tagLoving WivesGuy Time, with a Girl Ch. 1

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 1

byBlue Rose©

“Are you sure Rob isn’t going to mind my coming along?” Shelly asked timidly.

“Of course not, sweetheart,” Peter replied. “As long as we get ‘guy time’, he won’t mind. You said you want to spend the time relaxing alone anyway, so you won’t whine when we go off fishing or something.”

“I never whine,” she informed him in a tight voice.

“Well maybe that was a bad choice of words. Complain if we want to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy might have been better.”

“I just don’t want him to think I am going to spoil your weekend here.”

“Believe me Shelly, he won’t think that. I’m sure he will be glad to have you along. He has suggested that I bring you before.” Peter didn’t tell her that he knew Rob would be glad to see her, because he had the hots for his friend’s wife. Rob would never do anything to act on it though. He just liked to look at Shelly. Peter intended to give him plenty to see this weekend, and maybe a little more. He knew that Shelly was attracted to Rob also, and that one of her fantasies was to have a threesome with her husband and another man. Peter guessed that she was probably picturing Rob as that second man. He really didn’t blame her; Rob was a good-looking guy, with muscles in all the right places on his tall lean body. Whereas Peter was a little out of shape. He had this little belly starting, and love handles over the sides of his jeans.

They were a little bit early when they pulled up in front of the cabin. Rob hadn’t arrived yet. Peter got the generator working so that they had power, and turned the water on. Rob had a habit of being late for everything. He had a tendency to get distracted by other things and didn’t keep to a timetable very well. Peter thought he probably wouldn’t arrive for about an hour.

While he was getting the utilities functional, Shelly had been uncovering the furniture, and getting beds ready. Peter caught her in the middle of making up their bed, and tackled her in the middle of it.

Lying on top of her to pin her to the mattress, he kissed her. Their hot passionate kiss quickly turned into foreplay, and Peter was removing her clothes. She was as eager as he was, with her hands working between their bodies to free his hard cock from his jeans.

Peter lifted himself up and pulled her shirt over her head. She lifted her hips off the bed to help him pull her pants down. Finally she was clad in just a pair of lacy pink panties. He sat up and looked at her beautiful body for a moment, his eyes lingering on her curly black bush showing through the delicate lace.

Peter leaned over and kissed her belly button before sliding her panties off her hips. He quickly removed his own clothes, and crawled up on the bed between her legs. She gasped and bucked her hips in the air when his mouth found her swollen clit. He probed his fingers in her pussy, pleased to find it wet and ready for him. He fucked her with his fingers while teasing her clit with his tongue and listened to her moans in his ears. He loved how responsive she was to his lovemaking. She was almost always ready for sex anytime he was, and sometimes she initiated it.

Peter listened for Rob’s car as he brought Shelly to her first orgasm. He was hoping that Rob would walk in and catch them in the act. That would make it easier to work into a threesome. Shelly muttered a couple of times that Rob might catch them, but it seemed to turn her on more. Peter knew that it was a good plan he had for the weekend. Shelly would love to have her fantasy fulfilled, and he was sure that Rob wouldn’t complain either.

Peter finally heard the car pulling up in front of the cabin, just as he was moving up to put his cock in Shelly’s mouth. He was amazed that for once Rob was right on time. When Shelly sucked his cock between her ruby red lips, he spread her legs wide and rubbed her clit with his hand. He stuck two fingers in her cunt, hoping to keep her distracted so that she wouldn’t hear Rob come in the cabin.

Shelly was definitely distracted, she started to cum again, with her pussy clenching his fingers, and grinding against his palm with her clit. She sucked his cock in to the hilt when she came. He loved making her cum while she was cock sucking. It made her go crazy, practically devouring the cock. He couldn't hold back his own cum, and shot it into her mouth just as he heard the door opening.

Their bedroom was just to the right of the front door, and Peter knew that Rob couldn’t miss hearing Shelly’s screams as she continued to spasm in her orgasm. He knew that Rob was standing in the doorway watching as Shelly began to get control of herself, and lick up the few droplets of cum that had escaped her mouth. She continued to suck his cock, slowly working her mouth down over the entire length of it.

Peter pretended that he didn’t know that Rob was there, and moved to put his cock in Shelly’s wet pussy. He lifted her legs up high and over his shoulders, and plowed his still hard cock into her.

Shelly moaned, and her hands moved to her tits. She gripped a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and twisted them. Peter slammed his cock into her pussy while he thought about Rob watching them. He knew that Rob was still standing there in the doorway, and the thought of having his best friend watch him fuck his wife was such an incredible turn on that it wasn’t long before he felt his dick getting ready to shoot off again.

“Yes baby, fuck me hard!” Shelly yelled, and he slammed into her so hard that she slid up on the bed. She put her hands over her head to brace against the headboard, and Peter smiled. He knew that Rob was getting an excellent view of her full rounded tits bouncing as he pounded his cock into her. Shelly locked her ankles behind his neck as her body began to shudder. She thrust with her hips toward his cock as best as she could with her legs up. When her orgasm finally came she screamed in delight. He thought of Rob standing there in the doorway watching her cum and his own cum shot out of his dick deep into her pussy. He eased her legs down, and rolled to the side of her. She leaned over and kissed him on his lips.

“No time to rest right now honey. Rob will be here anytime.”

“He’s already here,” Peter told her. He couldn’t keep the secret any longer. “He watched the whole thing. Didn’t you Rob?” He called out.

Rob had moved away from the door but now he came back. When Shelly saw him, she screamed and tried to pull the sheet from underneath Peter.

“Oh my God! I don’t believe you did that Peter! You knew he was there the whole time!”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but it was far too late to stop at that point.”

“And you!” She turned on Rob, her bare tits bouncing in anger. “How could you just stand there and watch?” Shelly was still trying to pull the sheet from under Peter, who wasn’t helping a bit. He didn’t want her to cover up.

“I could have joined in. Would that have been better?” Rob said, much to Peter’s delight. Shelly got totally still at his words. She looked searchingly at Peter, as if to gauge his mood. He gave her a big grin and tweaked her hardening nipple. Evidently the thought of that excited her too.

Peter saw Rob adjust his hard cock in his tight jeans, and smiled when he saw that Shelly’s eyes had watched the movement too. His cock was hard, pushing out the front of his jeans. She could tell it was big just from the bulge.

“Joining in would have been better than spying on us,” she said, licking her lips.

“Is that an invitation?” Rob seemed to be holding his breath as he waited for her answer.

Peter was surprised at the way she was reacting. He had expected her to shove him off the bed by now to get to the sheet. He found himself holding his breath too, waiting for her answer. She looked at him with a rueful smile.

“I’m sorry about this Peter, but it is all your fault,” she said, and kissed him quickly. She turned back to Rob. “Of course it’s an invitation. Do you need it in writing or what?”

Rob didn’t hesitate as he started to remove his clothes. Shelly turned her attention to Peter again for a second, to make sure that this was okay with him.

“Of course it is. Don’t you realize this was fully planned?” He asked.

“What?” They both asked together, turning on him.

“Well, I planned it, not Rob. I thought that even if it didn’t happen this time, it would at least open the subject up for discussion.”

“I think we have been manipulated, Shelly,” Rob said, drawing her eyes back to him. He had removed his shirt and was working on his jeans. She watched his hands as they freed his rigid cock. She was off the bed and taking his cock into her mouth before he had completely stepped out of pile his shorts and jeans became. He grabbed two handfuls of her curly brown hair and pushed her head down on his dick.

“You are one lucky man, Peter,” he gasped out. He groaned as he watched his cock disappear into her mouth. She tightened her lips around the base of it, and held it deep in her throat for a moment, while her hand worked his balls. Peter got off the bed and joined them in the floor. He knelt beside her and worked his fingers into her dripping cunt. He pulled his hand back covered in her fluids mixed with the remains of his semen, and brought them to his lips. He sucked his fingers clean.

“Delicious,” he said, and lay down on the floor behind her. Rob lowered himself to his knees, bringing her pussy down over Peter’s face. Peter delved his tongue into her pussy, cleaning his cum out of her.

Peter inserted his fingers into her wet pussy again, coating them with her fluids. When he removed them, he probed at her asshole while he continued to lick her sensitive cunt. She moaned around Rob's cock as his finger slid into her ass. He sucked her clit into her mouth and nibbled gently before flicking it with his tongue.

Peter felt her body beginning to shake as he drove her towards her peak once more. He was determined to make her cum while she was sucking Rob’s cock. He wanted Rob to experience the wild way she devoured a cock when she was cumming. She was like an animal that couldn’t get enough cock in her mouth at that time.

When her orgasm came, she buried her nose in his pubic hair and worked her mouth on his cock. Rob groaned with the intensity of her sucking. He was trying to hold off on his own cum, but it was very hard to do when she was such a good cock-sucker. He had to pull her mouth off his dick to stop her. He didn’t want to shoot his load before he had fucked that beautiful pussy that he had gotten such a good look at.

Peter continued fucking her ass and sucking on her clit while she shuddered over him. Rob grabbed her dangling breasts, and twisted and tweaked her nipples. She fell forward into Rob and clung to him for a moment while she caught her breath.

Rob picked her up and carried her back to the bed. He positioned himself over her in the missionary position, so that he could look into her eyes as he fucked her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, drawing his cock into her still tingling pussy. Rob groaned as his cock slowly slid into her slick hole. He shivered when her wandering hands played lightly over his chest.

“Fuck me, Rob,” she said in a whisper, looking into his eyes. Her words were nearly too much for him, and he plowed his cock into her. She moaned and thrust back with him. She looked away from him to find Peter. He was lying on the other side of the bed watching them fuck. He was slowly rubbing his semi-hard shaft. He caught her looking at him and smiled reassuringly. He could tell from the expression on her face that she was close to cumming again. He moved closer to her and took her right breast in hand as his mouth closed over her left nipple. She moaned and closed her eyes as her back arched up, thrusting her tits closer to him.

She looked into Rob’s eyes as she came. He watched every expression cross her face. The clenching of her pussy on his cock marked the end of his endurance. He thrust hard into her as his cock exploded its load deep into her pussy.

Shelly lay gasping underneath Rob as their shuddering bodies calmed. When he had recovered some mobility, he rolled to her right side, and pushed Peter’s hand from that breast. He kissed her puckered nipple gently before sucking it into his mouth.

Peter released her other nipple and looked up at her. Her head was resting on the pillow and her eyes were closed. He looked at Rob, and met his astonished eyes.

“That was incredible,” Rob said, finally breaking the silence punctuated only by their rapid breathing.

Shelly finally pulled herself together and kissed first him, and then Rob. Her head then fell back to the pillow in exhaustion.

“I guess she isn’t ready for round two yet.” Peter laughed at her exhaustion.

“Give me a couple of hours and I will be,” she assured him without opening her eyes. “Why don’t you guys go fishing or something? You know, those guy things you don’t want me along for.”

“Somehow fishing has lost its appeal,” Rob said with a smile. “There’s much better things to do here in the cabin.”

“Yes, like cook dinner. Why don’t you guys take care of that?”

“I think dinner will wait for a little while,” Peter said. He snuggled into her side and closed his eyes too.

“I’m sure you won’t like my cooking,” Rob said, snuggling against her other side.

“Just so you know, I’m not here to cook for you.” Shelly laughed at their attempts to get out of the work.

“I don’t think we will have any problem finding something much more interesting than cooking for you to do,” Rob told her.

“Are you sure you don’t mind that I came along with Peter?” Shelly questioned Rob. They all laughed at that. They lay there in the bed, all comfortably snuggled together. “Can I go fishing with you?” Shelly asked just before they all dozed off.

“Anytime you want, baby,” Rob agreed. “First thing after a nap.”

To Be Continued...

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