tagIncest/TabooGwen Ch. 03

Gwen Ch. 03


From the author:

Forgive my lateness here, I’ve come down with some strange virus that just won’t

go away. Luckily enough I’ve fought enough of it off to get back on and do some more writing. I really hope you all enjoy this, for finally, this is the point of beginning we’ve all been dying to reach.

To Gwen, (The real Gwen,) thank you for your kind words on my story…or should I say “your story”.

To those whom have contacted me, asking for Gwen’s e-mail and or yahoo name, she has said to me, to forward the e-mail from her fan’s to her, and she’ll try and reply, so if you have anything you wish to say to the real Gwen, whom this story is based off, just send me a message or feedback with your e-mail address on it, and I’ll have to forwarded to Gwen.

To all those others out their with kind words, Thank you.

Now, on with the show.

“You thought it was her didn’t you?” she laughed.

His heart ache increased and he let his smile grow large as his hand rubbed the neighbor girls face with adoration.

“Did daddy like that?” Drusilla purred again. Her feet gingerly moving up and down behind her as that of a playful child.

“Yes, baby…” he lowered to the floor and wrapped her in his arms lovingly “Oh yes!”

Their passion was settling as they lay in arms, naked as their birthing days and hearts pounding in the quiet. Breathing softer and softer until it was a calm fall of their chests and the world was full of color again.

“Now we just need to wait for Gwen to get home, don’t we?” she said, teasing the handsome step-father.

Eric seemed to think it over, his heart racing a little more this time, no longer calm as the thoughts filled his head. GWEN was the thought and what was to come, what could become, and what could fallow.

Nothing will be the same will it?” Eric Trimble asked the shivering girl in his arms.

“No…” Drusilla assured him “… nothing will become something…”

To be continued in “A Girl In Love”

Chapter III: A Girl In Love, Is A Girl With All Now It Starts

“I know you think I’m nasty,
but I am no common girl.
I once slept with the devil,
it was really no big thrill.
The passion for the killers,
who lie in wait for me,
to show me my own meaning.
I’m dead in ecstasy”
Tonight (We’ll make love until we die)

“I was beat incomplete.
I’d been had, I was sad and blue,
but you made me feel,
yeah, you made me feel,
shiny and new.”
Like A Virgin
By Madonna

Life seemed to carry on much to a normal scale for Eric Trimble and his daughter Gwen. Even for Drusilla who seemed to be spending less and less time with either Eric or Gwen in the late days of this month.

Gwen had turned 18 just a few months ago, and was appearing to grow more beautiful by the day.

Though to the untrained eye, she grew more advanced in beautiful a lot slower than her father’s eyes, but none could deny she was one beautiful girl. No one would or could deny that, no.

His beautiful Gwen was on a date tonight. With a young football star from her high school named Jarred McCoy. The ever so dreamed-about-by-every-girl in essex, Jarred McCoy. The sly-sonofabitch-who’s-dating-my-angel Jarred McCoy. The only people in the world whom bared any distrust for this boy were the fathers, (and rightfully so) of the young girls who knew him.

He had been notorious for mistreating ladies and even committing statutory rape, being 18 himself and always dating the freshmen girls. Even once or twice went out with girls from junior high and broke them in so to speak.

“Why Gwen, Why” Eric said to the mirror, saving his five o’clock shadow off, well after 10pm this night.

Unable to sleep or think of anything but his lovely daughter out with a scumbag like McCoy.

“Why?” He asked again softly. “Why him? Of all people!”

As he slowly ran the blade up his neck to his chin he heard the front door slam shut, and quickly ducked out of the bathroom to see Gwen moving slowly to her room. She had turned out the lights and kept a slow almost impossible pace, as if to insinuate that she did not wish to be discovered.

To the breaking of his poor heart, he realized why, when he caught a glimpse of her face in the light.

She spun around as he had come out of the bathroom and locked eyes upon eyes like a dear caught in headlights. Her swollen left eye with tear streaks marked downward, and a quivering lip, cut and swallow also.

“DAD!” She cried out in surprise.

Eric had no time frame of mind when he saw his daughter’s peril. The tears that flowed freely from her eyes…

“He’s dead.” He breathed as he ran to his room to retrieve a magnum pistol from his bed side drawer.

“Daddy, NO!” She cried out taking hold of his arm.

“Let me go!” he seethed. Snapping his arm back away.

“You can’t!” she babbled down the hall, as her father dragged her along the way. Her hands still pulling unmercifully at him.

“Let me go, Goddamnit!” He screamed into her face finally.

Caught off guard by her loving fathers menace, she let go and stood, wide eyed and weeping. Her breath in shallow gasps as she tried to take in the sight of her roaring love, not so much the love she knew before.

He stood staring at her shocked face, stricken with complete confusion and fear. The thought that carried menace in his brain was the thought that he was the sudden cause of this unwanted expression.

“What in the name of Christ is going on in there?” The familiar voice of Drusilla filled the room as the front door came open and she stepped inside.

The sight was one to behold. Her lover’s both standing the other down. One, her dear sweet Gwen in tears with a few swollen patches about her face, and the other, her strong masculine lover man, with complete rage in his face and a gun in his right hand, while his other seems clenched tight in a fist.

“You bastard!” She yelled.

Drusilla’s fists beat down upon Eric Trimble’s shoulders, as she yelled at him in one and the other telling Gwen to run for help or call the police.

“Dru, stop!” Gwen kept on crying.

“Don’t you ever touch her again!” Dru was lost in a rage of her own. Clawing and charging the tall man.

“STOOOOOOOOP!!!!” Gwen’s final scream shook the house and silenced all.

Both Eric and Drusilla were panting heavily as they stared at the young broken girl in tears.

Gwen sighed and walked away, seating herself down upon the plush couch in the living room. Her face buried in her hands as she attempted to breath as regular as she could.

Drusilla seated herself beside her best friend and lover, placing her arm about the girls shoulder as she glared in Eric’s direction.

“What did she do, Eric?” Drusilla sneered. “What did she do to deserve this?”

He looked with squinted eye brows, unbelieving, that the young girl would believe he was the doer of this deed.

“He didn’t hurt me, Dru.” Gwen said in a low quiet voice.

“Who, did this then?” Drusilla jeered in a sarcastic way. “Did you fall down the stairs, or did you run into the wall while having a sneeze fit, huh?”

“McCoy…” she whispered.

An audible gasp escaped Drusilla’s lips. Her hand over her mouth, and eyes wide open at the same time.

“Jarred McCoy?” She asked surprised.

“The only other McCoy’s are his father and brother,” she laughed uneasy. “Bob is way too old, and Sammy is only eleven. Who else?”

“I’m…” Drusilla stammered. “I’m so sorry… Eric… I’m sorry.”

He shook his head as if to say forget it. He looked to his daughter… then back to Drusilla off and on and again.

“I told McCoy what I am.” The tears flowed a little more from Gwen’s eyes. “I told him everything about me.”

“Did he rape you?” Drusilla asked sternly.

Gwen shook her head… “No, he just beat me up and called me a ‘faggot’.”

“Why, faggot?” Drusilla asked.

“Cause some men…” Eric finally spoke. “… believe that hermaphrodites don’t exist, but are simply men trying to be women.”

“The bastard.” Drusilla hissed.

“Its over!” Gwen cried.

“How can you say that.” Came both father and lover in unison.

“I just want to forget it ever happened, please?” She breathed.

“No.” Eric said sternly.

He turned towards the door with the gun clenched firmly in his hand, and stopped short, as if in thought.

To the relief of both girls, he placed the gun on the table stand a few feet away from him. He turned around and looked at his darling daughter, and her lovely friend, his lover as well as hers.

“I will not let this fall away.” He said.

He turned and walked to the door.

“Daddy, please!” she begged.

“I won’t hurt him,…” he groaned in disgust hearing his own voice speak those words. “…I will however have this taken care of.”

Before Gwen could stop him, he was up and out the door, to his car, and out of the drive way, and down the road.

A sobbing Gwen in the arms of her best friend.

“Gwen, please.” Drusilla tried to sooth her. “He cannot be let off for this, its wrong.”

“Why…” she sobbed with hick-ups following. “Why did you think my dad did this?”

“Darling,… I just.” She tried to answer but couldn’t.

“You’ve been fucking him.” Gwen said flat out.

Drusilla was caught off guard that very moment. Her best friend and lover knew of what had been going on, and now was finally confronting her about it.

“I see the way he looks at you lately.” Gwen remarked.

“Gwen, honey.” Drusilla stammered.

“It’s okay.” Gwen sniffled with a soft laugh. “I’m just a little jealous is all.”

Drusilla smiled brightly when her friend said that. Her mind filling with possibilities, and guilt that should could think of sex at a time like this.

“He’s always been so good to me.” Gwen said breaking Drusilla’s concentration.

“Yeah, he is a doll.” She agreed.

Gwen made a sniffle and whipped her nose with a cleanex from the box beside her, looking at her lover, smiling faintly.

Drusilla stood up and moved to the center of the room with her hands clasped together before her as she looked to her not seeming so miserable now.

“Gwen, do you…” Drusilla could hardly find the words, for now was the moment at hand to finally get what she has planned to happen for so long.

Gwen stood suddenly and moved seductively towards her dearest friend, who was almost trembling with excitement as her lover moved closer and closer. Her mouth running dry and palms sweating as her hair seemed to stand on end and stomach quivered.

Her eyes seemed to be glazed with raw passion as Gwen gently placed her hands on either side of her friend’s hips.

“Do I what?” Gwen asked. “Do I want to fuck my daddy?”

“ye, yes!” Dru gasped as Gwen laid a kiss upon her collar bone.

“You asked me not too long ago.” Gwen giggled. “Remember, drunken birthday present hidden in the bathroom.”

Drusilla had almost forgotten that night, when she and her uninhibited lover were both fucking in the bathroom of her own home.

Taken by surprise, Drusilla felt her friend’s mouth lay upon her own, tongue invading sensuously.

Drusilla moaned softly into Gwen’s lips as their kiss lingered into a heating embrace. Bodies closing tightly as their hands explored…

“Well…” A strong male voice carried through the room.

The girls gasped softly and spun to see Eric Trimble standing in the door way looking almost as stricken as before, but with a large mirror of surprise upon his features.

“Daddy, I…” Gwen stammered.

“Are you gonna join us?” Drusilla’s voice encouraged.

Eric looked wide eyed at Drusilla, trying to take in what she just asked. With his own daughter there with them.

“…that can’t happen…” he almost whispered.

“You both want too.” Drusilla moaned gleefully.

“…after all that’s happened tonight…” Eric began to say.

“Daddy, please!” Gwen’s voice shot voice of her step father.

They stood looking at one another, eyes locked to eyes, unable to move, barely breathing as the scene changed from one of melancholy to one of pure lust boiling in a crock pot.

Drusilla took hold of her friends hand and walked towards Eric, taking a hold onto his hand. Eric and Gwen’s eyes still locked as they were both being pulled out of the room and into Eric’s bedroom down the hall. The very place Drusilla never admitted losing her virginity to this man a couple years before.

“The time has come.” Drusilla’s voice ensnared the room silence. “A union to be made… one more proper than the ones I’ve made with you both.”

Eric and Gwen were both seated beside one another, hands in their laps as Drusilla looked over both of them and took hold of their minds with the true words she was speaking.

“You both belong together.” She whispered… “I’ve known it all too long and I’m sure you have as well. Now is the time to make it happen once and for all. Nothing should come between it, and nothing will.”

She moved for the door and stood looking over to the two who should never have been father and daughter, but man and woman.

Gwen’s eyes seemed to light up with the question of ‘where are you going’ in them…

“Relax dear heart.” Dru whispered to her friend. “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight until morning. Until then, you two must find each other without anyone hear to cheapen the moment.”

Drusilla moved to walk out the door when she stopped and giggled reaching into her pocket and retrieving a package that red “ribbed”

“By the way…” she tossed it to Gwen. “Better safe for now then sorry for later…” she turned and called out “Toodles!”

At last alone they were, step father and step daughter side by side unable to look at each other any more.

Gwen laughed softly breaking the awkward silence as she held the package in her hand. Twirling it slightly in her fingers as she finally looked to her step father. Realizing finally that this man was no longer gonna be “father” but simply Eric. Love.

Eric was about to speak when Gwen placed her finger to his lips silencing him, then holding the package up and ripping it open.

“No words.” She whispered. “Just now, this very moment.”

Eric was trembling almost violently as he soon found his lovely Gwen reaching for his shirt and bringing it up off of him.

He found himself in turn reaching for her own shirt, bringing a soft moaning giggle from her lips as her breast came into view of his eyes. Forgetting that she rarely wore a bra at all since her breast finally started to come in.

Lowering his lips to her perky little nipple, kissing it softly before suckling it between his hungry lips.

The moaning girl pushed him softly away and smiled, stroking his handsome face and then rising to her feat.

Gwen then reached for the zipper on her black colored jeans, and pulled it down. Then undoing the button at the stop, her smile faded as her eyes stayed locked below, realizing that now her one chance at true love and happiness would be put to the ultimate test when her own ‘cock’ was to be seen.

Inhaling deeply she let her pants fall, revealing that she didn’t wear panties either. Her slim legs coming out of the jeans, alas her newly appointed lover caught a full glimpse of her slim and small cock.

Her breathing became a little rapid as her nervousness increased while her dear old daddy looked directly at her rising prick.

“daddy, I…” she tried to speak.

He stopped her words when he reached for her and took her into his hand, stroking his lovely step daughter’s organ softly.

She began to moan a little louder as her growing cock was brought into pleasure by Eric’s hand.

“Daddy stop!” she moaned breathlessly.

She pulled his hand away from her twitching organ and knelt gently to her knees. Looking him directly in the eyes.

“The time will come, but for now.” She undid his belt buckle followed by the button on his pants and the zipper flowing down. “Just take my virginity.”

Slowly she pulled his pants down his strong legs, watching almost hypnotically as his cock seemed to stab the sky above, stiff and hard as stone.

She laughed softly to herself when she brought a harsh moan from his lips by placing a tiny kiss upon the head of his strong tool. Afterwards taking the rubber and sliding it down the length of his prick. Trembling hard as her stomach flew to the moon while her hand took in the amazing feeling of his hard member.

“Now Eric.” She spoke stern and strong, snapping him to attention. “Now.”

Eric reached for his step daughter and pulled her up to him, his lips crushing hers almost savagely as he spun her down on her back and himself upon her.

Her hands pushed at his chest and her own began to rise and fall fiercely. “Soon, my love.” She breathed. “Soon… just do it now, please?”

Knowing now was not the time to hesitate, Eric watched as she reached down and lifted her own cock up against her belly, allowing her step father to gain entrance to her virgin pussy.

“NOW!” she cried, arching her back with her eyes tightly shut off to the word.

To be continued.

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