tagIncest/TabooGwen Ch. 01

Gwen Ch. 01


Inspired by: Gwen Isabelle

From the author:

This story is inspired by a young girl I met over yahoo chat a sort time ago.

I've chosen to write a story on account of some of the role plays she has done various other people. The characters through out this short series are inspired by friends we share. Most of the words written are those that came from the mouths or should I say keyboards of these lovely people. I only hope I do their words justice, for they are special and I strive to let them know that.

I've also come to realize that over time, well... Hermaphrodites had the bitter end of the deal. As if god was playing a strange game and society wasn't even calling out to them. I say to this, "Fuck the heterosexuals and the gays and their struggle, for it is nothing to the struggle these poor people endure." Do I have anything against these people, the heteros and gays?, no. I just think that the people I write about such as Gwen here deserve to be recognized without a pun. So Gwen, Drusilla. This is for you.

Chapter I:

The Lost Love and Who Finds It.

She was beautiful, just turned 18. No one could look upon this Latin beauty without losing their hearts to her. The grace in which she strode through the streets was that of an ancient goddess's beauteous rival. The way her eyes seemed to devour and take in their own pride. Her smile, majestic and always full of the rays of the everlasting sun shine.

The greatness in which she carried her heart open to the world was alas over shadowed by the cruel game in which fate targeted her with.

18 years before...

"It's a boy." The new mother had heard from the doctor as she held her new pride in her hands just hours before. The tears streaming her eyes as she held close to the darling child. Know everything was right and all was ready to free into the world its new wings.

Only now, something was not right anymore.

The nurse had shown great interest in the child when cleaning him for the first time. Preparing the child for his mother, only when she looked, the question arose high. Was this child truly a boy or was this child a girl?

Nothing seemed to be right. The child had a penis as all boys should, but also had a vagina it seemed. What mistake was this? The nurse thought to herself.

"Dr." she called to him. "You best take a look."

The doctor concerned walked over to the baby while the parents inquired as to the problem in nature.

The look on their faces seemed to spell doom for the happy couple as the doctor carried the child away to another room amidst the mothers "Where are you taking him." "My baby, stop." And "What's happening." cries.

Hours passed until the doctor Rosenberg, Bill T. Had reentered the room where the worried parents sate. He tried to maintain a strong feeling of happiness within his concern when he spoke with the parents.

"What is it doctor?" the father asked.

"Well... first things first." He rubbed his grizzly chin. "You have a daughter. Not a son like we suspected."

"But how..." the mother began.

Cutting her off Rosenberg held up his palm. "Yes, what you saw was a penis." He looked sorrowfully at the wide eyed parents. "You daughter has all the traits a young female should possess. A womb capable of baring children in the future to come, and a very healthy supply of estrogen all women should possess."

The mother and father looked gravely at one another, fear creeping down their spines.

"You daughter was born with a penis." He was always one to let the words come out without daisies flowing around them. "You have a perfectly feminine daughter, but she also inherited a penis and testicals."

"But how is that possible." Said the father nearer and nearer enraged.

"Many possible theories have been made." He said. "Such as, possible it was that she was suppose to have a twin, which did not develop at all except for that small bit upon her. Or maybe just that the sperm had in itself been a misformation that attack the egg. Whatever the case, no one knows truly."

The mother and father broke down weeping in one anothers arms, a feeling a true morbid dread coursing through their bodies.

5 years later

A beautiful little girl came running out with mud all over her little body. Cloths soaked and caked in the dark brown residue.

The orphanages head mistress had come to collect her to bring her before the lovely couple that came to see her for the last time before they finally took her home to complete their life long dream of having their very own child.

His name was Eric Trimble. His wife was Betty Trimble. The Trimble's. All so much love to give, and no egg for a child to give it to. What better than to take an unfortunate child into their home.

They had watched the little girl for the last year every since they came to fill out the forms. They had fallen in love that moment in time when all stood and clouds seem to part only for the sunshine to mark their love forever on that one child.

They had been warned of her misfortune and yet their love seemed to grow more and more for her.

Today she would meet them for the first time...

"Gwen" Said the headmistress as she brought the dirty little child into the room where her future parents waited.

"Gwen..." she stood her before them "These are the Trimble's. They are taking you home with them."

Eric smiled down on the lovely young child, and she found her heart lifting ten feet in the air as she gave it back just to jump into his arms, falling in love with her father to be.

"She almost never warms up so quickly." The headmistress mused in slight surprise.

"You will be so happy with us dear." Said Betty Trimble.

She smiled at her mother to be with a very nervous mood, but looked again into Eric Trimble's eyes and smiled with pure warmth as if they had been together forever.

"Let's take you home." He said as he lifted her into his arms and hugged her mud caked body to his.

"Little Dru down the street will love having her to play with." Mused Betty Trimble. "I know they will be such friends."

2 years later.

A sad child of 7 years lay beside Betty Trimble's weakening form. Watching her mother fade away.

Eric had wept so long his eyes had tears no more to give, but only had the strength to kneel beside his dying wife and his sad daughter.

"You have to care for each other." She said weakly.

"Don't talk." Eric said in a breaking voice.

"Care for each other... " She said again. "Promise me."

"I promise mama." Gwen said with a shaken throat and tear stained eyes. "I promise."

Betty died later that day with her husband and daughter. Along with their hearts, she did.

For the years to come, they were alone.

11 years later,


"Papa!" She called from the door way as she entered the freshly cleaned house her father built years before. "Papa! I'm home!"

School had just begun again and she was looking forward to today. The day she finally turns 18, and was half legal to the world. Still couldn't drink or do something's, but she had extra freedom and it felt so damned good.

"Papa!" she called again, annoyed.

The scar under her eye was finally fading some to her happiness as she peered into the hallway mirror.

She had fallen in love time and time before and it always ended with a strange goodbye because of her appendage.

The last one however did not give her a soft goodbye, but rather a hard one. His words menacing as he called her dirty names like "faggot" and "freak" while his fists did the more intellectual talking for him.

When Eric found out about it, he found himself in jail for three nights after taking business onto himself for the deed done cheap.

No one hit his pride and joy and got away with it. Those few nights in jail were worth every moment of the beating he gave to his daughters assailant. He would have proudly done life if he could have just killed to stupid little fucker.

He was showering when Gwen got home and heard her calling him. He just savored hearing her exotic Latin flavored voice calling him "papa" like she always did. The word always seemed to drive his heart wild.

"Papa!" The door opened and there was Gwen at the entrance. "Can't you hear me."

He laughed and peered out from behind the curtain.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." He smiled.

His smile always seemed to lift her spirits when she was down, and while not. The love behind it was ultimately real and wonderful. It was the love she'd come to depend on as a child when those who knew about her "problem" decided to laugh.

"Can Dru come stay the night, papa?" She asked giving back a smile of her own.

"I guess." He said, not sure he wanted that.

" 'I guess' " she mocked his voice. "I swear, I don't know why you always get so quite when we talk about her."

"Neither do I." He said.

"I'm gonna go call her over. Thanks daddy." She lifted a little and left.

Daddy he thought. For word she used only when he did something really nice for her to appreciate.

He never had anything against Drusilla Moore. For she was a wonderful girl and always kind to her neighbors and friends. Only a little too kind to him on more than one occasion.

He would not have felt so guilty had he waited to bed her at a legal age, but she was so beautiful he could not resist when she came over and seduced him numerous times before. She was goddess in herself with blonde hair and blue eyes. The perfect 10 in his book.

Actually a 9 if Gwen was put into that book. To him, his little Gwen was always the object of his affection. He knew thinking about her sexually was wrong in most respects, but her beauty and the closeness they shared was far to great to ignore.

The night would be long he thought to himself as he reached for his swelling member and began to stroke himself softly and sensuously, day dreaming of his adopted daughter. The word adopted only came to mind when he was dreaming this way. It was his way of justifying it.

He even found himself ashamed of having fantasies about her cock. The whole idea always struck him as arousing lately... my daughters cock he thought as the cum swelled up. I'd fuck my daughters pussy then suck her cock!

With a great release he left his stain on the wall, one to be cleaned of course.


The party had been a hit for the girls. Eric had even allowed the two of them and their friends to drink beers tonight with the vow that no one find out. He understood being a teenager and would never condone alcoholic abuse, but he felt a pull of generosity for this night alone.

He never thought he'd be glad and grateful for a drunk daughter, because when she was almost dying to the world, Drusilla just had to mention his cock and fucking him to everyone.

Thank god everyone is drunk. He breathed relentlessly.

He even got a surprise from all the girls as some admitted that they found him to be cute and said that they would fuck him

What a surprise for him, only the one problem was that most were still 17 and too young. The ones that were old enough were not attractive enough to him.

Drusilla and Gwen had fallen asleep in the bathroom. He thought this was it because he saw them go in and didn't seem to be anywhere else.

To his own surprise, he had walked in slowly to find his daughters cock in her best friends mouth.

Drusilla was sucking off his own daughter. He was shocked, disgusted, turned on, and jealous.

Gwen had a rather small, but beautiful cock. He thought. I am not gay but that is a nice cock she has.

He watched as his baby girl, freshly 18 gyrated her hips into the face of the girl he had been fucking for a while.

"Ooooh Dru." She moaned. "God yes, I love how you suck my cock."

"mmmmm" was all Dru said as she let her hot breath swim over the now wet prick of her friend.

"Fuck!" Gwen said aloud.

Dru pulled off her friends cock and began stroking it. Taunting her friend as she licked the head and occasionally probed her darling friends pussy.

"You wish your daddy was doing this?" She breathed to Eric's surprise.

"Tell me." She coxed her friend.

"Tell me, Gwen. How you want your papa to fuck you, to suck you, to ride you, how you dream day and night of sucking his cock."

These words had a strong affect on Gwen, causing her to buck wildly at her friends hands.

Drusilla arose and bent over the bathroom sink, her ass pointed at the cock of my daughter.

"Fuck me you little slut." She moaned with venom dripping from her lips. "Fuck me like you wanna fuck your daddy."

Gwen needed no invitation from her friend. She quickly pushed her stiff prick into her best friends rear.

Eric knew that Dru had some strange fixation with oral sex and getting fucked in the ass. Lord knows how many times she had him do it. But to imagine his daughters cock invading the same territory his own did, caused him to stir.

"You wish I was him don't you!" She hissed.

"Ooooh god Dru!!!" My daughter panted as she lay on her lovers back, bucking her hips into the tight channel.

"Tell me, or you'll never fuck me again!" Dru cried out.

"No... please!" Gwen moaned.

Eric could not tare himself away from this scene, he wanted to know if his daughter had dreams of fucking him like that.


He felt his own hand resting on his cock. Breathlessly waiting to hear the words he longed to hear.


Gwen was near, her orgasm tingling inside of her.

Eric knew what her orgasm were like from a pervious doctors appointment when she was questioned about her masturbation habits. She admitted that cumming from one appendage meant cumming from the other at the same time.

"TELL ME!!!"

"Please!" His daughter squealed, her balls tingling to let go inside her nasty friends asshole.

"TELL ME NOW!!!!!!"

"YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS" Gwen screamed. "I wanna fuck my daddy! I wanna fuck his ass. I wanna suck his cock!"

Drusilla lost in that familiar look of pure bliss as her body shoot in orgasm, her lover friends words melting her body.

"I want him to fuck my pussy!" Gwen kept going as her cock started to expand inside Dru's ass. "I want him to suck my cock. I want to have his baby! I wanna marry my father!!! I WANT TO FUCK MY PAPA!!!"

With that the girls screamed and let loose a great tidal wave of cum surging every which way in their bodies. His daughters cock pumping gallon after gallon in Dru's hole. Their laughter and moans echoing through the bathroom walls, causing Eric to cum himself inside his pants as his eyes stayed glued in total surprise.


To be continued.

Last words from the other for this our story takes stop.

I do plan to finish writing the Amazon Journals, worry not. I've only just been greatly inspired, thus I shall have to write both stories.

This work of fiction is based of real words spoken. I do appreciate feedback, so please let me know what you think. Should you have ideas, share and I'll do my best to make them come alive. Thank you.

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