tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGunther Gets Some Ch. 01

Gunther Gets Some Ch. 01

byIrish Moss©

Note: this story was inspired by a storyline in the comic strip Luann that started on May 2, 2015.


Despite the strides she'd made, there were still times when Tiffany caused Gunther to just shake his head. They'd known each other forever but hadn't really gotten to know each other until they'd ended up attending the same college. Going from a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big pond had left her flailing a bit and she'd latched on to Gunther. He didn't mind, really; not only because he was a nice guy but also because she was incredibly hot. She was also incredibly vain and incredibly selfish, at least she had been back in high school. Becoming the small fish had forced change and she had made strides but occasionally she lapsed. One of those times was when they had to do a field study of salamanders, which required hiking up to a remote mountain lake. She had offered to drive but her convertible sports car was no more suited for the mountain roads than her sundress and wedge sandals were for the hike from the trailhead. They did manage to reach the trailhead but the journey up to the lake was trying. Fortunately, there ended up being a huge payoff.

The short sundress Tiffany was wearing made focusing on their tasks as difficult for Gunther as it had been to not focus on her long legs as she'd been driving. They did manage to complete everything they needed to and, once they'd finished, they took a break in the shade. As he was confirming that they hadn't missed anything, she was taking the opportunity to appreciate the scenery.

"I can't believe how beautiful it is here," she finally said.

"There are a lot of scenic hikes in this area," he replied, "you just have to get out of the mall more often...but probably pick up a pair of hiking boots first."

"I think we should go skinny dipping," she said, nearly causing his head to explode. The idea of actually seeing her naked was almost motivating enough to counter his desire to not be naked in front of her.

"The water is probably freezing," he said, "It's nothing but snowmelt."

Regardless, she got him up and pulled him to the large, flat rocks on the edge of the water where she raised her sundress up over her head, leaving her in just her bra and panties. They'd both removed their footwear when they'd been working along the water's edge. He was hard as a rock, even though he'd seen her in a teeny bikini at the pool before, and she didn't fail to notice.

"You don't have to be shy about getting undressed because of this," she said, caressing the bulge in his jeans, "I assure you that you are not the only one aroused at the moment but, I'll tell you what, let me just take care of this real quick and see if that doesn't help you relax."

She unfastened his belt then hunkered down in front of him and opened his jeans. She slid them and his underwear down together, his rigid tool springing out. Once she'd helped him to step out of his jeans and underwear, she stroked his tool then engulfed it in her mouth. He moaned as he felt the warm wetness of her mouth along his shaft while she gently pumped the base. He didn't know whether this was just how a blowjob felt or if this incredibly pleasurable feeling was unique to Tiffany's blowjobs because he'd never had anyone suck his cock before. Whatever the case, if she was willing to suck his cock, he would absolutely be willing to let her...for the rest of his life. He was looking down, watching her inhaling his cock over and over, and she had this way of looking up at him as she was doing it that was so hot he was sure that alone probably could have made him cum.

It wasn't long before he was on the verge of cumming, due both to his level of arousal and her unquestionable talent, but he couldn't even summon his voice to warn her when he was about to blow his load. Of course, because of her experience, she could tell when he was right on the verge and wasn't surprised that it didn't take very long. She could have drawn out the pleasure he was feeling but she suspected that he would be desperate for relief so she focused on making him cum. When he exploded into her mouth, she was pleasantly surprised by the volume of cum he produced, though she resisted the urge to let it spill out of her mouth and down onto her tits because she thought it might freak him out a little. She didn't expect this to be her only opportunity to suck him off so she figured she'd demonstrate how hot that could be another time. She swallowed his voluminous load and continued sucking him off until he was fully spent, though he never did go completely soft.

"Now there's nothing to be shy about," she said as she stood and helped him out of his shirt, leaving him fully naked.

"Let me go in first and make sure everything is copacetic," he said. He didn't want to miss seeing her strip off her underwear but he also didn't want the moment to be spoiled if the seemingly placid lake contained some hidden hazard. Fortunately, the water was much warmer than he'd expected, probably due to the shallow depth along the shore, and Tiffany waited before continuing to undress. He was in about up to his chest when he was convinced that there was nothing to worry about so he turned and there stood Tiffany, waiting to be admired as she stripped. He watched as she reached back to unfasten her bra, the blood flowing back to his cock already despite his having cum just moments before. As she let her bra slide down her arms and her luscious tits were revealed, he had to consciously close his mouth as his jaw dropped. They were so perfect with large areolas and hard nipples and, when she leaned forward while pushing her panties down, their swinging caused him to moan out loud.

She straightened up, fully naked as she stepped out of her panties, and his mouth dropped open again. Her pussy was surrounded by a well-groomed, golden blonde bush and she turned briefly to show off her perfect ass before entering the water and wading toward him. The water was so clear that she could see as she got close to him that he was fully rigid again.

"Wow, look at you, ready to go again," she said, reaching for his cock and feeling the thick firmness in her hand, "Lift me up, one hand on each ass cheek."

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lifted her then reached down for his cock again and guided it to her pussy. They both moaned as she lowered herself onto it with his assistance. Between the two of them, they were able to get a rhythm going so that she could bounce up and down on his cock while he pushed it deeper into her. He couldn't believe that he was losing his virginity standing up in a mountain lake, with Tiffany of all people. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her mouth had been amazing and this wasn't any less so; not exactly the same but similarly incredibly pleasurable. He could feel his orgasm beginning to build and not only didn't know how to hold it off to fuck her longer but didn't want to. Something suddenly occurred to him, though.

"What about birth control?" he asked, though he didn't stop fucking her.

"Don't worry, I'm on the pill," she replied, "so just relax and enjoy."

He certainly was enjoying and hoped this wouldn't be his only opportunity. He suspected that fucking someplace dry and soft where they could lie down would be even better than this. He was pushing into her harder and faster as he got closer to cumming and she could feel his cock swelling even more once again. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite there yet herself, but she was used to this and knew exactly what to do about it. He sort of grunted when he started spewing into her and, even though she knew she wouldn't be cumming, she continued to ride his cock until he was completely spent.

"I'm sorry," he said as he let her down, "I wish I could have lasted longer."

"Don't you worry about it," she told him, "we'll get you all trained up so you can fuck me long and hard. We may just need to practice a lot. Plus, I'll show you exactly how to take care of me in the meantime."

Gunther was not only relieved that she wasn't unhappy but also excited that she wanted to do it some more, just as he did. He would be more than happy to learn how to be better at it, especially if it took a lot of practice. They swam around for a bit, relishing the privacy to be able to skinny dip, though Tiffany never got wet above her neck. When they decided it was time to get out, they didn't have any towels but she had already considered this and knew what they could do as they dried in the sun on the warm rocks. She lay down and spread her legs, inviting him to bring his face close to her pussy. He'd never seen a real one up close so he was fascinated, even more so when she indicated what he should do to pleasure her.

"Just slip a finger right in here," she was saying, "and slide it in and out then lick this spot here. You can also suck that. Oooooh that's it, just like that."

He was good at following instructions so he was sliding his finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy while alternately licking and sucking her clit. She was immediately moaning and rocking her hips while running her fingers through his short, curly hair. He liked that what he was doing was providing her with pleasure because he was enjoying the opportunity to do it. He'd jerked off to plenty of porn online but he hadn't studied it so he appreciated being provided with some direction as well as some immediate feedback. It was kind of fun knowing that the right combination of licking, sucking and fingering could make her cum and he was determined to figure out what that combination was. Since she had already made him cum twice, it just seemed right to make it all about her at this point. Of course, while he was down there, he wasn't so focused that he wasn't glancing up at her naked body and appreciating the opportunity to continue to see it. He never would have guessed that he'd ever have an opportunity to see her naked, much less that she'd willingly blow him and fuck him and teach him how to eat her pussy. He might have thought that it had to be a dream except that he doubted he'd dream of eating her pussy on a rock or fucking her in a lake.

The best possible feedback he could have received was when she suddenly cried out and her body started shaking. He could feel her pussy flooded with even more lubrication as she was clearly experiencing an orgasm. Since she'd never said to stop if she started cumming, he continued to eat her through her orgasm and after she'd apparently finished cumming. Still, she did not stop him so he persisted with what had apparently worked quite well and honed this new skill he was developing. She didn't spend much time recovering before she was starting to moan and writhe again, building toward another orgasm due to his natural talent for eating pussy. He was finding that he really enjoyed eating pussy, not for any kind of power over her pleasure, but because he liked both being granted access to such an intimate area of her body and the instantaneous response to his actions. Having never been so close to a real pussy before, he was fascinated by everything about it and vowed to spend as much time in close proximity to Tiffany's as she would allow.

He assumed that it wasn't due to his skill when she suddenly cried out and started shaking again. Instead, he surmised that, having cum once already, the next orgasm was easier for her to achieve. Despite their now being even with respect to the number of orgasms experienced, he continued to eat her, also in part because she never said to stop. By the time he'd eaten her to a third orgasm, it must have been getting to be too much because she did then stop him.

"Oh my God, Gunther," she gasped, "You're so good at that but I'm on the verge of pleasure overload, which I wouldn't have believed was even a thing."

"Does that mean you don't think I need to practice?" he asked, a little disappointed that this could potentially be his only chance to eat her pussy.

"Oh, Gunther," she replied, "you can practice on me any time but it may just have to be in short sessions."

He got up on his knees and she sat up, noting that his cock was nearly rigid again but thinking that there was another place to continue this that was more comfortable than a rock.

"I think we should get dressed and head back to my dorm," she suggested, briefly stroking his impressive tool, "we can finish our 'field study' there."

He was definitely amenable so they gathered their clothes and pulled them back on then Gunther had Tiffany put on his backpack so he could carry her back down the trail on his back. They ended up back at the car much quicker this way and were soon headed back down the dirt road from the trailhead. This time, Gunther didn't have to be surreptitious about gazing at Tiffany's legs and even reached over a couple of times to caress her soft, smooth skin. They tried to look as casual as possible as they went from her car into the dorm and up to her room and, fortunately, they didn't run into anyone they knew. Once they'd locked the door behind them, and he'd had a moment to gawk at the non-standard dorm room her rich daddy had scored for her, she suggested that he undress her this time.

She raised her arms so that he could lift her sundress up over her head. He could feel his cock stiffening again as he admired her in just her bra and panties. Before reaching behind her to unfasten her bra, he caressed her tits through the cups, feeling her hard nipples. Once he got it unfastened, he slid it down her arms and tossed it aside while staring at her tits. He caressed them again then lowered his head to lick and suck her hard nipples, causing her to moan. His hands moved down from her tits, along her waist and around to her sweet ass, which he caressed through her panties. After a few minutes of slobbering on her nipples and areolas, he dropped to his knees and started sliding her panties down, staring at her trim, golden blonde bush as it came into view. He was fully prepared to bury his face in her pussy again but she stopped him and had him stand.

Up to this point, they had not kissed, so she did that first before pulling his shirt up over his head, forcing them to stop. Rather than starting up again, she focused on his belt and got his jeans open then worked them down along with his underwear, his rigid tool springing out. While he stepped out of his jeans and underwear, she was gently stroking his cock.

"Gunther, I love your cock," she said, "it's so thick and hard. If other girls knew how nice it is, you'd be getting laid all the time."

"Thank you," he replied, blushing, "I'm just happy to be getting laid, it doesn't have to be all the time with lots of girls."

She had him sit on the couch that her non-standard dorm room had plenty of space for and straddled him. They both moaned as she lowered herself onto his thick cock and just sat there for a moment. She brought her lips to his again and, as they kissed, she started to slowly ride him while he brought his hands to her tits and caressed the soft, smooth flesh. He was still completely astounded to be kissing Tiffany, much less fondling her tits as she rode his cock. He was also still astounded by how incredible it felt to have his cock buried in her hot, wet pussy and would have been content to alternate solely between eating her pussy and fucking her, foregoing everything else in his life. Of course the blowjob was incredible, as well, so he'd definitely want to enjoy a few more of those.

She started moaning even as they were still kissing but eventually had to stop kissing him, in part so that she could freely express herself and in part because she was gradually picking up the pace which made continuing to kiss difficult. Since she was no longer kissing him, she straightened up a bit as she was moving up and down on his cock. He continued to fondle her tits until he realized that they were bouncing with her riding him harder. When he moved his hands down so he could watch them, he was nearly hypnotized. He was so distracted that he didn't even realize that he was somehow managing not to cum as quickly as he had earlier. As she was riding him harder and faster, though, and her pussy was becoming hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming, he could feel his orgasm beginning to build due to the intense pleasure of her pussy. Even her bouncing tits weren't enough to distract him because, as the level of pleasure continued to build, he just wanted to savor it even if it was short-lived.

His cock grew even thicker as he approached his orgasm, which ended up helping Tiffany get that last little bit of the way there. Right as he was about to shoot off into her, she let out a cry and her body started shaking. As she was riding out her orgasm, he started blowing his load. It wasn't exactly simultaneous orgasms but it was pretty close. She dropped down onto his cock but he pushed up into a few times as he was spurting. Once they'd both finished cumming, she sat there on his softening cock as they were both catching their breath. When she'd recovered enough, Tiffany kissed him then moved off of his lap and sat beside him.

"I definitely don't want to stop doing this," she said, "but we should consider keeping things discreet. We don't really need people butting their noses into what we do in private."

Gunther felt like maybe she didn't want people to know that she was fucking a nerd but, at the same point, he was sure his friends would be aghast that he had become intimate with Tiffany. Public or private, he didn't care as long as he got to continue being with her and learning from her.

"I think you're right," he replied, "We're two consenting adults and what we decide to do together is nobody else's business."

"Plus," she said, "if anyone else finds out how nice your cock is or how good you are at eating pussy, then I'd have to share you and, right now, I don't really want to do that."

That decided, they got to work on compiling their notes for their field study, without bothering to get dressed. They'd work for a while, take a break to fuck or suck or lick, then get back to work for a bit. By the time he headed home, Gunther had learned about doggie-style and sixty-nine and reverse cowgirl among other things and Tiffany had actually been invested enough that, by the end of the night, she was well-versed regarding salamanders. Gunther definitely felt that he'd gotten the better end of that deal.

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