Alex stands at the edge of the hall.

Our eyes lock together, perfectly still, neither blinking.

"I forgot my water," He shrugs, casually stepping towards me.

"Oh right…" I have a sudden urge to fill the silence, "unlucky what happened earlier, maybe if you relaxed a bit…"

"It was bad luck, that's all." He takes a step forwards again, I'm aware of the closing space.

"I was only offering some advice."

"I think I'll cope without it."

"Oh really?" I stand up, face to face against him, aware of the flimsy space between our bodies.

He makes a sudden move before I can respond, tripping me over so that I fall onto my back; the hard surface sending a sudden flash of pain through my limbs.

I look up in shock, trying to slide out of the way, but I feel his hands pinning me down by the wrists, his legs straddling my own.

"I reckon I'll be fine." He stares down at me, a clear smirk spreading over his lips.

I'm suddenly filled with annoyance, I struggle against his grip, but his weight stays fast and I'm pinned against the floor.

"Feisty." He whispers, lowering his lips tantalizingly above my own. I feel his hot breath catch against my lips. I tilt my head involuntarily upwards, lifting my lips to meet his, but he pulls back looking down at me in amusement.


I glow with frustration as he leans backwards, locking his legs firmly around my waist, tugging my top up from my glistening skin, before tearing off my bra. I lie back; feeling his hands slide over my breasts, running a finger delicately over my erect nipples. I hold my breath, willing the moment to continue, scared that the sensation may stop.

Leaning forwards, he takes my left nipple in his mouth, slowly caressing the soft skin. I let out an involuntary moan as I feel his teeth dig in with exquisite agony, my back arching up against his, our hot flesh fusing together. He begins to kiss my skin firmly, his tongue trailing a smooth trail down to my navel until he reaches the top of my trousers.

He pauses before passing me that same infuriating smirk and sliding down my trousers and knickers in one single movement.

I feel exposed and nervous as he spreads my legs apart, looking down at me, before beginning his kisses once more down from my navel.

I feel his tongue move slowly downwards, tantalisingly close to my clit, tormenting my burning body. I rock my pelvis forward, bringing myself closer to his lips and that glorious sensation. He continues, moving his tongue so slowly that I yearn for the climax that he actively delays.

Unable to take it any longer, I roll him over forcefully, rising on top of him and easing him inside me. I begin to rock my body against his; feeling the muscles tensing from the bottom of my legs to my pelvis; followed by a rising warmth. Feeling my climax mounting, I hasten my movements, forcing my body against his. Meeting suddenly I feel myself contract, my body shudder and the heat erupt through me. He jerks up in response against me, his muscles suddenly contract and I feel him come inside me.

I lean forwards, sliding off him, the rush of dopamine makes my mind feel giddy and I tremble slightly as I make it to my feet. I sort out my clothes and smile down at him; his body finally relaxed.

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