tagIncest/TabooGwen Ch. 02

Gwen Ch. 02


From the author: I would like to say happy birthday to the girl who inspired this story. Happy birthday Gwen. I hope you enjoy these stories.

Chapter II: “A Boy A Girl, A Duo In Heat”

Did she really mean all that? Eric Trimble kept thinking.

It had been two days since he caught his little Gwen and her best friend in the bathroom fucking.

The whole matter, though by far so stimulating to his sexual fantasies as of late, he found to be a very touchy and disturbing subject. How he did crave her touch after all, he felt it was wrong considering he was her father.

By adoption! His mind ridiculed him. He’d try to reason with himself in every way since that night, and all points round to those two words “By adoption!”

None of this was helped when the dear sweet Drusilla decided to come over today and have her fill of Eric Trimble.

“Why do you look like such a zombie?” she panted as her orgasm subsided and began to calm to a slight tremble.

Naked Eric with the young girls legs around his waist and his organ buried in her thin patched glistening sex.

Gwen was out at cheerleading practice today, and would not be home till late, so that left these two alone to do what they loved to do the most when the time called for it. But the sheer thought of his cock buried where his daughters ‘cock’ was buried, just brought him to cumming quicker out of excitement to be left with a blank expression as he thought about it.

“Well?” She asked again.

“Oh-huh?” he mumbled as he snapped out of his brain and back to the moment with the girl at hand.

“What is with you today?” Dru laughed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, first of all, you attack me like a wild animal the moment I come through the door.” She carried this mocking giggle as she spoke. “… then…” she really emphasized that word “…then… you drag me to the bathroom and fuck me from behind, which you’ve never been one to do… no offense, I mean you’ve just always been simple missionary.”

Eric had to give her that; he never in his life took a woman any other way. Never allowed oral sex to come in, even though he loved the idea. Just simple between the legs, wam-bam-was it good for you ma’am?

Continuing she said “… you eat my pussy, you fuck my ass, you let me suck your cock, which by the way is much harder and bigger today than most,… almost excited and never going down. Shit..” she laughed. “… viagra cannot even do that do a dick…”

He smiled with a great blush to his cheeks.

“You even accidentally called me Gwen, how many times?” she seductively ran her fingers over his lips.

“What… I did?” he stammered after those words, as if to try and to explain what she just noticed.

“Tell me.” Dru said. “Do you want to fuck her?”

“OF COURSE NOT!!!” He roared and tossed her to the couch, standing his ground. “Why would you say that? I mean… it’s wrong, it’s vile. INCEST! Have you any idea… what… jeez…”

“Don’t give me that shit.” She smirked, laying bow legged on the couch with a real priss-priss grin.

“I’ve seen you looking at her lately.” She giggled.

“Don’t!” he snarled. “Don’t you dare!”

“Why are you being so defensive?” she wised up to seriousness. “Why not!” He yelled.

“I think you do.”

Eric stopped in his tracks and stared at the young girl sprawled naked on his red soft love seat he and his wife bought years before.

“You wouldn’t be yelling at me like you are if you didn’t.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Look at yourself.” She said sternly. “You are throwing your hands up into the air and panting like a rabid dog, with drool seething from your lips while you scream at the top of your lungs.”

He stood silent.

“A normal patch of anger towards the subject would be followed without so much dramatic body language.” She sat up and rested her hands on her knees, looking to Eric like a classy woman who’s not even aware of her nudity.

“Think about it, Eric.” Dru spoke with a firm independent voice. “You are unbelievably turned on today, as if you’d been saving it up for years, like the first time we made it.”

When they first came together just two years ago, he had not been with a woman once since his wife died, and this was confirmed with the speed and strength he assaulted her sex with that night.

Drusilla continued. “…You’ve yet to talk to me about what you saw that night.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What are you Gary Coleman?” she laughed. “’What you talkin’ bout?” she mocked in laughter.

He stood silent through her laughter and waited for her to calm down. As she did, she noticed his firm look and decided to cut to the chase.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” she asked. “I know you saw us that night… the 10th… Gwen’s birthday… any of this a-ringin a bell-a”

Silence stood less golden.

“Well… I thought you knew I knew that you knew that I knew.” Laughter again. “Remember her words, don’t you?”

Venom drooled from her sharp fangs again as she spoke. Her eyes taking a slight look of pure serpent seduction. Staring deeply as if hypnotic into Eric’s brown eyes.

“You probably masturbated a dozen hundred and three score times since hearing them…” she said “… the thought of taking that beautiful girl is just driving you up a fucking wall. You cannot even get your mind to throw it out and draw a blank.”

Eric’s defenses dropped as she spoke.

“…You want her!” Drusilla’s legs lightly rubbed against themselves as her sex moistened with great fever. “…You are dying without her touch. You want to make her belong to you in every way.”

“Yes” Eric whispered.

His mind wondered to the endless possibilities of life with Gwen. He knew she was getting older and ready for college. Soon she’d meet someone and fall in love and leave him, thus he’d be all alone for the rest of his life.

The very thought left his heart bleeding from want, dying inside as her face flashed before his eyes. Her own deep Latin eyes with a hint of sparkle and twinkle within, like a dream. A dream face moving slowly as she turned towards him, her dark smooth straight brown hair flowing endlessly in the wind. Her full sensuous lips drawn into a deep wonderful smile, the kind of smile those poets spoke of a thousand years before and to the marking date.


Eric’s eyes closed as the thoughts took might inside. His heart thumping…


His body and mind raging…


“Yes baby?”

Eric’s eyes shot open to see his erect organ sliding into Gwen’s mouth, tormenting his lust with crazed wanton ambition.


“Are you seeing her again?” His daughter asked in the voice that did not belong to her, but to another.

“Gwen.” His breath was rugged and his body was failing as the flesh that covered his tool was being pleasurably worked back and forth with the help of a warm tongue and tightly closed lips that covered halfway down the gorgeous shaft.

“Call me Gwen, daddy.” His daughter spoke again.

“You are my Gwen baby, you are. Aren’t you?” he could not get the voice to match her face as in smile, the face ascended and descended from his groin.


“Just lay down on the couch, daddy.” The face became blurry.

“Gwen, I.”

“Just lay down.”

Eric’s limp body slumped down into the cushions of his red loveseat, while the mouth took great pride in its work.

The dark haired beauties head bobbed slowly at first as her lips sucked childishly at the flesh coming up, to stop at the head of his mountain rock to suckle hard while her hand worked over his engorged pike-staff.

“Gwen” he moaned.

“Mmmmm” was all the mumbled around his shaft.

By far this was the most pleasurable moment in his life as the mouth worked in the most wanton manner over his prick.

“Cum” mumbled the voice. “cum.”

“Yes, baby. Daddy will.”

Eric’s body was trembling as his hips would rise into the assaulting lips, sending his cock down a gagging throat that hungrily sloppily took to it. Savagely she sucked and sucked at his growing painful staff.

The hot breath against his prick and the locking eyes into his was the last he could bare of possible stimulation as his cock threw out ropes of hot spunk into his daughters throat.

Not even drawing her mouth away, she swallowed the hot jizz, bringing more out as the pleasure arose with the suction of her swallowing throat. “GWEN!!!” He called out as his cock emptied into his daughters mouth.

“Oh god!” he breathed aloud.

“Mmmmm” he heard the familiar purr of Drusilla Moore.

He looked around for her and found her where he thought he saw his daughter.

“You thought it was her didn’t you?” she laughed.

His heart ache increased as he let his smile grow large as his hand rubbed the neighbor girls face.

“Did daddy like that?” Drusilla purred again.

“Yes, baby…” he lowered to the floor and held her in his arms. “Yes.”

“Now we just need to wait for Gwen to get home, don’t we?” she said.

“Nothing will be the same will it?” Eric Trimble asked the shivering girl in his arms.

“No…” Drusilla assured him “… nothing will become something…”

To be continued in “A Girl In Love”

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