My name is Gwen. My story is about how one day I found my true self. I am an 18 year old red head, 5'2, 105 lbs. I still look very young for my age. I have very small breast's, but I do love them. I think they are pretty. I have had some boyfriends in my high school days, but nothing serious. I am not a virgin, but I am not a whore! I am an only child, and I still live with my mother Paula, and my dad James.

I turned 18 in the spring and after I graduated from high school I took the summer off before I went to college. This was the best decision I have ever made. Things changed during that summer for me. Not only just for me but my parents too.

While growing up at my house, There was things I have lived with that may not seem normal to some other peoples up bringing. You see, my parents had a lot of sex. Not in front of me, but for all the years I could remember, I could hear my parents having sex in they're room all the time. And to be honest.... I had never thought anything of it. I just thought it was nice. It is great that my parents can have that connection for all of these years.

One night things were different. It was a Saturday night, and I had just came back from a small get together at a friends house. I was a little tipsy to say the least, but not to bad. I was getting changed into my night shirt and then it started.... my parents having sex again. This time it was different. I was listening intently. I could her my mom's whisper's, my dad's grunts, the slapping of his hand on her ass. I was getting a little bit aroused.

I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself. I brought my hands up to my a-cup breasts and rubbed my hard nipples threw my white cotton night shirt.

"Yes, Yes, Fuck me James... Fuck me!" My mother blurted.

"SSSHHHH Paula! Gwen will hear you." Dad said in a stern whisper.

"I don't care James.... right there baby, just keep going hon. I am almost there!"

I couldn't believe it. My mom didn't care if I heard them. What did that mean? Why would she not care about her daughter listening to them having sex? Isn't that weird? At this point I started to thing very strange, but real thoughts. I have never thought about my parents in any way like that before, but hearing them have sex tonight and listening to them talk; not caring if I heard them, made me very curious.

The next day was a Sunday. I woke up in the morning very frustrated. I should have released some of my "tension" last night but all I can do was to try and not think about these feelings I started to develop. My mom walked into my room and asked what my plans were for the day. I told her that I was just going to chill out and do some laundry.

Mom looked different today. She came into my room and was wearing a yellow sundress. She looked beautiful. My mother was also small. She was 5'4 and about 115 lbs. Her breast's were bigger than mine though. She was a b cup and she fit them well. I have never been attracted to girls before but looking at my mom in that dress just made me want her. I really don't know why? I just kept hearing her voice in my head from last night; it just made me really wanting her.

She left the room and I felt so horny at this point I just had to get off, and just when I was going to take my shirt off and jump in my bed, my dad walked in. I was still dressed when he walked in but I wish I wasn't. He asked if I wanted something for lunch, and I didn't reply at first. I was staring at him. He is 5'10, in pretty good shape, 170 lbs. and really good looking. He came in my room without a shirt on and just wearing a pair of boarder shorts. His ass looked just perfect in those shorts."Is there something wrong with you Gwen?" Asked my dad.

"No dad, ahhh, I was just thinking thats all" I can't believe my dad busted me staring at him. I wonder if he knew?

"I will bring you a sandwich, where do you want it?" he asked.

"Just bring it up to my room dad. I still have to get dressed. Don't be too long, I am very hungry..... I will be waiting." As I was talking I couldn't believe what I was saying to my own father. I was flirting with him, and sounding like a complete idiot no doubt.

I went to the bathroom, and on my way I could here my parents talking. I crept slowly by the kitchen door and listened in to there conversation.

"Gwen is acting very strange Paula. What is going on with her?" my dad questioned.

"I know what you mean.I went into her room and she just had this glare in her eyes. It was like she was looking right threw me. It was weird."mom added.

"Do you think she heard us last night?"

My mom; in a devilish voice responded. "Well lets hope she did James. Lets hope she liked what she heard."

I was floored at what I had just heard my mom say. I quietly went up to my room and sat at the edge of my bed. I was so nervous. I didn't know what to do? I was feeling flush, very warm all over. Like I had a fever. I was burning up fast, and I started to breath heavy. I stood up and in a panic I took my shirt off and my panties. It didn't help, I seemed to get hotter and hotter. What was happening to me?

I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself. My nipples were hard like a rock, and my pussy was wet. Clear juice started to seep, and drip down my leg. I held my breast's in my hands, lightly touching, looking in the mirror I watched, as I felt a drop of my juices run down my thigh... to my knee... to my calf. And then

"Gwen, I have your lunch.... GWEN?!?!?" my dad stood there watching me.

I turned around, put my hands down, exposing my small breast's for him to see. My wet pussy also right in front of him to look at. No words were said for a few long seconds. I slowly put my hands on top of my breast's, not really covering them, but more or less, teasing my father."Oop's?" I said to him. "I forgot you were coning up daddy." My father was in shock.

"What are you doing Gwen? Why are you? I am sorry I will leave." My dad ran out of my room, and I felt so humiliated. I didn't know what to do? I was so sure this is what my parents wanted. Just when I bent down to pick up my panties, I had seen my mom walk in.

"Well what do we have here?" Mom had this look in her eyes. "Dad just told me what he saw and I just had to see for myself."

I stood there naked and wet, feeling flush again, I walked up to my mother. " I am sorry mom, I just thought this is what you guys wanted. I heard you talk downstairs about me hearing you guys and hoping I liked it, and I did mommy, I really did."

"I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine. I have had this fantasy about having you and your father at the same time. Now, your father is not really on the same page but I hope I can change that." My mother looked serious. She really wanted this, and so did I.

"I think I want this to, but mom. I have never been with a women before. I am not sure how to do this. I am really attracted to you, but I don't want to screw up." I was feeling very alone now. I was still standing in front of my mother naked."

"Don't worry honey, I have never been with a women either. I just want you sweetness. You are one beautiful little girl."

We both gazed deep into one another's eyes and she made the first move in. We pressed each others lips softly. Small pecks. She opened her eyes and I opened mine. We both smiled and without another thought, we both went in with a deep longing kiss. Our tongues twisting, our saliva spilling back and forth. Tasting my mothers beautiful kiss was something I could have never dreamt off. I t was everything I have ever wanted to feel. I was so turned on by now, my juices were dripping all over my legs.

"Now Honey." My mom pushed me back looked me up and down, put her hands on my small breast's."Small, but nice Gwen." My mother then put her hand on my wet pussy, I let out a gasp... "We will have to take care of this my little girl. This is what I need you to do. Tonight I am going to make love with your father. But this won't be the same. We are going to the basement, and I will be wearing some of my sexiest lingerie. I want you to wear something sexy to, and come down and watch. And just maybe my beautiful Gwen... just maybe we can have a night to remember."

My mom leaned in and gave me another long kiss. We kissed for a long time, then she left. This was something else. I just knew tonight was going to be a night I would never forget. Time to get ready.

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