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Gunboats & Gloryholes


Hannah Beck still had to adjust to the reality of it all. There were troops at the Marriott, tanks rolling through Charleston, and gunboats sailing along the Kanawha River. Ever since the bizarre spontaneous combustion wiped out most of the world's population, the remnants of the various nation-states suffered complete anarchy for a while.

No one was yet sure what had caused the situation, but the selective nature of the event made many suspect that it was manufactured by extra-terrestrials concerned over the manner in which humanity had developed. In the absence of empathy, a cold calculation that the dominant Terran species had to be cut back in numbers made some chilling sense. Either that, or the aliens were preparing the planet for their own invasion and colonization program.

On the plus side, there were now plenty of available resources, so that the price of everything had dropped once sufficient salvaging had commenced. That had to wait, however, until the political situation had stabilized, which did result in some waste. Much of the eastern USA outside of the Ohio River Valley had become the Gray Zone, a designation for a no man's land open solely to the National Salvage Monopoly by law.

The entire USA east of the Mississippi, where populated or not (and there were plans to colonize the entire area in time), was officially known as the Federation of Trans-Ohio. Its iron-fisted dictator didn't take long to impose his authority on the populated counties, either. The former state of West Virginia was sparsely inhabited east of Kanawha County, but that still left a corner of the Mountain State in Dr. Joshua Powell's ruthless hands. The self-appointed "President" permitted no other political organizations beside his ruling National Union Party.

What few people lived in the Gray Zone were either salvagers or dissidents seeking to move outside of the FTO's effective authority. The latter made sure to stay hidden and not cause trouble, of course. The usual problems with a lawless area were avoided because of the desire to keep a low profile. Even so, by far most people chose to live under the authoritarian regime in power in the civilized region instead of opting for a life without the security and stability of a strong central government.

The issue for Hannah was what exactly she might expect from the new authorities, now that they had expanded their de facto control to her hometown of Charleston. She had heard all kinds of horror stories about the new regime, but she was a strict Lutheran and believed that one must obey the government, unless it contradicted the laws of God. Dr. Powell couldn't be too bad, if he had a Christian name, right? At least that was what Hannah and her husband, Stephen, told themselves when the Federation Army marched into the former state capital.

She wasn't prepared for the first order of business by the new commander of the military district (an apparently standard method until a section had been properly brought to heel). Brigadier General Erwin Bates was more than a little fed-up with "born-again" Christian women. He had been married to and divorced from a Pentecostal woman, before he caught her in bed with a deacon of the very church to which she had tried to drag him. He now had a distinctly sharp dichotomy about women, which was rather unusual. Since he had sweeping powers in the interim and virtual carte blanche, he chose to make his point with his new authority as military governor.

The harsh truth of things was that many of the horror stories were true, as they were based on the policy of "broad discretion" that Dr. Powell applied to encourage his occupation forces to use to prepare the newly recovered sectors for complete integration with the rest of the Federation. The President of the Federation and Chairman of the NUP wanted his territory to expand at any cost, and he didn't ask questions about the men that he chose to lead his troops in the field.

They were selected on not only the usual military bases but on their "aggressive" and "ruthless" enforcement of the central authority. Beyond that, they were permitted to rape, loot, and terrorize those in their charge. Such a system didn't always draw the most honorable of soldiers. Hard-core mercenaries and disgraced officers found this army very appealing in many cases.

The fact that the official rhetoric of the FTO exalted "traditional family values" and the "Judeo-Christian ethic" was beside the point. Those words were lip service paid to the religious fundamentalists who gave the government much of its solid support. The very regime that publicly outlawed same-sex marriage and increased the draconian penalties for violations of "blue" laws that controlled booze and porn also had unofficial bordellos that catered to both heterosexual and homosexual government and Party officials.

Dr. Powell, a psychiatrist who thundered against free condoms in public schools as "sending the wrong message" and demanded even tougher laws against drugs and promiscuity, had an ongoing affair with his 21 year old niece Susan that was now 3 years in progress. His wife, Nancy, was herself engaged in a lesbian relationship with an academic colleague with his tacit support. In fact, she was gay and those in his inner circle knew all about this. His other mistress, a former college intern named Kelly, had a secret (and now illegal) abortion with his full knowledge and approval (after all, it couldn't get out to his supporters that he wasn't the family man that he claimed to be).

In essence, the Federation used religion as a smokescreen for its true ideology: a fascist corporate state. Realizing that the evangelicals would buy anything sold to them as "saving America from Godless heathens who brought this judgment down upon our great Christian nation", Powell had thrown them puritanical laws as sops that he had no intentions of enforcing except when it suited him. He had won them over to his agenda without them even suspecting as much about his secret objective.

For General Bates, the very fact that the Federation wanted the glory holes in Charleston shut down in most areas (and nominally banned throughout the city) before the civil government took over was convenient for him. He could secure the sectors in question with plenty of guards and thus actually avoid any scrutiny that might expose his plan of rape and sadistic sexual torture. Any objections from the pastors of the local congregations could be silenced with the appropriate bribes and/or blackmail later. The handful that weren't convinced that way would simply vanish without any clues as to their whereabouts.

Bates had a very personal beef with the evangelical clergy, even if he had to pretend that they were on the same side on the surface. The pastor of his ex-wife's church had testified against him at his trial for aggravated assault. For the mercenary who didn't need a stint in federal prison that would cut him out of lucrative assignments, it was a kick in the teeth. Adding to that his wife's decision to divorce him and file for sole custody (using grounds that he was in jail and had thus "deserted" her) made Erwin especially resentful of exactly the kind of woman that Hannah represented in fact.

Of course, his inside knowledge of the regime made Bates even more certain that "born-again" Christian women were all hypocritical sluts who stepped out on their husbands and especially loved to fuck both civil and church leaders for personal advantage. Well, he was quite aware that when the cameras were on, he had to treat the religious right with kid gloves, but that didn't stop him from taking out his personal vendetta in private. Far from being the liberator and savior of her ilk, Erwin was set to become the kind of man who appeared in her nightmares. He hated women who maintained the façade of being ladies and objected to their husbands' collections of porn, but then turned around to act like starlets in at least soft-core adult films.

He could kiss up to the preachers' wives in public and plan the gang-rape of the sexiest ones in secret, without any qualms or anxiety about such a contradiction, because the one was his job and the other a perk of his job. General Bates was nothing if not flexible and pragmatic. He especially looked forward to his revenge on his ex-wife Cindy if he ever found her. That was not available to him yet, but there were plenty of other women whom he could trap into an underground life as chattel for the soldiers of the new government. If the past was anything to go by, they would have plenty of time to cover up any evidence of their activities. Having his men be in utter terror and awe of their general didn't hurt his plans, either.

It didn't take much to peruse the lists of the prominent God-fearing women's organizations of a town the size of Charleston and find precisely the right sort to "enroll" into "community service". A few pious phrases about their civic duty to confront the "panderers of sin and social collapse" had several "respectable" women accept the polite and flattering invitation of the new district commandant to a special conference on the sex industry at the Marriott.

A last-minute cancellation would be announced to all and sundry, except to the women selected for recruiting, of course. To further deflect suspicion, there were unattractive women invited as well, but they were hustled out of the Marriott due to "pressing, short-notice public business" in their own private cars. The ones favored by the CO were selected in a discreet way for a special "compensatory" carpool. Every effort was made to maintain the façade that it was random. It was also done quickly and efficiently enough to discourage too many questions.

Before anyone knew it, Hannah Beck and some 17 other ladies were on their way to a processing center and a quasi-secret sex club. They had no idea that they were about to be brutally used and humiliated. Their unsuspecting husbands would be dealt with later in a way that would guarantee that nothing would leak to the general public and harm the new governor's reputation.

When she arrived, Hannah didn't wonder why they were at an adult shop. She and the others were not informed of the official change of plans, as were the ones left behind. She would be told a cover story to confirm what the government claimed later. For now, she was still naïve about the intentions of the field police that escorted her to the "appropriate locations".

She didn't even remotely guess what was about to face her until the squad commander insisted that she strip for "examination and search". After that, she got a little nervous, especially when the man warned them onward. She started to breathe a sigh of relief when her clothes were returned to her, until she discovered that there was no underwear included. When one of the other women complained about the same thing, it was obvious that this was no "confrontation" with the peddlers of porn or conference on the state of adult entertainment and its impact on society at large.

Hannah and her companions were then blindfolded and herded into a large room that faced actual holes on both sides and ordered to bend over with their skirts up. Indignant, but quite powerless now, Mrs. Beck and the others yielded to whatever faced them. What they didn't realize was that the soldiers had dropped their pants and slipped their cocks through the holes on both ends. The blindfolds removed, the group now found itself sandwiched between two rows of horny and unsympathetic men.

Hannah didn't have much time to resist or hesitate before the men forced their cocks into her unprepared sex. Oddly, the terror of the moment caused her to wet herself and become aroused as well, so the pain was reduced (well, not counting the sting of the hot piss dripping onto her sex and pubic hair). Something about the way that she was being raped by this man excited Hannah, which particularly disturbed her. She was not supposed to like being forced to take a strange cock in her warm cunt.

It got even worse when the man in front of her shoved his dick down her throat. Hannah couldn't scream, as much as she tried. She struggled to regain her composure while having her face fucked, and it wasn't going to lighten up on her. As deliciously hard and flattering as the cocks felt to her, the pain of being ravaged was still pain. Mrs. Beck was already sore and in need of a respite, but she didn't get any rest that day.

When the men came in Hannah and each of the other women, the sperm-soaked girls all thought that the rape was over. Instead, the men relaxed and let new guys invade them. The ladies screamed in pure agony as the eager and callous men took them without any heed for their feelings. There was never any pretense of compassion, let alone the sort of romantic feelings that these women always associated with sex. Their spirits were broken like horses, taken so forcefully that they never had the chance to be anything more than passive (albeit sometimes aroused) recipients of hard, muscular cock.

This glory hole DP arrangement continued for a full hour and a half, until the men were all limp and needed a break themselves. By then, Hannah and the others were exhausted, their cum-drenched bodies sweaty and smelly as well. Admittedly, it was a smell that the commander and his men enjoyed, but it was still a strong scent.

For women who had never so much as contemplated a thing as going to glory holes in their lifetimes, it was a jolting experience in the extreme. The anonymity of the act meant that every soldier that they passed on the streets in the future might well be a man who had raped them, and there was a good chance that the men would know while the women wouldn't have a clue as to their identity.

Even more horrific to those women who were fertile was the fact that they weren't on the pill for the most part, and there were no rubbers involved. A pregnancy or two might well result from this gang-bang, which was a terrible idea. Since they firmly opposed abortion, their options in such a case would consist of either adoption or raising children born from rape. Asking the sire would be a moot point, given the anonymity of the men and their general callousness toward the women. No doubt this attitude had been deliberately encouraged in them by a ruthless regime, but it was still true that these were not the best examples of American soldiery, in the tradition of such noble officers as Washington and Eisenhower.

As worn-out and used-up as they felt, the girls were pleased and relieved to be sent to shower quickly, until they discovered what was next: they were all sent to a theater and compelled to sit through a hard-core adult flick that featured lesbian gang-rapes. They were also warned against talking during the movie, as it might prevent the "enjoyment" of others.

When the film ended, the ladies (partially clothed again) were hustled back to the glory holes, where they were sent into different rooms and ordered to lift their skirts again. Not sure of what awaited them, the girls obeyed the instructions to place their mouths or orifices at the holes. More than a few were unpleasantly surprised at the first taste of a pussy or feeling of tongue against their cunts. However, when they revolted against performing Sapphic sex acts for the pleasure of the soldiers, the men forced them to give in.

Hannah was one of those women, however, who quickly found the lesbian experience a welcome relief after the rough sex. She licked the cunt in front of her with more gusto than she anticipated, but what really threw her was the way that she relished the touch of the tongue and lips on her sex and her ass. Someone had instinctively begun rimming her, and that pushed her over the brink to a surprising climax. Having only felt such a thing twice in her life, and that with Stephen, Hannah was stunned to enjoy this, but she soon found herself doing the same favor for the woman receiving her oral efforts.

More than a few of the women were disappointed when the bisexual orgy ended and the active rapes resumed. That was especially the case when half of the guys went directly for the ladies' virgin assholes. With barely an excuse for lubrication, the hard cocks shoved into Hannah's backdoor and those of the others. Nothing had hurt half as much in her lifetime, and she tried to scream, but her mouth was filled already with an equally stiff dick that enthusiastically used her throat.

Only when the experience of being forcibly sodomized had ended did Hannah and the rest of the women feel free to sob and commiserate with each other. A final shower had given them the chance to socialize a bit, which did lead to at least one positive experience: Hannah discovered exactly whose ass she had licked.

"Well, it's glad to at least meet some people that I actually like, Janice. I can't believe that I got suckered into this whole scam, but now I feel completely betrayed. The Commandant clearly arranged our violation, and although I loved what we did, it was still wrong and we both know it. I dare say that the Commander knows, too, but he just doesn't give a damn.

"I just don't know what I am to do about these sinful desires now, since I am a happily married Christian lady and so are you. Part of me wants to meet up again and spend a more innocent time together, but another part feels that this would be a gateway to temptation now. You know, to unnatural acts and infidelity," Mrs. Beck explained with some embarrassment.

"Then why not only meet when the opportunity to sin doesn't present itself so easily, Hannah? That can't be too difficult. Our husbands must never be told about what we did with each other. Otherwise, they might not understand that we were forced into it and our arousal was only incidental. We should tell them about the rapes, however. They need to know and help us testify against the Commander when the time comes. Surely, the President won't tolerate this kind of savage and sinful act, will he? He's a good Christian man, right?" Janice McHugh reassured her new friend, unaware that their ordeal had barely commenced.

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